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Hello everyone my name is Luna and this is my first time ever on this forum and website. I'll start by saying hello, and I hope all is well with everyone during these difficult times.

I am a night shift nurse tech in a hospital.

Almost 5 years ago I was 450 pounds. I had gastric bypass and I got down to 170 pounds, which was 20 pounds from my goal weight of 150. Three years post op I began working night shift and I have steadily, over the last three years, gained weight back until i was my highest weight since, of 244 pounds (Two weeks ago)

I have since then begun eating better and drinking Water and am now down to 234-235ish(it changes from day to day) but I am having such a hard time staying motivated and keeping myself from slipping back into the emotional and stress eating that working night shift and my job brings.

I have a short term weight loss goal of 10 more pounds which I have decided I am going to reward myself with a new piercing, and I would like to lose twenty more pounds total before my trip in October, and just be more fit in general, so that my back, feet and ankles dont hurt when i walk around disney as bad this year.

Long story short, im pretty depressed about my situation which really causes me to, ya know, stress/emotionally eat things i know I shouldnt, and begin to slip back into my bad ways. Looking for penpals, real life pals, online people I can become friends with to keep me motivated, as my support group is small right now due to the amount of hours i work. Feel free to reach out if this hits home. Maybe we can help each other!

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Oh man, I feel you. Night shift is so hard to keep on track. I’m a nurse and have worked many an overnight. I do best when I pack everything I’m going to eat at night and track every bite that goes in my mouth. I have even gone so far as to leave my wallet at home so hitting the coffee stand or vending machine isn’t an option. Try your best to keep up with hydration and sleep-I have fierce sweets cravings when I’m low on sleep. Meal prep on days off and pack healthy Snacks that are waiting plan. I also walk the halls on breaks to get steps in. Keep up the good work!

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Oh man, night shift is sooo hard on your mind and body. Is there any way to get a day shift? I assume you have a reason for doing night shift, either by choice or necessity, but if there's any way to switch, I would consider it. I agree with @kristieshannon that packing your meals and avoiding the vending machines and fast food at all costs is the way to go. Also, tracking your food. And aiming to get as much sleep as you can when you get home - get black out curtains and shut off your phone. The more tired you are, the more difficult it will be to stave off temptation (I am currently jetlagged and eating like crap!). Good luck.

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I am a night shift nursing supervisor. Job is crazy stressful! I had the DS 6/1/21 and took 6 weeks off work which worked out great for me. Returned to work 7/14 right into the start of a new covid surge! Ugh! I prepare/pack any food I’m going to eat during the shift. I’ll set an alarm to remind me to eat and/or drink as needed during the shift. It is difficult but doable. I round throughout the hospital every 2-3 hours, assign beds to patients, respond to any in-house emergencies, any codes in the ER or.in-house. Also meet with any patients or family members that have any issues or concerns and try to help them any way possible. So setting a reminder alarm really comes in handy so that I meet my hydration needs especially. Luckily, one of my coworkers had the DS about 6 years ago and she shared tips that really helped me out.

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For me, the only defense against impulsive eating is knowing that every bite I put in my mouth will be logged on MyFitnessPal every day without exception. Logging keeps me honest and motivated.

I love the suggestions by others to pre-prepare and pack meals, Snacks and Water so that you have no need to visit the cafeteria or vending machines. I’m usually too disorganized to accomplish this but I need to incorporate this into my life.

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    • Meganator

      Just deleted all of my food delivery/ordering apps and unsubscribed from several restaurant emails. I start my pre-op diet next week- unsure what that will look like until I meet with my dietician on Monday, but I want to be prepared for success. Let's go!
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    • Kaguragetshealthy_87

      Just logged into my insurance and found out I'm approved! Yes!!!!!!
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      2. GreenTealael


      3. ymn


    • echubbythighs

      FYI. I'm going to discuss poop! I'm a Registered Nurse x16yrs.  It's possible this might be to much information for some but I'm not gonna sugar coat my info/experience. I hope some find this much detail helpful.
      Post op gastric sleeve 8 days out. The first day/night was AWFUL. I believe the majority of discomfort was from all the gas placed in the abdomen during surgery. Day 3 I started have less pain from the gas yet the spasm/pulling/tightness in right lower quadrant of abd. continues to this day (maybe a 4 on the pain scale w/ 10 being worst). I recommend WALK, splint your abdomen w/ a small pillow to cough/sneeze/laugh/try to have a bowel movement!
      Speaking of bowel movements, my Doctor did not have me do a liquid fast 2 wks prior to surgery, only 24 hrs prior to day of. I was unable to pass gas or have a bowel movement until day 6 and that was with the help of Miralax on day 5 ( note I did take the pain med's/Lortab the first 3 days). I have no problem taking in H2O as I'm a water snob so this wasn't the issue.  FYI. Narcotics can increase constipation. I recommend the Miralax, I purchased individual dose pkg's which make it simple to take on the road/convenient. Bowel movements should return to pre surgery consistency if not discuss w/ your MD. 
       It was difficult to urinate ( minimal volume/stream) the 1st 3 days as well, I assume due to gas and swelling in the abd. cavity, 8 days out and the all things back to normal in that department. 
      No appetite, only thirst first 3 days. I started the Protein shakes my local health food store offered NutraBio 100% whey protein iso. 25 grams protein in one scoop and it tastes clean no after taste/grit. I started to notice a desire to eat on day 3. I found heating up Lipton soup mix or ckn soup from a can and straining out the solid bits extremely fulfilling. Now day 8 I want to have something of substance in my belly. I'm not sure if it's hunger or habit. I am still cooking meals for my family. I bought some ice cream last night and that made a huge difference in my attitude/energy/outlook. I've noticed many different diet recommendations throughout my research in regards to the liquid phase of the diet. My surgeon wants everything low carb, low fat, calories 700-900. That is a bit extreme for me I beleive. I've already gone back to work (day 5/modified w/ no lifting over 15 pds) and couldn't make it through the day on that limited amt of calories. I've been blending canned soups to liquid consistency the last few days, loads of yogurt, popsicles and yes protein shakes. Tonight I needed something with richer consistency so I made myself a small bowl of mashed potatoes maybe 2oz. I felt so Satisfied and afterward, the idea of another week on a Liquid diet didn't seem so disappointing/unattainable. 
      The most dramatic changes I've noticed to my body since having the surgery is the overall inflammation/bloating in my face/abdomen is 70% resolved, my skin is 90% clearer and I don't feel the need to take my bra off the second I put it on ( strange I know). I am thrilled with my choice to have this procedure thus far. I feel much better when I listen to my body and not just blindly follow the strict eating regimen ordered by my MD. I'm not encouraging anyone to go against your MD's recommendations but for me, listening to my body and making small adjustments is making this journey more positive/manageable.  
      To date I've lost 13 pds and it's only day 8 post op. 
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    • JLynnWilson

      Surgery is set for 10/4/21. At this point I haven't had any coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks, or caffeine in general for over a month. Too bad it just hit pumpkin spice season! I'm missing my coffee!
      · 2 replies
      1. hopeainsley

        I have been a regular coffee drinker for 20 years atleast. Transitioning to no coffee is going to be so difficult. How did you do it?

      2. JLynnWilson

        I've been drinking about two large cups of coffee at day minimum for about 15 years. I also drank probably one-two cups of soda a day, but i've always drank a ton of water through out the day. I think what helped me was telling myself "the end was coming" and i stopped soda/alcohol first. I gave myself one last weekend and stopped. During that week I had my "favorite" coffees and said the upcoming weekend was my last. That Sunday i had my husband put all my coffee on the top shelf in the cabinet and I haven't had any since. It took about a week or two to adjust, especially with the caffeine withdrawal. I think it just helped me to space things out instead of stopping everything at once. I also drink warm tea that doesn't have caffeine in the morning, helps to trick my mind I guess!

    • LindasBlu

      I bought a box (7 servings) of peaches and cream oatmeal (used one) and pumpkin spice pancake mix (none used).  I no longer want them.  The exp dates are 4/2023 and 10/2022, respectively.  I live in Manatee Co, FL.  Will take $10 for all.
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