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    New clothes during Shelter in Place

    If you are only doing video conferences, then use a hair tie or binder clips to cinch up the back of your shirt! Save your $$ to buy even smaller sizes once the quarantine is over!! Also, angle yourself so only your shoulders and head are shown on camera if you feel self-conscious about it. My work is saying we aren't going back until August or September. I'm looking forward to surprising everyone with a new tiny me!!
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    Best Decision?

    I'm a little over 4 months out, but I feel the best I've felt in years, and can't wait to see what the future holds for me!! I wish I'd done it sooner, but am also thankful that once I made the decision to do it, my surgeon got me in rather quickly. It's funny, b/c with quarantine, I'm really able to focus on myself and my family. If I hadn't had the surgery, I can imagine that this time period would have been full of depression and weight gain. I'm so appreciative of my new lease on life!!!
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    Not losing weight

    Update: I’m back losing weight 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽😌😌😌😌😌
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    This size... No But this size... *Maybe (Ask your surgeon for sure)
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    1. The longer I go without seeing people, the greater my opportunity to surprise them with my new skinny self! 2. It doesn't matter that my bras don't fit, b/c I don't have to wear one! 3. By wearing jammies every day, I have no idea what size clothing I wear, so it will be a fun surprise when I finally decide to get dressed again! 4. Working from home, I don't have to worry about temptations from coworkers bringing in donuts, cookies, etc. 5. Also no restaurant temptations, since I eat every meal at home. 6. I can use all the $$ I'm saving on not getting hair and nails done to get extra glamorous when I break out of here someday. 7. Amazon delivers my favorite protein shakes. 8. I have plenty of time to try various free workout videos on YouTube. 9. Plenty of time for weighing experiments, before shower/after shower, before pee/after pee; the possibilities are endless. 10. I can drink as much water as I want, b/c I can pee every 10 minutes if I have to (which is also fun for #9).
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    Congratulations and welcome to the ride... along. The only advice I can think of (not that you asked 😂) is to let your husband pursue his goals, you pursue your (separate) goals and then find some goals in common to keep you connected. Good Luck ❤
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    I think it's probably real, but I think it gives a lot of people - including WLS patients - the wrong impression about WLS. First of all, those people weigh over 600 lbs. I've been working with pre-op groups for the last three years - at least one a month. I have NEVER seen anyone nearly that big in any of the groups. Never. I would say most people in those groups are around 250-ish lbs - and there are always a handful that are probably 300-400 or maybe 450 lbs tops. Most surgeons refuse to operate on patients bigger than that, so they go to high-risk specialists like Dr. Now. But people think most bariatric patients start out at that size, because that's all they've seen on TV. I think the show also features people with a lot of weird issues (as opposed to basically normal people who happen to be morbidly obese, like most WLS patients) because it juices the ratings up. anyway, among the wrong impressions it gives people about bariatric patients: that we all stuff our faces with pizzas all day long, that we all have bizarre mental "issues", that we drop massive amounts of weight every month (I can't even tell you how many new post-ops here on BP and other forums worry themselves sick because they didn't drop 40 lbs the first month. Good Lord. It's because it's very unusual for someone who starts out at 250 or whatever pounds to drop that much weight. I'm pretty sure they have this expectation because they watch "My 600 lb Life"). I also HATE the fact that they show these people in the shower - or sitting on the toilet. What is the point of humiliating these people? anyway, not a fan. At all. I guess a "pro" is that it's exposed a lot more people to what WLS is all about, but I think it gives them very inaccurate impressions of it, too.
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    Just feeling sorry for myself..

    It's a new day where I am now. I am sitting in front of my computer sipping on my morning protein-coffee while reading comments here. Thank you all for the kind responses.. I am happy that I came back to the forums. ♥ I am getting myself back on track today.
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    Post Op

    Oh I slept for like 24hrs straight was in pain but good drugs via the IV..
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    I'm overweight and loving it!!!!!

    Congratulations! No one would understand the excitement except us Bariatric family! I’m getting closer too!