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Hi Gowalking the same here , I think I will call for a fill also , I was doing so good but I went to my country for a week and gained 5 pounds and I was eating carbs and sugar stuff again and now is getting hard to be back on track, our fat brain is a traitor 😂 But I will go back to my 1,000 calories at day watching my carbs and sugar intake good luck to us!!

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Went to schedule a fill... dang, Dr retired... trying to find a new Dr to fill... all are about 45 minutes away. Some do not adjust bands..

Harder task than I thought

Back to mixing Protein Drinks.

I swear I am not going backwards... too far ...

Harder than I thought.

Still apparently have "fat brain "

"syndrome. Sigh

And I'm trying to track down surgery documents from almost 11 years ago, and my original Doc has retired.

Life still goes on. Choices to make every day

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But WLS is the "easy way out", right?

Nope. Nope. Nope. The struggle is real.

It's much better for me banded than without, but I am eating between 1200-1300 calories a day and I can't get below 178.

If I'm not vigilant or if I make too many exceptions, five to ten pounds comes on immediately.

Lisa, I do love my band, but if I were doing this for the first time today, I would opt for the sleeve.

I just had to get a new general practitioner because my other one retired. I will miss him. He was the one that approved me for weight-loss surgery. So I found another doctor in the same location, and I told her I was a bariatric patient. I asked her if she had other lap band patients in her practice. She said oh yes but you must be the poster child for LapBand. Most of my patients do not have success with the band.

I was taken aback by that comment. It also made me a bit nervous. In terms of long-term success I mean.

Well, I just keep thinking that Alex here has had success for over a dozen years. So far, I have not had one stitch of trouble with my band. I know I am at the right restriction level because I still do get stuck if I eat too quickly or don't chew well enough.

So for today I guess I'm in good shape. This final 30 pounds won't come off unless I up my exercise, and I am just too lazy and unwilling to do that. So for that, I have nobody to blame except myself.

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Hey girls , bet you thought I had dropped off the earth.. still here still doing well, I am a little bit over my goal weight, now 135, I think I have been happy in love and eating out too much. had my skin surgery in March, feel so much better without the apron. my guy has had a few health issues but overall we are still doing great, went to Vegas in June going to go again in January.

I will try to attach picture . I think about all of you often, we also had a hurricane and were without power for 5 days It was difficult but no damage and no injuries. keep praying for the people in Puerto Rico it must be horrible for. them, . I had a hard time logging in , forgot my password but finally figured it out.

I will be checking in more I need all the support I can get.

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