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Gastric sleeve surgeon in New England???

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Hello. I’m looking for a surgeon in New Wngland or semi close by who performs Gastric Sleeves on those with a BMI of 34. I’d appreciate any input that anyone could give!!! Thank you in advance 😊

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I went to Mass General Brigham and Dr. Matthew Hutter was my doctor. I think the BMI is only an issue for your insurance - if you are willing to self pay, probably any surgeon would do the surgery.

However, I am not sure I'd recommend their program as I had to wait 7.5 months, only part of which was for insurance. The rest was due to them being understaffed and what felt like disorganized. They are all very nice, but they don't return phone calls or messages through patient gateway in a reasonable amount of time. I was hoping they would be better after surgery, but this has not been my experience.

The surgery went well and my only "complication" is that I'm hungry all the time.

I also looked into the program at Newton Wellesley hospital and almost switched to them when MGB was taking forever. They seemed to get back to me much quicker and I sort of wished I'd gone with them.

Good luck!

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My cousin had surgery in Burlington Vt. I think there’s only one hospital there. I had surgery through Beth Isreal Deconess/ Lahey clinic. Several of my acquaintances had surgery through Mass General Brigham. Both Boston hospitals have WLS centers in associated hospitals, like South Shore hospital in Plymouth and Weymouth have WLS centers associated with Mass General Brigham Woman’s. Yeah, the big hospitals are glomming together and branching outward making very complicated names. Where you go depends on your insurance, or where they take self pay.

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    • QUEEN2021

      Hello everyone.. I had my surgery on Sept 30th 2021.. and it has been an horrible experience to me. I can't hold down fluids or soft food. so much mucus is coming up!! and I'm spitting all day. I'm so sad over this journey. is anyone having this same issue? if so, what are you doing about it. 
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    • Meganator

      Tomorrow is the big day! Getting sleeved in the morning and possibly spending a dark and stormy night in the hospital after. I'm actually excited about that because rain on wedding days and birthdays is considered a sign of good luck- so wouldn't a commitment of re-birth qualify as well?
      Can't wait to see y'all on the other side!
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    • summerset

      Hope everyone's doing ok so far.
      Incidence numbers are on the raise again and hospitals need to treat more COVID patients again. Looking with some kind of dread towards autumn/winter season. 
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    • LeeLee57  »  dtorrice

      Mine is 10/12 with Dr Schmidt! I am very nervous about going home the same day!
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      1. dtorrice

        I am post op day 2 now , you’re there pretty much the whole day. They send you home with a lot of support. Are you local to Birmingham and driving in for the surgery or staying at a hotel in the area?

    • Garay27

      Doing to much protein can make you gain weight? Because I gain 3 pound one day and I’m so frustrated 😭🥺 I did a hard work to be in 220 😭😭 
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