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    I hit a milestone today I am super excited about! I have finally lost 300 pounds! I have been stalled the past few months and finally lost those last 6 pounds to hit this milestone! I am so thankful to be making this journey. It still feels like a dream to me. It's crazy how I went from having to be on oxygen 24/7 and hardly being able to cross a room without getting out of breath to being able to walk for 6 miles and still be ready to go out and do other things! I am loving life right now and wanted to share my excitement at hitting this milestone with you!
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    Honestly this isn't an easy surgery to go through for anyone.....some heal faster than others and some don't. Some people can get majority of their liquids in and others can't even meet half of their daily intake. It's a mental thing all around. Take longer walks through out the day to get your mind of the pain or just do extra things around the house. If your just moping around then that makes u think more about the negatives. 3 weeks out is a pretty decent time where u should be able to be out and about with friends. And reading your never going to eat your favorite foods again is bs. I know people personally who've had a successful surgery and have dropped over their goal weight and still have cheat days. It's all about you controlling yourself and saying ok I'm full I'm not going to continue eating this. When your able to eat regular foods again, meal prep for the week and then Friday or Saturday have a cheat meal and then get back on your meal prep the next day. Because if you just give up and just binge eat on all the bad foods that got u where u were before the surgery then the surgery was just pointless you know? It's all in your control! Just think of your goal weight and where u want to see yourself! Or even buy an outfit that u want to fit in by next summer and that can be another motivation for u! Don't give up because I'm rooting for you and I know you can do this...be strong for yourself and push through! [emoji1377][emoji171]
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    I am pleased to say that I have reached my goal, yaaayyy. My goal weight was 150 lbs but I weighed myself this morning and I am 149.8 lbs. This has been a hard journey mentally but for me( many of you know I have gone thru a divorce as well ). My starting weight was 242lbs, day of surgery 12/5/16 I was 219 lbs, and 8 months later I am 149.8 lbs. 7 lbs away from almost losing 100 lbs. I feel so good right now about myself. Not just because of how I look but how I feel inside. I'm starting to love me flaws and all. I am working on the mental side of things with prayer and supplication. God is a healer and I'm trusting him to keep me. I thank all of you on this site for your support , it has been epic on this journey. I so truly appreciate you. The encouragement I received from total strangers has far outweighed what I received from family and friends. Thank you again. Hope u like the pics.
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    I'm now a few days short of six months postop. Down a total of 86lbs. (305 to 219). First photo was day of surgery. I had already lost 16lbs on preop diet. Second photo is today. Third photo is my face at highest weight before preop diet. My pants are size 14 (brand runs large). Top vest is a large. Undershirt is a tight medium.
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    Almost 120 pounds lost. Need to get back in the gym and start toning.
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    I'm about 3 months out and my surgeon told me before the surgery that many people will experience "buyers remorse". Your hormones are going crazy still at 3 weeks out, so some of these negative feelings may be attributed to it. I was a hot mess (still kind of am). I recall sitting at the table and literally crying while I ate soft foods because I was miserable. My husband can eat what he pleases and it was distressing at the time to watch him. Eventually, this will pass. It's kind of one of the many bumps in this long journey. I don't know how open you are to therapy, but I know I wouldn't have gotten passed this hurdle without my therapist. Sometimes talking without feeling judged helps. I also don't know your prior relationship with food, so I don't know how much of a comfort it was to you. I know for me, my life was food. I used it to cope with everything and after the surgery I had to find different things to use to cope (like exercise and art). Try to keep in your mind that this is temporary.
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    I wont baby you. All i did was tell you what you already know and what your doctor SHOULDVE explained to you before the surgery. You are three weeks out, on here commenting that your life is over and everything is ruined....after THREE WEEKS. What you should be doing is focusing on your program: Drink water Eat popsicles or Jello Get lots of rest find something to engage your mind - and keep you from dwelling on these depressive thoughts you described here start working on protein intake to meet that goal You can worry about your friends and your old life and doing all the things from a social aspect later. This isnt a jerky comment....this is providing you an ANSWER to help your original question, but you dont want to hear it so you take offense.
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    Youll be fine, I had some regrets the first few days, but it passes. Look at your ultimate goal/goals. Youll eat everything you ate before, just much less of it like a normal human being. Look at my picture, does it look like I regret it?
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    Sleeved on Nov. 22, 2016. Passed my goal 150, HW: 208 SW: 198 CW: 135 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920AZ using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I can eat all the foods I liked pre-op. I don't eat them, I have found low carb alternatives or I eat them every once in a while. By the time you are healed you can eat almost anything and by year 1 or 2 you will probably be able to eat anything. If you don't think people can and do eat any and everything, just read the regain threads or watch youtube videos. How you feel right now is really temporary. Enjoy it, because it is the easiest time to lose and make good habits that will help you later down the road. @Siyaa Ela You are pre-op so you have no idea what post-op life is like or how miserable people can feel immediately post-op. Have surgery then offer your opinion.
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    I think it is important for people to hear all sides of post-op life. Everyone isn't happy or thrilled with their post-op results or life. I read the good and the bad and decided it was still the best option for me. OP is unhappy, let her be unhappy. She is struggling and having a hard time. She is allowed to voice that opinion. Everyone doesn't have an easy recovery. Mine was smooth and easy but I know that isn't the case for everyone. If someone is dumb enough to let a post on an internet forum really influence their health decisions, they are getting the life they deserve. I really don't get why you guys are trying to silence her. People post they are miserable like every single day. Let them.
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    Why would you be upset at 10 pounds lost per month? Have you ever lost that kind of weight that quickly without surgery via old-fashioned diet/exercise? My guess is that the answer is "No." 10 pounds a month is a whopping 120 pounds a year. Realistic expectations are important throughout your weight loss journey. Since you're a lightweight who is starting out at 220 pounds, I guarantee you'll never be one of those rapid losers who drops 30+ pounds a month, or even 20+ pounds a month. My starting weight was 218 pounds on surgery day. Most of my monthly losses were single digit (1 to 7 pounds lost each month). It took me 17 months to lose 100 pounds and reach my goal weight. And you know what? I'm dancing on a cloud, but not because of the weight loss. I'm happy because this is the most realistic opportunity I have to keep the weight off for life. Good luck to you.
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    I regretted the surgery too during my first few months post op. I was pissed off at myself for making this decision. Had a few complications and needed a second surgery. Blah blah blah Told my surgeon I regretted having the surgery and he told me he was going to ask me the same question in 3 months. He was right. After the weight start falling off in bulk and surgery healed I began to feel awesome. I'd not felt that good in 30+ years. That charged me up and made me stick to the program better than I thought I could. Now almost 4 years later I remain at my goal weight after losing 150+ pounds. Chin up. Better days are ahead. Andrew
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    I had surgery on April 20, 2017 and I've lost 93 lbs. I find that looking in the mirror it can be hard to really see how much progress I've made. I went shopping today and got to take a pic in a full length mirror. I was so excited when I put it side by side with my before picture! I still have 50-60 to lose but I just love where this journey has brought me so far. I'm so happy I have this safe space to share different experiences.
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    QueenTiff, IT DOES GET BETTER! I'm now almost 6 months post op....while my eating habits have changed, things ARE pretty much back to normal. I'm back to eating many of the foods I've always enjoyed-THE PORTIONS ARE JUST WAY SMALLER! I even go out to dinner-and actually savor my bites now. Yes, just 3 weeks out, the struggle is real.....but the results are SO worth it! Check out my before/after picture in my previous posts-you'll be as happy as I looked in my after pic real soon. Trust me, it does get easier. Once you are completely back on whole/real foods, you'll feel better about the awesome and positive lifestyle change you've made. Sent from my SM-G935P using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Are u serious?? I'm dying to have this surgery and u got it and talk like this? Woah
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    Stepped on the scale this morning to 199.8. I know it's just barely into onederland but was just so awesome to see that 1!!!! Woot woot.
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    Don’t give up on yourself and your journey! [emoji813]️
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    The first and last love is to love yourself! Never in a million years did I ever picture myself wearing such dress. I loved it and how I felt in it. Amazing feeling to experience. When your confident in each step, it shows and it attracts so many good things. One of the most memorable days of my life [emoji813]️
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    Even early on in ur surgery you can go out to restaurants with friends. I was only 4 days post-op and went to Japanese Hibachi...of course all I could eat was the clear onion soup and drink water, but I got to socialize and be with friends. I asked the waiter to bring me a bowl with everyone elses appetizer and then i ordered another bowl during main course....I didnt finish either and just sipped on it, but at least I had something in front of me while everyone was eating. Last night (7 days post-op) I went to the local bar with my friends and drink very diluted cranberry juice...it looked like a mixed drink to everyone else. There are ways to still socialize and be with those you love in public eating places...u just have to b creative and the socialization may help to get ur mind off what ur dealing with emotionally.
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    You have always been worth dating. I hope you never forget that. Has this guy told you he has an issue with your weight or is that your perception? Some people are genuinely afraid of dating bigger folks (both guys and gals, it goes both ways) or being labeled a "chubby chaser". Society makes us feel like a fetish. I met my thin, fit partner on a video game when I was 225lbs. We fell for each other before we exchanged pictures and once we finally did, I sent him the "myspace" angles, nipped and tucked a little in photoshop, and hoped when we met he could see past the real, fat me and like me for who he thought I was. I got sick of keeping up the photographical lie and one day sent him a full body photo and said "this is who I am - take me or leave me". 24 hours later he made a 600-mile trip to meet me in person, moved in 8 months later, and we've been together for a total 5 years. He watched me struggle with an eating addiction that stemmed from my childhood and lose 30lbs, only to put on 100lbs. He's exercised beside me and did crazy diets with me when I felt like thinness was my only way to happiness, and encouraged me to seek therapy to get my mother's aggressive, hateful words out of my head. He attended VSG orientation, held my hand for hours in the hospital bed before surgery, and slept 2 nights beside me in a crappy hospital chair while I recovered. My point is that there is someone who is thrilled to date you at all stages in your life. The good, bad, fat, thin, poor, wealthy, sick, healthy...and those who think you look amazing when you can't even look in a mirror. There are also those who will threaten to leave when you no longer fit their idea of what someone should look like. Spend your energy on the ones that make you feel good now and forever, not ones who hold stipulations.
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    Yesterday, I was getting on a boat, for a lovely day out with my wife, when I noticed a little girl kept looking back at me and staring. I braced myself for the innocent comment from a small child that is not intended to hurt, but does nevertheless. Thankfully, she didn't say anything...but she didn't have to..the damage was done. I was once again very conscious of my size. A few weeks back it happened at the gym when a young girl (maybe 4 y.o.) was staring at my legs...I knew it was coming and sure enough, she then commented to her mom about how big my legs are. (I'm still pre-op)...I very politely told the little girl that she hurt my feelings and it wasn't nice to point out how I'm different. She cried and her mom apologized and thanked me for being willing to teach her child (thank god she didn't get angry). The little girl apologized and I told her I forgave her and it was okay. I really do get it. They don't often see women with my body shape...so I don't really fault the children...they are just trying to understand something that is very different. But damn it hurts every time... I look forward to the day when I'm just normal fat..I don't even care about thin...I just want to be small enough that children don't make me want to cry anymore.
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    In the words of Rodney King..."Can we all just get along?". I hate going into threads and seeing people argue. We are all here to support each other. That is the reason for even developing this site. I was in a thread for Veterans the other day, and it appears a lot of Veterans left because of people forming sides and arguing with each other. There are some threads that people create just purely because they need support and encouraging words. They don't want to feel judged. Others are trying to help, but come off as judging or putting those people down. I get it. Tough love and all. Let's just agree that QueenTiff's feelings are real feelings, and expressing them here is what she needed to do to maybe find others that feel the same way. We are all different, and go through this experience differently....But let's try to be supportive, and offer advice or our experiences, in a way that is not sugar coated, but empathetic to the user that is asking for help/guidance. Jaminator, I get that you are trying to be helpful, and I understand what you were trying to say. In my experience, it is not what someone means when they say something, it is the way it is taken by people that receive that information. I hope we can move forward with empathy and respect toward one another. Man, I sound like this surgery has taken away some of my testosterone! How bout them Cowboys!
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    Well, it sounds like you weighed yourself after drinking 2 pounds of fluid, so that wasn't a "real" weight anyway. Always weigh first thing in the morning after using the toilet. Part of stalls IS small regains. Different times of the month, exercising more, changing how much salt you consume.. all these things can make the scale go up for a few days. It's water, not fat. Keep to your program and all will be well.
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    I guess it's a NSV I kinda forgot my surgiversary. I'm 3 years post op and maintaining all of my 130 lb loss. (I do bounce up and down 4-5 lbs). Still tracking everything I eat, it keeps me in check. Walking 8 miles a day 6x a week. Completed a LBL earlier this year and getting ready for final skin removal on legs soon. Just hope those starting this journey know if I can do it ANYONE can. I stuck to my Dr's diet very strictly making all the changes lifestyle changes. I don't deprive myself now, but splurges are now occasional instead of daily. And I love that my sleeve still really restricts me. It's hard to feel guilty about 1 small piece of pizza and I'm so grateful that I'm totally satisfied after that one piece. Hopeful everyone is enjoying much success and while I don't post often, I'm always happy to help anyone in need. Feel free to reach out. I'm cheering you all on!!!! [emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️
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    Next week I will be 6 months out, I have lost 88 pounds and feeling great, still only about to eat about 3-4 ounces. Have chest days every now and then but everything is on track. I have a love hate relationship with my decision bc sometimes I feel so restricted but then I look at this and now I can run with my kid and play and not get out of breath!
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    I am not telling my family either. My wife knows but no one else. Really not in the mood for well-intentioned yet ill informed advice from the family. Even if the flip side is correct and they full support me 100%, I dont want it to be a constant topic of conversation. Other people thrive on support from family and friends and that was works for them. But for me, this forum and my wife is all the support I want.
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    Stretching is a myth unless you had a bad surgeon, which from a lot of the posts I read here is seems very possible for a lot of people. RNY pouches can definitely stretch though. and they can make extended stomachs at the top of the intestine. A properly formed sleeve does not stretch. Healing is not stretching. My capacity at over 2 years is exactly the same as it was at 6 months. 4 ounces of dense protein, is the max I can eat comfortably. That is if I follow my post-op eating instructions which are to eat protein FIRST. If I eat protein alone/first. I can eat 4 ounces maybe 5 if it has more fat, but honestly 5 is uncomfortable. If I eat it alternating bites with veggies I can eat 6 maybe even 8 ounces of protein. Which is why post-op instructions are to eat protein first. If I eat meat with veggies and take sips of water, I can eat as much as anyone else (because I am turning dense protein into a slider). If I eat something that is not dense protein, like a burger, I can easily eat a 6 ounce burger with cheese. If I eat something that breaks down easy like a crispy thin crust pizza, its a slider. I could eat a whole large thin crust pizza in an hour. That is grazing though, so that doesn't count. Eating sliders and grazing are breaking the rules but I could. What people call stretching is really just bad food choices and poor eating habits. I have never seen anyone say they pounded down a 16 ounce ribeye, except that one dude that claimed he ate like a 20 ounce steak at 6 weeks or something. Dr Wiener tries to educate people on proper eating habits for life. If you are not eating correctly all the sleeve tightening, and revisions will not save you. People can eat around any surgery. The best thing is to eat properly, in the correct order. Prior to surgery I would go to Steak N Shake and eat a double, a triple and 2 orders of fries. I used to be able to consume massive amounts of food. I really just can't eat like that all, IF I FOLLOW THE RULES. If I don't follow the rules I can totally eat a ton of food. I could easily eat 1/2 a double layer cake if I wanted to, in 30 minutes to an hour, nothing will stop me, it is just mush. This is why following your post-op eating instructions for the first 6 months are really important. Not only are they a prescription diet to prevent complications but those instructions also re-train you on eating like you are a baby so you can learn new habits. With your surgery restriction, metabolic reset and rapid weight loss as tools and motivators to help you learn and stick to them. When people are a week or two out, sneaking food and talking about their body knows it needs and all that other drama, they are just cheating themselves out of their chance for an easy reset. And yes it is easy, losing weight immediately after weight loss surgery is the fastest and easy weight loss you are ever going to have in your life and you only get one real chance at it, revisions don't lost as fast as first timers. So don't blow it.
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    Well if you didnt want an honest answer/opinion, then why pose the question in the first place? Seems like you are taking the answer put forth too personally. If you dont want honest discussion, thats fine, I will make sure not to respond to your posts.
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    Hi all, well its my first year anniversary today so thought i would share a few pics, bit of a mixed emotional day for me so far, i still feel like i am the same person before surgery, but i know this is not the case.......strange...... Pic from day of the op, and another pic from this morning.
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    Pretty psyched by my Dexa scan results, the technician said she's never seen results like it. I was able to bring my body fat down to 23.7% and gain muscle while doing it! This puts me in the 9th percentile for women my age....Thrilled with the results. Now I need to stop losing.
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    One year ago today I had my RNY bypass done! One year later and I'm down 125lbs and I have lost a total of 90.5 inches!!!! I feel amazing, my knees don't ache every time I move and my feet aren't so sore from carrying that much weight around! I don't get winded walking up a flight of stairs anymore and have found that I love jogging and I love yoga and riding a bike is fun again!! I still struggle with who I see in the mirror so I take a lot of pictures. I take measurements every month or so and I celebrate with activities instead of food now. What a difference a year can make!
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    Sometimes, support can include "serious negativity". A black and white view of the world is not healthy, and seeing feedback that makes you uncomfortable as solely "negative" might make it harder for you to recognize and implement good advice. I know there is a lot of immaturity and some people may be downright mean but sometimes negativity may be important. For example, if you post here that you're afraid you ruined your surgery because you ate a whole pizza, you'll likely get some negative feedback. This is because many of us (myself included) are subjected to a litany of idiotic classes by our insurance companies about diet. Moments of weakness are understandable but the answer isn't to baby people, the answer is to light a fire under people's butts to get them to make the necessary changes to make this surgery a success.
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    Everyone is hungry with raging hormones. Short answer. This forum is still nicer than a lot of others. WLS community is cut throat, just like the rest of the internet. There is lots of good information here, just ignore people you don't like and keep going.
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    before after So very happy, vertical gastric sleeve April 14, 2016. The day my life changed for the best
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    Surgery 3/23/17 i hope to break 300 by January. 525 lbs at start of journey 6/26/16. 450 at surgery date to 332 as of 9/5/17. 9XL to 3XL. I can walk again without pain or breaking into a drenching sweat. My sex life with my wife has vastly improved. I am off most medications. I can sit in normal chairs again. Not just fit bit be comfortable and not afraid they will break. (That last one makes me tear up cause of the struggles I had with just existing outside in public.) I cannot say how much has changed and how better my life is. Without this tool and encouragement of my family and wife I am positive I would have been dead by now. Thank you everyone that helped me. Sent from my SM-G930V using BariatricPal mobile app
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    After three weeks of changing my entire diet, the scales are finally moving! Yea! Height 5'9" BW (beginning weight?) 275 WL 8 CW 267 Second meeting with dietician and surgeon in one week. Yea me!!!!!! 👏 🎉 😀 🎉 👏
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    You shouldve known beforehand it would change what and how much you can eat. If only three weeks you need to stick with the program and put off these kind of thoughts. Once you are healed and back to normal foods you will enjoy life more, but you wont be able to sit there and eat a giant cheeseburger like before. THats a reality you will need to accept. Until you are three months out i would focus on hydration and protein and take it one day at a time. A couple months of following the plan will not affect you in the long run if you are playing the long game here.
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    The majority of people who have had a gastric sleeve for longer than a couple of years (including me) will tell you that their stomachs have 'relaxed' enough to accommodate a significantly larger volume of food. People are reluctant to use the word 'stretch,' but those early pre-op days of becoming full off 3 to 5 bites of food do not last very long for most sleevers. I could eat no more than 3 ounces during the first couple of pre-op months. Now I'm 2.5 years out and can consume 8 to 10 ounces, depending on how soft or rigid the food is. In other words, my capacity has tripled. It is up to me to not eat to my sleeve's capacity.....
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    I'm bearing my soul and body here. I couldn't be more proud of how my body has changed. I've lost exactly 70 pounds since my surgery. Today marks exactly 24 weeks ( 6 months ) since my VSG surgery. There's good, bad and ugly about VSG. A lot of days, I cried and wondered why in the hell I had this surgery, and what in the hell ive done to myself. Throughout this process, I haven't been able to REALLY see the changes. In my mind, I always see a 268 pound fat girl. Granted, I have seen the changes, seen the smaller clothes sizes, but still struggled with my self image in my head. But today that all changed.... I realized today as I was getting dressed that I had on the same exact underwear as the day I took my pre-surgery pictures. Then I realized that today marked 6 months since surgery. So, i decided to take pictures. I haven't taken pictures in this process because of the absolute shame and disgust I feel towards myself. Shame and disgust are understatement words for how I feel about myself. Until today... Today, I feel proud. For the first time, I can honestly say that I don't see "that fat girl" in the mirror anymore. It may not be pretty, it will never be perfect, but it's mine, and today I'm owning it, and FINALLY for once in my LIFE, I'm feeling proud. It's NOT an easy decision to post these photos of me in my underwear. I feel absolutely vulnerable and exposed. Please be kind. It took all the courage I could muster to do this. The current pictures are not the best quality but the best I could take of myself at the moment. All you new VSG-ers, stay the course and have faith. If you have body image issues as I do, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and you are not alone in the dark! Much love from me to you all! [emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️ DOS: 12/13/16 HW: 268 SW: 256.6 CW: 186.4
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    Had gastric sleeve surgery in June of 2016. Was 389 at the time of surgery. All time high weight was 470 pounds in February of 2015. Now down to 170 and hoping to maintain at this weight. Included some before and after pics. Still have the pants from the before pic and can literally fit my entire body into one pant leg.
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    I'm not telling my family that I am having surgery, is anyone else here doing the same ?
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    So as WLS patients this time of year can be so so so hard on the ones that LOVE everything pumpkin. But it doesn't have to be! This morning I dug out a can of pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) and added three tablespoons to my protein shake. I also added pumpkin pie seasoning and two stevias. All with two scoops of baritatric advantage vanilla and a cup of almondmilk with 5 ice cubes. Heaven!! I will use the can for making my own Greek yogurt pumpkin as well, same premise! Happy Pumpkin Season everyone!!
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    8 weeks post op. Haven't cheated a day. Too scared to mess things up again. I failed on so many diets before through my own fault. I am very good at self sabotaging. This time I am sticking to the book.
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    I decided to share my story with you all. I'm a sudden cardiac arrest ( also known as sudden cardiac death) survivor. I was at work on October 30th 2015 when I was stricken. I was clinically dead for over 5 minutes. I was revived with the use of an AED (automated external defibrillator). I also suffered from mild cognitive impairment, kidney failure and laryngeal edema (swelling of the larynx) which was so severe an emergency tracheostomy was performed on me. I spent 30 days in the hospital with majority of them in ICU. The total survival rate from sudden cardiac arrest which kills 17 million people every year worldwide is only 1%. I am a walking and talking miracle and thank God everyday for my miracle. I was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy ( severe thickening of the lower left ventricle in my heart) which was the cause of my cardiac arrest and had an ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) surgically implanted in my chest to shock my heart back into rhythm if my heartbeat becomes irregular. I have been advised by my cardiologist not to engage any strenuous exercises due to my enlarged heart. I've been obese since my late 20's (I'm 51 now) and decided to have WLS after years of failed diets and exercise, I decided to take control of my health once and for all. I had RNY surgery on April 11th and to this date, I am 93 lbs. down with in just a little under 5 months with 50 lbs. to go until I reach my goal weight and I feel great! I accomplished my current progress without exercise due to my restrictions. Follow your post-op meal plan closely and with time, you will see and feel the weight coming off. I just want let you all know, if your journey is slow and your faith is low, I want you to keep your head up! Just remember this, you did not become obese overnight, it took time and it will take time for the weight to come off. I'm sorry for taking up your time but I just felt compelled to tell you my story since we're all brothers and sisters in this journey.
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    I'm counting from my highest weight--coincidentally, the weight I was the first time I saw the surgeon--to now. I lost it all--I'm taking credit for it!
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    I went from a 34/36 (11/2015) to a now a 14 (09/2017), you bet I move on to new sizes when the opportunity presents itself. We worked hard to get our bodies back, no more covering it up. I'm on my work computer and can't get to my updated pictures, but this is from 04/2017, I'm smaller now. Embrace your change, we wanted this (for the best reasons).
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    1 year since my surgery. I am down 177 pounds 45 to go to my goal. I still struggle with making the right choices all the time but I will get there. Never weak...To Strong... hw 445 sw 399 Cw 268
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    Dude nobody knows before hand the physiological things of something this intense until it happens. Yes I knew I wasn't going to stuff my face with a full cheeseburger and that's one reason I wanted this from the beginning because I was tired of eating this big ass burger. The journey that leads to where you are sir! If everyone can mentally pull of thoughts we would all be skinny huh? Just like you would be skinny and wouldn't have this surgery in the first place. I agree I need to take it day by day thank you and no thank you to your opinion Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
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    Yes. When I see recent photos of me I think I still look fat, even though I know it isn't true. I hate photos of myself for some reason. I am beginning to be self conscious of people complimenting me on my weight loss. I just don't want to be noticed so much. I know people are being kind and they just want to say "You look great" "You look so skinny", but I am having a harder time with it this past week. I try to change the subject as fast as I can. Maybe it is because I didn't tell anyone outside my family about having WLS, but I just don't like all the attention I am getting. And I hate when people tell me "I hope you aren't gonna lose anymore because you look too skinny" In fact, I am still in the over weight BMI category. I need to lose about 10 more pounds to be a normal healthy weight. I never know what to say back and I hate feeling like they are judging me... ... Sorry this turned into a rant.