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  1. ShoppGirl

    I need answers, please help!

    I have absolutely no relevant experience or advice but want to say I’m sorry you are going through all this and I hope you get some answers really soon.
  2. ShoppGirl

    I Need Suggestions

    Have you tried clear protein drinks? They have several brands out there. I liked the premiere protein fruit punch. I suggest trying a larger convenience store to see what they have so you can buy just one of things to try.
  3. Hormones do definitely go wonky and make periods irregular post surgery so it is very possible it’s related BUT, spotting can also be a sign of many female issues so it’s hard to say for certain. Im sure some will disagree but I would put a call into my gyno just for peace of mind. To me it’s worth the copay to avoid anxiety when it comes to stuff like that.
  4. The way you explain all that so calmly amazes me. Im certain I would be a wreck after all that. I am so glad you are on the road to recovery!!
  5. ShoppGirl

    Ice Cream

    I second the yasso bars. They do have 9 grams of added sugar so it would depend on if your plan allows that but I agree they are delicious. I like mint chip and cookie dough.
  6. ShoppGirl

    TMI question

    Low estrogen can cause vaginal dryness. There are quite a few treatments for it. Have a chat with your gyno. They should be able to help.
  7. ShoppGirl


    All I can say is that I am honestly baffled by your response. I know that sometimes tone is not there in written communication and perhaps that’s where the problem lies but I did not intend in anyway to give you ridicule or be impolite. I was genuinely trying to be helpful by sharing my experience with you in case you didn’t realize that the medication really does work. I presented it as another option that would hopefully result in your not having to deal with the pain or bloat at all. This community has been very helpful and supportive for me over the past three years and I try my very best to do the same for others. I wish you the best of luck in your journey and hope that you give others the benefit of the doubt that they are indeed trying to be helpful In the future because I have found nothing but kindness and support here and believe you will as well.
  8. ShoppGirl


    I haven’t heard anyone saying wine helps but have you talked to your dr about having it in general. I had sleeve and I currently take Omeprazole daily to treat it since surgery. It works. It’s not like you explain with your wine where you get it and then it goes away either. I just don’t get it. If I forget to take my pill I am reminded very quickly at night when I lie down but otherwise I don’t really even think about it.
  9. When you convert from sleeve to bypass do they make your stomach smaller? Or do they just do the portion where they bypass part of the intestine while leaving the sleeved stomach? I was looking at SADI and my surgeon said he wouldn’t touch my stomach because of the high risk of leak with a resleeve but now I am not sure if I’m getting SADI or bypass and I’m curious about whether I will still be able to eat the same amount volume wise with the bypass too.
  10. ShoppGirl

    Sleeve to bypass question

    yea I’m gonna have to ask the doctor to dumb it down for me because I don’t understand my normal anatomy, nevermind enough for that to make sense to me from just looking at the picture. When I said he won’t touch the stomach though I guess I should have said he won’t resleeve it for the SADI revision. So my thought was if he doesn’t do anything to make it smaller then I would still be able to eat as much as I can now post SADI (which is a lot more than most people on here). I would still have the benefit of less absorption but no real restriction. So maybe the bypass would be a better choice for me after all if it would add the restriction too. I could be overthinking it.
  11. Another question I would personally ask is about NSAIDS post surgery. I know they are okay on occasion with sleeve and pretty much a definite no after bypass but I wonder about the mini bypass if they are okay. After running into a few occasions that I was advised to take NSAIDS and having doctors flat out refuse to give me prescription pain meds because I am not supposed to take them I would prefer to have the option to take them on rare occasion if necessary.
  12. I am pending revision to my sleeve and my dr said he does not do resleeves because of the high risk and occurrence of leaks and low weight loss. I am pending testing to see if I will be getting bypass or SADI. Not sure if that helps or if your doctor feels the same way but it may be a good thing to ask about.
  13. ShoppGirl

    I did it! I had my surgery

    Congratulations and best of luck on your journey!!
  14. ShoppGirl

    Off Track and Discouraged

    I second the protein coffee. I had sleeve three years ago and heard all about it but never tried. Now I’m pending revision and decided to give it a try and I love it. To the point I have to be sure I don’t get too much protein because it’s so good. I got out of the swing of taking my vitamins as well and I’m working on a routine now. I take my multivitamin right after my morning coffee (just be sure it’s a whole protein shake or it may not be enough in your stomach to keep the vitamin down). I keep my multivitamin in the kitchen cabinet with the cups I use for coffee now to remind me to grab them. I sit them right next to my iced “proffee” as I’m drinking it so I don’t forget (I’m pretty bad so yes it does take that many reminders). Then I return the empty cup and the vitamins to the kitchen. As far as the calcium I haven’t gotten back into the swing of that yet but I intend to take it with lunch and dinner to make things easy. I think maybe alarms on my phone may be necessary untill I get back into a routine.
  15. ShoppGirl

    Sleeve to bypass question

    Hummm. I was thinking that maybe if they do change it then it would be smaller for me because I swear my sleeve was left too big from day one. The surgeon thinks I just have fast gastric emptying and that’s why I feel like I can eat more but I hope we will know for sure when he does the scope in a couple of weeks. It will be nice if I do finally get an answer as to why I was always able to eat more than everyone else. I was just thinking that even though statistics say I will lose more with SADI revision that I may be differnt if one involves changing the stomach and the other does not.
  16. ShoppGirl

    35 kg down in 1 year

    You should be proud. That’s awesome!!
  17. ShoppGirl

    I needed to talk…

    If that medication is the one I am thinking of that includes Wellbutrin and one other drug it may be your culprit. I don’t have experience with the weight loss drug but I do know Wellbutrin by itself can be a very bad one to go off of too fast. I realize you weren’t prescribed it for depression but you say you have always been depressed so if it was actually treating your depression and your no longer taking it or your body is not absorbing it now it’s possible that your depression has worsened due to the dose of an antidepressant decreasing too quickly. I am not a doctor and not certain that’s how it works with the other drug involved but i do know I have been cautioned about needing to wean off of Wellbutrin slowly and not to ever stop it cold Turkey. Like others have mentioned it could also be post surgery blues plus you are going through a lot of changes between having to cope with things without food and the situations you are dealing with in life but if you don’t feel better I would reach out to the doctor who prescribed you the weight loss drug and/or your surgeon and see if that makes sense to them. Keep posting here and try journaling to get your feelings out. Perhaps consider talking to a therapist as well if you continue to feel this way. They will instantly expand your support network and they can help you work on some new coping strategies that don’t involve food.
  18. ShoppGirl

    Five years 🎉

    Congratulations. 🎉 I hope you did something special for yourself to celebrate a job well done.
  19. ShoppGirl

    Intake Tracking

    I am pending revision and just started with the Baritastic app too. I like it. It’s super easy to use. Set reminders to take your vitamins. Soon you will find yourself remembering to take them and silencing it before it goes off but a recurring reminder will prevent slips.
  20. ShoppGirl


    Sounds frustrating. Sometimes you have to be the squeaky wheel. If you don’t feel better and they say you should by now I would call again and again until they get to the bottom of it.
  21. ShoppGirl


    Have you reached out to your team? That doesn’t sound normal. If you are dehydrated they need to arrange fluids. Dehydration can cause nausea and it sounds like maybe you are not getting enough. Hopefully that’s all it is but it could also be a complication. Call your surgeon ASAP.
  22. Sorry to hear about your experience on vraylar. That’s why they make so many meds I guess because we are all different. I think you will be just fine so long as you stay in touch with your prescribing dr. My Dr had me come in more often right after surgery and my therapist called to check on me to make sure I was doing okay in between appointments. Best of luck with your journey.
  23. ShoppGirl

    Moving Forward In Life

  24. I took Latuda for bipolar when I had my sleeve three years ago and my prescribing doctor was concerned about me not getting enough calories in the beginning for it to absorb properly as well. (For those who don’t know about this particular medication it’s not about it not absorbing due to the surgery itself like many controlled release meds. This med needs the 350 calories in order to absorb fully for anyone, not just people who had surgery). Anyways, My doctor switched me to vraylar for a couple of months prior to surgery just to make sure I was stable on it and then a short time after until I was back to being able to consume 350 calories at one time. The vraylar is quite expensive but luckily they were able to get enough samples for me. The plan was to switch me back once I was eating enough. What was weird and unexpected was post surgery when he tried to switch me back to the Latuda all of a sudden it caused me a great deal of anxiety and I couldn’t tolerate it anymore (even though I was on it for three years before surgery) so he kept me on the vraylar a little longer until things got back more normal for me and then made another change. I am now on a completely different medication. Neither the surgeon or prescribing dr could explain that anxiety except that when you alter the anatomy things just happen sometimes but I just worked with my prescribing dr and he sorted it out. The most important thing is that your prescribing dr and your loved ones are very aware that you may encounter some issues and that everyone is on top of it. If you feel the slightest bit off, you may need to be the one to contact your Dr. You mentioned “the switch” as an option. Not sure if you are speaking if the SADI switch or the Duodenal switch but both of those are restrictive and malabsorbing surgeries. The reason they suggested the sleeve for me was because they were concerned about my other meds not absorbing fully just because of the malabsorbing component of the other surgery. Fast forward three years and I gained my weight back and we are now considering conversion to the SADI or bypass because I gained my weight back. I gained it back because I ate the wrong things though so don’t let that scare you. I only mention it because I’m guessing you can see my current weight and may wonder why I didn’t lose. I did lose quite a bit and maintained it for a while but I was discouraged I didn’t lose it all and I let that get to me. Which is something you should be aware of, you may not lose as much as someone who is not on all these meds. Just don’t get too caught up in comparing your journey to others. I am 5’8” and I got down to 168. I would be so much happier and healthy now if I had just accepted that win instead of getting it in my head that I failed by not making it to where others did.
  25. ShoppGirl

    Help !

    I second seeing a weight loss surgeon. I would ask ahead of time for them to send you the release to sign so the dr will have the images during your appt

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