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Arnie's BMI and other things that make ya say Hmmmmmm....

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"One of the most famous examples of the flaws in the Body Mass Index system is Arnold Schwarzenegger. When the former California Governor was in the prime of his bodybuilding career, he was 6'0” and weighed 235 pounds. This gave him a BMI of 31, putting him in the obese range."

BMI is flawed. It doesn't differentiate muscle from fat. Human anatomy is weirdly individual. Like most things in life... one-size-fits-all isn't always accurate.

You can be a fine boned person with a lot of extra chub...and still have a normal BMI. You can have low body fat and be running marathons...and have an overweight BMI. It's a flawed scale.< /span>

Why is this important to remember?

Guess what I'm saying here...is that no one knows your body like you do. No one knows at what point in your weight loss you feel mean and lean and healthy. The numbers are a good rough guideline, but leave room for individual anatomy.

Lot of different body types out there.

(I'm also not saying....ignore your BMI if it's 31 and you're NOT a body builder...lol) Ya'll know what I'm saying. I don't have to explain.

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