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    Danny Paul

    I Lost My WLS Super Powers

    Right after surgery I was able to lose weight faster than a speeding bullet, my restriction was more powerful than a locomotive and my metabolism could easily leap a tall building with a single bound. Today, my kryptonite is time. Time has made me once again a weight loss mortal. I am able to gain weigh even though my diet has remained healthy. I don't lose the weight gained as fast and I am able to eat more. What to do? I actually fore saw this problem. The first year of my WLS journey when I was researching and going through the process to be approved I went to as many group meetings that I was allowed to attend. I always picked the brain of the people in attendance. Like many on this board they were ALL newbies with the success stories only newbies can tell. Not a single failure in the group. That is until one day a woman showed up and started telling us her story. She was five years out from surgery lost a lot of weight and put most of it back on. She warned everyone that things would change as you get further out from surgery and that it wouldn't necessarily be for the better. She had wished that she did not get caught up in the euphoria of her early success. She said that it's like winning the lottery. One day you have more money than you'd ever dream of having. If you don't plan on saving it you'll go bankrupt. That's what happened to her. She won the weight loss lottery. She lost more weight than she could have dreamed losing. Trouble was, she didn't plan her long term weight loss and now, she went "bankrupt". As I went through my daily routine I came across others who had WLS and many had indeed gained the weight back. I was in my doctors office and the medical attendant there told me about her failure when I told her that I was going through the process to get approved for WLS. She told me that it creeps up on you. Two pounds turns to four, four to eight than you're back to where you started. You start to Feel helpless and give up. As I went to the group meetings pre and post surgery I noticed not many people stuck around. There were no veterans in the group just eager newbies who can attest to the success of WLS. Seems as if the veterans drift away and either gain the weight back in silence or just get tired of hearing the same stories of success over and over. I knew that I would probably lose my WLS super powers someday and I had hoped to plan for it. First, I did lose a lot of weight in the mid 90's and I never thought that I'd get back to being obese. I was so wrong. Like my medical attendant experienced, five pounds turned to ten then to 20 and you know the rest. It took me less that four years to gain back the weight and then some. It took another 17 years to get WLS. I decided that I would use every tool that I could in order to keep the weight off and maintain my health. I joined Over Eaters Anonymous. It's another support group away from the support group my surgeon has. I started seeing a therapist who specializes in eating disorders. ( I'm a compulsive over eater) and I have family and friends who have had WLS who I can call to get and give support to. I also weigh myself every week at the same time on the same scale and set a "Red Alert" weight of 160lbs. ( Have a log since the day of my surgery) If I go above the 160 I know that I must redouble my efforts. Here is where my lost WLS super powers comes in. Despite all this I am having a difficult time losing the five pounds that I am over. I feel as if I am now a mere weight loss mortal who has to work two to three times harder to lose and maintain the weight loss. I can't say it wasn't expected. From all the people I spoke to I knew this day would come. It's that, I was once a WLS immortal and now I have to struggle like all others to lose weight. My saving grace (I hope it is) I planned for it since I went through it before and I took the advice of those who went before me seriously. For all of you newbies who are experiencing the euphoria of being WLS immortal plan for day like me when you lose that super power. Just a note, there are many who do maintain their WLS super powers. They are on this forum and they are truly superstars. They unfortunately are the exception to the trend. I find their advice to be invaluable and I look for their posts for such advice. To everyone, good luck with your new found health.
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    Eating egg muffin at 6 days Post Op

    That doesn't really make a difference. The point is that people get flak for "eating off plan". People "confess" here because they're scared. They know they're going to get flak, but they're scared. Scared, they did some damage. Scared to go to their doctors because it's worse being scolded at the doctor's office than on an internet board. Scared, that they already failed or that they already gambled with their future success and lost. But most content of this thought train is catastrophizing bullshit. Now while it's not great to eat "off plan" when being in the early healing phase it's nothing really uncommon. Just look at this board alone. Giving people flak doesn't help them though. People need encouragement to get up again, dust themselves up and continue doing better than they did before. Self-righteousness and pointing out that you yourself "are sticking 110% to the plan" is helping no one but your own ego (not talking about you personally here, mind you).
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    You must’ve missed the first reply which was a picture of what the OP actually ate- an egg muffin or baked egg cup. Lots of people missed that fact because the picture wasn’t in the original post. Turns out you also missed the OP’s reply that she felt terrible after and was in pain but also planned on texting the surgeon to discuss what happened. Berating her and telling her she needs therapy isn’t going to help, just like the enabling won’t. Compassion and empathy go a long way. We were all new to post-op at one point and nothing you can do will truly prepare you for it. Take a deep breath and realize the OP learned a valuable lesson from this.
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    Enough! Stop acting so childish. You're going to be permanently banned if this behavior continues.
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    To your point about people asking inappropriate questions, I would probably be a smart ass, which I know, I know, is terribly out of character: "How much have you lost?" "Looks like I might lose another friend that doesn't seem to understand not to ask inappropriate questions." But, to the question you want us to answer: While dealing with things that are better, like back, hip, knee, ankle, foot pain from carrying around an extra 1/4 ton of weight. Reduced Fatty Liver disease. Blood Pressure. Sleep Apnea, Reflux. But more other worldly were all the things I gained that I didn't realize I was missing, like DisneyWorld, walking, running, marathons, kayaking, horseback riding. Tek
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    Boater Girl

    Pre-op liquid diet woes

    I am soooooooo feeling this comment right now - for me it's hell 2 weeks! I type this on day 3 as I'm looking at my water the and the clock gsking how many more hours before I can eat something ? LOL Will attempt to not bite off my husband's head before then
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    regaining and undoing their surgery

    I will add that my surgeon said that stretching the pouch after bypass is nearly impossible to do. You can, however, eat significantly more over time than you can during the first year, and as others have said, you can eat quite a bit of the wrong things once you are in maintenance. The surgery is a tool to lose weight, but it's a matter of discipline to shift to a healthy lifestyle and keep the weight off.
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    God rest her soul, but my mother did exactly same, Chubrub. For as long as I can remember, too thin, too fat, bridge of nose too thick, “you have teeth from your paternal grandmother”, and high waisted, too🤣 ya di ya da (wait, maybe we had same mother?) What the heck???🙄 Fortunately, we survived and dealt with it. Unbelievable!! Congrats on becoming a strong, independent woman to dismiss it💃💖🌟! Breavsg, moral of the story is dismiss it all and trust these moments or glitches in human behavior do make us stronger!😊
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    It's 2am I can't sleep, Feeling so restless.. just nervous and excited and anxious to get my surgery over with. It's just started to sink in and in the process it's driving me a little crazy [emoji51] please someone talk to me!! lol Sent from my SM-G973U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Welcome to the forums. Congratulations on your progress toward getting your WLS. Many, dare I say most WLS folks had health issues as part of their consideration for having surgery. It is not at all unusual. Surgeries have complications. Living has complications. As with all things, you need to do the math to determine which is the riskier option: WLS or no WLS, that is the question. Nearly the last thing my Doc said to me before wheeling me into surgery was "You know you can die from this surgery? Do you want to continue?" I had already done the math. I was gonna be immobile and a burden to everyone around me within 5 years. Even death on the table was preferable. I spoke with my spouse and parents about it and we were all on the same page. I don't want to spoil the ending of the story, but I didn't die. Since the surgery many of my health issues self-resolved. I'm on fewer meds now than I was pre-op. I've done things I never imagined I would do. Since you're well into satisfying your requirement it seems like you did the math. Good luck Tek