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      Hey BariatricPal Members! I am excited to announce the new BariatricPal Private Facebook group ! We are an exclusive group that is open by invitation only – and you’re invited! You can get the support you depend on from BariatricPal over on Facebook, too. We’re here for advice, encouragement, and companionship as you make your way through the WLS journey. To join the group, just click or tap this link. Then click or tap “Join Group.” And hurry! If you join within the next 15 days, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a 1-year subscription to the BariatricPal Box of the Month Club – a $300 value! See you on Facebook!
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      The BariatricPal Store supports your weight loss and health goals, and we have a fun new way to do that! We are introducing our monthly BariatricPal box! Each month, you will receive a box of goodies. The box is different each month. Get the box delivered to your doorstep for $39.99 each month. You'll love discovering and trying new surprises. Your subscription continues until you cancel it, so you will never miss a month. We also offer an annual subscription to the BariatricPal box. You get the same box, plus a reduced cost of $34.99 per month and a free Yunmai smart scale! Learn more or subscribe here!   What’s in the box? It changes each month, so you 
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    As of this morning I'm literally 50% of my starting weight. From 470 in November 2016 to 235 lbs this morning and I'm still losing! Woooo hooooo!!!
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    Someone asked the normal "have you lost weight?" I responded yes and she said "did you mean to?" um....well....actually no, I was hoping to stay fat but 130 lbs just fell off accidentally!
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    Five weeks and two days since my last drink and back at the gym three days a week. I went to the rehab support group, which was rubbish. I have decided to do private counselling, one on one. Fifteen pounds down.... That’s 15!!!!!!! 🤸🏼‍♀️🤹🏻‍♀️
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    stared this journey a month ago at 207 and now 1 month to the day 179 [emoji1377][emoji1377] kickin ass now taken names later lol !!
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    I will pipe in. I had RNY September 6th 2017 and I never had a problem. Yes there were times at first that I either ate too fast or two much and instead of feeling miserable I decided to throw up. It didn't come up on it's own, I actually had to use my fingers down my throat but after it came up I felt so much better. I haven't thrown up in a couple months now, I have tried to throw up after eating too much but it just doesn't happen. I was on a 1 week pre surgery liquid diet but with the protein shakes I never felt hungry. I actually lost about 25 lbs that week. After surgery I was on liquid diet for about a week and then moved to soft foods for 2 weeks and then ate what ever I wanted as long as it was all protein. 1 month after surgery I was told to get off the protein shakes and eat normal foods. The last 4 months I have eaten 4 oz of cottage cheese for breakfast, a Lunchable (just the meat and cheese) for lunch, an all protein snack when I get home from work and then normal food for dinner (just a smaller portion). I choose to stay away from Bread, pasta, and potatoes (I do have them occasionally but not very often). I don't eat much fruit or vegetables I depend on 2 chew able Bariatric vitamins and 2 calcium capsules to get my nutrients and have done very well on my blood tests. My diabetes is cured, I used to take 6 injections a day to control it. I am off my blood pressure medicine and high cholesterol meds. I am also off the omeprazol that I took for gerd. Currently I do not take any prescription medications. 16 years ago I blew my knee out for a 2nd time and was told I would never run again. I hate to prove the doctors wrong but 3 weeks ago I started running again. My first run was a little over 3 miles in 40 minutes (non stop). I started out at 265lbs and for the past 4 months have been at a steady 193lbs. I wanted to get to 165lbs but to be honest I could care less if I ever get there. I feel great, look great and am very happy with my life. The RNY surgery was the best choice I have ever made, I would do it again in a heart beat.
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    I've already posted in the before and after thread. I thought I do a separate thread. Today is my first surgiversary! I've been in a 3 month stall. With RNY, I accomplished my loss without any strenuous exercise (due to a heart condition). I'm 25lbs away from goal weight and I feel great! HW: 334 SW: 319 CW: 205 GW: 180
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    Being silly and filming all the stages Preop diet Nov 27: 344lbs Vertical sleeve gastrectomy Dec 11, 2017 (321lbs) Today April 5, 2018: 278lbs
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    In 2008 I came down with chronic hives and battled rash and itch for years. I went on prednisone full time for 6 months and then a "maintenance dose" for a long time. I was overweight/obese to begin with, but my weight ballooned. By January 2013 when I joined weight watchers I was uncomfortable in my own body and very unhappy. In the evening, on a scale at weight watchers, my weight was recorded as 340 pounds. I did weight watchers consistently ( but not perfectly) for 2 years and lost 65 pounds. After that, lots of things happened - job changes, life changes - and I became less consistent with it and gained about 25 pounds back. Moved to another state and changed things up again and gained a few more, but not huge. Decided to start the weight loss surgery process in summer 2017. This morning I stepped on the scale at home (so yes, different scale and different time of day,but with a fleece top on cuz it's cold in my basement) and weighed 239 pounds at 9.5 weeks past surgery! I've lost 100 pounds from my high weight! I still have many more to go to reach my goals, but WOW! I feel so much better. I fit into my life so much better. When it hit me I just burst out crying, alone here in my study with my dogs. Excuse me while I go whip up a protein shake and get ready to go explore a new part of my new home in celebration today!
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    It's a YES!!! IT was approved and my Surgery will be MAY 7th!!!! WOOHOOOO!
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    It's crazy how fast these months went by! I'll be 4 months post op on the 11th! I'm amazed at how much better I feel in both general and also in working out. I'm a nursing student and I'm amazed that after my clinical day (11hrs on our feet) I still want to go to the gym to work out! It's kind of weird that when I go around in my normal day, I still feel like I look like I'm 355lbs. I don't feel like I look smaller, when I buy clothes and see the smaller size and it actually fits, but I still feel just as fat, just in different sizes... But I can definitely see a difference in side by side pictures. I remember reading from post vsg patients having the same issue and now experiencing it myself is just weird. I try to do a side by side picture at least once a month so my brain can start to realize, I'm not as big as I was. I do love the energy though, and I know my brain will eventually catch up! How is everyone else doing? Post pictures, I love to see all the progress! Hw: 355lbs (1/5/17) size 24/26, 3-4x Surgery weight: 321lbs(12/11/17) Cw: 263.5lbs (3/20/18) size 18, 2x
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    Hey all!! It’s been a while. I started my journey off at 260. My surgery was November 13th. To date I am 185!! That is 75 pounds down!! Any doubters dont wait!! GET THE SLEEVE! It will change your life! Here is. A before and After. Once I get further down I will post full body!! #lovinglife
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    I am 5 weeks post op and have been feeling pretty down. No weight loss for almost two weeks now. And I know it's part of the course, but nonetheless it's hard. I decided to go jogging tonight without my dogs. Sometimes they can be such a distraction. And boy, I am so glad I did. As I put on one of my favorite tunes "Parallel Lines" by Junior Boys, I began running, and running, and running and I didn't stop for 10 whole minutes. I felt SO ALIVE! I haven't felt like that for 5 years. It is a newfound vitality and it felt amazing. I couldn't believe my feet weren't giving out, I couldn't believe my knees didn't start hurting. Even my hips were okay! I felt so much lighter on my feet. I have lost a total of 28 lbs since my pre-op diet, 18 of which were lost after surgery. I can't believe how such a little amount of weight loss has made such a difference in my ability. I'm tearing up right now just thinking about it. I just feel so lucky to have had this surgery and it is making such a HUGE difference SO FAST and sometimes I lose sight of that. A before pic and me tonight... feeling so great!!!
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    I am officially POST-OP. Surgery went as good as can be expected and I'm relaxing in my room. Pain is practically non-existent and I've barely needed to use my magic pain button. Hopefully the next 2 days to by just as easily. Sent from my VS988 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I weighed 232lbs 6 months ago now down to 160lbs. Feel like a whole new person highest weight: 274lbs surgery weight: 232lbs current weight: 160 lbs goal weight: 150lbs . Sent from my SM-S120VL using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Subject: sub 200 pound weight. Last seen: 1993. New sighting: my bathroom scale, this morning. I kinda feel like I'm kicking aging's butt this morning, y'all!
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    Saw my mom last night and no tears but she did keep calling me “tiny”. She said I look happier. It was very reassuring to see her! Thank you for all the support!
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    As of today I am down 115 lbs since my highest weight ( 255 lbs) and 95 lbs. since my day of surgery (235 lbs) at 5'7'' that has be losing 38% of my body! more than 1/3 of my has disappeared! I went from a size 16/18 to a 4/6 ( the tiniest I have every been as an adult). I was told when I did this that it was unlikely to work as well since I had been on insuling and medication for my diabetes for soo long, but even my doctor has been blown away by my results. I still don't recognize myself in the mirror sometimes, but I am adjusting to thin girl problems; such as, being cold all the time, needing extra padding to define my breast which have gone through a deflation, needing to shop in the talls because normal people aren't my size and height apparently and shirts/ pants are too short, oh and being boney means pain when on hard surfaces. I have been insulin free since day five after surgery and my A1C at 6 months out was 6.0 down from a 8.9 at two weeks prior to surgery. I am taking absolutely nothing for my blood sugars and they are between 85-120! This surgery has given me back my life. I went in with being told I'd be losing 20-30 years due to my insulin needs, and came out with such better prospects. With it has come a lot of other new things. I got a new boyfriend the january prior to surgery and 4 days ago he proposed in disneyland! We've been slowing integrating our lives ( we both have children with prior partners) and he has made such amazing strides with my daughter and with understanding my weightloss journey. I am excited to try on dresses! I was engaged once before, and I refused to try on anything besides A-lines and everything was awful( I was a size 20-22 in a wedding dress then). Tomorrow will be my first trial, I'll get sized, and try silhouettes, its so exciting now that I am not worried about them having my size or the whole world seeing my big butt and flub because dresses only come in tiny sizes. Its like the last year has been building my confidence specifically for this moment, where I am look at myself and see what everyone else does. The picture with the red shirt is from our first date (248 lbs) and the one with Minnie mouse is from this Monday minnie is showcasing the ring.
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    I’m so happy I’m finally at 160!!!!!!! I have been struggling for quite sometime to get the scale to move. Sleeved 121416 sw 316 cw 160 GOAL - 140
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    @Creekimp13 - yeah it's been talked about before, but it has been a while. It is pretty common for this to happen; for both men and women. Decreased body mass leads to better controlled blood pressure and circulation. Loss of fat around the pubis allows for deeper penetration. Loss of fat around the abdomen and legs allows for greater range of movement too. The increased blood flow to the genitalia allows for greater sensitivity as well. Add all that together and it makes for better physical performance on both sides. The psychological effect of having better sex also leads to the desire to do it again and with more frequency. It's pretty much a win-win scenario for all!
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    I'm going to guess it's the time travel. Temporal flux is hard on the body.
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    After 7 weeks my stall finally broke!! I’ve been going up and down 2 pounds for over 7 weeks now, and today I was down 3 pounds, putting my total weight loss at 61.2 pounds! I’m so excited!! I haven’t done anything different, I just rode it out. However, I have to say I was scared that I might be done with the weight loss, and I was getting depressed. So, for all of you in the dreaded 3 month stall, hang in there!! (Surgery 12/13/17)
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    Darling if any of us had the discipline we would be in need of surgery, so calm down, nothing is wrong with you. Every person struggles differently with this change of lifestyle. And if there were quickfixes we wouldn’t be here. Some tips that helped me 1) the surgery will not save you, it’s the tool that will help you save you. So remind yourself everyday of what you want out of this. Everyday, like every day .. eating time was a good reminder time for me ( i used to look at food and literally say, you will be here tomorrow and eat what I could and what was good for me, salads still don’t count as meals but I eat them hehe) 2) define the voices. There’s brain hunger and stomach hunger, brain hunger has no end. With every craving, bring ur attention to ur stomach and see how it feels. I still do this till today and it’s 5 years .. it really helps 3) try eating every 3- 4 hours ...eat what you want but in the quantity ur stomach can, shouldn’t be more than a few bites. Give the rest away to someone in need until u figure out how much to order or cook or eat leftovers over time 4) drink clear fluids 30 minutes afternoon your meal, and onwards. But don’t mix drinking with eating. Big no no 5) remind urself that you are losing weight and enjoy it. Enjoy every ounce u let go of. 6) as much as u need to be attentive to your food intake and take responsibility for yourself; u very much need family support, they need to get on board and understand that they have a role too. Support is key 7) eliminate negative self talk.
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    FOOD DIVORCE We have an unhealthy relationship, You and I. I'm tired of the way you consume my life You are the way I experience happiness, sadness, rewards, loss, failure. You control me. I control you. I'm tired of our constant, circular fights I want to change your importance. I want to want other things more. I want to go metal detecting instead of getting ice cream I want to feel more excited about a new book than a restaurant. I want to gift my creativity, my brains, my talent to conversations, projects, art, adventures and not cooking, and dieting, and the circular mindfeckery that is you Food, you are a toxic relationship in my life. I want a divorce. I want you to leave me the hell alone. We can still share the gut, and we can raise a healthy body together. You get visitation, and we'll do our damnedest to respect each other for the sake of the body. But my mind needs to move the feck on. My life is better without your constant presence.
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    9 months out from my VSG and decided to post some progress photos after its been forever. I finally stabilized my loss at around 140 pounds, 10 pounds lighter than my goal but I stopped caring about the number awhile back when people started getting on my case about losing too much. One is from Memorial day May 2017 just before surgery and then earlier this month. One clearly marks the timeline from August 2017 to Feb 2018,. One is January, February and March 2018. The last is regular new me HW: 242.2 SW: 236.0 LW: 138.0 CW: 139.2
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    First time on an airplane since my January 9th surgery. I flew across the country. And I fit!! I could put the tray down. I sat in the middle and didn’t spill over into the other seats. It was such a great moment. I cried. I’m sooooo thankful I finally did this for myself. Carla from LV
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    I am getting close to two years since my RNY and am so happy I made the life changing decision I did. I have PCOS and Auto Immune Thyroid disease. I lost a total of 93lbs and have maintained my weight for the past year. I have not gained back one pound. I just want to share to give encouragement to anyone that needs it! Keep going, plan your meals and know that you got this! Start Weight - 250lbs Current Weight - 157lbs Height - 5’5
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    Looking at my wardrobe, as I pull out the bags with stored clothes in 10lb weight ranges (I store when I grow, knowing I will get thin again. I throw out or give away when I shrink, knowing I will never get fat again. Expensive!) I notice that my clothes are pretty much all black or grey. Fat girls don’t show off, right? So, yesterday I bought this, and today I am wearing it... SO many comments.
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    Today marks 9 months post op for me. Down 113 pounds from high weight and 98 pounds from surgery weight. Weighed in at 153.9 pounds this morning and finally at a normal BMI. This process has been a gift and I cannot express how much better I feel. No more achy joints or sleep apnea. I feel good about the way I look for the first time in a long time. I am still learning to moderate as I introduce some limited sweets and whole grains into my diet. I’m hoping to drop another 10 pounds and aim to maintain my weight under 150. For those of you just starting your journeys, stick to your doctor’s plans and you will be amazed by the results! I was very worried about long term success and I still fear backslides, but I feel more confident about long term success with each passing day. Stay strong in this fight, everyone! You can do it!
  33. 9 points
    I lost 8 pounds in 8 days. 16 pounds since March 9th & I’m at 285 now. Today is the day I’m stepping up my Cardio significantly. Hopefully I see even bigger changes moving forward. I’m down 55 pounds since mid January.
  34. 9 points
    I have a NSV and a scale victory today! First off I am finally in onederland!!! And I went shopping today and actually fit in a size Large at Pink. Never thought I could wear there clothes. Don't mind the hair and No makeup!
  35. 9 points
    Paperwork was submitted!!! Crossing my fingers it goes through. They have a 3 business day approval process so I should know by next Tuesday or Wednesday
  36. 9 points
    My sleeve is scheduled for 5/7! So excited and nervous! I’ve been a longtime lurker on this site and now that I’ve got my date it doesn’t feel real!
  37. 9 points
    Hi all! It’s been quite some time since I posted! I had a bit of a rough time after we moved to Virginia. I fell into a bit of a depression having moved all the way across the country from my family, leaving my friends, leaving my career as an RN to be a stay at home mom... lots of great changes were happening too, but I just had a hard time coping with it all. Anyway, things are much better, and I’m enjoying this new life! I’m almost 9 months post op lower body lift and thigh Lipo and 3 yr 8mo post op gastric sleeve. I’m 5’ 6” and my current weight is 162, exactly 100 lbs down from my sleeve surgery, and a new low for me as an adult! I’ve been trying to work out more, and sticking to a clean healthy low carb diet. I LOVE my post op results!!! Dr. Stacey Folk in Denver is my angel! I do eventually want to have my thighs done, but that will have to wait for now... I currently wear a size 8/10 bottoms and S/M tops. I also plan on wearing a bikini in public when I go to Vegas in a couple weeks!!! [emoji50] Anyway, I just wanted to check in And update you all. Hope everyone is well!
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    The honeymoon period is the period of time that weight loss and maintenance is the easiest. It will be unique to the individual and how well they follow a typical bariatric friendly diet. For me, it lasted from Feb 2015 until June 2016. That is when I surpassed goal and then bounced back up a little bit. I have maintained a stable weight since, but I am probably more strict with my diet and physically active than most. You'll know when you are in the honeymoon phase when your calorie intake week over week is lower than what is needed to maintain your body weight. Once you start consistently hitting a calorie goal that is equal to your BMR (basal metabolic rate) your weightloss will stop. If you start exceeding that rate, you will slowly start gaining until the calories and established weight reach equilibrium. If you are eating more than your BMR plus active metabolic needs, you start gaining weight. This is why tracking food is important for some (like me).
  39. 9 points
    Hi Cher, You are not Debbie Downer, and please know your post helps me (I’m scheduled for gastric sleeve end of May). I spend a lot of time reading posts from people who have recently had surgery. You are preparing me. I hope it gets better for you quickly! I know you will be glad you did this in the months and years to come. After reading this, I decided to write myself a letter- to my post gastric sleeve self. I’m going to detail my life journey of the weight roller coaster, how I feel when I struggle with losing weight every day of my life, and what it’s like always being the biggest person in the room, unable to do certain things because there is a weight limit, I’m too big, or my joints and back hurt. I’m only 45, but I’ve struggled with my weight for 35 years. Even what should be a simple task of finding an outfit for a wedding or a work function is a depressing huge nightmare of a task. After my surgery, I know I’ll have days and thoughts you are having and I’ll read my letter, and I hope it helps me. Sorry for the long winded post, but please know you are helping others and we support you! Sending good thoughts your way!
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    26.4 lost is great! look at the difference in your neck and shoulders and arms. Black clothing is camouflaging my ability to see the rest. lol. * No need to use that statement to take naked pictures* I have "only worked hard for each pound lost" My body is "only getting healthier by the day" The scale is "only moving down to prove my weight loss is reality " Your hard work and it's paying off.
  41. 8 points
    I'm actually new here - I came looking for information about some vitamin supplements, but I'm glad I found this ! I had VSG ... the only long term side effects so far have been new onset GERD (just started within the last year and a half or so) and anemia (tried every kind of iron supp. - eventually came to the conclusion i just need annual iron infusions). The anemia may not be related, but my hematologist does blame the sleeve for it. My only concern the older I get is whether I'm getting enough calcium (and whether I'll end up with osteoporosis). I can't find a lot of studies on that. I would love if anyone had information on the % of people who have long term bone issues after VSG. Life feels absolutely 'normal' .. though I'm not sure if that's just because it has become the new normal for me over the years. I can eat fairly normally (much smaller portions than most people of course), though there are still bad days. Every now and then, I'll feel sick or even throw up after just a bite or two of something that I can normally eat fine. It happens rarely enough that I don't feel like it hinders my daily life. There are certain foods that I absolutely don't handle (eggs, for instance ..unless cooked into something.. so sad about that one), but I know that and stay away. Biggest change since surgery has been my sugar intake - more than a couple tiny bites of something even now (ice cream, candy, jelly/jam, cookies, etc) makes me feel absolutely awful. I can still go out to eat - I just order a side/app or bring leftovers home. I don't completely stay away from carbonation like I've seen many people talk about .. but it hasn't prevented success and it doesn't make me feel bloated, gassy, etc. Calorie counting has long since gone out the window - how much and what you eat everyday to maintain becomes a habit - you'll know if what youre putting into your body is going to mean you have to exercise a little more or choose better at your next meal. The last thing - never a day since my surgery have I regretted this decision. It was the catalyst we all hope it will be - the push needed to get off my butt and start living and being healthy. Once I started exercising, eating better, seeing the weight drop off - I started noticing a significant change in my mental and emotional health. Not only did I become physically healthier - my mind starting keeping pace. It is so true that when you start loving yourself, you can really start loving and appreciating everything else in life! (BTW - not that I didnt love myself prior to my weight loss--we should ALL love ourselves anyway .. we are beautiful regardless of our weight, but its a different feeling that blooms when you start feeling accomplished, confident, and proud of yourself). Please dont hesitate to ask more questions! I hope this made sense -I kind of rushed through it before having to go to work.
  42. 8 points
    So I am 14 weeks Post op, and things are going great. However, I have had several stalls, which get discouraging. I will go 2-3 weeks and not lose a pound, and then drop 5 lbs in one week! So weird how the body works. When I am feeling disappointed in the slow weight loss, I do side by side photo comparisons of before and after. Here is one that lifted my spirits today. When you see yourself every day, you don't always see the huge changes that are taking place. Don't always count on the scale to show you your victories! Use photos and body measurements as well. You will need them at times when the scale is not moving.
  43. 8 points
    Yesterday I had my 2 week, post-op followup with my surgeon. He was extremely pleased with my progress, 60lbs down since I first met him, 40 since I started liquid only, 20 since the morning of surgery. My incisions are healing wonderfully and he approved me to start eating soft foods. One meal a day this week with 2 shakes, next week 2 meals and 1 shake, and so forth. I was so excited, went straight home and made myself a small omelet, 2oz of egg whites and a tiny bit of mozzarella. It tasted like the best meal I had ever eaten, even without any seasoning (I thought salt and pepper might be a little harsh so decided to leave it bland). Also spoke to him about last weeks issue with sluggishness and all, he said it is likely because I became overly ketoic, dropping 40lbs in 4 weeks on liquid only and struggling with daily Protein Shakes in the last 2, likely slowed my system down. I was instructed if I feel like that again to get a small amount of sugar, either some apple juice or Gatorade. When I was feeling it on Friday I had a small glass of apple juice and the improvement was almost instantaneous. Now that I'm on real foods, I shouldn't have that issue anymore, but it's good to know that it isn't that uncommon of an issue and can be easily remedied. But the last 3 days I've felt better then I have in, I don't even know how long. I have a ton more energy, I'm sleeping through the night... and best of all, today I'm at work wearing a suit that hasn't fit me in almost 11 years. Anyway, thank you everyone for all of the support on here...
  44. 8 points
    My nutritionist is completely cool with Subway. Provided you choose lean meats and whole gain bread. White bread will cause hunger spikes. Have to watch fatty condiments, too. I can't imagine that chicken wings would be a problem if they were baked and not coated or fried. (i'm unfamiliar with 7/11's wings) I think everyone would agree chips are pure junk. While I absolutely think constructive advise is warranted...this judgey superior **** makes me nuts. We were all morbidly obese folks. We have all made horrible decisions about food in our lives...over and over and over. Not a damned one of us....has room to feel superior to these sorts of struggles. And you know what? A hell of a lot of us...who feel very smug right now...will regain weight. No one here has all the answers for everyone. Everyone makes peace with this process at their own pace, and some folks really struggle. It doesn't help them to be ridiculed. It doesn't help to make assumptions and judge them. And losing weight doesn't give you a license to be a bully...or even an expert on everyone else's process. I think people here really need to work on constructive criticism. Myself included.
  45. 8 points
    I’m feeling good started out at 398 the day of surgery. Today I was 237.8 I have had to have my gallbladder out because of weight loss. I have had to same issues as everyone else with constipation which as caused a few other problems especially since December/ January. But miralax and stool softeners with stimulants have helped. I’ve noticed more energy from working in the yard to playing with the kids and other things. I started kayak fishing, my golf swing has struggled due to no belly being there to be a swing guide. It’s been something for the best.
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    I'm three years out...I lost 15 pounds the first month and 12.5 pounds the second month. Thereafter, all of my losses were single-digit (1 to 7 pounds monthly). I was a slower loser and it took me nearly 18 months to lose 100 pounds. The speed and rate of your weight loss doesn't matter nearly as much as your ability to keep it off for life. I'm dancing on a cloud because this is the first time in my live I've been able to maintain any type of weight loss. Weight loss doesn't matter as much as weight maintenance. Society focuses too much on shedding pounds as quickly as possible when 95+ percent end up regaining. Weight maintenance is the key. Good luck to you.
  47. 8 points
    Well, you need to remind yourself of why you started. What’s more important that 10 minutes of eating food you shouldn’t have, or a healthy life with no insulin shots? Just remember- it’s not a game, it’s not monopoly, if you cheat the only person you are going to hurt is yourself. I don’t mean to sound harsh- it’s just reality. This is our life- cheating doesn’t hurt the doctor, or the surgeons, or anyone else but yourself. ALWAYS remember why you started.
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    Hello everyone for those who don’t know I had RXY NOV 28,2017 yesterday was my 4 months surgeversary.. so Happy! If you wondering yes I’m glad I did.. I have had lil to mild complications but right now all that drives me insane is the constipation... but I think something is working out for me. I’m 5’7 by the way.
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    Oh this should be fun! (pppssstttt! Demand piccys of outfits!!!! )
  50. 8 points
    I have lost 41 lbs since being sleeved 10/13/17. I feel like the loss rate has been sooooo slow and had to overcome a few stalls. I have 25 lbs still to lose to hit my ultimate goal weight. But I have 7 months to lose that weight to make my goal. I did a face transformation comparison the other day for myself. Needed to see the change to remind myself that even though I feel like the loss is slow, there is still loss. Sleeved 10/13/17 SW 183 CW 142 GW 118