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Trying to find Vitamins and Best Foods to Eat

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I had the gastric sleeve surgery on October 23. Here are some of the things I've been going through. At the end of three weeks post-op, I had severe diarrhea for two days. Imodium stopped that, but it was miserable. I do still get some nausea once in a while. I get full so fast, but I still look at pizza and other problem trigger foods and still want them. I thought that desire was supposed to go away. I do believe I will eat pizza again, however, it will be thin crust with veggies and about 1/2 slice. Soup is still good for me and some whole wheat crackers with some Peanut Butter. I know I'm supposed to eat Protein first, then vegetables, but right now, those things aren't going down real well. Then, this weekend, I couldn't go to the bathroom and had such bad stomach cramps, I was down and out for two days. I took some ex-lax, and finally got some relief this afternoon. Cereal and skim milk went down okay. I just have to find the right combination of foods, but at least I'm not snacking and overeating anymore. One strange thing is I used to never drink plain Water. Always mixed it with Crystal light and now I crave just plain water so am drinking a lot of that. Bought some Gortons grilled fish to eat this week.

I have no problem taking most of my Vitamins but don't like the chewables I got. However, I'll take them and then try something else. Now, the Multivitamin is a different story. First one I tried, I threw up shortly after each time. I bought another one and sometimes it is okay and sometimes I get sick. Will try a patch with the okay of my doctor. I have two more months to go to hit my 3-month mark and have lost 35 pounds. That seems good right? I feel the difference in my clothes, but nothing real noticeable yet.

I just need to get my nutrition set and my multivitamin set and then look forward to starting to work out and keep losing!

Anyone else having any of these issues?

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Bathroom issues are plentiful in the beginning. Both diarrhea and constipation. Funny they didn't mention that on the brochure, huh? Taking a Fiber supplement like Benefiber or a stool softener is a good idea for a while.

Sadly, cravings don't go away or even become less strong. We call that "head hunger". Some people don't even lose their "real" hunger, although most do get relief from that, at least during the honeymoon period. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between the two. If you're truly hungry, then a healthy meal/snack will sound good to you (think tuna or egg), but if you're wanting something specifically sweet, or salty, or crunchy, etc., that's head hunger and you need to try to distract yourself or try a less-bad-for-you substitute.

You might try the Vitamins on a full stomach. A lot of people have issues on an empty stomach.

Hope this helps!

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I alternate regular and gummy vitamins. It helps.

Also food choices will be highly subjective. Some people do better with less processed foods and some can only handle Carby things. It's weird. You have to find your balance within your plan. But the better your habits and the more sustainable they are the more successful you may be

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