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    It’s Go Time!!

    Currently sitting in my pre-op room getting ready to have surgery. Ready to get on to the next stage and better my heath. Anyone else having/had surgery today?
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    Hours and Hours of Entertainment!

    Thank you again @MIZ60 for showing me how to implement use the strike through button! It's given me and will continue to give me hours upon hours minutes/seconds of joy and amusement. Merry Christmas, dollface!!!! ((hugs)) 🤣
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    Not trying to be condescending but how much weight did you expect to lose in 7 weeks?
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    Hey! I’m almost 6 months out and just had a question for all of you veterans out there. Although I don’t eat near the same amount of food I did before, I don’t really find my appetite as suppressed as I thought it would be. I can easily eat a side Caesar salad with two chicken souvlaki sticks or over a cup of protein pasta. I mentally stop myself from eating until I’m full because I don’t want to overeat or stretch out my pouch (not sure if that’s a real thing or myth). For example, for breakfast, I always eat whole grain toast with peanut butter and half a banana on top because I kickbox afterwards and need the energy. I have eaten that with an egg omelette as well and stopped myself halfway because I knew it was too much food. My question is, does this happen to anyone else and what do you do? I just want to know when to stop and if I’m messing up. Thanks in advance!
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    Incredible sadness

    Hi KatieNthings, I’m so sorry that you are feeling sad, I’m pretty new as well, I had surgery just a little under 3 months and it’s kinda normal to feel emotional and sad early on, you just had major surgery and a lifestyle change so of course emotions will be all over the place which seems to be pretty normal right after surgery but it really does get so much better, once you start losing weight and noticing all of the positive changes physically and mentally you will start to feel that what you are going through now was so worth it. Unfortunately we cannot change what society thinks, confidence and happiness is up to us. People will always disappoint us but once you start feeling good about yourself and build up confidence, your whole life will start to change for the better you will exude in happiness and confidence. Once you’re comfortable with you others will be also. You can’t change other people you can only change yourself. Hang in there honey it only gets better from here. Chin up, you got this! And this whole community is here for you 😉
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    And don't be surprised about the portion size when it comes to leafy greens and raw vegetables.
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    I started at 463, and I'm at 285. I'm down 2 shirt sizes and 3 pants sizes. So, it's taken me losing 177 pounds to get down 2 shirt sizes. Just keep doing what you're supposed to be doing and the weight will come off.
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    Sizing is so weird! I've lost 177 pounds, so you think I would be down a ton of sizes right? Not really. I started at a 4x shirt, and I'm now in a 2x shirt. Pants, I was in 32s and I'm now in 26s (3 sizes down). I'm keeping at it though. You've got this! Also, I see the original post was a couple of months ago; how are things going now?
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    Best Tools

    KISS. No need for special tools, special bowls/plates/utensils, etc. You will outgrow them quicker than you think. I track everything still in MFP (food, water, exercise, poops, BP, BGs. LOL. I use a digital scale daily and stainless measuring cups/spoons daily. I use a saucer/bread plate for meals and regular salad forks and coffee spoons for food. Beyond that--that's it.
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    Hi, sorry you are experiencing this, I also had very little support. But you can make it through and still come out on top. Fight for yourself, support yourself, win for yourself, never disappointed yourself.