Before And After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Photos

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OOOOps... did it wrong. the last pic should be the second pic... taken end of June last year!!

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Here's my currents:


And my Befores:

Highes Ever / Around 300 Lbs / and just Pre Sleeve









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PS: I moved this thread to the General area so more people will be able to find it. I also pinned it, I think we needed something like this here. Also, I wouldn't say the Gallery "sux" but it could be better. I know it's supposed to be being worked on so hopefully in the near future it will be more user friendly. Until then, we'll have this. :) Cheers everyone!

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Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I'll have to play later, it's date night with the mister and my computer is being stupid ! ! !

C'mon Tiff... was hoping you would see this and put your pics up... I still have a little look at your 'photo whoring' to cheer me up and motivate me!

I love before and after pics!!


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