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    Ok people just left hospital after 7 days!! LAPROSCOPIC ROUX EN Y BYPASS So I'll see how good my memory is.. I got to hospital Monday 10-28 at 10am waited a few hours to see surgeon had low blood sugar so had to wait longer finally got in around 3pm. Woke up around 6pm so bloody sore like you have no idea.. My stomach was so big and tight and holes in my belly plus the drain.. Was on IV from day one with fluids and then had fentanyl pumped into me every few hours to keep the pain down.. First 24hrs slept off and on so much every time I woke I was sore got more drugs to help me sleep so was pretty out of it for the first 48hrs.. I'm not sure if it was normal or I'm a sook lol.. After 3 days finally got the drain line out and had shower and felt much better but still pretty sore getting in and out of bed.. Blood tests and blood pressure and sugar check every few hours the first few days.. Wouldn't let me sleep much lol Started walking the halls after I think day 4 and on fluids everyday just broth and water and optifast nothing else.. The hospital staff were so nice and accommodating though every time i needed I pressed the button they were there.. Was still a little sore and bloated for the first 4 days but started going number 2 by then and farting more to let out the gas and air.. But everything is just liquids still so haven't felt anything going In or out except a few pills I take or if I drink too quickly... Gotta learn to slow down Been on chewable multivitamin since few days and been drinking plenty of water so that's been good and having my shakes but only half size shakes now.. Um I'm trying to think of anything else to help others going for surgery.. MY SURGEON chooses to make pouch a little bigger than regular which he says much easier to adjust and get used to not so restricted but still enough to make an impact Been feeling good last couple of days but still a little tired here and there just gotta keep water up and protein up don't feel worried if drinking too much Your body needs it to recover and heal I'm finally on my way home miss my own bed and feeling hopeful for the future definitely!!!!! thank you everyone!!!!
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    My ugly truth about WLS

    May I vent for a second?, I’m nearly two months post-op from gastric sleeve surgery. I’m now 40 pounds lighter from when I started this journey at 278 lbs. I look amazing. But in the inside I feel like $#|%. I may be one of few people who Love and Regret my decision at the same time. I finally understand what some of y’all meant when you say you have to be mentally prepared and mentally strong. BOY!!!! I miss being able to eat at my own leisure without worrying if my body will accept it...or wondering if I’ll feel horrible afterward. I thought I knew everything there was to know abt bariatric surgery...but just like a first time parent finds out, boy was I wrong. I realize that for me it’s very difficult to separate myself from my love of food. For me, it’s very comparable to a drug addiction. Of course, I can’t physically eat as much as I want/used to but I long for normalcy! I miss the old me. Am I wrong for feeling this way? I dwell on this feeling everyday. Is there anyone else who feels the same? Is this normal? Honestly, I’m starting to feel some sort of self-doubt which I know can lead me back to bad habits. But I have to be honest with myself and at least acknowledge my thoughts, feelings and actions. I’m also struggling severely from having to cut certain people off. A few of my close family members, who are also over-weight, have started treating me differently. They constantly mention the fact that I had surgery. And say that I’ve changed...duh!!!! Ya don’t say????!? They say I’m always wanting to be seen, and the truth is that I have more energy to go out and try new things. I can now walk around the room instead of hiding in one spot for hours. They’ve since started delving deep into my personal life with the malicious intent to “discover” something else unflattering about me since weight is no longer a major concern. It hurts me deeply because my intentions currently do not align with my reality. I pictured pure happiness and laughter with my loved ones and friends...and now they’ve turned on me. I pray the good Lord blesses me with new and supportive people in my life who actually accept me as I am, as a person who wants to do better. My struggle with my loved ones make me regret my decision tremendously. I’m not sure what to do.
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    As of this morning, I am officially "overweight". I still have a bit to go to hit my goal, but golly i am gonna get there. I have 19 days for my 1 year surgiversary!! Super exicted and awesome NSV for me!
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    Stella S

    The Maintenance Thread

    A couple days behind,, yes I’m still freezing all the time all year long. Clothes do not help the only thing really is a hot shower or submerging in tub Somehow other than once before my surgery I have not been to see a dietitian - so much for that center of excellence. I am thinking about a dietitian to help me a adjust to next stage - tmenopause Then I recognize probably not sure don’t think... honestly I went from WLS to plastics and now recognize to some degree I need to focus on other things. I need a hobby so i’m signing up for pottery classes
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    Congratulations on your accomplishments! My biggest question is what consequences are you seeing as a result of not eating after a run? Are you suffering because of it, or just concerned that it’s abnormal / not part of the program? A lot of runners I know have trouble eating after a run, and they don’t try to force it. If you’re not having I’ll effects from delayed eating, I’d let it go. Otherwise, please say more about the problems it’s causing. For me, the hardest part of becoming an endurance athlete after RNY was adapting the nutrition I was supposed to follow with the nutrition my body actually needed. I’ve since done a marathon, 13 half marathons, a bunch of Olympic and sprint triathlons, and a handful of 60+ mile bike rides. I’m just shy of 5 years out.
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    Remember your why. If your why isn't strong enough to you, then really look at motivation. If it is, then you must understand this is YOUR journey, no one else's. They don't have your education about the journey, nor do they share your motivation for health. You must do you, even at the cost of relationships. I was very choosy about whom I shared my journey. I was choosy about how much I shared. There are whole groups of people who only know I've lost significant weight. Some only know me as thin Fluffy. Your life will change. You WILL change. I'm happier now than I've been in years. Although I still struggle with BD and self-acceptance, I have more self esteem than I have had in my life. I can do so much more. So far, my WHY, is intact and doing well. I've not lost it one jot.
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    The Maintenance Thread

    Hmmmm....i would if I could stand cinnamon. When my brother and I were younger we wouldn't touch cinnamon gum nor those valentine cinnamon candy hearts with 10-foot poles. He was/is the only person on this planet I know who agrees with me that cinnamon smells like sneezes. LOLOLOLzz In any case, I'm now finishing up Day 3 of OPERATION QUIT SMOKING, and am proud to announce that I am still firmly on the wagon. Last night I even had coffee with the BFF who smoked* during and I didn't even flinch (okay, maybe I flinched a little). *NOTE: BFF actually was not going to smoke in front of me but I insisted that she not change her own habits to accommodate mine. I want to be able to manage my own issues and not rely on others to do it for me. I was able to hang out with smokers before this current predicament and it did not bother me. I need to get to that same place again. She was the same with my weight-loss/diet-eating early on: she would not eat in front of me or would offer to go to some place that would have diet-friendly menu items that I know she hated. I said I was on the diet, not her, just like I'm the one quitting smoking, not her. (But I love her for the thought, regardless ❤️)
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    Lower body lift APPROVED!

    💙CONGRATULATIONS💙 Can you share the types of things and how often/long/by whom they were documented ?
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    60 lbs down!!

    Surgery was September 9th and I’m 60 lbs down!!! I’m still heavy but I feel so good about myself!! Will insert a before and after. Also want to see others before and after!!
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    Hi! I had other major surgeries in the past and I was more awake and mobile with this surgery. I had 2 other procedures along with the gastric bypass but this is what I remembered: 1. The hospital will give you pain medication intravenously and it really did help. However, I was released with Tylenol with codeine and it didn’t help at all. If you need something stronger, talk to your doctor. 2. The nurses will teach you how to roll and sit up in the hospital (and that is still tough for me). I read that you should bring a small pillow for the trip home and keep it with you at home. It helps to minimize tummy pain if you sneeze or cough. Walk as much as possible to relieve tummy gas from the surgery. Ask your doctor if you can take Gas-X to help with relief. I had pain I both shoulders and was told that it was gas. It lasted for about 3 days after the surgery. 3. Prior to the surgery, buy your broth, protein shakes, whey powder, sugar free jello, protein water, & 1 ounce plastic cups to pour your drinks into (when you drink the protein shakes, water, protein water, broth, etc). You will need to sip as much as your tiny stomach will allow - like it’s your job- from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep at night. Drinking liquids became easier for me around day 10. 4. Prior to the surgery, buy what you will need according to your doctor’s diet schedule in case you can’t go anywhere for 2 weeks. Make sure you try everything and like it before your surgery. 5. I bought the pre-made protein shakes so I wouldn’t have to make the shakes when I got home. I also bought the 1 oz cups and some disposable popsicle zip sleeves from Amazon. I put some of my protein water in the popsicle sleeves and made popsicles out of them, which helped a lot. 6. Walk around the house & keep hydrated as much as possible to avoid blood clots & dehydration. 7. When it’s ok to shower, be sure to do it when you are not too tired because it takes a lot out of you and you will need to hydrate after you are done. Some of the steri-strips on your stitches or staples may come off in the shower within 5 to 14 days of surgery. I was told not to worry but every doctor is different. Call your doctor if you have any concerns. Take it easy on yourself and try not to be a hero. Your body needs time to heal. I know it’s a lot but this is what helped me!