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"Why BMI is a Big Fat Scam

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Very interesting Bandista. Thanks for sharing.

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I do not believe in BMI's...the only true measurement is Body fat %....how much of your weight is comprised of fat.

According to the BMI chart, I am 15 lbs overweight. Yet my body fat% is in the athletic-fit range...I cannot loose any additional weight. There is nothing left to loose, other than essential muscle mass, organs, etc....

If I was to loose any more weight, it would be unhealthy to say the least...possibly lethal.

If a person weighs 300lbs, how much must he/she loose to be healthy? If that person finds that 70% of their 300lbs is fat, then they need to get that 70% down to a healthy range, say 20%...which means they need to loose 50% of that 300lbs, in fat, to achieve their goal....which would be 150lbs to loose...IN FAT, and reach a weight of 150....

According to the BMI, height also plays a factor....in body fat index, it does not. In BMI terms, that person can still be considered overweight.

2-3 superbowls ago, I noticed a star running back for one of the teams. He happened to be the same height as I am...yet, he weighed 25 pounds more than me. But to look at him, there is not an ounce of fat on him....if I am overweight, then he must be obese according to the BMI chart. But there is no way he can be obese, let alone overweight....and I am sure his body fat% is extremely low.

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The beauty of getting older is that I finally figured out that NUMBERS are just that......NUMBERS.

There is NO NUMBER on a scale or chart that can define "HOW HEALTHY I FEEL."

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Agree and thanks for the post! To me, BMI is just more BS that some Dr's, insurance companies and govt agencies try to apply to people in a one size fits all kind of health assessment. Their intentions are good for the most part, but unfortunately, it's not that simple....way too many variables to take into account other than a number on a scale or chart to determine if someone is healthy.

Currently, my body fat percentage is 17%, which for 41 years old is in the healthy/fit range. But my BMI is 29, which is at the top end of "overweight" and borderline "obese". So the BMI chart is holding my muscle mass against me as a negative.

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The article is true enough. The problem however, doesn't lie in BMI numbers, but the fact that the medical profession uses it as an arbitrary, albeit major indicator of what is considered a healthy vs. unhealthy weight. BMI should be only one of many guages that determine a patient's overall health.

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    • GreenTealael

      3 days post op and I want to go to the movies to see The Lion King... #slowdown
      · 6 replies
      1. GreenTealael

        I just may!!!

      2. FluffyChix

        :) I give you permission to stand up every hour from your seat, kinda jiggle and shake and move your legs and sing along to whomever is on the screen at the time. :)

      3. GreenTealael

        My boyfriend might sneak away and leave me at the theater if this happens

      4. FluffyChix

        I doubt that. :D I'm thinking he likes livin' on Fantasy Island too much. :D

      5. Orchids&Dragons

        That's wonderful! I have trouble sitting still in the movies now. (I even fidgeted through the last John Wick, and it was awesome) I can't imagine sitting still this soon after surgery. More power to ya! Have fun!

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    • allwet

      this one is interesting but a tough slog to get thru
      this review is easier to understand
      · 1 reply
      1. Orchids&Dragons

        It will be interesting to watch as this theory develops. Thanks for posting!

    • Jobber

      Feel like it's time for a status update, I haven't been on here regularly in a while and I need to keep my mindset focused on my goals.
      I haven't weighed myself in ~ 3 weeks.  I think I'm becoming the opposite of "obsessive" about tracking my progress and it could cause me some issues.  The good thing is that there have still been quite a number of NSV's happening that is telling me that I'm still progressing without knowing what the scale says.
      First one is that a belt I bought about 5 weeks ago because all my other belts were too big is also on the last hole so I'll have to buy yet another belt again.  second, I bought new jeans about a month ago and I have a lot more slack in the waist than I did when I purchased them.  I also boarded a plane and had about 8 inches of slack in the belt.  Finally, I hit my goal last week of being able to ride go-carts with my kids.  The last time I tried about 4 years ago, I had to leave because I couldn't fit in the harness.  This was sweet victory and I showed those two how it was done on the race course!!  😈
      · 1 reply
      1. FluffyChix


    • Krestel

      I just looked through all my old pants after my pre-op pants started getting to big. Keep in mind that I wear men's pants (usually cargos) because I am so tall 5'10"/5'11" ish. I also find that men's baggies tend to fit me better.
      I started out at a 44 in waist pant and quickly found that I was back down to my 42's. So even when thise got to be too big, I had to start pulling old clothes out of storage. After finding my 38's, I thought that these would not yet fit, but when I tried them on, they fit perfectly. I also found some older pants that now fit better than I remembered. What a relief! It's not like I can pop down to the store like I could do in the US and the styles here in Sweden are all skinnt jeans which I cant stand. I also found some 36's, but I'm not mentally ready to try those on yet. The biggest challenge will be buying women's clothing again. 
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    • allwet

      slow and steady wins the race.  don't get discouraged and just keep at it. Let your sleeve do its job and try not to stress yourself out.
      hope you are all having a great summer and enjoying what your sleeve has given you.
      just got back from a wedding in OR. and man am i afraid to get on the scale  
      · 2 replies
      1. Orchids&Dragons

        Fascinating! Thank you!

      2. Krestel

        Great reminder about how fast you can lose weight. The mind games we play with ourselves are the worst.

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