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That user has leveraged Keto to lose a bunch of weight. Though I believe they were sleeved first. Nonetheless, a great person to reference for Keto success.

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No worries, she'll show up soon. Yes, she was sleeved, but is doing fabulously!

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They wouldn't be here on a WLS forum if they lost it on such a diet and didn't have surgery.

Many people try those diets (and every other kind) as a "one last try", fail at it and have the surgery, as all of those diets have a 95% failure rate in the absence of WLS. With the help of WLS, such diets are more successful, but most any diet works the first 6-12 months post op; the important factor is learning how to control one's weight in the long term, which most of those diets don't help.

Those who I know who have been most successful at this (as in maintaining substantial weight loss for 10, 15, 20 or more years didn't do it by succumbing to quickie fad diets, but by taking advantage of that year or so long window post-op to establish the healthy dietary habits that work forever.

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I have been a low carber, keto person off and on for about 16 years.

I would lose weight but plateau and I didn't understand stalls so I would quit. I also had a Portion Control issue. People in the keto community feel like you can eat without portion control as long as it is high fat.

Being sleeved helped me control my portions. In the beginning when I was healing I just followed a normal low carb diet.

Around 6 months when I was healed, I switched to keto. Personally I feel like if I didn't switch to Keto I would not have lost this much weight. I would have topped out at about 100 pounds lost and bounced around like most WLS people.

Just as importantly eating keto has allowed me to maintain my looks. I have lost 182 pounds and I look very young and healthy. I do not look sickly. My face looks amazing. Keto is great for women because the fat is great for your skin. If you look in keto groups the women that keto almost glow.

I am a strong advocate for Keto. If you can portion control you can lose a lot of weight on keto. If you can't portion control wls is a great option to help you with that. The sleeve has helped me with portion control and made making the right food choices easy.

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This book is a good place to start so you can understand the science.

The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living: An Expert Guide to Making the Life-Saving Benefits of Carbohydrate Restriction Sustainable and Enjoyable https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005CVV2AE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_Bus7ybP5P45SW

Just like WLS understanding the science behind it makes it easier to understand, follow and make the right choices.

/r/keto on reddit is a great place to start. I am just going to warn you. Keto is a commitment just like WLS. It isn't a diet it is a lifestyle and a way of eating. If you stop eating keto and go back to carbs the weight will pile on. Keto is not some fad diet you can follow for a little while drop weight and go back to eating trash. If you can't commit to it for life, there is no reason to even start.

Keto replaces carbs with fat to keep you satisfied and once you are keto adapted your body runs on fat.

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There is a great site called RULE ME and it helps tyou figure out what you need to be successful. They have plenty of recipes too. My hubby tried the KETO diet thru a person who sets up everything and sends you recipes for your prep work. But he found he didn't care for most of the things she had sent him recipes for. Also we found it to be really expensive to follow. Because we had WLS we thought it was going to help us. But the truth is you can figure out what you need to eat and get tons of recipes on PINTREST. Plus the recipes that were sent to us I had to go online to look up every one of them. They sent the sites email for you to look up. I really think there are many many programs online to help us with that. Hope everything goes ok for you.

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I'm a clean keto eater. I almost never make recipes. They are expensive with a lot of replacement products.

My grocery list is


Pork chops




Heavy cream

Cream cheese


Olive oil




liquid stevita

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      Next Goal: weigh in at 162lbs to be merely overweight (and not obese!)
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