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  2. IWantTheDream

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Flipping auto correct. It s EMT
  3. IWantTheDream

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    ENT IN MY 20s sorry
  4. IWantTheDream

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    I go for my pre admission testing on Tuesday and it’s still so far away but I’m a bit nervous because I have like five herniated disc’s in my mid back and am having a lot of pain when I lay down. Dr has me on a steroid to try n help. Hopefully it does. I am probably looking at getting my back n neck fused some where down the line, we are trying for a mri before surgery because otherwise it will be six months at least before I could be allowed in one. I am a mess. This is what I get for being an emu in my 20s. Oh well I’ve got my fingers crossed that I make it to surgery.
  5. Darktowerdream

    At A Loss (Not Weight Loss)

    I understand the situation very well, lifelong chronic illness and disability along with metabolic disorders and inability to exercise at all I fought for gastric bypass surgery I desperately needed the tool because my own efforts were not sustainable. To be honest I had to drastically cut carbs/sugar and calories. Prioritize protein first, find the calories that you start losing weigh at. I only started to increase my calories once I hit goal. Make sure to get minimum of 0.36 grams protein per 1lb body weight. And honestly exercise isn’t really for weight loss, building muscle is. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn. If you can do some resistance exercise some strength training maybe through physical therapy. That might help. For me my medical condition, exertion causes muscle weakness and damage and for me to feel ill. I can understand not being able to rely on exercise. But if you are able to do limited exercise look to building muscle. And that’s also why you need to prioritize protein over calories. Getting maximum protein for minimum calories. Also be mindful of sticking to three meals and how much snacking and start tracking your daily calories and protein along with tracking foods you eat each day to see what helps or hurts. just one example: I like mixing yogurt like Fage plain, TwoGood, or oikos triple zero with 1/2 scoop of PEScience protein powder. recipe example: oikos triple zero peanut butter banana, with 1/2 scoop PEScience peanut butter cookie protein powder = 160 calories, 27 grams protein. I mix it I a bowl with a bit of pink salt and stick it under the freezer 30 minutes and mix it again. A little low sugar jam and it tastes like pb&j polaner sugar free with fiber I think ... these days I add a little low carb granola for crunch. (Sola granola 15 gram portion is 70 calories and 4 grams protein 2 net carbs) And some sugar free land o lakes whipped cream. Overall very low carbs. PEScience http://rwrd.io/c6uus2e
  6. I was approved Monday. The called me yesterday and set my date for July 14th. The sent my packet in for approval and put a date for surgery for July 20th though. So whatever they put as a date is most likely not your actual date. I was told insurance approves more of there is a date.
  7. Darktowerdream

    Obsessing about Plastic Surgery!!

    Thank you very much for the information, I will definitely keep this in mind. I need to get supplies for after surgery. This is going to be tough. Turns out I’ll be on lockdown basically in hospital the whole time I’m there. Which might be best for my recovery anyway. It was supposed to be one night in hospital then hotel for Five nights. (Would have been more relaxing though ...) I can’t imagine the return flight it’s long ... but bought comfortable old navy cargo joggers with pockets and a nice Comfortable lightweight tie die sweatshirt From kohl’s. I won’t be able to have my own robe and slippers. Good thing I’m not fussy.
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  9. lisalafosse

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Mine is scheduled for the 20th!!! Cannot wait. Having Bypass!!! Sent from my SM-G965U using BariatricPal mobile app
  10. I had the same thing,,, mine was caused by being able to sleep in new positions
  11. Mishyd84

    June 2020 surgeries

    Thank you! I’m a bag of nerves, lol. This is a change that has been deemed medically necessary by the doctors and my insurance, so it’s pretty severe in my case. I’m having the duodenal switch done, so this should be interesting!
  12. Yes, you'll be able to take them. But I wanted to put in a good word for BariatricPal Multivitamin One. (This isn't an ad!) Prior to surgery, I had been taking several vitamins but post-surgery I switched to BariatricPal Multivitamin One. I was worried that my blood test results would show low levels of necessary vitamins because so many other WLS patients said they had continued to take lots of different vitamins separately. But it's a year later and I just had my one-year blood test results, and everything is perfect. And the price for BPMO is truly reasonable.
  13. Hanging in there bro,,,Looking good
  14. Arabesque


    I was told no carbs except for those that occurred naturally in the food like in fruit & vegetables but could eat rolled oats. Also had to find the lowest carb options in shakes etc. And a most definite no to rice, pasta & bread. Once I got to maintenance I was allowed to add a small amount of multigrains to my diet. For me this is multigrain crackers as I can use them to carry other foods like hummus, avocado, eggs, etc. This small addition helped a lot with that weight loss haggard look & also with keeping me regular - lol.
  15. colormehappy

    June 2020 surgeries

    I obviously don’t recommend it, but I’ve seen people on YouTube videos say that they didn’t follow the liquid diet at all! Some doctors only have a 24 hour liquid diet. You’ll do awesome, 5 days will be perfect.
  16. Addendum question: what about vitamins/ supplements? I take a LOT of vitamins for assorted things now (pre-op) and some of them are rather large- will I be able to take them still post-op?
  17. Angelove22

    Hungry right after sleeve

    Thank you for posting these, I have been soooo hungry and I’m only 3 weeks out, I am so scared to rupture my pouch! I started walking and tracking my food intake so today I am doing better but I haven’t moved the scale at all this week it is a real battle. I was really looking forward to being done with cravings.
  18. My mum had the surgery too but only the once & the problem was fixed. We had a few scares with her choking before that. Agree with watching the clock while eating, pacing your bites & putting your cutlery down between bites. I aim to take 20-30 mins to eat a meal. Gives your brain time to realise you’re satisfied or full. Also use smaller cutlery & dishes so your serves don’t look as small & each bite is less than on full sized cutlery. I also often ask myself if I really need that next bite.
  19. Maryeuh

    Can anyone help, or....

    This happened to my mom. She was basically starving to death. Her sleeve was too small. Her surgeon had to go in several times to put a balloon in her sleeve and blow it up a bit to stretch it. It was would for a few weeks and then the same problems would arise. So she went to a different surgeon and he had to give her a bypass. She had now gained back and maintained a healthy weight.
  20. ge0rgette2


    I’m here now. Vitals done so far.
  21. I had my surgery a year ago and still crush certain medications because they are easier to swallow. I used to choke on some when I tried to swallow them whole.
  22. I couldn't tolerate any of the protein powders until my nutritionist suggested Genepro. It is unflavored and, though others say it can't be tasted at all, it's a little thick so I mix it with Metamucil every morning. It provides 30g of protein. Sample several powders if you can.
  23. Mishyd84

    June 2020 surgeries

    I have surgery scheduled for June 10th. My pre-op diet is liquid for 5 days. It is crazy how different places require a different amount of liquid diet. I’m so nervous he’s going to get in there and close me back up because I didn’t shrink my liver enough.
  24. gloriurio

    Hungry right after sleeve

    I had my surgery in April 30 2020 I’ve lost weight and now I am in six weeks and I feel like I am staving I can feel up
  25. That’s how I feel I never throw up and I feel like I am staving.
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