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    I can't make up my mind!

    I drank decaf the first year after surgery, then was told it was ok to switch back to regular. I drink a lot of regular coffee now...no issues. It's true you can't take a lot of NSAIDS, but my surgeon allows us to take a couple of doses a month for things like migraines and bad periods (After we are a year out....the first year of healing is completely restrictive) I take my ibuprophen with an antacid now, and never more than a few doses in a month.
  2. Yes, I was about 250 pounds when my horse refused a jump and I sailed off, flipped end for end....and landed like a sack of potatoes with a massive thud. Had the wind knocked out, a concussion, shock, the works. Very tall draft-horse cross. Ouch! When your doctor described that coorelation, he might have been talking about people who develop hiatal hernia from chronic overeating....already having behaviors that are difficult to change. And this might have been a *part* of why my diaphragm gave up...because perhaps I'd weakened it with chronic overeating....BUT, the extent of my hernia was much more likely to have been caused more by the trauma. You CAN give yourself hiatal hernia from chronically overeating. It makes perfect sense that if you routinely continue to eat past an uncomtortable "full" sensation, that might coorelate with reduced success.
  3. Creekimp13

    Today's Rant: Why not what

    I think it's important to talk about what we're eating. We do a lot of that. In minutia. We lable foods good and evil. We obsess about the "right" diet, calories, choices, etc.... But that's really the easy part. The hard part is figuring out WHY we're eating. WHY we ate ourselves to morbid obesity, and what need we were trying to address when we put that food in our bodies. I feel like if those needs aren't figured out and meaningfully delt with this whole process is really vulnerable to failure. I feel like we never talk about why we ate so much. I'm not saying we need pity party hour with extensive confessionals chronicallying every challenge, insecurity and poopy life event...lol. But I feel like sharing those little eureka moments were we've identified some little unmet need that resulted in bad choices....would be a good thing. For instance.... I used to get the KFC six million calorie dinner with the 12 pieces of chicken, 3 sides, biscuits and the chocolate chip cake....after grocery shopping. It was almost an unwritten thing. I deserved it. In some weird justification, I figured that I was shopping, carrying stuff in, putting things away, selflessly giving up time to a task I sort of despised for my family. Of course I deserved chicken! But really, what I wanted at the core of things....was support. I wanted to feel appreciated, and rewarded for being a good doobie. I wanted to feel nurtured after a stressful task that I hated. These days....we have a new rule at the house. The person who does the grocery shopping gets to relax and take a bath while the other person does the cooking. And you know what? It works. I feel appreciated, supported. And I eat a more balanced decent dinner and have a win. That feels good. I learned that I geninely don't like asking for help...and that I need to more often. Just writing that makes me cringe. My bariatric therapist did a lot of talking about the "whys" of over eating, and finding ways to get the desired needs met that aren't self sabotaging. I wish we talked about the "whys" more.
  4. Woot! Great work! Looking smashing, darling!
  5. Simple fix. Switch doctors. And write him up on every patient opinion site you can find. He sounds like a turd who wants to bolster his image with you looking as thin as possible regardless of how unhealthy it might be for you. You are not his personal bulletin board and his behavior is not only dreadful, it reinforces disordered eating that can lead to future gain. Find a new bariatric group. Wouldn't surprise me if another group near you has others of his refugees. Run. Today.
  6. Creekimp13

    Is it Worth it?

    The pain for upwards of month after, not being able to tolerate food or foods that I enjoy, diarrhea, vomiting, heartburn, no alcohol for 6 months to a year, no nsaids, potential gallstones, hernia , Hair loss to name a few. *I had very little pain. *I tolerate nearly everything. Popcorn, meat, sugar, grease, pretty much everything. I can eat every single thing I've ever been able to eat. *diarrhea, vomiting, heartburn. Have had no problems with any of these. Have not experienced any nausea since surgery, no heartburn. *No alcohol. I'm not a drinker, but tried a sip of something about two months out and regretted it...it burned. After six months, I think I had a few sips of margarita with no issues... and found that a few sips was all it took...wow! I have a handful of drinks a year, but could notice a big difference in my tolerance. *No NSAIDS for a year for sure. My doctor lets me take a small amount now to treat migraines. I take them with an antacid, and never more than a couple of doses per month. *gallstones...I'd already had my gallbladder out. *hernia....was very glad to find and fix mine, and it wasn't caused by the surgery. Improved my quality of life drastically. *hair loss....I lost a massive amount of hair, but it grew back super thick...and CURLY. Had straighter hair before. No clue why it's curly now? Maybe the vitamins? Love my hair more now than before surgery. Hair loss is temporary and there are all sorts of strategies for covering thin hair for a few months while it grows back. (Mine was thin, but I didn't need to hide it)
  7. My group does an upper GI routinely which diagnosed it, along with contrast imaging. My hernia was BIG. Surgeon said it was one of the biggest he's fixed and that half my stomach was likely living in my chest for a long time. I didn't have bad reflux, but I felt smothered when I laid down and probably had sleep apnea that wasn't diagnosed, which I attributed to being fat. I did have the occasional nasty episode of acid, but had no idea the hernia was so pronounced. My recovery was extremely easy. I was up and walking the halls within a few hours of my surgery and had no problems drinking all I was allowed. (my group does the little medicine cups...one ounce, four times an hour...teenie little sips, but it worked great.) I had zero nausea. No vomiting or retching. I DID have quite a bit of pain in my shoulder. Many people are convinced this is gas, but my surgeon explained it can be referred pain from your diaphragm. Since my diaphragm was messed with more than most folks and I experienced this pretty acutely, I'm betting on the referred pain hypothosis. Weirdly, putting an ice pack on my shoulder seemed to help quite a bit. The opening in my diaphragm might have torn or stretched in a bad fall I took off a horse. Because it was likely caused by trauma, I didn't have issues with my esophogeal sphincter that people sometimes do that causes GERD...I just had my stomach squishing up into my thoracic cavity because trauma tore a bigger hole. Sealing it up did the trick. Everything works great now. No acid. I can breathe great laying down. No sleep apnea.
  8. Creekimp13


    So many things in life we really SHOULD be nervous about....but we're not because it's easy to look the other way when we're doing something self destructive or something that carries risk......that we enjoy. (I've never known anyone to hug their children and get scared and weepy while making incredibly horrible food choices and overeating in the extreme to the detriment of their health and mobility) I don't think anyone enjoys going into the hospital, but the benefits outweigh the risks. Statistically, your life and lifespan are much more in danger if you don't address morbid obesity. Nope, the surgery is not a guarantee. Yes, once in a while something goes wrong. The benefit STILL outweighs the risk. If you are working with a reputable team at a reputable hospital, if your doctor has good presurgical investigations (labs and imaging) and everything has been resolved to reasonable levels, if you've prepaired well....chances are extremely high that surgery will go very well for you. You got this.
  9. "history with binge and restrict" This is the problem. Binge can kill you if your stomach hasn't healed. You can literally die if the pathology is such that you cannot stop yourself.
  10. Back to Basic Plan: Go to a therpist. Work on self acceptance.
  11. My Hiatal Hernia was NOT a surprise. I'd seen imaging and was told up front that it needed to be fixed. It was likely the result of a bad fall off a horse a few years back.
  12. Creekimp13

    Pasta - UGH

    You'll live. No worries.
  13. In my opinion, your money would be better spent and your health would be better.....seeing a bariatric therapist to discuss your concerns and create strategies for managing your habits if you feel you are overeating.
  14. Creekimp13

    Can you take capsules after sleeve?

    My surgical group's official stance is "No NSAIDS ever again." But privately, my bariatric surgeon has said that taking a few doses a month is not a big deal, but he wants me to take an antacid each time I do. Also, he doesn't want me taking it for extended periods of time. He also would not allow this the first year after surgery. For the first year, he was very strict to allow healing. I do take a couple doses of ibuprophen each time I get a bad migraine or bad menstrual cramps these days. No more than five doses in a month, and always with a big dose of antacid. Typically, it's one or two doses per month, if that.
  15. Creekimp13

    Pouch stretching?? Can I shrink it?

    If you are gaining or unable to maintain a healthy weight...maybe it's time to address the reasons you overeat in a meaningful way. Therapy might not be a bad idea? Eventually, further surgeries will not be an option. Each new surgery increases your future medical risk. Wishing you the best.
  16. The shoulder pain can be referred pain from your diaphragm. This can be particularly true if you had a hernia repaired. Shoulder pain is not necessarily gas.
  17. Creekimp13

    Why am I so hungry?!

    I was miserable the entire pre-op diet. Was worse than my recovery from surgery, in my opinion. I truly hate the way ketosis makes me feel...my brain doesn't work. I feel cloudy and impaired...to the degree I feel unsafe to drive. I feel like I'm trying to think through a wad of cotton, it's awful. I do think the hunger urgency lessens around day 3....but for me, it was still incredibly awful. (I hope your experience is better!) All of this said....this is a temporary thing! The hoops have been jumped through, and you are almost there:) And that's something to celebrate. Best wishes on your upcoming surgery:)
  18. Creekimp13

    bathing suits that cover hanging skin

    I have a swim shirt and I love it because I burn super easy on my shoulders and chest and it's the ultimate sun screen. Mine is like the swimtee mentioned above. I've never seen the jacket ones! Something else I really like....is body make up. I get Sally Hansen airbrush leg makeup. I use it on my legs and my arms and shoulders. It makes me look tan without being orange, and provides a lot of coverage for scars, old stretchmarks, weird skin areas like the underside of upper arms...lol You can swim in it for about an hour without it coming off. You scrub it off at the end of the day with soap....it is not an artificial tanner product, so it won't leave you with weird dirty looking knees and ankles. The color looks tremendously natural. I love it. I also like the "slimsuit" brand of swim suits....they have more support built in to kinda sculpt me into the best lines possible.
  19. Creekimp13

    Why is it so hard to find a good therapist?!

    Sue, I wish I knew who to call in Tennessee, but I don't. I'm sorry. My group is affiliated with a research university and they do their homework. They have a few therapists that they have vetted and recommend to follow up with surgery patients. In addition to doing counseling appointments, our therapists also provide leadership for our support group meetings. It's kinda cool to see your therapist in the framework of working with several people you know going through the process. I know mine has heard a hundred bariatric surgery horror stories, success stories, has heard people just like me struggling through the process of making lifelong peace with food. If you're trying to find a therapist on your own, I'd suggest looking for someone with experience treating disordered eating, cross over addiction and food addiction. Find someone who can help you identify eating triggers associated with unmet needs. (they're usually linked). Those needs need to be addressed to ensure the habits don't backslide. Looks like the University of Tennessee has a bariatric center. It might be worth calling them and seeing if they have someone vetted who they work with....who is good....maybe you could do video visits? You are dead right that it's hard to find the RIGHT therapist for this niche. But I can't recommend it enough. Best wishes.
  20. Creekimp13

    Burning when drinking

    Not to giggle at something serious....but this is the best thing I've read today. Enjoyed the smirk.
  21. 3.5 years out...I can eat about a cup at a time (and sometimes less) if it's a fibrous food that doesn't slide. If it's a slider, I can eat more...comfortably. Had about a cup and a half of thinned oatmeal this morning with pecans and blueberries...no problem. Last night I was eating steak and brocolli...and gave up at 3/4 of a cup. If you're drinking with meals you will be able to eat a lot more than if you don't....which is one of the reasons we are told not to drink with meals.
  22. Creekimp13

    Medication & Weight gain

    I gained nearly 50 pounds on paroxetine in my 30s. It was awful.
  23. Creekimp13

    Post op diet

    Coco wheats were one of my most favorite things to eat post op. I still love them. Most people don't know how rich in iron they are. Good stuff for people who avoid meat.
  24. Creekimp13

    Tragic accident

    I can't fathom your pain. Please make sure someone knows that you might need help with fluids. Make sure others close to you understand your medical needs so they can help you remember to drink, or take you to the doctor if needed for IV. I know it's impossible right now, but you need to keep up with what's necessary for your health. Let someone help you. I am so very sorry.
  25. Creekimp13

    Plus sized spray tan???

    I'm not a huge fan of spray on tans. Maybe it's the way my skin cells shed, or maybe i don't exfoliate enough, or just have weird dry skin? I don't know. But when I get a spray on tan, I look Orange for a little while...then my skin sheds a little and I look weirdly speckled. I don't care for it. I also don't like the smell of the spray tan, particularly after a shower or swimming. However...since I'm a white vampire, sometimes it's nice to have a little color. I use Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Makeup (in Medium) It's just makeup for your legs (arms, bust, whatever you need)....but it looks much more like a real tan to me. It sets up well and doesn't get on your clothes. (If I wear white, I do dust it with a little translucent powder, but i'm not sure it's necessary) You can swim in it for an hour or two. It scubs off with warm water, soap and a washcloth...but you do have to scrub a little. I actually like wearing sleeveless again cause of this stuff. It really does look nice on legs. Another cool thing about Leg makeup...it reduces the look of scars, freckles, stretchmarks, veins Being opaque, I bet it's a decent sunscreen, too.

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