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    Matt Z

    It finally happened. Onederland!

    My heaviest weight was 370. In 2010 I had the band installed (such a mistake, waste of time, money and effort IMO) March 10th, 2018 at my Pre-Surgical check in I was 310. March 21st, 2018 at check in for surgery I was 294.4. I had the band removed and revised to the bypass. Today, January 23rd, 2019. 308 days after surgery... I hit a number that I haven't seen in more than 20 years Onederland. I'm down 95 lbs since surgery, 110.6 lbs from pre-surgical. And a staggering 170.6 lbs from my heaviest weight. I need to thank so many people that if I tried, I'd forget someone and then we'd start with the hard feelings. So I'll go with this. Thank you. If you've helped me through this in any way, shape, or form, Thank you.
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    Just an observation: I've noticed that the proper serving size for almost all foods is actually the serving size bariatric patients are supposed to eat. Everybody just eats 3 times the serving size on the labels. Nearly everything is 1 cup or less or 4oz or less or 1 slice, etc. Makes life easy since you don't have to measure nonstop... just actually follow the recommended serving size for once. Once upon a time I used to laugh at how little they'd say a serving size was... but now it makes so much sense. lol. Sent from my SM-G930R4 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    15 Months Post, lots of the same patterns. Routine foods occasionally eating out planned splurges. Calories most days not above 1200 except during luteal phase when I need more. Exercise is walking most of the time but recently started jumping rope again as a part of a challenge. Created a January challenge and gave up protein cookies. I lost a few more lbs. Newest weight is 151. Change in weather means im sick, but running a FEBRUARY challenge. Still a good choice
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    *Psych Evaluation Tips?

    Just be honest. They're not trying to trick you, they just want to make sure that you'll be able to handle a life-altering surgery. During my psych consult I had to do 2 or 3 (can't remember) questionnaires. No difficult questions, but a lot of strange questions—I think some were to just determine if you were reading all of the questions. During my conversation with the psychologist, he asked about my life: family history, relationships with family and significant other, why I wanted the surgery, if I had a history of ED. He also asked me questions about VSG. I had to describe what the surgery was for and physically what would happen because of the surgery (removal of 80% of stomach). I specifically remember that he asked me if it was reversible. Our conversation was only 20 minutes or so and he told me after that he didn't see any issues with me getting the surgery.
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    Need Positive Encouragement

    I think those feelings of unease are quite common after major surgery. I had a major drop in BP after my surgery and was convinced it was lights out for me. I was very happy to wake up in ICU a couple of hours later. The next day I was given more blood and couldnt control the feeling of dread whilst that was happening. Move forward a couple of days and I then had breathing issues. It sounded like I was hiding a mouse under my pillow. Again it was hard to control the feeling of fear and dread and doom. All these things are normal after major surgery. The GA and the procedure combined with the VLCD play havoc with your emotions. We tend to second guess what we have done especially as it was an elective surgery. But like most things this will pass. Make sure you are getting in your fluids. Take your vitamins. Take your prescribed meds. And if you have any real concerns call your medical team. Now if only I could shake this pesky light headed feeling.............
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    Weight loss out of proportion

    Welcome to hell. You'll eventually get there. It may take some working out, may take some lipo and surgery...but you'll get there!
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    February 2019 Sleevers

    My surgery is tomorrow morning. I have to arrive at 8:30am.
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    Interesting read

    Interesting read thought would share. https://www.generalsurgerynews.com/The-Great-Debates/Article/03-18/Gastric-Bypass-or-Sleeve-Gastrectomy-/47027
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    Weight loss out of proportion

    Sleeved in late October and I have the same thing. Losing all my weight in my legs, butt, and boobs. I had to lose 50# before I dropped a pant size. My old pants still fit perfectly in the waist, and were droopy drawers in the butt and legs. Not at all how I lost in previous attempts (except the boobs - they're always the first to go). For example, my first month, I lost a half inch in my waist, 2.5 in my butt, and an inch in each thigh. way out of proportion to their original size. I can only hope that it'll eventually even out. I suspect that since I'm in my 40s, the belly weight will just come off slower. It did catch up a little in month 2 in terms of inches. I'll have to see at the end of the month how its looking now.
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    113lbs down!

    340lbs to 227lbs! 8 months out. I'm hoping to be in onederland by my 1 year anniversary! (4/23) Sent from my SM-G955U using BariatricPal mobile app