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    I’m weighed in today and I’m proud and humble to say that I’m down 102lbs. It’s been the best 4 months ever. I’m so excited to continue to accomplish my goals. Thanks for being apart of my journey. Xoxo
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    Hi guys and gals, This is insane! I started my journey at 287, a size 24 pant (that were a little on the tight side.) I had surgery on May 14th at 260. Today, just shy of 4 weeks out I weighed in at 239 (finally broke that damn stall). Anyways my clothes have literally been FALLING off me. I was just fine until about a week ago. So I went shopping today and grabbed some size 22s. Too big. So I grabbed some 20s. Still too big. So in total awe I grabbed some size 18s and holy mackerel they FIT. I almost died. And I tried on a shirt that was size 14/16 and it fit! I am on cloud 9 right now 😍. Hope all my fellow May surgery buddies are doing well!
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    Almost 2 years out, 115 pounds down and still losing. Working on switching up to lose body fat and build muscle - so I'm not super concerned about the scale number right now. Haven't had plastics yet - that will account for another 10-12 pounds. I eat 100-120 grams of protein a day and drink about a gallon of water/unsweetened beverages at day. I work out 6 days a week. I fence competitively. I work with a personal trainer. I have learned to eat carbs again- which I only do when I am fencing multi day tournaments because my body needs the fuel. My body fat is around 31% which rocks for a 56 year old post-menopausal woman. I went from a size 24 to a size 6. Your sleeve is a tool. But the biggest, bestest, most badass tool is you brain. Get you head in the right place and don't accept failure as an option.
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    My highest weight ever was 386 But for now, I'll focus on recent history. Preop diet: Nov 27 -344lbs Surgery Day: Dec 11- 321lbs 6 months post-op: June 11- 268.6 Total loss so far: 76 pounds ( I don't have a picture of me exactly at 344 pounds but the first two pics are me at 331 lbs- to give you an idea) Then the last pic is me today,6 months post op @ 268.6lbs
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    Yes people have had their surgeries cancelled for not following the diet. Most don't, but you've stated you've got a fatty liver that needs to be shrunk. If they get in there and the liver is too big or in the way... they will close you up and not continue the surgery. The bigger issue is (and I'm sorry if this comes off as callous, but it's a reason why we all have to do psych evals before hand because not being able to control what we eat past surgery can cause *MAJOR* complications), what's going to happen after your surgery? Yes the pre-op is hard. But post op is just as hard for a while too. Why do you want the surgery? Don't answer here, but you need to ask yourself this. When you feel like cheating, you need to ask yourself what's more important, that piece of pizza, or your life. Honestly, only you have to answer to you and your actions. But it doesn't seem like you are taking stock of how important this change is... that's a lot of food, that's not "cheating".... cheating is "oh I had a bite of something" not, "I haven't been following the diet for a week+". Sorry for being blunt, but, what you posted here is a major problem, and you **NEED** to come clean with your surgeon, surgical staff, nutritionist and psych. Odds are post bypass there are going to be plenty of things you can't eat... what are you going to do then? None of your choices were even smart "cheats"... pre-op is when you need to start figuring out the better choices to make, Yes we are all human and we all make mistakes, but how many mistakes does it take to realize you need to stop? Normal stomachs can take over 15 mins to realize you've eaten, pounding half a pizza and then 2 donuts 2 hours later... IS.NOT.HUNGER. That's compulsion / addiction / "head hunger". You should be nervous. These actions are major red flags. You need to make the hard choices for yourself and your health. No one else is going to do it for you. Even post surgery, it's not going to be some magic wand that gets waved and you never get real or "head" hungry. Doesn't happen. Cravings are still going to happen. Desire to eat that pizza is still going to happen. But ***YOU*** need to say "no". YOU need to decide to eat something better. YOU need to decide that you don't want to be fat anymore and only YOU can decide that you want to live. So here's what you do. Stop. All of it. Stop all of the excuses. Stop all of the disappointment in yourself. Stop giving in. Stop giving up. Stop caving in. Now, today. Start following that diet to the letter. Start making better choices. Start exercising. Start getting in 64-128oz of waver. Start realizing that food does not control you. Start realizing that if you don't change, your health is not going to improve. Start changing into a better you. Each day, you should look in the mirror before bed and be honest with yourself. Did you do what you were supposed to? Did you do the right thing? You **CAN** do this. You just have to MAKE yourself do this. Stay Strong.
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    lol, I love how my comment of slaughtering a chicken links to the BariatricPal store. If I need to slaughter a chicken, at least I can do it in a bariatric friendly way.
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    Well you've just gained an entire community of "real" friends, and I know we can't hang out in person, but we will be there for you in any way we can. I shut people out too. There were certain people that I avoided seeing or hanging out with for YEARS. There was only a very select inner circle that I still saw regularly leading up to surgery. I'm afraid I became somewhat of a recluse, and as a result, my husband turned into one too. Our friendships ended and we became even less active. I agree with your dietitian about the dress! However, please take another piece of advice. Please establish with a therapist before surgery. Someone who's been punishing themselves by wearing the same thing everyday may struggle with the emotional hurdles of stalls, timing of weight loss, and internal expectations. This is the biggest mind game I've ever played. And I think you need more people in your corner, so to speak.
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    So I'm going to just address the naked king in his new clothes standing in the middle of the room. IMHO, you are both maintaining. You are NOT stalled for 4 months. You are eating the amount of calories along with your surgery that allows you to maintain. But beware. You are both approaching the end of the honeymoon period within the next year or 14 months ish. Then those same calories you're taking in right now, will quite likely cause you to start creeping up on the scale. It's impossible to help you. You're not giving us enough information. I could come to you and ask the same question. But because I track every bite of food, good and bad, I can present samples of my day, I can present an excel spreadsheet showing the relationship of macros in a month to average weight loss. I have a LOT of data to look at and tweak. You don't have any of that, even a food log. How can you possibly know what it takes to lose weight? You've no earthly idea. This is not magic bean surgery. It's WL surgery. It's SCIENCE!!!!! You HAVE to count sh*t. The End. And any RD who says you don't has a butt-load of peeps keeping her in job security who never forking make goal!!!! I read yesterday that this surgery is 40% surgery and 60% you. I don't know if that's the exact ratio, but the reality is, weekly cheat days are just that...weekly events that derail your progress. They can do nothing but create a GHDWL situation (Ground Hog Day Weight Loss=where you gain and lose the same 2lbs over and over and over again until you want to chew your own leg off to see a drop on the scale). Go back to basics. For me, and from a lot of vets, the ideal losing phase is a caloric intake average of about 600-900 cals per day. Maintenance is personal--anywhere from 1000+ depending on so many variables. Go back to no eating or drinking 30-30 Water >64oz per day Vitamins every damn day Exercise (walk) every damn day--don't go cray with working out right now Weigh and measure everything (60-80g protein for the day; <30g of carbs daily; around 30g fat for the day; <10g naturally occurring sugars for the day) Log EVERY bite that goes down your piehole If you're drinking alcohol--stop that sh*t right now!!!! Eat 3 meals a day + 1 snack (no grazing, no crap foods, no slider foods) Eat your meals in a window of 15-30 minutes Protein (dense) first 3oz per meal Veggies next Healthy Fats next If any room leftover then low glycemic fruit/berries (but if you have more room, fill up on fibrous veggies) Accept that you are gonna feel like jack sh*t for about 2 weeks. You're eating carby crap and sugar. What do you really expect. Sadly it WILL be fuc*ing hard! You don't have the excitement of the looming surgery, you've got diet boredom, you've lost faith in your tool, and you're being self-indulgent and going back to bad habits. It's gonna hurt and you WILL have to force yourself to get over that hump. Get mad! Do it! Suffer. And do it. In 4 days it will get easier and each day after. If you do those things, I can ALMOST guarantee you will both start losing again. And remember, you can NEVER out-exercise a bad diet. Oh and get your butts to the counselor (someone who specializes in bariatrics). P.S. And I "get" that you want to have a normal relationship with food. I "get" that you want to eat intuitively like all the other skinny girls in the world. But what you don't realize is that many (maybe most) of those skinny girls are secretely limiting calories, fats, sugars, foods or worse, purging, or anna stuff to "effortlessly" look like they are naturally skinny girls. If we were capable of having normal relationships with food, we would have never made it to the obesity ball in the first place. If we didn't have seriously, and I mean SERIOUSLY broken metabolisms, we would never have become MO. Once you are MO, the "normal" rules of skinnydom no longer apply. You can not take the set of rules for naturally skinny people and apply them to the subset of MO and formerly MO people. You just can't. It's like trying to feed a lion a peanut, or trying to feed an elephant a dead gazelle. It's apples and oranges. DUE to our disease, we will ALWAYS have to be more vigilant, try harder, do more, and live differently if we EVER want to maintain our weight loss.)
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    Because it is. You cut out most of your stomach and you're eating starvation level calories. Don't listen to the "head hunger" BS...when you're eating starvation levels of calories...you're hungry. Real hunger. Sally Struthers starving children in Africa hungry. Hungry. You're hungry because you physically can't and shouldn't yet eat the amount of calories your body requires. In a few weeks when your stomach can handle more food...you will still be facing the same choices you always have. Ghrelin be damned. You will still be on a diet that will require thought, attention, and will power. The good news....is that it gets better. Right after surgery, I could have eaten my leg off I was so hungry. After I was eating 1000-1200 calories around week three...I no longer felt like I was starving to death. I was much more comfortable, satisfied with much less, and found it pretty easy to stick to my calorie goals. Almost six months out....1200 calories a day still feels pretty satisfying. So that's an awesome change for the better. Now..back to your statement "this feels like a starvation diet and nothing more at this point." There are two ways to lose weight. Reduce input calories (Starve)....or.....Increase output calories (Exercise your arse off) The surgery isn't magic. If changes your tummy, not your head. You will still have to work hard and diet. It's not a magic fix. You will still be tempted. You will still crave old favorites. You will still get hungry. As time goes on and your tummy is healed and holds a little more...you will have to learn to resist temptation just like before. The big advantage of this surgery....is that if you screw up and lose your mind and eat without thinking it through......you're more likely to screw up by 1000 calories, instead of 5000 calories in a day. It buys you some time to really look at your behavior so you can address it. It gives you some relief from the massive portions you'd worked up to needing to feel full. And rapid results will hopefully give you incentive to finally commit to better habits. That's the goal...changing how you mentally cope with food. That's the reality. Work and diet. For the rest of your life. I'm sorry you were sold a steaming pile of BS. You're not alone. But again...the good news...is that what the sleeve realistically does for you is a leg up on any previous diet efforts. You've got a real chance to change your habits. A LOT of people have tremendous success with the sleeve. Most folks will lose 60-70% of their excess body weight....which is a tremendous accomplishment and standard dieting efforts don't come close to those results. Hang in there. It does get better.
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    So today I made goal! Here I am, one week shy of six months post surgery, and my official BMI is ‘normal’. Not overweight and not obese, any more. So I know that having blooming gallstones has helped with this last few pounds - eating low fat (gallstones), low protein (liver damage) and low carb (dumping syndrome) is pretty restrictive, but I will have my gallbladder out in a week or two (that will drop me another 1/4 pound 🤣) and then I am into my maintenance diet. And here, the difference:
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    So I have been fairly quiet on the message board but I have learned a lot by reading all of the different posts here. so today was the day, I'm in my room now following my Sleeve surgery and I couldn't be happier, a new chapter has stared in my life! my story starts back in September of 2017 where I had some bad liver results in my blood work, so we followed up with three month follow up and my numbers had tripled from the bad results that they already were at and prompted a comment from my GP that changed my life. She told me that if I continued on the trend I was doing that within 12 to 18 months I would be looking at a liver transplant in worse. It was my wake up call. for 15 years I had been promising I would get back into shape after being a state level rugby player in high school and earning my second degree black belt in taekwondo, I had certainly let myself slide. On Jan 15th I weighed in at 305.6 lbs with a BMI of 44.5. I worked my butt of, literally, and today I weighed in for surgery at 230.0 lbs! And I feel great, coaching rugby again, even runnng with the kids I coach, running! So now the second phase begins, my ideal weight I'm told is 154 so my goal is 160/165 so that when I get the little rebound I can level out at about 175/180. so sleeve is complete, fixed a hiatal hernia and I'm up walking, downing my water, all is well in my world right now and the future is looking bright. I have already stopped my diabetes Meds, stopped my cholesterol meds and looks like I'm going to go home with no blood pressure meds after cutting the dose in half already. So thankful for my wake up call and then the opportunity to get this done!
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    I'm seven years post-op. It's true I can eat more than I could at one or two years post-op, but I still have restriction. I can eat about a cup and a half of food before becoming uncomfortable. I will say that grazing all day long will put the weight right back on. I tend to eat when I'm anxious or bored, so I had to learn how to cope with those without eating. Once your weight is stable, keep weighing yourself and for heaven's sake, take steps to lose two or three pounds rather than letting them pile on until you are looking at 50 to lose. It really is kind of an eternal vigilance sort of thing.
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    Just under 6 weeks post op and down around 55lb. Visiting friends in Germany and ended up doing something I’ve not done for a fair while - looking forward to getting back into it 😃
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    I know I was curious about what I would eat years after my surgery; would I still be eating only tiny bites of protein? I got careless and gained seven pounds last year, so starting the last week in December I started logging all my food intake. It was interesting--too many high fat/high sugar carbs and "snacks" that were essentially junk food. So I lost eight pounds over the past few months and this is what I eat now. I aim for 1200-1500 calories a day--I hike one day a week in summer and ski in winter, do a little yoga for flexibility, but I'm not terribly active otherwise. I'm post-menopausal, too, so my metabolism has slowed some. The list below is about 900-1000 calories because I like to leave a little wiggle room for Starbucks lattes or food offered at a friend's house. Breakfast: 12 oz coffee, 3 Tbsp. half & half Morning snack: 1/2 small apple. If I'm starving I might have some oatmeal too. Lunch: 4 Triscuits, 1 slice cheese, 2 oz ham, turkey, chicken, or fish, half cup of berries or pineapple or other fresh fruit Afternoon snack: A roasted red pepper or a cup of mushrooms sautéed in beef boullion or a cup of air-popped popcorn. In cherry season I'll have a cup of cherries. Dinner: I eat a lot of shrimp. Sometimes I make a stir fry with 4 oz shrimp,1 1/2 cups of Kirkland stir-fry vegetables, and a couple tablespoons of Yoshida sauce. Sometimes I have 3 oz of beef, lamb, or chicken with half a small baked sweet potato and 1/2 cup green beans. For takeout, I like a small Wendy's chili for dinner, or I get shrimp or fish tacos. When I go out to dinner I order an appetizer as the main course unless I want a doggie bag to eat at home. I like sweets but cake and bready things seem to ball up in my sleeve, so I sometimes have an ice cream bar or one Lindt chocolate truffle for dessert. Before bed: I can't sleep if my stomach is growling so I usually have a snack before bed. Maybe a slice of meat, or one or two Triscuits with peanut butter. I pretty much detest plain water so I drink Crystal Light all day long. I still don't drink with meals other than tiny sips here and there because liquid + food makes my sleeve feel funny. I can get the foamies if I eat too fast, or don't chew well enough, or if the food is just not agreeing with me on that particular day. This has worked for me for the past seven years until the snacks turned into potato chips and chocolate chip cookies. Now that I've gone back to my old ways I feel better. I am hoping this reassures some folks new to surgery that you do go back to eating like a normal person, but your sleeve and your preferences will have a lot to do with how you manage your eating when your weight stabilizes. I know you can succeed!
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    For me, So much has changed during my going on 7 years of this whole process. Going from 370 lbs to (my current) 258, it's just night and day overall. My health, attitude, stamina, outlook have all improved greatly. I'm eating better (more now thanks to the bypass) than I have EVER. My family has reaped the rewards as well, all of them are thinner, healthier and happier than they have been. I'm in the Gym every day again, I've always loved the gym, but getting to be super fat made going to the gym pretty much impossible for all the reasons one can imagine. I bought clothes at Kohl's yesterday, like... I didn't have to go to some specialty store for fat guy clothes. I almost cried.
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    I ate a fried chicken strip in my salad. It did not bother me nor was I led down the road of eternal food damnation.
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    I see elformans pont. Think of another way - what if someone just nonchalantly offered to slaughter a chicken as a token of goodwill for your upcoming surgery? Or if someone offered to perform a ritual to their lord and master Satan? Many people would be aghast at the thought. On the other hand, if someone said prayers were being done for me, I would just assume they meant positive thoughts and let it roll off my back. If someone is posting something that a is looking for support, offering to pray for someone is just that persons way of showing support. No different than saying Merry Christmas to a stranger who is actually Jewish. Take the comment as it was intended, not as an innuendo to convert another.
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    That kinda sounds a little like head hunger and old habits. It took me a number of weeks post surgery to FINALLY see the difference between true hunger and mental hunger. I'm not sure what finally clicked to help me differentiate but it happened and it was like a light bulb going on in my mind. The best way I can explain is that most of the eating you do is driven by habits and desire. Because your tummy is so tiny now you can't really give in to these things to the extent you did before which is lovely. Be patient with yourself and give yourself lots of love and pampering in ways that don't involve eating. You're trying to break yourself of long practiced bad habits. When you feel crazy about eating something that will hurt you or harm your progress, revisit all the things you want from this WLS. Better health, maybe better relationships, more stamina, more acceptance. I'm sure there was a very good reason you had that first conversation with your doctor to begin this whole change in your life. Try to keep that forward in your mind. Forgive yourself and keep moving toward a better life.
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    And that's how he wants you to feel. Like you can't do any better. You can! Don't settle for someone who's not happy about the positive steps you're taking with your life!
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    We were on the road shopping for a new (used) car for my kiddo. The rest of the family wanted good old BK Steakhouse....so we went to see that creepy king. I had the veggie burger with all the veggies on it, just like they make it... and an iced tea. And I'll admit it...I ate a couple of my hubby's fries. Could not eat even half of the veggie burger....but it was freakin' delicious. Half a veggie burger= 200 calories and 10 grams of protien. Throw in 50 calories for the fries I swiped. A totally do-able lunch budget:) I feel kinda victorious when I can find ways to enjoy out to eat crap with friends and family....in a sensible way that doesn't break the calorie budget or derail my diet. Win-win. I like options. And the half a veggie burger option...is awesome. Also found an AWESOME car for the kiddo:) Almost a clone of her old one, only blue this time instead of brown. She's super excited:)
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    My gallbladder is out, and they managed it laparoscopically, against their predictions! The surgeon (not same as my RNY surgeon) said on my waking “the surgery was relatively simple because you are slender”. I could have kissed him. With tongue 😁😁😁😁💋
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    My husband and I went for a 3.5 hour car ride in the beautiful country area we live in. It was a great day, long talks and lots of positive thoughts and feelings. We talked about a ton of stuff and he told me he was still scared about my surgery but he now understand a whole lot more and realized I have to do it or I am going to not be around when we are old and gray in our double rocker watching the world go by. ( YES HE GETS IT). We stopped at a small cafe for a late lunch. He ordered his normal cheeseburger, fries and soda , I ordered a grilled chicken breast with no oils , added spices and asked for a vegetable melody instead of mashed potato’s and gravy. I was told that I could not have any substitutions. Ok so I asked them to just put the veggies and meat on one plate and the mashed potato’s and gravy on a second plate. OMG you would have thought I was holding a gun to a babies head. I was told sorry but that is a substitution can’t do it. OK let’s try this a different way ( I am now getting a little prickly) I ask can you just put it all on one plate and bring me a to go container? I could but your still substituting veggies , WHAT i added them as a side I said . Now she has turned to my husband and said I think you need to help your wife understand we don’t do substitutions here. Chris is so dumb struck by this comment as am I I just looked at her and said cancel the whole order we’re leaving . I went to the rest room to just wash my hands and throw some cold water on my over heated head , my hubby was still sitting at the table. I walked up to him and he handed me a paper folded in half . It was a order pad slip with a note when you want to be with a real woman give me a call she had signed it and left her number. My husband had written across it 3 times SORRY NO SUBSTATION’S. My wife is 10x times the woman you will ever be . And he signed it Very Happily Married . It made me cry very happy tears of joy. I love that man so much. I knew he was behind me every step of the way but that made me realize he isn’t behind me he is right beside me walking at the same speed as I am, and he will always be there with me.
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    I had VSG on 11/30/17 and I feel AMAZING! I've lost 105lbs so far. I was 343lbs on the day of surgery and 238lbs at the moment. The surgery has been an incredible tool. I'm at the gym every day, I mean prep and stay away from carbs/sugar. The liquid diet after surgery puts your body in ketosis and I stuck with it when I moved to regular foods. I stay under 20g of carbs per day, 50g if I'm carb cycling (complex carbs only) and I try to get around 1200 calories in - some days it's a struggle to hit 1200 because I don't feel hungry and/or I'm satisfied by a few bites. I'm halfway to my goal and getting closer to one-derland!
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    I had surgery June 6, 2018 and I was extremely miserable the first two days. But my husband took off work and made sure I got up to walk even if only for 2-3 minutes per hour. He bought any and every fluid that I thought may stay down. He never complained, nor made me feel like I was over exaggerating the pain. Yesterday we actually went on (two) 20-30 minute walks and I was able to keep all liquids down. He has been encouraging me and very good with our son. I see so many post about partners not being on board. That’s so awful and I wish they would just support the journey. I don’t know how I would’ve made through this without my husband. Team Work makes the Dream Work 💪🏾
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    Hey y’all. It’s been slightly over a year since I had the sleeve. I’m 5’6”; my highest weight was 266 (size 20 pant, 2x tops), surgery weight was 259, and my current weight is 183. I currently wear size 12 pants, a large in tops (sometimes a medium) . Although I still have some lbs to go, I’m am VERY grateful and thankful for the surgery. I had the surgery for prevention purposes, had no complications either. I changed to a plant based diet and have been very happy and healthy with it. I take a multi vitamin, calcium, b12, and probiotics. I walk and do some home strength workouts. Thats just a tid bit of my journey, I hope it inspires and encourages others. Enjoy my before and after!
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    I'm going to be the really mean one here. Don't try to force the surgery just because of the insurance window. They approved you once, they'll approve you again. It sounds like you're not sufficiently prepared for the surgery. This process is only 20% stomach, 80% HEAD! Your head isn't in the game yet. One slip-up is a cheat. One week of binging is self-sabotage. You're looking for an excuse to cancel because you're afraid. If you've read these boards, you've seen people who have totally wasted the opportunity provided by their surgery with self-defeating behavior. You need to spend the time to get your priorities set, imo. Because after the surgery you will have cravings, you will want comfort foods, you will want to gnaw off your own fingers sometimes with hunger. And you may very well resent others being able to indulge. Don't think that because binging will cause you to throw up right after surgery that you are "cured". There are many ways of "eating around" restrictions and you will have to be constantly on your guard. Please understand that I'm not trying to be hateful. I want you to succeed. But right now, I think you need to spend time with a therapist, not a surgeon. Good luck to you, whatever you decide.
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    Hit 80 lbs down !! I feel amazing and it is surreal to try on any clothes I want to!! Super happy and healthy. So very grateful! Thank you to you all for being with me on this journey so far! You’re all an inspiration!
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    Everything and Anything is possible! Even after surgery, stay away from sugars. Aim for 6g or less for each sitting. Weight training helps. Starting weight: 350lb Surgery gastric sleeve weight (2-17-17): 325lb Tummy tuck on 12-22-2017 and ~ 10lb of excess skin removed Weight at one year (3-17-18): 175lb Total weight loss: 175lb
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    How is someone offering to do something for you offensive? I understand that you may think it's a waste of time, but why offensive?
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    Have had my sleeve nearly six months. Have never regretted it. Not even one day. Not even one moment. I went into this process expecting to lose one side or the other of 60% of my excess weight in 18 months....because that is the average result of the surgery. I knew it would be hard. Mentally and physically. I knew I'd have moments, and I knew I was taking a certain amount of risk. I was extremely lucky and had a very easy surgery. I've also been lucky to have a very knowledgeable, ethical medical team. Losing 60 pounds...would have been good enough. It would have been a significant improvement to my health and I was absolutely grateful for that much help. At just six months out, I've lost about 88% of my excess weight, and am still losing. I am off my blood pressure meds, my diuretic, my antidepressent. My blood sugar is normal. My cholesterol is terrific. My nutrition bloodwork is great so far, no malabsorption issues. My arthritis feels better. My energy is off the chart. I feel amazing. I also have to credit The Mayo Clinic Diet... my forever diet. And a terrific team of people at my clinic, and my at-home support people...most especially my hubby, my bestie and my daughter. No regrets:)
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    I'm not here very much, but saw this and felt compelled to respond. You are going through one of the most difficult times of your life. You're seriously being re-born into a new person and there is deep doo-doo sh*t afoot. These are cataclismic things we experience post surgery, not just physical and they involve the mind, spirit as well as the body. Quite frankly, I would say, if anyone is having difficulties, then they need to get to a therapist pdq and talk it out and work through it ON THEIR OWN. Cuz mostly? This is an "I, me, my" problem, and not as much a partner problem. You ASKED to have the surgery (that's a royal "you" btw). Now it's your responsibility to deal and not blame an innocent person. (Of course, sometimes the partners are not so innocent.) If I had advice to give to people it would be: Don't make ANY serious life changes regarding situation for at least 12-18 months following surgery. That means, if you're not dating now, don't start until you work through your crap and know better about what you want from life. That means, if you were in a stable relationship BEFORE surgery, and now it's janked, don't make any relationship decisions until you know how things shake out and how you feel after your hormones, moods, etc have calmed the fuc* down. And lastly, if you have a fella that's good as gold and loyal and true, you should give the therapist and yourself a serious talking to, cuz these dudes do NOT grow on trees. Quite a crap ton of them are totes assh*ts. And you should work so hard remembering why you loved him in the first place and look ONLY on the positives until you have found your "sea legs." Ok, so that's my advice. Get counseling, love yourself, work on yourself, and remember why you love your guy.
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    Surgery was 5/29, so far great, no sickness, no pain pills needed. My surgical glue is already starting to peel off, i go back to work tomorrow. I've lost 31 pounds since my first day of my liquid diet. So 31 pounds lost in 21 days. I feel great, I have tried small bites of yogurt, mashed potatoes, refried Beans, and sugarfree vanilla pudding. Nothing upset my stomach. Im still on liquid diet other then just a small bite here and there. Getting my Water, and trying to get all my Protein in daily. I love how I feel, im excited to see how the months to come go. Good luck to everyone on the pre op side, and good luck to us all on post op side. Keep us posted. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Of course, i'm still "overweight" according to my insurance guy....but I'm not "obese" anymore...and definitely not "morbidly obese" like I was at this time last year. So yeah..."Overweight" sounds pretty darned fantastic to me:) Today I broke my doctor's goal for my weight.... which is 172-178 pounds:) My body fat is right around 30% according to the underwater scale and metabolic analysis....which is generally considered Healthy/Acceptable for women. My personal goal is 170, and I'm looking forward to popping my calories up a bit to maintain after I hit that goal. More good carbs! More fruits and whole grains! Have been crazy busy, but life is good:) Still loving my forever diet and not feeling deprived of anything. Getting exercise in is not hard with 11 year old neicey running us around to the zoo, forest, alligator farm, natural history museum, aviation/space museum etc....and needing a swimming buddy. Have been cooking healthy for guests, and they seem to be enjoying it:) Had a couple nights of junk for the kids on the grill, or pizza. I just throw some salmon on there and have some avacado and cukes and other veggies and call it good. Grilled salmon with balsamic glaze is my new go-to favorite.
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    I am the OP... turns out he has violent tendencies.. his behavior lately has been very erratic and about a week ago he was drinking a lot.. we got into a verbal argument because he said I didn’t care about him or love him and he hit me once in the face and another time in the arm. Charges have been filed and I have a protection order in tact. It has taken a lot for me to realize that I deserve much better and someone that will support me and encourage me to follow my goals and dreams. I will not let him control my life. Everyday is a new beginning for me.. I just ran my first 5k and finished it and couldn’t be happier.. my weight loss has slowed but any loss is a loss. I will do this for me!
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    Hey everyone! I have been a part of these forums for awhile now, but haven’t posted yet. I was getting a little discouraged waiting for my approval from insurance and waiting to get my surgery date. So I was using these posts to get me through! I’m so thankful for everyone who told their stories and asked their questions! I finally got my surgery date yesterday!!!! Whoo whoo!! July 2nd it is!! I’m so excited! Also shocked to know that i don’t have a pre op diet however I will be doing my own version of one for 2 weeks! I can’t wait for this new life! Anyways, thanks for listening!! Any great advice for what to expect would be great! 😄
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    Highest recorded weight 271.5 in April 2016 but I was probably about 290 a year earlier. I'm 5'3" tall and was 55 at time of surgery. I was sleeved HW 271.5 April 2016 Surgery weight 246 (8/23/16) Current Weight 156 That would be 115 pounds. I haven't had my plastics done yet, but that will likely be about another 10 pounds. My body fat right now is around 31%. I'm working on getting it to 28%. My team has asked me to speak with the support groups as a success story. I've lost a grown person. Here's a photo of me from the other day (before going to the gym - so hair's a mess and no makeup) standing in one leg of a pair of shorts I used to wear. I went from a size 24 to a size 6.
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    It has been over a decade since I have been able to wear cute white pants. Yay to the start of summer!!
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    I'd be careful giving people this kind of advice. Diabetes, especially the type 1 that I have, is a serious beast to manage and unless you are a Endocrinologist, I'd steer clear advising people of when to eat, and when not to eat. It can be life threatening for blood sugars to drop too low from a long fast between "meals". I've lost 95lbs since Jan 1st and I am a diabetic. I think I'm doing something OK, even though I'm not burning body fat during more hours a day than an non diabetic.
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    Even with my 130 + pounds of weight-loss, I weigh more than my younger sibling. I get frustrated by scale numbers some days tbh. Even though I workout and stay very active and have maintained a pretty good diet focusing more on toning and gaining muscles still I get secretly bummed. Since surgery, I have overhauled my lifestyle. Last weekend my sister was showing me some clothes she bought and just for fun I started trying them on. To my surprise everything was big on me. I was secretly ecstatic. Because I’m gaining muscles and losing inches so that means my workouts showing results. I want to be as fit as I possibly can be. I do eat more carbs like whole grains, Brown rice and quinoa now but I keep away from simple carbs because of my fitness goals. Moral of story the numbers on scale is not everything.
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    I’m not a “vet” by any means but I’ve had a lot of success since my surgery and I’ve been on this site for a good 9 months. And I love being a part of this community. So I want to say this first, I posted in Rants & Raves for a reason.... - “I’m 5 day’s post op and it’s not working”. Miracles don’t happen overnight. The amount of people who think that they will wake up from surgery feeling amazing and all their problems solved. SMH - “I haven’t lost anything in 3-4 months and I’m 6 months post op”. I’m all about helping but I hate when people post about how they aren’t loosing and then don’t offer any information on their diet, exercise, vitamin intake, ect. And half the time they drop off the face of the earth when you ask them.....SMH - The pre-op diet sucks, that is all. SMH -“I’m still hungry”. I hate that a common misconception that hunger is going to disappear. It doesn’t happen to everyone. But common sense would tell you that, liquids aren’t filling. Wait until you are on solids again to worry about your hunger levels. SMH Ok I’m done! Thanks guys for letting me get that off my chest. Some days you just have to rant. And PS. I know that people don’t always know the stuff I mentioned above, so when I’m not overly irritated by these gross misunderstandings about the process...I’m happy to help!
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    The capacity of the stomach will increase a little after the first year, but not by much unless you are constantly intentionally overstuffing it. Someone above said they increased to about 1.5 cups. Many people who regained were convinced their stomach had stretched out, but those who had it checked were still as restricted as expected. Most people who I've seen report that they regained and are seeking support to get back on track say that over time they fell into bad habits and started grazing/emotional eating/eating poor/junk/slider foods. At 6 weeks post op I reckon I could easily consume 3000 calories or more a day if I was eating poor quality/slider foods frequently and drinking alcohol and other liquid calories. People who start drinking with their meals will find they can eat a lot more (even though it may cause some indigestion or toileting issues). Get advice and support from a nutritionist. Develop good eating habits in your post sleeve honeymoon period and work to build a strong metabolism with a workable long term diet that will remain suitable and sustainable and keep you maintaining your weight loss beyond 2 years post sleeve. Creekimp63 has posted in a couple of recent replies that her support team recommend increasing to a maintainable 1200 calories (incorporating healthy carbohydrates while still meeting protein targets) as soon as possible post sleeve, to avoid damaging your metabolism (when it wakes up post honeymoon period) with very low calorie diet and triggering diet fatigue and the metabolic/hormonal push to regain weight that so many of us already suffered after years of failed dieting and regain. And get help now for any psychological issues that were contributing to your previous weight gain and any bad eating habits, as you need to deal with stress and mental issues without resorting to food, or progressing to other damaging behaviors like alcohol and drug abuse (some people with unresolved issues move on to other dangerous addictions once surgery prevents using food to manage/avoid stressors) We are all here to support each other, and we all want everyone to succeed! Too many of us have suffered too many years from obesity.
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    My boobies stick out further than my belly!!!
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    I didn't do a pre-op diet. I started at 232, ended at 135; 97 lbs lost. It's seven years later and this morning I weighed 137. It is possible.
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    I’m officially six months post op (RNY 11/7/17) and couldn’t be happier with my decision to have weight loss surgery. It’s been an uphill battle with finding new meals and keeping up with diet and exercise but this new tool that I’ve been blessed with has made it a lot easier and I’m confident that I will go on to reach my goals. HW 356 SW 321 CW 221 GW 170
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    The wait is over and here I am in love with my pouch. The worst part about this was the 2 week preop diet. Don’t let anyone talk trash about it being just as hard post op. Right now i have no hunger no desire to eat and there’s nothing hard about that lol. Anyhow just wanted to give everyone out there that is still in the process some hope. I’m literally in cloud 9 and often catch myself with a big smile thinking wow I really just had a bypass! Yo-Yo Girl from New York City
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    I’ve only told close family. For me I couldn’t think of a good enough reason to tell colleagues. Will they help me in achieving my goals? Not likely. Do I value their opinions on health issues? Nope. Do they need to know? Absolutely not. Will it make it hard to work with them if they say something offensive? Absolutely. I like to keep things simple, so I kept work out of it.
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    I was 415 on the date of my surgery. I’m a year out and I’ve lost 130lbs!
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    Hi all, joining the party. When I was 21 I found myself at 305 and it freaked me out, and I went on a severe diet. I dropped 112 pounds in a year, but after I met my husband and quit smoking I was back up to 305. And then marriage added another 72! My highest was 377 in 2011. From 2011-2017 I was able to get down to 315, but I kept bouncing back and forth from 335 to 315. When I decided to start the sleeve journey I was 333. On my surgery day, 4/27/18, I was 303, and nearly 4 weeks post op I am 278. I question my choice constantly. I am discouraged by the 3 week stall, I miss food, I hate the nausea and the heartburn and all the pills. I am super tired. I know a lot of people regret their sleeve the first month. I just hope to get out of this funk soon. Here is my progress.
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