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  1. Yes. The protein shakes that I like prior to surgery tasted way too sweet to me post surgery. I do still crave sweets, and I have sugar free mostly now, but some things taste too sweet. Some people have said it’s only temporary. I am not sure though because I have no desire to try those things again.
  2. I second contacting your team. That’s not a typical thing I don’t think. Maybe you still aren’t eating as slow as your body requires this early out but if that’s not it then your doctor needs to know.
  3. ShoppGirl

    Period Irregularity post surgery

    Mine was messed up for a few months post surgery. Returned to normal the fourth month I think.
  4. ShoppGirl

    Best sugar free treats?

    I already mentioned Hershey zero but I just found the Hershey zero with almonds. OMG so good. Of course they are empty calories so still an occasional treat but tastes like the real thing to me.
  5. ShoppGirl

    Not tolerating intake well

    If you start to see signs of dehydration before Tuesday (that’s quite a while) contact your surgeons office and they should be able to arrange for you to get fluids somewhere as an out patient rather then waiting till you end up in the ER. Edited to add I just read after posting that you are doing a little better. I will leave my original post for other people searching for answers but glad to hear you are doing better.
  6. ShoppGirl

    Not sure if I should go through with it

    My only regret is not doing it sooner as well. But you have to wait until you are ready. My suggestion is to go through all the insurance hurdles while you are deciding. If you still aren’t ready you don’t have to schedule surgery. Sure you may be out a few copays but that’s about it. It takes about 6 months with most insurance to get through the process and once you are ready the waiting is not fun. But take that time to really reflect on why it is that you need the surgery and learn as much as you can. Speaking with the bariatric therapist about any of your concerns is also a great idea. They can probably help you decide if you are ready.
  7. I have been able to eat more than expected at every given stage since my sleeve so I have to measure my portions still. At one year out I have been eating around one serving of most things. I just made dinner though and those hard taco shells from old El Paso seem pretty big for the serving size to be TWO shells?? I ate one and don’t feel full (but I never do). I am just curious if other sleevers that are over a year out would have more than one?? I guess the amount of meat you get in one shell isn’t much (I didn’t weight it).
  8. ShoppGirl

    PreOp Diet Struggles

    I have heard of other people who have had slip ups early out. I think it’s most important the last couple days that you don’t slip. That being said getting your liver as small as possible will help you in the long run. I was told post surgery that he could tell I did really good on the liver shrink diet and I had very little pain post op. I asked the NP afterwards and she said yes having the liver nice and shrunk down and out of the way makes the surgery way easier and of course that means less pain post op. So maybe keeping that in mind will help.
  9. ShoppGirl

    First fast food since surgery

    I haven’t tried those nuggets yet but heard about them and that diet lemonade is very popular. They have good salads too when you get there. I just leave off some of the extra toppings and use my own/ less dressing and they fit my calorie budget. Their southwest is good but kinda spicy post op (but their avocado ranch dressing that comes with it is loaded in calories). Also, their market salad is good and the suggested dressing with that isn’t too bad calorie wise.
  10. ShoppGirl


    I have been pretty active on this site since March 2021 and this is the first I am hearing of that. Only thing I have heard so far is that gas ex helps a little for some people but the majority say the only thing that helps is walking and time, unfortunately.
  11. ShoppGirl

    Literally crying right now

    You are still Early out so it is far more likely you just didn’t feel restriction because of cut nerves BUT, Some of us do have larger pouches. I have been able to eat more than most people at my given stage throughout the process. I have had to measure my food and learn to stop there. I wait a few minutes and realize that I do feel satisfied. It’s a different feeling than that full to the brim we are used to looking for but you get used to it.
  12. ShoppGirl

    Getting money back from surgery

    Darn it. I had a sneaking suspicion that would happen.
  13. ShoppGirl

    Getting money back from surgery

    OMG, a dollar. Nowadays it wouldn’t be worth it to cover the check and the stamp. Lol
  14. ShoppGirl

    Getting money back from surgery

    Well at least if they do come back and ask for it you can make small payments and take your time paying it cause there is no interest. I once paid a medical bill off at like $15 a month. I talked to the girl in billing and told her I was going through tough times financially and she said as long as I sent something she didn’t care how much it was.
  15. ShoppGirl

    Blurry vision after surgery?

    I had it just after surgery but it went away by the next day.
  16. ShoppGirl

    Ice cream - Sugar free

    I think sucrolose is sweet n low.
  17. ShoppGirl

    Feeling Excited

  18. I do grocery pickup for the same reason. I don’t have to go into the store and be tempted by things that aren’t on my list and it saves time.
  19. ShoppGirl


    I didn’t have staples so I didn’t have the same restrictions. I would give a quick call to your surgeons office and ask about the bio oil or an ointment such as Aquaphor healing ointment (that’s what I was told to use on my incisions but again I didn’t have staples so that may not be okay for your situation).
  20. ShoppGirl

    Sugar free ice cream?

    Never seen a poppable? Maybe it just hasn’t made its way to Walmart yet. I will check other stores for it.
  21. Hello and welcome. If you do a search you should find a thread for April surgeries and you can meet up with people at the same stage as you. Just click on the magnifying glass up top and type In April. You should see the 2022 surgery people there. I would paste the link but for some reason it’s not working.
  22. ShoppGirl

    Vaping pre op

    It probably won’t help you before your surgery but the way I quit smoking cigarettes was to vape and then I weaned myself down to zero on the nicotine by mixing the nicotine pane with more and more zero nicotine until I was just vaping to vape but no longer addicted to nicotine. Then it was easier to quit just the habit without the addiction.
  23. I have started noticing a burning in my throat that now that I think about it I have had quite a while but it’s getting more and more frequent now. Nothing in my chest though? Is this GERD??
  24. ShoppGirl

    Kinda annoyed and confused

    Glad to hear that you got the answers that you were looking for. I am 14 months and I eat about every 3 hours still. Breakfast is a protein shake at 9, lunch at 12, snack at 3, dinner at 6 and snack at 9. I set alarms until I got used to it but now that have been doing it for a while and my hunger has come back my body tells me it’s coming up on time for my next meal or snack.

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