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  1. It took 2 months or more before I got the date for my surgery after finishing my nutrition classes. They were waiting for my doctor to call them back, but they never told me that, or I would have pushed him. I would make sure you're not missing anything (call the scheduler) and ask them how long it will take you to get scheduled. It varies a lot!
  2. lizonaplane

    10 days post up---Dizzy?

    If you are on any blood pressure meds, you may need a lower dose. I was dizzy for a while after surgery, probably low blood pressure (mine has always been on the low side, but was normal at my heaviest, now it's low again). I ended up passing out last week and messing up my ankle when I fell, but I think that may have been a reaction to the booster shot. Definitely sit down if you're feeling dizzy!
  3. lizonaplane

    Hunger Pain

    I have been hungry since right after my surgery. I didn't care what I ate as long as there was some food in me. I can only eat a few oz of meat at one time, but then I'm hungry again right away. Metformin has been helping some, but some people DO still have hunger after surgery.
  4. My surgery center says they can't tell us how much we should be eating as each person is different and will have a different experience after surgery. I can't eat much more than 3 oz and I'm two months out, but I'm hungry all the time!
  5. lizonaplane

    Update On Me (Surgery: 5/19/21)

    These are exactly the ones I take. Glad to know they work!
  6. lizonaplane

    Suggested over the counter gas remedies

    I also found that the GasX did nothing, but the heating pad seemed to help (or maybe it just felt comforting?). It dissipated within a few days.
  7. lizonaplane

    Serious sore throat from intubation?

    My voice teacher (I'm not a professional singer, but I enjoy taking lessons) told me to ask for a child's tube, but the surgery team said they use a small tube all the time. I had a sore throat only when I first woke up.
  8. It might be the chives not the cottage cheese. I have trouble with any type of onion, although I always have. Have you tried a different flavor of cottage cheese to see if it might be the chives?
  9. lizonaplane

    Just got my surgery

    I have been hungry since right after surgery. I don't want a specific food or taste, and I feel like when before I had surgery if I hadn't eaten all day. My bariatric therapist said about 20% of patients still have hunger after surgery. They prescribed metformin and it has helped a lot.
  10. lizonaplane

    Tips for not obsessing about food

    I agree - the cooking shows don't make me crave food, but on the rare occasions I have to see commercials (like at a hotel, although I rarely watch TV there) it's ridiculous how the food looks so much better than it does in real life!
  11. You might have to get up to pee less because your stomach is pushing less against your bladder. I found this to be true, too. Now I can sometimes sleep through the night, whereas before I was getting up at least twice.
  12. lizonaplane


    After surgery you will be able to eat very little at one time, but you might not feel "satisfied". I have been hungry since right after surgery and I can't eat enough to be "satisfied" even though my tummy is full. Being satisfied is more emotional.
  13. lizonaplane

    Headaches after Bypass Surgery

    Water is not acidic at all: Pure water has a pH of 7 and is considered “neutral” because it has neither acidic nor basic qualities. Alkaline water is a marketing scam. Your body is EXTREMELY good at maintaining homeostasis, and if you have an acid/base issue, you would almost certainly be in the hospital.
  14. lizonaplane

    Vitamin schedule question

    I just take one ProCare health capsule that has 45 mg of iron in it. I take it at night, because it makes me nauseous. I've tried taking it with meals and it was worse. I only take calcium on days I don't get enough from my diet (protein shakes, yogurt, etc have a lot of calcium). I haven't had blood work done, but my surgery center had a list of acceptable vitamins, and the ProCare health is truly one a day.
  15. lizonaplane

    Contrave After Sleeve

    I was always hungry since the day I got out of surgery. I had been on metformin for weight loss (I don't have diabetes) and it made me less hungry, so after I couldn't stand being hungry all the time, they put me back on it, and it has really helped a lot. Some people get nausea or diarrhea from it. I also would talk to your nutritionist about how much you SHOULD be eating. It could be that you're eating too little and actually need to increase your calories. I haven't tried contrave but make sure your insurance will cover it because it's going to be very expensive most likely.
  16. lizonaplane


    Your husband seems really supportive; that's great! The weight calculator is at the top where your user name is, there should be a down arrow. Hit that, then go to "my surgery" then go to "progress" and you can change the weight there. You can also add "tickers" like I have below. Good Luck!
  17. lizonaplane

    Tips for not obsessing about food

    It's really hard. I still think about food (especially sweets!) more often than I'd like If you are pre surgery, I suggest eating more protein and fewer carbs. For many people eating simple carbs like bread, crackers, pasta, rice, etc or sweets like cookies and ice cream, can cause cravings for more of these things. I found that fruit did not cause these issues for me, nor did artificial sweeteners. But your mileage may vary... I would keep a drink in your hand and drink when you want to eat. It helps a bit. Also, I find that I think about food more when I'm bored, or doing something I don't like, like work!
  18. lizonaplane

    HerbaLife Shakes

    I definitely would NOT use Herbalife for all the reasons listed above. I also find the powder shakes really gross so I use the pre-mixed liquid. I have heard that if you use a blender for the powders they dissolve better, but I haven't tried that. When in doubt, talk to your nutritionist Good luck finding something you can tolerate.
  19. So, my job requires VERY frequent travel, 3-6 days a week, most weeks, airplanes, hotels, restaurants, etc. I didn't travel for the first 5 weeks after surgery and I lost very well. Now I've been back on the road for two weeks and my weight has not moved this last week at all, in fact I went up 0.2 lbs. The week before I lost 1.4 lbs. Those two weeks I ate at a number of restaurants and even though I wasn't eating much, what I ate wasn't very healthy (high fat, still pretty low carb, moderate protein). I am worried that my job (which I absolutely love) will make it impossible for me to lose weight because I'm eating a lot at restaurants. I am on the road again now and I went to the grocery store and bought some things that don't have to be cooked/heated (I have a mini fridge but no microwave). I am trying not to make excuses, but it's hard to eat the same few things all the time. Did anyone else have to eat out a lot and still lose weight? Any suggestions?
  20. lizonaplane

    Anyone with a traveling job?

    I've been pretty successful recently. I go to grocery stores and buy fruit and FF greek yogurt for breakfast, and often hummus, chicken and veggies for lunch. I'm getting so sick of hummus tho! I am still going out to dinners because it just depresses me to eat the same meat and hummus and veggies for too many meals. I try to order things that are high protein and low carb, but I often order Pho or some other noodle soup and eat just the meat, veggies, and broth I am certainly comfortable with speaking up, but most of the time I can just eat what I want of what I get - like skipping the rice or potatoes. I can eat most things, but I am still having a hard time with lettuce, so if I get like a chicken ceaser salad at the airport I'll just eat the chicken and dip it in the dressing.
  21. lizonaplane

    Update On Me (Surgery: 5/19/21)

    I think weight loss slowing down is inevitable. But also, it sounds like there are some hormonal issues at play. Did you meet with an gyn to discuss the crampy/bloated feeling? Also, metformin can reduce your appetite, so if you are taking less of it, you may be more hungry... and you say you CAN eat more, but are you hungry for more? Finally, you might do at least a few "spot checks" of your protein and water intake, to see if you're on track. Just do a tracker for a day or so for a few weeks.
  22. lizonaplane

    Right side pain

    I had pain on my right side for weeks, but yours could be something else. Glad you are checking with your doctor. Let us know!
  23. lizonaplane

    internal hemorroids

    Yeah, I should have specified I only take the generics. Brand names are such a rip-off!
  24. You're right - there are healthy ways to eat vegan, but I was thinking about how much protein you need after surgery, and how certain textures are difficult right away! Also, how much I rely on the whey protein and dairy. I've tried the vegan shakes and I don't like them; they seem gritty to me (also why I only use pre-made shakes, not powder to mix). But I shouldn't be so flip! My apologies to the vegan community!
  25. lizonaplane

    Headaches after Bypass Surgery

    I was not allowed caffeine for the first month, but there's always herbal like mint or chamomile.

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