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    Hi Everyone! I know I came to these forums to help prepare me for the surgery, so this post is about helping you be as prepared as possible and know the nitty gritty. I was sleeved Wednesday 1/24 in Chicago. Your mileage may vary. The night before, I was NPO after 9PM and was the first surgery of the day, so I had to be at the hospital at 5:15 am. Have a backup ride ready because you might not know this until the day before, and my husband had to stay home with our kids. Pro Tip: You can reserve a cab or Lyft ride in advance, so I had a lyft scheduled at 4:30 AM. They do weigh you at the hospital when you arrive. Pre-Op was a breeze. I have a high BMI so I had a shot of a drug to prevent blood clots, if you don't like shots, ask for it in the thigh. I had mine in my right shoulder both days and it was fine, nothing more than a flu shot feeling. Post op your mouth will be DRY. DRY DRY DRY DRY DRY. Bring lip balm to keep your lips moist and you will, will, WILL get through it. If it's really bad, make sure you are not getting dehydrated. Late on the night of my surgery, my heart rate and blood pressure went way up, so they gave me a "BOLUS" for dehydration, which is a lot of IV fluids really fast, it did the trick and by morning I was fine. WALK! Get up as soon as you feel able to. I walked and walked, and peed and peed. They will measure your urine so don't flush it, there will be a measuring thing in the toilet, don't put paper in it because you want credit for every ML of urine you produce! And did I mention walk? It's so easy. I was shocked that I was the only person walking around the floor. It really helps with that gas pain. The morning after surgery I did a "water trial" where a member of the doc's team brought in two thimbles of Water. I had two hours to finish them and it took really about an hour. Go slowly. After that, I was not brought a tray of anything, just a FULL styrofoam cup of probably 20 oz of water and was told "this is what is between here and home." It took me about 3 hours to drink it, and then I was finally discharged around 3PM. Walking around in CVS on the way home is when the farting began. It hasn't stopped but I'll tell you I have zero gas pains! Get the liquid Tylenol. You will want it when you are home, even if just one incision hurts (I have five "stab wounds" and only one is really bothersome at all - and the liquid tylenol is enough.) Now I am home and am slowly sipping Premier Protien Clear (yum) and water (yum) all day. TIP: Don't buy the orange Protein water sold at Target, order the Premier Protein clear online. They are vastly different. TL:DR? You will fart a lot. That's good. You will burp a lot. That's fine. WALK A LOT. Stand up a lot. You'll do great. Ask me anything!
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    I'd have the surgery and tell him that he needs to do whatever he needs to do. He doesn't sound like a great person, and once you get yourself where you want to be, you can likely do better. Don't let him bully you. Do what is best for your health, your goals, and your happiness.
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    Screw him. Get the surgery. Lose the weight. Divorce him. Marry a male underwear model.
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    Here's a reality. You have to prove that you have the self control to not hurt yourself and create a medical emergency. Surgeons fear non-compliant patients....because they have complications and it makes the surgeon look dangerous. My surgeon was brutal. We had to lose 10% of our total weight...to get approved for surgery. Took me six months, but I faithfully lost the 27 pounds he required to prove I could stick to a diet. Surgery isn't a magic cure. If you don't get control of your eating habits and learn to eat the right things, you're dead in the water. Surgery will not work for you. Losing 30 pounds before my presurgical liquid diet....was child's play compared to the hell of the starvation diet both before and after surgery. Don't for a second think that losing weight before surgery is "the hard part"....it's tough, but it's the tip of the ice berg compared to what's next...and if you're not up to it, you might want to reconsider. Just being honest, folks. Wishing everyone success and good outcomes.
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    I know...I know....we've all been there. And it's important to be patient with newer folks and to be empathetic to their frustration. I'm so wrong for this....but I just want to smack the **** out of them. Which would not be helpful. I'm sort of re-evaluating the value of habitually reading this board. It's all starting to loop around and around in this anxious cycle of angsty mental health issue driven repetitive slurry. I'm starting to identify these stereotypes of posters that repeat over and over.... The Bird....I will not eat over 500 calories because calories are bad. The Protein Addict....Must never eat carbs again or the world will explode. The Why Me Whiner....Where's my yellow brick road, Dr. Nowzaradin? The Documentarian.... Ate one and three quarters blueberries this morning for a total of 4.37687calories. The Rebel without a Clue.....I ate a whole pizza yesterday just to see if I could cram one in there. I could! I want my money back! The Pain in the Ass angsty Know It All.....who writes offensive insensitive rants like this one. The Research Junkie.....sort of like the pain in the ass angsty know it all...but with more links. The Fat Shamer.....let me endlessly describe how much I hated my fat, and by extension how offputting I find other fat people The Size Queen.....Can I slip my new pants size into casual conversation? The Oblivious Question Asker.....Um, I'm two weeks out, can I have chicken McNuggets and a large coke and fries yet? The Lonely Soul.....Hi, We should be besties. I'm going to write 9/10 posts about how cool I think you are. The Stuck Veteran....I lost weight ages ago and kept it off, but I still obsess about weight loss daily. The Message Board Christian.....Lets slip Christ in there, just for the hell of it. Pray for me! Maybe I just have a shitty attitude today. I'm bored. I'm tired of thinking about weight. I'm glad I had surgery. A few bumps in the road, but I'm doing really well all things considered. I'm committed to following through. But I'm so freaking tired of thinking about this.....and having it consume so much of my life. And equally scared of not being vigilant. Just kinda....ornery. Sorry.
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    I was going to call this Break On Through To The Other Side (thank you Doors). But I figured I'd get sick of it after a while. I'm going to use this space to keep track on the 2 week march toward surgery and then to keep track of the recovery and progress. That way I can keep it all together and if I just do one thread, it's all in one place without clogging up the Blog Area. I'm sure it's gonna be excruciatingly boring to everyone--me included! I'm a list and minutia kinda gal. I like tracking and counting--although I can be equally lax about crap. So I stop just short of OCD town (not that there's anything wrong with that). My official 2 week liquid diet starts tomorrow. I decided to jump on it today because Sunday feels like a great place to start and because it's hard to do better than yesterday as my last food day before surgery. I'm a Texan, born and raised, and yesterday we had a fairwell to my ass and thighs via a Texas BBQ tour through Houston and Tomball. I ate so much brisket, sausage and ribs, I can honestly claim to be over it. Growing up in a BBQ family, slow smoked meats is almost in my blood. So it was only natural that I would choose that as the last rights. I'm having RNY on February 20th and as I understand it, moist (fatty) brisket might not be my friend post surgery. Supposedly high fat foods (which moist brisket is) might cause a sort of "dumping" in the poop department. So I figure my future, once healed, might only include lean cuts of brisket and smoked meats. It's a choice I will readily make to lose weight and get my health back. So the morning Day 1 hasn't been very difficult--a little hunger and growly tummy, but nothing that makes me feel anxiety. Protein Drinks on board and this afternoon will shop for SF popsicles, SF Jello and bone broth. I think I'll stick to packaged bone broth so I can get the actual nutritional information from a certified source. There's no real way for me to tell how many calories and carbs are in the bone broth I make here at home. My Pre-Op Plan includes: 80-100g of protein; low fat; 60g carbs and somewhere around 1000cals per day. 4-5 Protein drinks containing a minimum of 15g of protein per serving. They must be low fat and low sugar and can't contain over 4g of sugar per serving. I can have clear low sodium broths, sugar free drinks, sugar free jello and sugar free clear popsicles (no fudgsicles or ice cream based pops). I will do this from now until February 20th. I'm pretty sure I will be doing plenty of the following:
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    I saw this on another support group and thought it was pretty awesome, especially when that darn scale doesn't move. Sent from my Nexus 5 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I am now approximately 25 years post-gastric bypass surgery, and even though I was a "pioneer" back in 1994 when I had the surgery done in Birmingham, AL, AND I almost died because of a "leak" that created a huge infection inside my body that led me to a 3 week stay in ICU, I WOULD DO IT ALL AGAIN!. Losing 170 pounds was the best thing that ever happened to me. I have read comments from some about "missing" their comfort food. Well, if you had rather have comfort food than be thin, then I would suggest you NOT have the surgery. However, I can assure you that you will be so excited seeing the weight drop off your body that your "comfort food" will not even be a fleeting thought in your mind. As you go from shopping in "plus size" women's clothing to "regular" sizes, you begin to feel normal again. The absolute worst part of the whole experience, even to this very day is the GAS that I experience EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Anything with sugar, or starch, or fiber, will give me GAS. I have to wear a carbon pad (Flat D) every day to work, and sometimes it still passes by the pads. I keep a can of sanitizing spray at my desk (thank God I have my own office), and I sometimes have to spray to keep others from smelling my foul scents. I love who I am today. I did not have skin removal surgery, as I could not afford it, and insurance would not cover it. I am tall, and it doesn't look too bad. Now that I am older, it sags more, but what the heck - I am now the size I always wanted to be, and love it. I went from a size 26 to a 14-16. I am almost 6' tall, and am now 68 years old. The picture below is of me and my daughter (who also had gastric sleeve surgery a couple of years back.) I say "go for it" and love yourself again! Cheers, Margo H.
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    Hello there! You are about to have surgery and it's scaring you to death? You are thinking you made a mistake? Yes, that is normal. You will be okay. There are many threads about that. Have a look. You just had your surgery and you feel like crap? It's hard to swallow and you ache all over? You wish you had not done this? Yes, that is normal. You will be okay. There are many threads about that. Have a look. You're recovering from surgery, but the restricted diet is driving you up a wall? You'd like some assurances that there are things you can eat that won't make you bored senseless and/or nauseous, and if not, comforting words that this will pass and the next stages are better? Yes, that is normal. You will be okay. There are many threads about that. Have a look. It's been a few weeks since surgery and you're worried you're not losing as much weight as other people? Yes, that is normal. You will be okay. There are many threads about that. Have a look. It's been two or three weeks since your surgery and you seem to have stopped losing weight entirely? You maybe even gained a few pounds? Yes, that is normal. You will be okay. There are many threads about that. Have a look. It is totally cool to ask about all of these things! It's totally cool to worry and want some nice people to give you advice and tell you that you are not alone. Post anything you would like. But you can also take a few minutes and read some of the earlier posts. You should totally do that, too, as a) it will give you more answers to the thing that is bothering/scaring you more quickly and b ) it will help you see that you're not alone and there are nice people here who have had the same or similar problems and they turned out okay. Also, by posting your worries in the pre-existing threads, you will make the top of the forum less scary to other new people, as there won't be a half dozen posts on the same problem, just a few longer ones with lots of support and answers already in place. The forum didn't open this morning! Don't discount how much you can learn by reading what's already here. You are going to be okay. Settle in and read stuff. It will help, I promise.
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    Went shopping today for new work clothes and I NEEEVVEEERRR thought in a million years I would wear a size 4/6... I'm so THANKFUL to God for this opportunity and even though I may fall short at times, I'm going to work HARD to never go back to where I was before..... Hw: 240 Sw: 232 Gw: 160 Cw: 138 Sent from my SM-G955U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Call his bluff. Make him seriously think about what it would mean if he divorced you for medical reasons. I am pretty sure you would take him to the cleaners financially. Don't appeal to his emotions, show him how it will cost half of his possessions, retirement, and a good chunk of his income. Texas is a "Fair & Just" divorce state. That doesn't necessarily mean a 50/50 split. He may want to think before he opens his mouth again.
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    Hi guys! 6 months post op. Highest weight was 228 a week before surgery, current weight is 175. Before surgery I felt hopeless, I thought, "There is no way I can lose 80+ lbs." I was so unhappy in the body I was living. Couldn't look at myself in the mirror, ashamed of how I let myself go, disgusted by my food addiction. I hated myself. I was at rock bottom and completely depressed at my highest weight. I'm about 52-53 lbs down and think to myself "only 25-30 more lbs to go" that is so much more achievable than 80+lbs was. I feel, hopeful that I can lose the 25+ lbs by July "my surgiversary". I'm just getting happier and happier every day and gaining my confidence back. Here's a progress pic from right before surgery to me currently.
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    Hey all! I wanted to post and update my progress and share my journey for newcomers. I’m three years out of VSG surgery, start weight 240 lbs at 5’6. My lowest weight after surgery was 114. Scary scary thin. After my surgery I could barely eat for an entire year and had malnutrition and many mental and physical barriers to overcome before I began eating again. It took a year to get my stomach straightened out to where I could eat solid food, and another two years to get my mind straightened out to where I was eating enough food. Surgery like this is a big deal, easier for some, harder for others. Because we are a population that struggles with disordered eating behavior and many of us eating disorders, it’s hard to predict how it might affect you. For me, it leveled my life for awhile- but intimately put me into a better place. My life before surgery consisted of constant dieting and deprivation with periods of intense binging on thousands and thousands of calories when I failed on the numerous diets I tried. Surgery was for me a last resort that I believed would stop this cycle and make me effortlessly thin forever or really just take away my ability to eat, because eating was a huge source of emotional pain. Here I am at my lowest weight. That’s some scary ****! I went through some very dark times after surgery that forced me to get super real about what I needed to be happy and healthy. This past year I’ve been consistently rebuilding my health. I began doing this by saying no to dieting and calorie control. No counting, no obsessing, no weighing myself. My life now three years out consists of taking care of my health in a more holistic way. I eat in abundance, and I’ve recently began to be super inspired towards fitness and weight training. My calories average around 2500 per day although I don’t know exactly as I don’t count them. I’ve been able to go a lot of time without reading a food label or thinking too much about what I eat. For me at this point weight has become something that I fight to be at peace with. I try to keep my mind off numbers and I’m focused on just feeling great and strong in my skin. I no longer believe being super thin is the path to happiness. Being able to eat and enjoy food, socialize without worry about food, and be in a healthy body is more important to me. My weight will always be secondary to those things. I’m posting this to give you an idea of what’s possible long term. Surgery is a great tool in some ways but it comes at a high cost. It’s taken me years to rebuild my health and I’m still trying to get my metabolism and muscle mass back to wear it should be. But even without surgery I would have faced a hard road and surgery gave me the push I needed. These days I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time and also I think, healthier. Best wishes on your journey! And remember- you are beautiful right now. Weight doesn’t determine a persons beauty or worth!!!
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    This is uncalled for. Calling a person disgusting on here that has meted out helpful advice to many posters on here is crossing a line and maybe even goes against the terms of service. The point of the post is valid, elective procedures require us to follow the surgeon’s requirements. We must follow the insurance company ‘s requirements. Becoming rude and nasty adds nothing of value to the thread and I actually hope they close this thread.
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    Yes, I do love surgeons and doctors. There are several in my family and friend network. They are human beings, too. They have rights, just like you do:) Bariatric surgery is an elective procedure. If you screw up and hurt yourself, your doctor pays the price. The first thing doctors learn is to first do no harm. Doing surgery on someone who cannot control their eating habits doesn't do any good, and in fact can do a great deal of harm. Doctors have every right to expect patients to comply with treatment guidelines and to refuse those who don't.
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    Hello my name is William and I had RNY Gastric Bypass on April 5, 2012. Starting weight: 382 lbs, Goal Weight: 230 lbs, Lowest Weight: 196 lbs and my Current Weight: 200 lbs. I went from a size 56 waist to a 34 waist. I also had a lot of medical issues like diabetes and high blood pressure, but since surgery all of them are gone and I’m on no medications. I’m the happiest I have ever been in my life and I’m positive that my weight loss surgery saved my life.
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    Here's a rant: You know what I don't like? Country music. So when I stumble into a local bar called "Cowboy Saloon" and there's a room called "This Room Is All Basically Country Music At High Volume" and they are, in fact, playing country music, you know what I do? I leave. I leave as voluntarily as I came in. You know what I don't do? I don't walk around the bar full of people enjoying country music telling them that it's soulless and cliche and isn't what I like to hear and offends my ears and I demand they stop. I just leave. I don't make some big scene and scream "Country music is the worst and I am leaving!" I just... you know, take off, and find a bar playing jazz music. Or sit in my car and listen to NPR.
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    I just had my one week post op appointment and I’m so happy and thankful for this journey. It’s freaking hard and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about, but it’s so so so worth it. I weighed in today at 299. When I was younger, I never thought I’d be so happy for a number that large, but I’ve been solidly in the 300’s for six or seven years now. 299 brings literal tears of gratitude to my eyes. When I weighed in at 355 in the not so distant past and had a moment where I realized I was closer to 400 than 300, I knew I had to change if I wanted to live a healthy and happy life. I started making changes and made the decision to get weight loss surgery to stop the yo-yo dieting madness. Fast forward to my pre-op surgical clearance appointment (now three weeks ago), I weighed in at 329. So within three weeks, I have lost THIRTY pounds. My clothes are looser, my step is lighter. I’m so thankful for this tool and my program. I’ve lost weight before, but always gained it back. For the first time in my adult life, I know I can not only do this, but I can do this for life. 299 feels so freaking good... and I can’t wait to see what 199 feels like!!!
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    I do feel compelled to say, however... (though it has been said before) It seems a lot of us with medical issues that contribute to weight gain (myself included at one point) tend to act as though food has nothing to do with the weight gain. If that is true, weight loss surgery wouldn't help. It is important to be honest with ourselves and realize that our eating habits are indeed a problem. Maybe not the ONLY problem, but a problem.
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    Many people will die without liver transplants. But there are conditions for getting a transplant. You have to remain alcohol free for a set period of time to qualify for a liver transplant to save your life. If you screw up and have drink...you don't get a transplant. And you die. And that's on you. YOU have responsibility in the process. Many people do elect to die. Just like weight loss surgery. You can elect to comply, or you can elect to die. It's up to you. To qualify, you have to be accountable and prove that you're serious about changing the behavior that contributed to the damage. Without behavior changes, weight loss surgery is not only a waste of resources, it also can cause more harm. Particularly, if a patient cannot get hold of their eating habits enough to keep themselves safe. Yes, you have to lose weight before surgery and prove you can break your addiction JUST EXACTLY like liver transplant patients must give up alcohol. Liver transplant patients get their blood alcohol tested....weight loss patients get weighed. If you screw it up, the next step is therapy, not surgery. If the fact that "you're going to die" without surgery is not enough to inspire you to comply with a few months of pre-surgical requirements....you will very likely get a referral to a psychologist to help you work on these issues first. Not being unkind, just telling you the truth.
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    Hubby just called me on lunch (he usually does) and I asked him what he thought of this statistic and how alarming I thought it was. He's unconcerned, but we had a interesting talk about how it could have affected our marriage ten or fifteen years ago when things were a little more precarious and stressed. We've been together 25 years now and we're pretty solid...I don't think we're going to have too many issues. We made a shockingly good transition to having an empty nest four years ago...and that's usually a really good sign that your relationship is on good footings. But yeah....I could see how this surgery could turn things upside down for folks...and back in the earlier days of our marriage I can see how it would have been a lot more challenging. The article brought up what I'm sure is a really common scenario....where two overeaters are together for years and one decides to get fit and change the eating culture of the household, and the other resists or feels forced. I can see how that could be tough! I'm lucky in that my hubby has always been a normal weight athletic guy with good eating habits. In many ways....my finally coming around to good habits is putting us more on the same page. it's been a lot of fun getting outside and being active with him:) He is loving our dietary changes. Would be really really hard if he was unsupportive or bringing in trigger foods. Also, I think 25 years out...you've sorted out the major battles in a way that you haven't yet... when you're young and have little kids, and inlaw ya-ya, and financial stress, and all the pressures that come with that. To all of us married folks....it's a good reminder to pay attention to our relationships and do the work to maintain them:)
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    Hi, I stared at 212 now I am 124. It will be 2 years in April. Dehydration and low blood pressure are the main problems I deal with on a daily basis otherwise I am doing great. [emoji4]
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    Hola guys! So yes I’ve been on here lately and seeking advice for my one year mark since my weight loss slowed down instantly. I’m 14 months post opp. FINALLY hit 169 I’ve been trying to move past 170 for WEEKS and this feels so good!!!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend CW - 169 Goal Weight - 140 Height - 5’7
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    wow... are you for real? if so - PM me, sexy, so we can get to know each other better. i need you. i want you.
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    Well one year ago today I had surgery with BariatricPal MX, what a year it's been. Last night a friend of mine sent me a picture from the night before surgery and frankly I was shocked with the before and after. It's amazing how quickly you can forget how far you've come in such a short amount of time.
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    Have had a few things on my mind about the process I'm going through, don't quite know how to explain, but am going to attempt to, because I think others might relate. Food has changed. And I don't say that like some badge of victory. I say it with a little bit of anxiety and a little bit of grief. Everything still *tastes* like it used to....but the effect of food has changed significantly in my life. (and even my physiology) And my preferences for foods have certainly changed. I really LOVED food. Sort of akin to maybe how a homebrewist loves beer. It was my go-to to relax. It made a bad day more bearable. It took the edge off emotionally difficult situations. It was a source of joy and comfort. Back when I was doing my 6 month diet...I still loved food. I still had my little food love affair celebrations. Every Friday, I'd budget my calories and splurge on a glazed donut. (yes, I know this is pure poison)...but it was a wonderful treat, and I really enjoyed that donut I'd earned by being good all week. With a big cup of premium coffee. And I was losing weight, so why not? I told myself I'd still do this once in a while...obviously I can't eat a whole donut....but I thought....maybe one of these days I'll get a donut and cut off a little quarter of it...let hubby eat the rest...and still have my little donut reward for a job well done. Now here's the weird part. I've found myself standing in front of the same donut case...looking at those damned glazed donuts....several weeks in a row now...and I can't get myself to buy one. Not because I think I'm going to screw anything up hopelessly...I won't. Not because I feel I couldn't control the quantity...I know I could. I just feel sad looking at the donuts. Just this weird grief of knowing it wouldn't feel the same if I ate it. And this is what I'm finding hard to describe... It's like the beer homebrew guy...who would really like like a beer....opening up beer after beer...only to find they all taste like ice tea. I mean...sure, ice tea is great...it's wet, you can drink it and not be thirsty. But what you wanted doesn't exist anymore. Food no longer affords me a coping mechanism. And I'm not sure how to feel about that. Part of me is delighted...because I know THAT is the root problem...food shouldn't be a coping mechanism. Food shouldn't be a love affair. That's a big part of why I got fat. But the other part of me feels a little freaked out by this. Like...damn, what do I use now as a coping mechanism? I can totally understand how crossover addictions happen. And while I don't think I'm really at risk for one because I'm expressing all of this to my support people and trying to come up with some other good ideas for coping mechanisms......I understand the danger, now. I think being aware and talking about it helps a lot. I'm avoiding alcohol and other substances that could potentially be problematic, too....at least until I feel like i've got this all figured out and have settled in feeling more comfortable about it. But yeah....this? This was unexpected. My husband said last night.....OK, for a long time you were trying to make a lifestyle change and you equated all of these fantastic outcomes to that someday mythical lifestyle change.....but now that you have made the lifestyle changes you're noticing the reality isn't exactly what you thought it would be. And that's the thing about any major endeavor, there will be surprises, both positive and negative. I think you're doing great, and doing a great job of taking it all in stride. Keep talking to me. I think I'll keep him. No regrets about the surgery...I'm overall increadibly happy. Just trying to describe something that I really didn't see coming.
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    I'm glad to report that my husband has had a change of heart and I am back on the road to surgery! We discussed at length our finances and why I need to do this. I explained that I'm not doing this to look better (although it's a huge plus) but to be healthier and be out of daily pain and say goodbye to my CPAP. His reply when I said that: "then let's do this." D.R. Potential Sleever
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    Aww, Eddie. You just messaged ME and said you wanted to be the special person close to MY heart! How are you gonna mack on me & Crystal at the same time??? And all the other women you've been posting about in other threads, too? Please stop. This is gross.
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    This stuff is serious. The changes we're making are serious. I've read about so many people loosing it because they can't handle the seriousness of it all. So many of the threads in here are replete with seriousness... Where's the humor? The therapeutic, easing, making-this-heavy-****-easier-to-handle, humor? Where's it at?! Certainly not a central theme in these threads, as far as I've seen in my short time perusing them. I'd appreciate more. Maybe not everyone would. I would. Going through a bout of head hunger? Try cocaine! (Hahhhahha) Seriously thinking about eating cheeseburger two days post surgery? Oh, my god, the opportunities! And when I say "humor," in my universe, that means busting chops. But this place feels overly sensitive to that genre. F%#$ it. My name is Raffi, and I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who try to destroy the humor in that which is sacrosanct, especially regarding this serious, serious thing we've all done, which demands that we be able to laugh at it. Amen. Be forewarned...Revolution is my name. if you don't get it, go ask someone. I am coming to make you giggle and squirm. Who's with me?
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    I think maybe she's a little senile. LOL. I know she meant to make me happy.. *sigh* So, this is what I did. I took two little bites. They were delicious. I enjoyed them. And then I passed the plate to my hubby and said..."Mom, that was absolutely delicious. I can't eat a whole piece anymore, remember? But the two bites I had were amazing. Thank you! You make the best pie ever." She was happy. I was happy. And my hubby got to eat pie. (dork went back and had another piece, too!) I can honestly say I don't feel cheated. I don't feel like I missed anything. I feel like I got to enjoy a treat I love....without blowing my diet or going crazy. I didn't get irritated or ornery. I didn't get unhappy or get the guilts for making my mom (who has memory issues) feel like she'd done something terrible. I made a compromise I feel really good about. Feeling kinda proud of myself. Could I possibly be getting the hang of this moderation thing?
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    My late husband the Somewhat Lamented was cut from much the same cloth. I sublimated my will, played roulette,with my health and 5 1/2 years after his death I've finally,booked for surgery. I am 72, had 2 knee replacements after having arthritis since 25. Was even told I did that for attention, wouldn't let me walk with the cane which would have helped my mobility. Please go forward with your plans, like others have said it is your body and,you shouldn't have. to face your mortality any sooner than necessary. If you want to talk more I'm always here and more than many others I do understand. I'm 72 and facing RnY surgery, I'm more afraid of not having this surgery, getting slower, more broken down and finally expiring. I will use this tool and use it for my health. Hope you'll still join me on this journey. Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Hello I am almost 1 yr post op. Sleeved March 10 2017 Best thing I have done. Start 223lbs and now Weigh 115lbs. I am 5'2". I eat every 2-3 hrs. I do not eat potatoes or pasta or breads. I eat substitutes instead. I get my 80 g protein in everyday which is priority to me and my water intake which is mixture of water/ vitamin water/ crystal light/decaf tea/decaf coffee/ sugar free Popsicles. I have no problems except constipation which is norm from so much protein. I just take Stool softener at times If I eat a salad than I go without needing Stool softner. I go to gym 2_3 X a week. I use to go 4-5 X a week. I am no longer on meds for B/P, Cholesterol nor diabetes. Everything is normal now. I don't need a knee replacement now either. My knees feel good. I just Thank God for this Blessing For my health. So you just do everything you suppose to do and everything will be fine. Sent from my D6708 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Even if he was, he is less than 3 months out. Everyone will lose weight during the honeymoon phase. He's just missing out on the easiest time to make changes in food relationships and habits. It happens over and over on this forum. He'll fade away when the loss stops and it becomes real work. They all do.
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    This might come as a shock to a few people here, but there are quite a few of us in the bariatric patient community who are ALSO part of the medical community:) Doctors, nurses, surgeons, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, physician's assistants, etc. etc......suffer from obesity, too:) Who knew? And yes, some of us are sympathetic and EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for the work bariatric surgeons do, and the sacrifices they make to help people with obesity.
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    I’m almost 9 months post-op. 235 to 160 pounds.
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    Hi sleevers!! So this is my progress pic so far! On the left we have me at 5'8 314 pounds. This pic was taken 2 days before my surgery on August 18,2017 and in the right this photo was taken the other day and i am down 67 pounds! My weight now is 247! Trying to hit 200 by my bday (end of April) but I am so glad I put myself on this journey! I'm starting my YT (under victoria shadoan) blogs for fitness and healthy eating this weekend so please subscribe for recipes and on my Instagram! I do mini cooking tutorials in my stories every evening 😁😁❤️ @torriqurll001 ✨
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    Today, I broke out of the 300's and into the 200's, my first time being able to in 16 years. Crazy Absolutely exciting 1. First pic is scale at my doctors office 2. Second pic is scale at my gym I choose to believe pic #2 lol Xo Joanna
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    First picture 10/25/17- Starting weight Second Picture 2/17/18 Surgery 12/29/17 7 weeks post op. I can definitely see and feel a difference.
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    You know what you get when you play a country music record backwards? You get your dog back, you get your wife back, you get your truck back...
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    Ugh, the f-ing struggle of weight lost. I'm close to 3 years out from getting the sleeve and my God have I went back to my old eating ways. Yes, this is a struggle, and if you are a food addict like me, then you might want to read this. I weighed 276 the day of surgery. To some that might not seem like a lot but being only 5 feet tall I looked like a rolling bowling ball. I hated carrying all that weight around so I decided to go f oror wls. I was so proud of going through with the surgery, and in the first year I lost 80 pounds. Down to 190 my second year I was even more determined to lose more weight. I worked out at least twice a week faithfully and monitored what I ate. I really didn't count calories (which I should have been doing) because I didn't eat that much. I got down to my lowest at 158, but I started to faint regularly. Come to find out, I couldn't maintain that weight partly because I wasn't taking my daily Vitamins (Shocker!) I was sick as hell, and started over-eating trying to refuel my body, but all I needed was my vitamins. My weight started to increase and now I'm at 182. I love candy and chocolate, and Cookies and sweets, It's my biggest down fall. And when I get stressed, it's even worse. I started to substitute my Snacks for meals to cut calories because I wanted snacks more than healthy food. Empty calories are the worst (Don't do it). So now I'm doing damage control. I've gained a solid 20 pounds and this year is my year to lose what I've gained plus some. I refuse to get over 185 so I workout like crazy now. I've done wrong and I need to get back on track. It's so easy to lose sight of why you've had the surgery, and this is my reminder that the surgery is only a tool, I have to do the hard work.... Watching what I put in my mouth. My goal this year is to get down to 150 and maintain. Now I take my vitamins daily, vit D, calcium citrate and a daily Vitamin. They have really helped me because I started to have muscle and joint pain and couldn't work out as well. Pain got so bad I went to urgent Care for it and the Doc told me to go home and take my supplements (Haha!) So if you're a newbie learn from my mistakes, don't lose track and keep pushing. I know I can do this, I just gotta remind myself of how great I am. Sent from my Z982 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I reckon these are consistent themes over and over because not too much usually goes wrong except this list - and mostly we worry about this stuff. So, same old over and over - but with new people needing new reassurance, new hope, each new month. And I reckon we Post without first doing a Search because we want real warm-blooded real time people to respond - otherwise we could just google “why the hell aren’t I losing weight after my RNY” and just get research, or quacks selling gluten free water that will cure us, or surgeons’ websites. But I think for many, waiting three days to get a few personal replies to a (repeated) thread is actually more rewarding than finding an old thread with 37 replies. And as boards get new folk, old folk drift away, they are pretty self-renewing over time. Except the ‘old hands’ who like to stay - and I love that, but maybe the Rants and Raves Board should give those posts a red background so we don’t scare the new hope-seeking folk !!
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    The Bird... The Protein Addict... The Why Me Whiner... The Documentarian.... The Rebel without a Clue... The Pain in the Ass angsty Know It All... The Research Junkie... The Fat Shamer... The Size Queen... The Oblivious Question Asker... The Lonely Soul... The Stuck Veteran... The Message Board Christian... Sincerely, The Breakfast Club
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    Oh wow, people are asking questions on a forum! Shocking!! Absolutely abhorrent behavior. Ban them all!!
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    10 lbs to GW -- Lifetime to health goals!
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    Thankfully I have found the opposite to be true in my marriage. I think me losing weight and in a way getting my self confidence back has made our marriage stronger because I've in a way became myself again, the person I was when we first started dating way back in high school. I think it's important to realize that your spouse is going through this too and things like increase attention from the opposite sex and financial strain due to medical costs (if applicable) and increase shopping needs could put stress on a relationship. I just make sure I'm communicating well both what I need and asking what he needs in our relationship.
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    Well, you know...even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. Party on Wayne.
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    If you eat a cheeseburger two days post op, guess what will happen? 1. Mostly likely, you'll puke. Puking solids at two days post op is very dangerous. 2. You could get a piece of it stuck and end up in the emergency room having it surgically removed. 3. You could rupture your stomach suture line. Which means endangering you life, and spending weeks in the hospital unable to eat anything until it heals. I get that you're disappointed that your weight is up a little. And I get that you're hungry and frustrated. I've been there. Most of us have. That is no excuse for this degree of acting out and behaving like you didn't understand any of the limits you were committing to when you had the surgery. You chose this. You knew it was permanent. You knew that not following the prescribed diet could cause you injury. You need to stop this acting out immediately and start following your program to the letter if you want to heal and have a good outcome. There is no excuse for eating cheese and cheese crackers 48 hours after surgery and threatening to eat a cheeseburger. Is being angry about a temporary water weight gain really worth risking your life? Try to be patient with the process. It sounds like you're panicking under the realization that a significant source of comfort is no longer available for you...and that's understandable, but it needs to be addressed. Not judging you at all...just very concerned that you're about to do something you'll badly regret. I truly hope you feel better soon.
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    Everything you've said about relapse and addiction is correct. But in order to have a safe surgery, you need to get the addiction under control before moving to the surgery. The surgery is NOT a cure for addiction. You need to work with a therapist to get control of your eating before surgery. Relapsing just after surgery can be life threatening. If a person is unable to stop themselves from overeating soon after surgery, they can die or cause terrible harm to themselves. (and to their surgeon's reputation...which is why your surgeon is being hard on you) If people are overeating...they are not ready to keep themselves safe. Listen to your doctor and get control of your eating habits first. You will thank him/her in the long run. You just posted about having "more food funerals than you could count". I'm guessing that's a significant source of your recent gain. I agree that addicts should be treated with respect and not shamed. Addiction is tough. That said, one should not enable an addict either. The best thing to do for an addict...is to have compassion, but to also hold them accountable and not let them make excuses.
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