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    Family event

    I survived my first family event today. The nice thing about Covid is I haven't had to worry about gatherings. But today was a special birthday for a relative so we had a BBQ with about 20 people. I was asked to bring an Angel Food Cake, so I made that....and I didn't eat the part I cut off like I normally would. I had one small bite, the rest went in the compost. I'm only 3 months out. Not everyone there knows I had the surgery, but no one commented about the fact that all I ate was a chicken burger (that I brought) and some pickles. I used a dessert sized plate like I do at home. Timed my bites, and as expected could not eat it all. I didn't have any of the other food there. There was no desire, I was full. A little later I had dessert. I was still "full", so just had a small bite of cheesecake (no crust or topping) and a sliver of the angel food cake with 3 fresh strawberries that I brought for myself. There is no way I could have ate more than that.
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    *raises hand* I cancelled. Twice. I was approved in March 2017, and backed out TWICE out of fear and/or laziness until I finally just said eff it, I'm doing it, and had it done in Oct 2018. I was 46. Looking back i wish I just got it done the first time as I would have had had over a full extra year of being "normal" sized. In fact, I wish I had it done when I qualified for it back around 2012, when I reached the morbid obesity range. Better late than never, I say. Yes, I did lose quite a bit of hair, but its all back now (plus some!) at 3 years out. Would I go through those few months of thin hair again to look as fab as I do now? H*lls, YEAH. Temporary thinning hair was an infinitesimally small, tiny, minuscule, insignificant price to pay. Yes, I was scared. I remember starting to tear up when they put the anaesthesia mask on me. I also remember thinking to myself, "YESSSSS! I'm alive!!!" when I woke up in the recovery room. The way I see it, I just wasn't ready until I was ready. And when I finally was, it was all downhill from there. So no, I do not regret it one iota. You will find a few folks on here who DO regret it, but really, their experiences (nor mine, for that matter) will not give you any indication of how YOU will fare. You won't know until you know. Good Luck! ❤️
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    It’s okay to have some concerns. It’s a surgery you’ve never experienced before. You have nothing to compare it or life post surgery with. The reality is the complications are pretty low especially compared with other surgeries or just from being obese. Many are minor & are related to how you individually react & heal & they pass in time or are easily remedied. Yep, the hair loss can be a bit scary but it’s a short term side effect: 3-4 months usually. While your natural hair loss cycle is temporarily accelerated your natural new growth cycle remain unchanged. So while you’re losing more you’re still growing new hair - it just takes a couple of months for the new growth to get to a length you can notice it (likely as fluffy bits). I mean you don’t usually notice your new hair growing in but it is all the time. No one noticed my hair loss other than my hairdresser & my mum but she was looking for it. I’d so much rather temporarily lose some hair then still be obese - small price to pay really. Much like ending up with loose skin - loose skin wins over obesity every time. All the best & I hope you get your official approval soon.
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    I’m almost six months out and I haven’t had any hair loss yet, but figure if I do the only person I really care about what he thinks is my husband and he is too busy checking out my new, thinner body to notice any hair loss…Just kidding…sorta. In the whole scheme of things a short period of hair thinning (which is what it is for most, it’s not like bald spots) it will still be well worth it. But you are not alone with the doubts. My fear was excess skin and I still am hoping I do not get any, but I am still 22 pounds from my goal and even if I stopped losing now and experienced some hair loss, I would consider this surgery a huge success and very well worth it. But I am still losing, very slowly. There are always clip in extensions if your hair thins too bad. I have thin hair anyways so I have tried them just for fun and my hair looked great with them.
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    4 years post VSG. No regrets. I was 310 lbs at 22 years old. I'm now ~230 lbs but at one point I was down to ~198 lbs. I didn't have any hair loss, but I have very thick hair anyway. I have PCOS so my hormones are messed up anyway too so I was on birth control for the extra estrogen, this could have helped prevent hair loss. My mom had the surgery (same doctor and procedure) at 51 about a year before I did. She has naturally thin hair and was post-menopausal. She didn't lose hair either. It really is just chance and your hormones (particularly cortisol and estrogen/testosterone ratios). You can talk to your doctor about your medical options to help lessen hair loss. But if you do have hair loss, I think you should just embrace it! It will only last a couple of months (usually) and then it will start growing back. But this could be your opportunity to do something to your hair that you've never done before, cut it super short, dye it as close to your skin color as possible can sometimes disguise hair loss, add hair accessories, etc. Neither of us had complications, she even had a hernia fixed for free at the same time! I was up and walking around within hours of waking up. My mom was walking laps the next day (she isn't that great with anesthesia). If I hadn't gotten the surgery I have no doubt I would have been recruited for "My 600 lb life" by now.
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    Drinking Alcohol after surgery

    I'm sorry, but the above is terrible counsel. A 50 ml shot of vodka is 110 calories (for Americans, a standard 1.5 oz. shot of vodka is 96 calories.) 8 shots of vodka is nearly 900 calories just in alcohol, completely empty of nutrition. Most post-surgery diets ask you to stay under 1000 calories a day.
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    Having second and third and fourth thoughts are normal! It’s all part of making a huge life change. I know most people have hair loss and there doesn’t seem to be much to do about it except wait it out. You may just have to weigh the health benefits of the hair loss vs all the other improvements WLS will bring. Good luck with your decision. I know it’s not easy!
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    I’m seven weeks out and lose about two pounds a week.
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    It should pass once you’re on more solid foods. It can be from the liquid diet & also from the surgery. Try wearing some disposal knickers or incontinent pants. My friend’s surgeon suggested it before her surgery & she said they were a saviour especially when she had ‘poopy farts’. I wish I knew about doing it - save me tossing knickers when a had a completely unexpected, no warning diarrhoea attack in hospital. It was the worst - took two steps & gush! 😱 As with all things if it does persist give your medical team a call.
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    Definitely not just you!!! It does get frustrating and demotivating but I guess you just have to deal with the reality of it. I think it is an insurance company scam to charge more in health insurance for "overweight" and "obese" people. Just my cynicism but whatever. I will just get to where I am comfortable and happy with my health/appearance and move on.

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