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  1. Weight Loss Surgery Forums

    Talk about anything related to weight loss surgery, such as choosing a surgery and surgeon, preparing for surgery, pre-surgery and post-surgery diets, food & nutrition, weight loss, exercise, cosmetic and reconstructive Surgery, and mental challenges. Exchange recipes, find weight loss surgery buddies, get exercise advice, ask about cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and share your weight loss surgery story! Also contains the Duodenal Switch and Gastric Plication Surgery Forums.

    385,623 topics / 4,555,571 replies
  2. PRE-Operation Weight Loss Surgery Q&A

    Congratulations! You made a life-changing decision and are now benefiting from your new, positive lifestyle. Please share your Weight Loss Surgery success story with our community. You deserve to celebrate, and your story may make the difference in someone else's life.

  3. POST-Operation Weight Loss Surgery Q&A

    This is the place to talk about post-op questions. Discuss recovery, the post-op Weight Loss Surgery diet progression, nutrition, complications, medical tests, and other Weight Loss Surgery issues.

  4. General Weight Loss Surgery Discussions

    Talk about anything related to weight loss surgery, such as choosing a surgery and surgeon, preparing for surgery, pre-surgery and post-surgery diets, weight loss, exercise and mental challenges. Exchange recipes, find weight loss surgery buddies, get exercise advice, ask about cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and share your weight loss surgery story!

  5. Gastric Sleeve Surgery Forums

    In a gastric sleeve surgery or vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG), the surgeon removes most of your stomach and forms the rest into a tube-shaped sleeve from your throat to your small intestine. These forums are for sleevers, potential sleevers and revisional sleevers! Talk about the VSG diet, nutritional supplements, weight loss and sleeve complications.

  6. Gastric Bypass Surgery Forums

    The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) is restrictive and malabsorptive. You get a smaller stomach pouch, which attaches lower down your small intestine. In these forums, talk about dumping syndrome, nutrient deficiencies, weight loss, the bypass diet and complications. Forums are for pre-WLS patients and those already have the RYGB.

  7. LAP-BAND Surgery Forums

    The adjustable gastric band (LAP-BAND) is a less invasive type of weight loss surgery that works through restricting your stomach size. Discuss LAP-BAND related topics such as fills, LAP-BAND diets, nutritional supplements, complications and band over bypass. Share your experiences and be supportive!

  8. Tell Your Weight Loss Surgery Story

    This is the place to share your Weight Loss Surgery journey with other members. Please start your own thread to tell us more about yourself. Do you have weight loss surgery? Who was/is your surgeon? How much weight have you lost, what changes have you noticed, and what challenges have you overcome?

  9. Weight Loss Surgery Success Stories

    Congratulations! You made a life-changing decision and are now benefiting from your new, positive lifestyle. Please share your Weight Loss Surgery success story with our community. You deserve to celebrate, and your story may make the difference in someone else's life.

  10. Food and Nutrition

    This forum is for questions about food and nutrition before and after all types of surgeries. Check out the sub-forums to see if there is a more specific place for your post, to help people find information more easily.

  11. Fitness & Exercise

    This forum is devoted to discussions, questions, and answers dealing with fitness and exercise, routines, habits, etc.

  12. Weight Loss Surgeons & Hospitals

    This forum is the place to share your personal experiences and discuss surgery costs, length, and quality of hospital stays, surgeon recommendations, and anything else related to weight loss surgeons and hospitals. You can search our Weight Loss Surgeon Directory to find a local Bariatric Surgeon here.

  13. Insurance & Financing

    This forum is for discussions related to weight loss surgery insurance coverage and financing options. Gain from learning from others’ experiences!

  14. Mexico & Self-Pay Weight Loss Surgery

    A forum for discussing travel to Mexico to have Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass or another type of Weight Loss Surgery, as well as for discussing self-pay for weight loss surgery


  15. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

    Congratulations on achieving or approaching your goal weight! Are you thinking about skin removal, cosmetic, or reconstructive surgery? This is the forum dedicated to discussing tummy tucks, brachioplasty (arm lift), mastopexy (breast lift), and inner thigh lifts, and other cosmetic procedures after losing a lot of weight with weight loss surgery.

  16. WLS Veteran's Forum

    Been around BariatricPal for a while? Then chat with other old-timers who also know the drill! Sometimes it just feels more comfortable to kick back and shoot the breeze with familiar faces. So, come on into the Vets Forum for some serious WLS talk or just to hang out. We're old pals here!

    NOTE:  You must be 18 months post-op to participate in the WLS Veterans's Forum.

  17. Rants & Raves

    Want debate? Get it here. Gripe, complain, moan, fight, rant and rave. Enter at your own risk!

  18. The Lounge

    This forum is for general conversation, sharing interests, having a laugh or discussing anything not specifically related to Weight Loss Surgery surgery.

  19. The Gals' Room

    This is a place for ladies to discuss everything from Weight Loss Surgery complications, diet, and concerns, to any other off-topic subjects.

  20. Pregnancy with Weight Loss Surgery

    This is the place for support for pregnant, trying-to-get-pregnant, and new parents after weight loss surgery. Share your tips and support here regarding breastfeeding, good nutrition, and taking care of yourself and your baby.

  21. The Guys’ Room

    This is a place for men to discuss everything from Weight Loss Surgery complications, diet, and concerns, to any other off-topic subjects.

  22. Singles Forum

    Looking for that special someone? Once you start on your weight loss surgery journey, everything from your lifestyle to your body to the way you think about yourself and the world changes. Here is a forum to meet other weight loss surgery singles who know what you’re going through and who are have the same health goals and lifestyle as you do. Have fun!

  23. BariatricPal Newsletter

    BariatricPal News, a regular newsletter to keep you up to date on our community. We’ll tell you all about our exciting new features, programs and anything else you need and want to know about BariatricPal.com. Our goal is to make sure you know everything.

  24. Website Assistance & Suggestions

    Technical questions? Comments about BariatricPal? We welcome feedback and suggestions on any aspect of BariatricPal.com. This is also the place to visit for updates about new features and updates.

  25. BariatricPal Local Chapters

    Use these forums to find out about meetings in your area and contact your Local Chapter leaders. Keep up with your BariatricPal Local Chapter friends in between your regular face-to-face group meetings, and find out what other BariatricPal Local Chapter groups are up to.

  26. 1,583 topics / 16,333 replies
  27. Duodenal Switch Surgery Forum

    The Duodenal Switch (BPD-DS) surgery reduces the size of your stomach size, divides your small intestine and redirects food so nutrient absorption decreases. These forums are for Duodenal Switch Surgery patients and those considering the surgery to talk about weight loss, diets, challenges, triumphs and complications.

  28. Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Forum

    Like the full gastric bypass, the mini gastric bypass surgery is restrictive from a smaller stomach pouch and malabsorptive from bypassing the first part of the small intestine. The difference is in the way the stomach pouch attaches to the small intestine. Use these forums to discuss the procedure, diet, risks, and weight loss.

  29. Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty Forum

    Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is a newer type of weight-loss procedure. Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty reduces the size of your stomach using an endoscopic suturing device without the need for surgery.

  30. Gastric Plication Surgery Forum

    In sleeve plication (or gastric plication) most of your stomach pouch is folded away, leaving a sleeve from the throat to intestine. These forums are for talking about the sleeve plication procedure and recovery, diet, complications and weight loss.

  31. Gastric Balloon Forum

    The gastric balloon is an alternative to weight loss surgery for lower-BMI patients. It is an inflatable silicone balloon that helps fill the stomach so patients can eat less food and lose weight. This tool recently received FDA approval as a non-surgical tool to treat extreme obesity. Some examples of gastric balloons currently offered are Orbera, Easy Life, Duo by Reshape, Medsil, Allurion, Spatz, Endoball and Obalon.

    A growing numbers of weight loss surgeons are now performing Endolumenal Bariatric Procedures without incisions. As an alternative to incision-based surgery, surgeons are using natural orifices (such as the throat) to insert the tools and equipment they need to help you win the battle against obesity. Some examples are the Stomaphy X, Endobarrier, TOGA and Rose procedures.

    This is the forum where you can talk about the balloon and other Endolumenal Bariatric Procedures, their pros and cons, your special diet, and your experiences with the intragastric balloon or other Endolumenal Bariatric Procedures!

  32. 37 topics / 501 replies
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    • Ylime

      I've been looking for where to enter a status update for days!  Finally found it!!!  So yay me!  Now to think of something funny or profound to say. 
      · 0 replies
      1. This update has no replies.
    • Charity G

      My surgery date had to be moved back a month (due to changing hospitals), so now I have 14 days until my surgery date of May 3rd.
      · 0 replies
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    • Jeffrey Stern

      Hello all...
      On May 1st. 2018 it will be one year since my Roux-en-Y...gastric bypass..surgery. I had met my goal weight by the end of 2017...I have been able to maintain it since. It was the best thing I have done in my life. I had an easy recovery...(that's me..not everyone does). I did have some issues with "dumping" on occasion, that was the worst of it... ( but not many times)..but have done away with that issue..learning how to eat again..helps the situation.
      I started my surgery with a 50 inch waist..and am now at a 34-36 inches (depending on the pants)..LOL. I started my surgery wearing a 4XL shirt and now wearing.. L-XL (depending on the shirt). It is so nice to walk into any men's fashion/clothing store and be able to pick something off the rack and buy it. NO MORE !!!!! big and fat stores for me !!!!!!  LOL People don't recognize me and tell me how great I look. WOW !!!...great for my ego !!!...LOL LOL LOL. I do have some flabby skin issues..and hope by weight lifting or have some surgery to deal with that..but my doctor says I should wait at least another year..in case I lose more weight.  
      I feel fantastic !!! I am turning 58 yrs old on July 26 th and feel and act 25 yrs.... well maybe 35 yrs. lol lol lol. I wanted to see my 60th B-Day. I have lot's of energy..and have a whole new life. I started my surgery with type 2 diabetes... that was out of control and living on Insulin...I had high Cholesterol and high Blood Pressure..both for which I took medication to control. I no longer take Insulin nor medication for High Blood/Cholesterol. Medication free...yippy !!!! I suffered from Arthritis in my knees and ankles and was popping Type 3 Tylenol like it was candy. It did nothing. No more of that **** !!! LOL. My Doctor is doing cartwheels he's so happy for me !
      I am eating healthier than I have in my whole life...I personally have made some serious food eating decisions. I "DON'T" eat white bread, pasta, rice. I eat alternatives. I eat "Gluten free" foods...mostly, well I try !!! lol lol lol . I don't eat enough to worry about calorie counting..I eat by portions...so that's not an issue. I eat a variety of legumes (beans). I eat lot's and lot's and lot's of fruits and vegetables. I am trying to..slowly (yeah not easy) to become a vegetarian. There is so much healthy, good and nutritious food to eat. Without feeling you are depriving yourself. I read labels and mostly buy low fat and fat free items. BUT YOU MUST WATCH FOR SUGAR AND SODIUM CONTENT OR IT'S FUTILE...I have even splurged and had some small nibbles of "junk food" ..chocolate, ice cream, cake, on a special occasion..but look you only live once and once it's out of your system, you get back on track.  I stay away from..and never will go back to fast food or anything battered and deep fried !!!!!!! No burgers, fries, pizza !!! there are alternatives for that. I do admit; I miss "Fish and Chips"..wwwaaaa!!!!!. Look there are websites and blogs out there to guide and help you with all kinds of recipes. 
      The only thing  I can say is this (I'm not preaching) ...everyone is different. What's good for me may not be good for someone else. You must really want ..want ...want.. to be a better you !!!! It's will power.!!! 
      I am happier than I have been in a very long time...I was an emotional eater ..like many of you. Like they say food can't give you happiness...only you have the power to be happy and healthy.
      I hope this maybe inspiring for someone...I can only "wish you the best" on your adventure and eat healthy and be strong the outcome is near and it will reward you in so many ways.
      ALL THE BEST !!!!

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    • istytehcrawk

      I have a massive air fryer at my disposal for the next week to see if I like it before buying one. Any recommendations?
      · 0 replies
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    • Apple203

      PSA:  Don't try to eat flank steak at Week #5, no matter how thinly it is sliced, how small the pieces are, or how much you chew them.  Just don't do it.
      · 5 replies
      1. FluffyChix

        Awwww man!! ((hugs)) I'm sorry bout this! Did ya hurl?

      2. Apple203

        Nope. Might have been better if I did, though! It caught up with me a couple of hours after I ate, not right away, and I have no idea why.

      3. FluffyChix

        How miserable! Do you feel better today?

      4. Sosewsue61

        Oww. I still cannot eat much beef, even ground beef just does not sit well - feels so 'harsh' for lack of a better description.

      5. Apple203

        I usually stick to fish, chicken, cottage cheese, eggs, turkey rollups, etc. Beans are iffy for me still.

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