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    Down a total of 190 pounds, sometimes I still can't believe it! [emoji1320][emoji1320]
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    I'm bearing my soul and body here. I couldn't be more proud of how my body has changed. I've lost exactly 70 pounds since my surgery. Today marks exactly 24 weeks ( 6 months ) since my VSG surgery. There's good, bad and ugly about VSG. A lot of days, I cried and wondered why in the hell I had this surgery, and what in the hell ive done to myself. Throughout this process, I haven't been able to REALLY see the changes. In my mind, I always see a 268 pound fat girl. Granted, I have seen the changes, seen the smaller clothes sizes, but still struggled with my self image in my head. But today that all changed.... I realized today as I was getting dressed that I had on the same exact underwear as the day I took my pre-surgery pictures. Then I realized that today marked 6 months since surgery. So, i decided to take pictures. I haven't taken pictures in this process because of the absolute shame and disgust I feel towards myself. Shame and disgust are understatement words for how I feel about myself. Until today... Today, I feel proud. For the first time, I can honestly say that I don't see "that fat girl" in the mirror anymore. It may not be pretty, it will never be perfect, but it's mine, and today I'm owning it, and FINALLY for once in my LIFE, I'm feeling proud. It's NOT an easy decision to post these photos of me in my underwear. I feel absolutely vulnerable and exposed. Please be kind. It took all the courage I could muster to do this. The current pictures are not the best quality but the best I could take of myself at the moment. All you new VSG-ers, stay the course and have faith. If you have body image issues as I do, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and you are not alone in the dark! Much love from me to you all! [emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️ DOS: 12/13/16 HW: 268 SW: 256.6 CW: 186.4
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    Hi guys! I get on here every six months or so to update y'all I've never made a topic with progress pictures before, so I thought I would this time, as I've been maintaining below goal for almost a year now. SW: 323 CW: 153 Size 24/26 to a 4/6 No skin removal I ran my first half marathon in February and am running another in November, which is pretty cool! When not in race training mode, I run 3-6 miles, three days per week, and do HIIT style training (heavy weights and cardio) at the gym 2-3 other days per week. I tend to fluctuate between 150-153 lbs, depending on the time of month and just general day to day food/water intake.
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    After all this time, and all this work, I still love my sleeve even with everything that comes with it. I am still amazed at how my body cyclically and periodically continues to drop weight. I never dreamed that I would lose this much. I have left my stretch goal in the dust, because when I started it seemed unlikely I would ever reach it anyway even though it would still be considered 60 pounds overweight. I am now well beneath that and I am continuing. Here is a picture of before and present.
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    Sorry this is long.... The first thing I MUST address is the way in which some people talk to on another on WLS forums. Often, I will stumble upon a post because I Google a question looking for an answer in the moment rather than asking something that may have already been asked and waiting. I've noticed a lot of people being extremely critical of the questioner... Here is an example (in a weak moment -MOMENT being the keyword - I might add... I'm on the liquid diet), I found someone asking if in the pure liquid post-surgery diet stage if they could have sugar free soft-serve ice cream. The first response was from someone who decided that rather than answer the question, they would provide an impromptu lecture on slider foods and how they should be dealing with food post-surgery. While I recognize posting on the internet opens you up to opportunities of criticism, I would hope that most people on weight-loss-surgery forums would have enough common sense to understand that most people on here are adults capable of choosing what they want to do. She didn't ask if she SHOULD eat the ice cream, she asked if she COULD eat it. I'm not saying the concern about slider foods wasn't without merit, but it wasn't warranted in this situation. Turns out, the poster just wanted to see if she could indulge in a lick or two in a social setting (a birthday party or something). She wasn't planning to enter a soft-serve eating contest. And even if she was... SO WHAT?! How does that impact the responder in any way? Why waste the time responding? The question wasn't, "What's an exmaple of a slider food and what are the dangers of a slider food?" UGH! This leads me to another thing I'm really, really, really frustrated with. NOT EVERYONE HAS MENTAL ISSUES WITH FOOD THAT IS OVERWEIGHT OR UNDERWEIGHT OR IS INCAPABLE OF CHANGE OR INCAPABLE OF LEARNING WAYS TO COPE WITH FOOD ADDICTION. I am not saying it will be EASY, but it doesn't mean someone can't overcome their addiction. I know people from all ends of the spectrum who have accidentally overeaten at a holiday or party or have made a bad choice (food related or not) and I know many people who OBSESS over the food they put into their bodies and have done some serious emotional and physical damage by being TOO restrictive. Here's the point I am trying to make... WHAT WORKS FOR YOU MAY NOT WORK FOR ANOTHER PERSON. And perhaps this is my unsound opinion, but having HAD WLS does not make you an EXPERT on WLS no matter how long ago you've gone; until you've gone to school and extensively studied psychology, gotten your doctorate, etc. etc. etc., no one wants to hear it unless they specifically ask you hey what SHOULD I do! SHOULD BEING THE KEY WORD! Yes, some people may find it best avoid slider foods at all costs for the rest of their lives. However, other people will be able to indulge in a few bites of ice cream, or whatever and it doesn't undo all of their hard work or everything they've accomplished. I have to say that I'm so disappointed when looking for answers to certain WLS-related questions to see so many people 1 - not answering the question directly, 2 - providing emotional/psychological advice, 3 - just not showing a little more compassion to people regardless of where they are in their journey, 4 - assuming you know anything about the person based on a question they've asked. And hey maybe you can tell they're making a huge mistake, but they may have worded the question incorrectly, they may be having a difficult time with something else in their life and they're searching for empathy from someone else who may have gone through something similar... the point is, a simple question doesn't provide you all the facts so stop assuming things about people because they've had weight loss surgery or are contemplating it!!! On a related note, I'm so disappointed in the frequency in which I read people who start off by replying, "I'm sorry, but..." YOU ARE NOT SORRY! You are about to say something hurtful. If you have to say BUT after sorry, you're just not and you should delete your sentence and go read a book. Unless you're saying, "I'm sorry, but you're totally awesome and I love that you're realizing you're perfectly capable of realizing this is an internet forum and not a conversation with your doctor..." but rarely does it go that way. FINALLY, I am so tired of reading things that are presented as black and white. I bet there are a bunch of people who disagree with what I have said... okay, fine, but does that mean I'm wrong? DISAGREEING WITH SOMEONE DOES NOT MAKE THEM WRONG AND IT DOESN'T MAKE YOU RIGHT. SOMETIMES YOU CAN BOTH BE RIGHT, WRONG, OR IN BETWEEN! 50 Shades of Grey? TRY A BILLION! AHHHH! PS - I really need the pureed food stage to arrive... and fast.
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    So I had gastric bypass Jan 24, 2017 and so far I'm down 76 pounds I am beyond happy and so glad I made the choice to have this surgery, I have 50 pound more to lose to get to my goal weight. Surgery weight 301 Current weight 225 Lost 76 pounds Goal weight 175
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    Just want to inspire someone! Didn't think I would be here and happy that I'm finally at 147lbs!!! Still working and toning but grateful:) Congrats on this decision and you are on your way to the best you too!!!
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    I was 451 pounds before I had my surgery in September. Got on the scale today and saw the number 299! I know this is not a big deal for some people, 299 is higher than a lot of your starting weights before surgery, but this is a MASSIVE ACHIEVEMENT for me. I haven't seen a number lower than 300 on the scale since I was sixteen years old. So, yeah, I still have a ways to go, but I am so happy with this decision. I look better, I feel incredible, and I will never go back to being the self destructive girl slowly killing herself with food that I was a year ago. Starting weight: 451 lbs Current weight: 299 lbs Starting BMI: 68 Current BMI: 45 Starting shirt size: XXXXXL Current shirt size: XL Starting jean size: 34 Current jean size: 20
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    5 months post op!!!! BEST DECISION EVER!!!! [emoji2][emoji173]️[emoji2] 67lbs down!!!!
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    It's been 9 months since my RNY bypass... I have lost a total of 105lbs but have been stuck in a stall for a long while! Starting weight: 280lbs Surgery Weight: 267lbs Current weight: 175lbs I'm just taking it day by day and focusing on my food, water and exercise. I feel great and I know the stall will pass! I'm not done with this journey yet!
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    I am so excited....I started this process towards end of Sept 2016....Surgery almost here June 21st...and today I am down 100 pounds...a long way to go yet but excited to continue my journey into a healthier newer me... Sent from my LG-LS997 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I'm sitting here at 4:45 am on post op day 2. I had a circumferential body lift, and liposuction to my thighs. Everything went really well. I came out of surgery feeling great. Minimal pain. The surgery took about 6.5 hours. I've stayed in the hospital 2 nights, and the nurses and staff here have been amazing! I'm at Rose hospital in Denver Colorado. I've been taking Valium every 6 hours for muscle pain, and 2 Percocet every 4-6 hours for pain, they help a lot. When resting, I feel pretty darn good. Getting up and moving is a bit awkward and painful, but is doesn't last long. It is MUCH easier to get up from a chair than a bed. I slept like a baby last night, didn't need any meds, but when I work up this morning I was really stiff, and had a hard time rolling out of the bed. I took a walk down the hall for some coffee, took some pain meds, and am now sitting in the chair and feel good. Most of the pain or discomfort I have is in my upper abs. Feels like I did 800,000,00 sit ups, lol. There is one little spot on my incision that burns if I move just right, but goes away quickly when I correct. My back incision hasn't given me any trouble, and that was the one I was Moat worried about! I got a very brief look at my tummy as they checked my incision yesterday, and almost started crying. My stomach is flat. No longer flabby with the fold in the middle leadin to my perpetual muffin top. My belly button is currently covered, but everything looks beautiful. I have three drains in that exit at my pubis area. They are quite the site, and make it a little awkward when using the restroom, but very manageable! So far the lipo to my thighs has been fine. Mostly when I sit on the toilet I feel like I've been kicked in the behind by a horse, lol! Well, I think that's it for now. My dream is finally coming true, and I couldn't be more happy! I'll keep you all posted on my recovery and progress! Oh yeah...Dr. Folk removed about 7 lbs of skin and fat, and 3 liters of fat from my thighs during lipo! [emoji1]. Amazing!! Stats: Highest Wright ever 285lb Weight at sleeve (July 28 2014) 262 Preop plastics weight: 169 Hope you all have a GREAT day! [emoji8]
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    I haven't been posting here lately, been a rough couple of weeks (unrelated to WLS). Lost my job unexpectedly which sucked, but I started my own business and my wife was able to find work so things are looking up. And most importantly, as of this morning, for the first time in probably 25 years or more, there was a number 1 in the first spot on the scale! Down exactly 115 lbs in just about 6 months, amazing. Had my doctor's visit today and they said that the goal is to lose 70% of excess weight in 1 year, I'm at 80% down in 6 months, so they're very happy (and so am I!) Just felt like sharing!
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    Today I went shopping and was so happy I got teary-eyed in the fitting room. Size 18 to size 10 in about 5 months. At my last NUT visit, she didn't seem too impressed. Am I supposed to be losing faster? It's not easy but I'm determined to keep this going!
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    I was sleeved yesterday (6/6/17) at 0930. Waking up from the anesthesia was rough, and I had so much pain in my shoulders (I guess it's from the gas?). It was a long day, no fluids by mouth, and trying to walk. Today was better. Had my leak test this morning, and results were perfect, so started sipping water and walking! I felt like a different person! Was allowed chicken broth for lunch, and jello. Oh my goodness, jello has never tasted so good [emoji23] Minimal pain meds at this time, and looking forward to going home tomorrow! HW - 250lbs SW - 225 lbs GW - 135 lbs 5'3" tall 6/6/17, the first day of my new life [emoji173]️
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    Hello my fellow WLS peeps. I am on a mission to lose 50 pounds that I have regained. I am feeling hopeful and know that getting back to basics will do it. I would like this thread to be a place where we can come and be transparent and accountable. I plan on checking in with a weigh in every Monday starting tomorrow. If you want to join me, let's do this! Heightist weight: 289 Lowest: 157 Goal: 150 Attached is my before surgery pic, me at my lowest and where I am today. May God bless you and keep you[emoji173]️ -Mariela
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    So I had surgery on 2/16/17 and after a stall or two I must say that I am enjoying life and my journey is going great. Before surgery I was on so many prescriptions, High BP, Cholesterol, metformin for prediabetes, a stomach Med, and heartburn med. three months out from surgery all my meds are now gone. My A1C is perfect, my cholesterol is low, my blood pressure is low, and I've lost a total of 110lbs (40 in the three months before surgery and 70 since surgery). That is 5lbs a week. I eat sensible, protein first and then veggies. I have four small meals a day and have learned quickly what I can tolerate and I drink tons of water now. I am shocked at how quickly my relationship with food has changed and all the things I thought I would miss (soda, junk, fast food, binge eating) are not really a concern. I look longingly at my coworkers food sometimes but it is more a nostalgia than a want. I like exercising, and always had but my ability to do it was nonexistent before. Now I enjoy the gym, and while it is taking a long time to build back up the stamina and tone I once had, I know I will get there as long as I keep at it. I cannot be thankful enough for the support of my family and drs, my PCP for pushing my and my surgeon for doing an awesome job, being super supportive and checking in with me with random calls every now and then. For those thinking about surgery, it will change your life, and you will get out of it all you count into it. I thank god for this new chance at a healthy life and for the strength to change.
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    Hello my BP fam..... I haven't been on in a minute but that's because my life has been super hectic. For those of you that have been following me, you know that I am going thru a divorce. Yes , I mustered up the strength to leave his lowdown butt. But , honestly, that has been the best thing that could have happened to me. I am happier with me, I love and embrace my flaws as well as accomplishments. I smile more , I laugh more. I am truly blessed to have so many friends and my brother and sister in law who have really held me down. Okay, weight update is as follows...started off at 242 lbs... I now weigh 156 lbs ( 6 lbs from goal weight), I wear a size 4-6 in women clothing, 5'7 ( almost), my waist is a 27 and I am loving life. I included a lot of pics to show my progress. I love you all for your support and kind words through my hard spots ... kisses and hugs to you all. P.s. I look really small in first pic but it must be that camera because I don't think I'm that little, lol.
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    Weighed in 278.4 day of surgery, 178.4 this morning. Sleeved 8/1 so just a bit over 10 months out. Also, I'm officially out of the "overweight" BMI range. (my info says 25 but BMI calc says I'm justttt under it) 8/1 (surgery) - 1/18 (about halfway between then and now) - 6/11 (today!) I'm 8.4lbs away from my initial goal but I think I might adjust to 150. Trying to get some kind of body fat testing done per suggestions in a thread I posted earlier this week so I can get a better idea of what's fat and what's skin.
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    Before, 227lbs in a size 2X coat that was tight on me. 2.5 months post sleeve, finishing off a night of swing dancing in a size L dress in the mid 160s. The difference here isn't just the weight and size, but the fact that old me NEVER would have been doing weekly swing dancing lessons and going to social dances! I'm not only smaller, I have a genuinely better quality of life! Oh and the picture was taken by a new friend of mine who I met through a post-op support group! We do all kinds of activities together that don't revolve around food. I love it!
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    I had a new work photo taken. That's the only picture I have of myself before beginning my pre-op, so it's my "before." I was shocked to see my new photo. I almost look gaunt. I don't think either photo looks like me.
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    8 months post-surgery, 150lbs+ lost, and celebrating life this summer, I finally bought the car I've wanted since I was a fat, poor, 18 year old... a Miata. My "excuse" is that my son is getting his permit in December and I really want him to learn to drive a stick (our other cars are autos). Miata's are now very cheap used cars, though deeply impractical in the most delicious way possible. We're stoked. What have you done to
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    Regret.......... you probably came here to hear about how I regret my sleeve surgery. But it's the opposite I'm madly in love with my sleeve (my banana belly[emoji177]) I always read on here why people hate it, but I never read about how people are embraced by the surgery. It has made me a completely different person than who I was 6 months ago. I'm confident, successful, and beautiful. Don't get my wrong I went threw ups and downs pre op, and post op. But at the end of the day I'm almost 100 pounds down, I look back at myself last year around this time and hate the person I see. If you went threw this surgery, and are having any regret.. don't... it's a beautiful thing that a smart surgeon did for you, he/she believed in your health and weight loss. There is going to be ups and downs, stalls, and tears( in my case panic attacks). But when you wake up one morning and you weigh yourself and your almost 100 pounds down from your start weight you will not regret. You will embrace. Have a lovely day. [emoji177][emoji177][emoji177][emoji177] Sleeved
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    I am just starting this journey and am finding my desire and excitmemt to be sleeved, growing each day. I am also finding that a lot of my relationship with food is incredibly mental. The first week after my initial Kaiser orentation my emotions swung like a pendulum at the thought of losing essentially my "best friend". So to combat morning the loss of food, I have decided to start a "Skinny List," a bucket list to fulfil missed opportunities. Mainly all of the things I haven't been able to do because of my weight or chose not to do because I was afraid of others judgement. I am just curious if any others have a Skinny List, and what adventures are on it!? [emoji132][emoji183][emoji567][emoji568][emoji475][emoji468][emoji473][emoji474][emoji574][emoji441][emoji126] ~My Skinny List~ Buy a Bathing Suit without a skirt/shorts Wear said bathing suit to the beach Take a cruise Indoor skydiving Trampoline Park "Run" a 5k Ride in a Hot Air Balloon Go to a spa Water/Jet Skiing Scuba Diving Segway Tour Ice Skating Wear leggings Wear a sports bra Wear Skinny Jeans Wear Shorts Shop anywhere other than LB or Torrid Do Pushups Not be the fat friend Fit in a booth Have a date on New Years Have a Valentine Ride a non-disney roller coaster Not have to use a seat belt extender on a plane Love myself Sent from my SM-N910T using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Hey y'all! Checking in! 2.5 years post op SW: 323 CW: 153 Size 24/26 to a 4/6 No skin removal
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    Hey y'all! Checking in! 2.5 years post op SW: 323 CW: 153 Size 24/26 to a 4/6 No skin removal
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    How can I not stop my success?! Keep pushing guys! This is for you [emoji813]️
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    Tomorrow I start my pre-op diet. I am really nervous, but excited at the same time. My surgery date is June 14, and I am SOOO READY! I'd appreciate some prayers and good thoughts!!!! Sent from my SM-G930T using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Quick update. I am now 14 months post VSG bariatric surgery and I am down 258 lbs. . My high weight was 560.lbs. the day i met the surgeon i was 509 lbs.. surgery day 424 lbs and this morning 249 lbs. Everything has been speeding up for me in the last 2 months . Physical barriers I had for years seem to be crumbling. 3 months ago I could not walk without using a walker. I exercised on a treadmill holding the handles in a death grip. Now I lift weights 5 days a week and I walk 45-60 minutes almost every day ( weather depending ) around my neighborhood, no walker, no problem doing it. I have started using the stairs as well. Something I couldnt do for over a decade. I still use my walker...as a rolling TV trable...I have 82 lbs left to reach my goal of 175 lbs but i probably carry 40 lbs of lose skin and lymphodema on my thighs. It is time to start the process to try and be approved for plastic reconstructive surgery. This is tough as I live in Canada and plastics are not covered by our healthcare system. To buy a plastic surgeon privately for the extent that I would require is around $45,000 . Not an option . I am still dropping around a pound every 24 hours at the moment With no stopping in sight. I am excited to begin this last leg of my losing phase and hopefully get some skin removal approved . Being a chef, having basketball sized Lymphoedema on my thighs make working impossible right now so I am working full time on myself. I am also working on a bariatric cookbook at the request of my surgeon for his future patients. I am on myfitnesspal with my journal open for all to see. I think the accountability is a great thing. Anyone who would like to add me is more than welcome the more the merrier my fitness pal tag is ShrinkingGordon.
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    I think you should definitely not remove your daughter from your insurance. That is not supporting her at all. I think the best way you can help her is to encourage her to seek therapy for her food addictions or mental issues surrounding eating, and then be there for her on the tough days when she needs you!! She has made a decision to do something about her weight issues at an age where she can really change the rest of her life for the good. Have you looked at the statistics of people who lose weight by diet and exercise? Most gain all of their weight back and then some. A common theme on this forum is that most people wish they would have had surgery many years before they did. Your daughter is an adult now, and if she has gone through all of the pre-op classes and has qualified for surgery I think you need to support her completely. If you don't she will resent you, I know I would. The complication rates for sleeve surgery are really low. Have you gone with her to any appointments and spoken with the doctor? Maybe this would help ease some of your fears.
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    I've been making this lately and it's so good and satisfying! (Im 8 months post op so no food restrictions as long as they are healthy) BLT, but I use iceberg lettuce instead of bread. For me personally, I watch my carbs and don't worry as much about fats. I use crisp bacon, tomato, mayo, and iceberg.
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    I'll play. I started at a size 20. I'm a size 2-4 now. I'm over 3 years out. I'm on the far left. Me now
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    Well I need to lose 50 to get back to my lowest. The weight has gone on gradually over the past 3 years, I knew I had to get it in hand but didn't. How did I get in this position well it's wine and snacking (grazing). My husband and I can share a bottle of wine (or 2!) but it is accompanied by crisps (chips) and a family bar of chocolate. Cakes and biscuits have also creeped in to my diet. See I know exactly what I'm doing wrong. I do have good restriction and if I eat correctly I get full on quite small amounts. The other thing I have done wrong is give up exercise. I don't like exercising but I do know it is essential. My plan: initially there will be no wine at home and consequently cut out the crisps and chocolate. Exercise. The number 50 is too big for me and quite frightening so I am going to cut it down into sections of 5 which seems so much more manageable. I have started today and I have used my elliptical and there is no wine in the house.
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    I had my sleeve done on Oct 18, 2017. BEST DECISION EVER. I am almost a new person. The things I can do now that I couldnt before such as drive without the steering wheel on my stomach, tie my shoes without being out of breath, walk up stairs without hurting, play with my son. These are just a few things I can do now. So far I have lost a total of 110lbs! The only loose skin I have is my arms but it's always been like this. Working out to tone them up as much as possible!!! Guys what's your story.
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    1. Wore a minidress for the first time in my life 2. It is a size 4!!!!! 3. No spanx 4. No thigh chafing!
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    This is a story about a young man who always had a smile on his face but knew he was different. Whether it be his heart or his waistline he always had the biggest in his class. He never let it hold him back because he saw the best in people when they couldn't see it in him. He wasn’t always so confident about what life would hold for him. At the age of 12, he had gotten to 220 pounds. Due to a condition unrelated to his weight he suffered pain in his legs and ankles and required surgery to repair a curvature in his legs. Post-op, he gained even more weight. From age 12 to 16 he gained about 120 pounds. It's hard to see the pain behind this cutie's smile, but when he was 16 he told a psychiatrist that he was ready to die. He felt like he maxed out on his potential in life and it would be okay if he wasn't around anymore. It was an extremely stressful time and he had no proper way to cope with anything, and he let himself get to 340 pounds. He had no values. He had no beliefs and he saw no purpose. In 2010, his mom read a magazine article about the SickKids Team Obesity Management Program. Through STOMP, patients can access a team of health professionals, support groups and, for those who meet specific criteria, bariatric surgery. At the time, the program was focused on teens with other health issues, such as Type 2 diabetes, but he was still a solid fit. After three months, he had lost 20 pounds and the team was looking at surgical options. In August 2011 and weighing 300 pounds, he had a Roux-En-Y gastric bypass, a form of bariatric surgery In less than a year he lost around 80 pounds, weighing 220 pounds. His life had changed significantly when it came to eating, but he was prepared for that and knew he would have to manage this for the rest of his life. It wasn't perfect and for a few years post-op he struggled with multiple different complications, but he found a way to push through them and find some balance in his life. He began to find purpose in his life. He went to nursing school, driven by the care and passion that many doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals poured into him along his journey. He wanted to giveback and make a difference in other people's lives. He wanted others to see that they were just as worth the love and care he received. He found values. He became accountable for his actions and saw what was truly important in his life. He became a lover of travelling, eating delicious food and engaging in fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle. He developed a new set of beliefs - that every day is another chance to get stronger, to eat better, to live healthier and be the best version of himself because he is human - perfectly imperfect and worth it.
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    Top photo - April 21, 2016 with my daughter at her junior prom. 271.5 Bottom photo - May 25, 2017 with my daughter before senior prom - 173 Would do it again in a minute. Have another 20-25 to go before I'm done. Surgery was 8/23/16
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    You should eat in a way that you can keep eating forever without feeling deprived. I love eating Keto but it isn't for everyone. If a person feels deprived, then eating Keto or anything else is going to suck for them. I feel like people need a find a way to eat that doesn't feel like a diet, is easily sustainable for them, and doesn't encourage the idea of cheat meals or cheat days. If you aren't carb sensitive and can lose weight eating carbs then eat carbs. No one has to live your life or in your body but you. Most programs allow for carbs anyway.
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    I never counted carbs and over 260 pounds lost later, I still don't count them.
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    I was sleeved in March 17,2017, it has been a roller coaster of why did I do this to myself, then I have moments when I step on the scale and thank the lord I did this.
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    Dr Matthew Weiner has a great video about this topic, and states that carbonation stretching the stomach (especially a sleeve) is a myth. My surgeon also concurs. The problem with soda are the CALORIES, NOT the carbonation. Empty, non nutritious calories are the fastest way to gain weight for a WLS patient because they go down so easily. It's silly to think the pressure from a few carbonation bubbles will "stretch" anything. Aside from the natural stretching that happens years out, it would take years of systematically over eating to the point of sickness to stretch a sleeve significantly because the fundus, or stretchy part, has been removed during surgery. Dr Weiner has no issues with carbonated waters or selzers as tolerated. At 3.5 years post op, I drink carbonation periodically and can eat just as much as any one else as far out as me. It has not stretched anything. It's really time to put that myth to rest.
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    Starting 223 now 153 and still losing surgery was November 2016
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    Just got home from the hospital! Still feeling pretty darn well, just a bit sore! I am still in awe over how well this whole thing has gone! I'm also attaching some pics to show my progress. The first is from right before my gastric sleeve when I was 262 lbs. second was from the morning of LBL and liposuction surgery at 169 lbs. Third is 2 days post op. Haven't weighed myself since surgery, and I'm still definitely swollen, but feel terrific
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    Had VSG almost 2 years ago now. I'm down from a size 30/32 to a 12! I must admit within these past 3 months or so, it has been a war fighting against weight gain, and now my 12's are a little snug. I am determined to lose the 15lbs I've gained!! Ugh the fatgirl life!
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    I'm vertically challenged at 5'1 so my original goal weight was 110 pounds, which would have placed me at a very normal BMI of 20 and into single-digit clothing sizes. At three months post-op I adjusted my goal upward to 130. The weight was coming off at a painfully slow rate of about 5 to 6 pounds monthly, so I thought I'd never make it to my original goal. I reached my revised goal of 130 pounds at 14 months out. My surgery day weight was 218, so I decided to lose a nicely even 100 pounds by getting to a body weight of 118. 118 pounds was my new goal. It took another 4 months to lose the additional 12 pounds to get to 118. I've been maintaining this body weight without a great deal of effort while eating in the ballpark of 2000 calories daily. This is the first time in my adult life I've been weight-stable. I wear a size 4 and enjoy life as a normal-weight person.
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    I cringe every time I see a response from you...if God gives her comfort then so be it. You may not believe in God but don't take away from those that do. I really pray that God humbles you to be nicer and compassionate to others.
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    Let's see -- what are some of my favorites? Swedish fish, peeps, pizza on day 3 post-op, chicken fingers and fries during the pre-op liquid diet, ice cream as a full liquid, putting protein powder in a milkshake, alcohol during the first month post-op, a pork chop in the first week post-op. And there have been countless others; these are just the ones I remember off the top of my head. (And most of these posts come in the form of yes/no questions -- can I eat swedish fish? -- can't ice-cream count as a liquids? -- etc.) Yea, I have sparred with some folks in some of these threads -- mostly because I want better for people. But probably 1/2 to 3/4 of the people I've encountered on this site really aren't making lifestyle changes, aren't changing their relationship with food, and aren't going to be successful long-term because of their decisions and their inability to get a handle on food. And those people will be blowing up these forums for a while, and then they'll disappear until they come back months or maybe even years later talking about how WLS failed them and they need a revision to one thing or another. And then the cycle will repeat. For those people who are super focused on what they need to do to be successful pre- and post-op, this gets really frustrating. Yes, it's probably better to just ignore these kinds of posts, but, again, many folks just want better for these people, make a comment, and then commence the next internet war. There are a handful of people on here who are successful and thoughtful. I stick around to see what they say. Everyone else can eat/drink/post/etc. whatever they want to. I'm just going to enjoy my 200 pound weight loss, and work on getting this last 17 pounds off by the end of the summer.