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    Matt Z

    What did you tell people at work?

    I tell everyone... I don't care. It's the truth, it's what happened and I own it.
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    It's LOSE, not LOOSE!

    My late husband kept mixing up Moot and Mute. After hearing this for the eleventeeth time, I snapped. I said if " it were really mute, you would have shut about it before now!"
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    J San

    Face to Face Friday!

    Congrats everyone. Your looking great!! 1st pic is May 26th and 2nd is today. Little bit of a difference I guess.
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    Nice, post! I think though, one thing that is missing, is that ketosis just means your body is burning fat for energy. So you don't need to be ultra low carb to be in ketosis. You just have to have a significant enough calorie deficient that your body has no option than to use your fat stores.
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    We did our classes pre-op, but our phases were about 2 weeks. Discharged on full liquids (yogurt, protein drinks, cream soups, etc.) Two weeks later, puree. Two weeks after that soft, two weeks after that full diet. (I was never so happy to see a scrambled egg as I was in week five.) Do the people who do the nutrition classes work with your bariatric team? My nutrition classes were taught by RDs who were in my surgeon's office so the program was continuous. In fact, they went through the stages with us during a 4 hour pre-op special class right after we got our surgery date talking about the pre-op and post-op diets.
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    James Marusek

    High calorie drinks.. please help

    Right after surgery your body is altered. Your stomach will no longer accepts many foods and as a result one experiences dumping syndrome. But over time, your intestines will detect that something has changed and will alter itself and allow you to accept these types of food again. So right after surgery I became lactose intolerant. But then a couple months later this problem disappeared. During the weight loss phase I avoided fats. But then when I reached the maintenance phase, I found that my body could accepts fats again into my diet without any adverse affects. So you might retest yourself and see if you are still lactose intolerant and see if fats produce dumping syndrome.
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    Matt Z

    Frustrated with stall

    Are you tracking your fat loss? Are you following your diet plan? Are you drinking upwards of 128oz of water? Do you know your BMR? Are you eating less calories than your BMR? Are you exercising? Are you tracking your food at all? Congrats on the weight loss, DO NOT lose sight of that! I've had so many days where I've gained weight or didn't move at all, but lost fat %.
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    Frustrated with stall

    @Hungryman I know it can be frustrating but you are really doing good so congratulations...one of the posters posted his weight loss journey for 10-12 months and he lost slow but the big picture was he lost about 90 or so lbs in that time frame...his point was “Look at the big picture” when I think about it, really makes a lot of sense...I try and keep that thought in the back of my mind. You’re doing awesome. Keep up the good work.
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    Worried about my wife

    ((hugs)) So I feel and hear your concern. And I really hear that you love, respect, and honor her--but also that you have fear inside that the surgery has negatively impacted her/you in many ways. But I think you need some facts in order to review your premise, because the basic premise is flawed by personal bias that is mediated by fear. 1. Diet and exercise do not work. Ever. They are temporary fixes in an unaltered body and fewer than 5% can maintain a 10% weight loss over 5 years time. Fewer than 5%. To give perspective, even WITH altering the gut and surgery, I've heard doctors speak of 5 year results of maintaining the full weight loss at less than 5%. They count success if someone maintains a 50% weight loss over that same time frame. So weight rebound is REAL. This surgery isn't really WLS. It's weight maintenance surgery because it DOES help improve the odds that you can lose substantial amounts of weight and at least keep 50% of it off over 5 years. 2. You are used to seeing your wife morbidly obese. You are. And now you see her thin-ness and fear that she is thin and guant. Gaunt happens. Especially if you are older. But, give it 1 year. The fat re-apportions itself and gaunt features will fill out and soften. 3. All weight loss comes with muscle loss. The end. We must do strength training to rebuild muscle and tone. Everyone must--especially if they want to maintain the losses. 4. Yeah...some women lose libido with weight loss, especially if you are peri-meno or menopausal. It sucks...but should be temporary. 5. Personality and moods change with extreme weight loss--it's a process and a journey and it takes a while for us to get our heads "right". The best thing you can do is be super supportive and compliment her on how she looks and reassure her that you think she's smokin' hot. Also, woo her. Don't just "Hey mama, let's get it on." Women want romance, and caresses that lead nowhere other than to be made to feel special--to tell her you enjoy being close to her. Try titillating her mind and senses rather than the end game. Try doing that kind of stuff and see if her libido changes!!! 6. I can assure you that we do NOT get to the Morbid Obesity Ball due to character flaws--due to lacking self-discipline. In order to get there most of us have exerted MASSIVE amounts of will power, time, energy, and committment to yo-yo our way through our broken metabolism and I would claim that we have more willpower than you will EVER (as a normie) be able to comprehend. The End.
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    Swimsuit worries

    Yes that is your view and you're entitled to it, but why is it necessary to bring people down to the level of your bummer and personal self-hatred/self-esteem issue with your body? Why discourage someone just at the start of their journey? Is it the truth? For you. 100%. For her? Maybe not? A lot of stuff goes into that equation and I have personally seen some peeps here and in the FB group who look phenomenal. Like where the f**k did all their extra skin go?! Phenomenal. So there's that too. Honestly? I'm a sharpei. A f**king sharpei. But I am a sharpei that can now walk for an hour, wear sleeveless shirts, shorts, and clothing appropriate apparel in tune with the seasons and anyone who dares shame me will get the ginormous one finger salute and be invited to kiss my lily white ass. I FEEL alive again. I FEEL sooooo much less pain. I don't have money for plastics, so the loose skin will be around forevs no doubt...but I would NEVER let the threat of crepe y skin keep me from a shot at being normal weight.