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    Yesterday I drove 2.5 hours to meet up with my very dear friend that had gastric bypass only 3 months before I had my sleeve. We enjoyed our day together shopping for new clothes, talking about life and the joys and struggles of WLS. She has also lost 100lbs.
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    Hi, I'm the Loch Ness Amber, and I have trouble perceiving my body as it is. (I have NOT been diagnosed with body dysmorphia.) Pre-op, at my largest, I felt smaller than I really was. The concept of how big I truly was didnt seem right and needed to be proved with photos I didnt take myself. Post-op, I now feel larger than I really am, and it's what i see in the mirror. I believe my perception of myself beforehand was contributing to my gain. My perception afterward doesnt seem to affect me other than a vague frustration. I'm wondering how common this is, and if anyone knows why this cognitive dissonance with our bodies even exists. I'd also like to know if it resolves in time, or if I will forever perceive myself as "3-4x" whenever asked my clothing size.
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    my journey

    i had gastric bypass surgery september 13, 2018 and have lost 134 lbs now. i am no longer on oxygen or a c-pap. i only take blood pressure meds prn. i have gone from a 6xl to a size 20. my life has totally changed
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    A goal realized

    Longest distanc straight no breaks in my life.. next goals an hour.. but ya.. enjoying the feeling of meeting the goal. Sent from my SM-G955U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Progress pictures

    Stalled right now. Still want to lose 3-10 pounds!
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    Received call that my surgery was approved. Awaiting surgery date. So excited!!!! Sent from my SM-N950U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    The only time you fail is when you stop trying and give up. We're all just imperfect hot messes on a journey. Right? So the first 2 weeks are the toughest as you're aware. You just commit. One day at a time. Choose life. Choose health. Choose joy. Choose happiness. Choose lightness. Choose success. Every day, get up. Look in the mirror and rechoose those things for the day. Don't look back. Morale rarely improves with beatings. But, once you log in a few days of healthy eating and see the scale start to move again, and start to feel more energy, it will feed itself and you will gain momentum. You can do this! Log and post often. Log weigh and measure your food. Keep a MFP food diary. You can do this!!
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    Being able to buy clothes from a decent store good brands not just big and tall.. Being able to walk around for hours to keep up with my family. Being able to fit on rides better. Not dealing with sweat between rolls (tmi) Not being looked at everytime I go out to eat. Being able to run for more than 30 seconds. Well be nice to have some female attention for once! Fit people get treated better in every aspect of life especially when shopping! Being able to fit into my sports car better Being able to go hiking it's been about 6 years.. Being able to save money on food and being a cheap drunk if I ever do drink. My biggest one is hopefully not to be hungry constantly every day, eating to live not living just to eat!
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    Is anyone angry about food?

    Welcome to the WLS mental battles. It’s ok to be angry. Many of us start with some buyer’s remorse. First food stages made me a bit hungry and angry. things got better with real food stage. Focus on the scale moving with your healthy choices. Keep your eyes on your short- and long-term goals. Recognize when food addiction is talking to you. Noting taste as good as weight loss:-) (make sure food suggestions are on your plan) (make sure they fit your calories and macros for the day) I like how it was said above. It’s what you can eat. bariatrics should not be torture. Food should be long term sustainable. Real food stage nutrition should be flavorful. There are healthy options for the foods I enjoy. I eat hamburgers without the bun (lettuce wrapped) I even enjoy the taste of a turkey burger patty over beef. Healthy pizza, Chicken fajitas without the tortilla, Check out bariatric friendly recipes. You will be able to go to restaurants. Make it about the conversations and quality food not crap foods. Your safe orders are protein and veggies. (replace carbs with more veggies) Kids or lite menus are also great.. You are now a cheap dinner date. Take home leftovers in a box for no cook meals later. Log them. Most restaurant menus are in MyFitnessPal food log.
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    Another surgery?

    @wnusrt1 hey bud the answer to your question is yes!!! the most common reason for conversion is terrible/unbearable heartburn😣 you didn't mention if you have that problem? not pointing fingers, but have you totally been eating correctly? Portions esp. the sleeve only works with you, if you work with it. (saying this, and below with TLC) if you are getting the GB, thinking you might loose weight and keep it off/problem solved? not necessarily true you will loose the weight initially- but If you don't change your eating habits, you might gain again. eeeek Try and give the sleeve another chance - you might not have that much restriction now, but if you follow the rules of protein, water etc. you can't help but loose weight.☺️ do a liquid diet/protein shakes for awhile, this will give you a jump start in loosing more weight gradually go to soft - etc. i emphasize watch your portion sizes. i know my portion sizes were through the roof before sleeve (7+ years ago) lets meet for drinks, info - conversation, i'm buying, water of course😁 good luck☺️ kathy