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      New BariatricPal Facebook Group!   02/10/2018

      Hey BariatricPal Members! I am excited to announce the new BariatricPal Secret Facebook group ! We are an exclusive group that is open by invitation only – and you’re invited! You can get the support you depend on from BariatricPal over on Facebook, too. We’re here for advice, encouragement, and companionship as you make your way through the WLS journey. To join the group, just click or tap this link. Then click or tap “Join Group.” And hurry! If you join within the next 15 days, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a 1-year subscription to the BariatricPal Box of the Month Club – a $300 value! See you on Facebook!
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      All-inclusive weight loss surgery $4,600! Plastic Surgery $2400!!   02/12/2018

      Don't compromise your health because weight loss or plastic surgery costs are too high! BariatricPal Hospital MX offers All-inclusive weight loss surgery packages starting at only $4,600 and Plastic surgery starting at only $2400! Begin a new chapter in your life in BariatricPal's brand-new, state-of-the-art hospital designed specifically for bariatric and plastic surgery patients. Visit BariatricPalHospitalMX.com for more information and to receive your free surgical consultation.  
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      Bariatric Box of the Month Club has launched!   02/12/2018

      The BariatricPal Store supports your weight loss and health goals, and we have a fun new way to do that! We are introducing our monthly BariatricPal box! Each month, you will receive a box of goodies. The box is different each month. Get the box delivered to your doorstep for $39.99 each month. You'll love discovering and trying new surprises. Your subscription continues until you cancel it, so you will never miss a month. We also offer an annual subscription to the BariatricPal box. You get the same box, plus a reduced cost of $34.99 per month and a free Yunmai smart scale! Learn more or subscribe here!

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  2. The best on-plan thing I have eaten lately is...

    I had a small salad of cucumber and tomatoes with some balsamic vinegar. It was sooooooo good!
  3. Dumping what does it feel like?

    All of the above explains dumping. Not always will you have diarrhea or other symptoms of dumping. I get hot sweats and stomach cramps whenever I try to eat milk chocolate or regular ice cream. I didn’t get diarrhea but I still had the sensation of dumping as I wanted to throw up.
  4. Any February Sleevers?

    How much are they?
  5. Yeah, Jenny is gone but, Shawn replaced her. She is awesome! Very attentive, helpful, and a sweetheart. Suzanne is absolutely amazing. I definitely agree with you.
  6. Dumping syndrome

    Well, I had meat sauce from my moms spaghetti. The sauce was too much. Ice Cream, anything that is not Yasso or Halo Top.
  7. Lemon Seseme Ginger Tuna package from Bumble Bee. So good!!!
  8. Short and Lower 200's

    Weight loss is personalized to you, your body, how well you follow the program and willingness not to fail. Someone in my support group had posted this.
  9. Nicotine is out of your system. Since your just a social smoker, its probalby gone in 3 or 4 days. A regular smoker up to 3 weeks.
  10. Is Global Warning A Hoax!

    Global warming is real and due to the meat industry. Go vegan!
  11. The best decision of my life.

    Congrats girlie!!! Welcome!!
  12. The best decision of my life.

    Pretty awesome and good outlook and attitude on self pay.
  13. The best decision of my life.

    Wow! Amazing transformation!
  14. Hey!!! I was actually dealing with this same problem. In fact, on my last weight in had lost 6-7 pounds and managed to stayed exactly on 243- with a bmi of ***40.6** . Believe it or not meal prepping will save your life during these 6 months . I stopped drinking juice, bread etc. I would make fresh juice with some kale etc when I wanted juice . I would eat oatmeal in the morning with some fruits , and tea(a bit of honey) , Chicken breast ( or ground turkey) and a small amount of rice and a side of vegetables, sometimes I would have farina and alooot of water and ***teaaaa specially chai or black tea with milk( loove it ) . Good luck . Time will fly .
  15. Hello, I'm Tracy. I had the sleeve 5 days before my 46th birthday 2016. I'm glad I did this, only wish I would have done it years ago. I started out at 298 size 24/26, down to 173ish size 8/12, I'm 5'3" I have the best support system, my family and friend's are the best. They've always encouraged me through the whole process. I couldn't be happier with my life...NEVER going back. Thank you Lord, even though i had to pay out of pocket..I always say.. I'm blessed to be able to make the payments.
  16. High uric acid can also be caused by eating too much protein. I've been struggling with that and will be cutting back on the premier protein shakes.
  17. January 2018 Sleevers HERE

    I agree. I haven’t lost as much as you but my clothes are looser already. Hope your feeling better soon.
  18. January 2018 Sleevers HERE

    I'm sure whatever I'm going through is just my body adjusting to the rapid weight loss of the first 2 weeks. Actually didn't have any weight loss my first 5 days and then bam... 20 lbs were gone. I'm happy were I am just wish I didn't feel like crap. I had the flu last week and I would have thought some lbs would be lost but I guess not. I'm going to "step off" the scale for awhile and see what happens after that.
  19. When to say when

    I do think there are “Heath pounds” to lose and “vanity pounds.” And definitely need to weigh how much the struggle for those vanity pounds is worth to you. Recent studies actually show that people who are slightly overweight (BMI of 27) live longer than those who are underweight, obese and yes actually NORMAL weight! https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/1555137 https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/could-a-few-extra-pounds-help-you-live-longer/ Now where you carry the excess weight has something to do with it as well (visceral fat, seen in Apple shapes is the worst) and you have to give up smoking and such, but you get my drift. I do wish there were indeed a way to say what your own optimal weight is and how much those extra pounds would reduce the risk of medical issues. Hopefully that will come with more research and time, but we aren’t there yet.
  20. January 2018 Sleevers HERE

    There’s really no such thing as a 3 week stall. My dietitian told me I shouldn’t even look at the scale until 3 months out. I don’t own a scale & never have so that makes it easy. I was sleeved on January 18th.
  21. Today
  22. Any February Sleevers?

    2/26 for me, starting to get very nervous
  23. January 2018 Sleevers HERE

    Yes, I've hit the dreaded 3 week stall. Not only that but I'm miserable when I put anything in my mouth to eat. It all hurts so bad but I can tell I need to eat. Lost 20 lbs the first 2 weeks and ready to start losing again. I'm not sure anymore what I'm supposed to be eating or how much. I want to go back to the safety of the liquid stage!!! Everything else scares me. I find that I need to take zofran which I didn't start until about a week ago which helps when I do eat but I would love some help on food ideas. My doctor isn't worried about anything until I go in for my 5 week checkup and then that's when it gets serious. I think right now he just wants me to eat what I can and to heal. He's not concerned about protein or vitamins at this point and is okay if I don't lose another lb until I go in on 3/5. Anyone else going through the same thing and with a relaxed doctor the first month?

    Spring into life! Spring into action Drop it like it's hot! Spring/Summer slimdown. Im totally down for another challenge! Although I like Monday weigh-ins better than wednesdays.
  25. Just 5 hot wings & I’m stuffed! I love it!!

    The addict in me still wants to eat more, but the sleeve won’t let me.
  26. Source for the data I posted.
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