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    My first goal was to lose enough wait to make myself feel good and it has happened I got my surgery on 10/6 and I was 456.8 pounds and today I weighed myself and I am officially out of the 400's I have not seen a 3 in front of my weight since I was 13 or 14 Sent from my SM-G955U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I am officially one year out today -- had my surgery 11/14. On the day of surgery, I had lost 25 pounds to get from 317 to 292, and was incredibly proud of myself. Today I'm 181. I am 14 pounds from goal at a year out. In the last month I lost 5 so -- soon maybe ?? Definitely by 18 months if nothing else. I did a bunch of progress shots at 6 months, figure I'd add to them today! First pick is at my heaviest; second pic is xmas day 2016, so about a year ago; third from 6 months out and the last, of course, is today! First pic here is about 1 week post op -- I was so proud of how much I'd lost, jeeeeeez!! Second picture is around January, I think, then march, and then today, again! This one is painful. I took the picture on the right the day before surgery...looking back at it now, I don't even recognize myself! My face from my 10 year college reunion at my heaviest, and then again, today (I don't recognize myself in EITHER of these pictures, and it freaks me out just a little. Finally, for fun, a big change -- I picked up a tennis racket again this fall. And now it's too cold to play and I'm mad, because I want to SO VERY MUCH. I'll have to see if there are any cheap indoor courts... Other awesome moments in my recent life: > seatbelts fit comfortably on airplanes > I can cross my legs to sit comfortably in any situation > didn't have to worry AT ALL about my size when going on rollercoasters at Hersheypark > I haven't had a clumsy fall down in months, despite an incredible amount of increased activity > SIZE 10-12 FROM A SIZE 24, I CAN FIT IN STRAIGHT SIZES!! went shopping at H&M and other places and realized how cheap clothes can be.... > went from fattest friend in the group to...potentially....the thinnest..........??? 14 more pounds to normal BMI, and that's what I really want more than anything else.
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    all I can say is My Spiritual Healer is Great and I'm thankful for my tool .I did the work my tool just helps me and remind me to be f**king great ! [emoji41]Kayla Sent from my Z981 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I'm just too excited for this milestone and I know that you all would understand how major this is. Today when I got on the scale it read 198.8! This is the first time I've been in the 100s since probably high school (but I have no idea what I weighted then). I know in junior high I was 186 and I was probably shorter than I am now so this is a pretty huge success. I've never been able to lose weight like this with all of the different diets and workout plans before. I'm so thankful for the sleeve and that my doctor encouraged me to go forward with it. Since the sleeve my high blood pressure has improved, I was able to get rid of a CPAP machine and my chronic ankle pain from a childhood injury has improved a great deal. My last vacation in December I needed to use an ECV because walking was excruciating. I had another vacation last week that was three times as long and my ankle was sore some days but I was able to keep up and walk the entire time. The entire process has been so motivating and positive I couldn't possibly ask for any more. I've now lost 112lbs since my highest weight and I'm thrilled. I definitely hope to lose some more, likely about 30-40lbs. Hopefully this will put be in a good goal range and I can focus on maintenance. I'm a little under 7 months from surgery and it feels amazing to actually have my goal weight in sight. I got to recreate my 'before' picture and I love having the side by side comparison. I even took the same shirt and remade it into a much smaller size!
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    Down 230 pounds ya'll feeling amazing!! [emoji4] wouldn't change my decision for the world! Sent from my SGH-M919 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I have reached my one year anniversary and I am down 102 pounds!!!!! One year ago I would of never believed I could have done this, I am very proud of myself and my journey has only begun.... Don't ever think you can't do it!!!
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    So I had my 6 months check up at the hospital on Thursday, 1 day before 7 months. I saw my surgeon who could not be more thrilled with me. I have lost 82% of my excess weight. (which is a little strange as I have lost 91% of what will give me a normal BMI) They don't want me to loose too much more weight as I'll start to look sickly. They don't think I'll need any plastics, as I don't have an over hang and my blood results are great (the doctor at my support group will probably disagree. All my values are within range, but some are in the lower end, and since she is a specialist on supplements for bariatrics, she prefers us in the upper range). They also have a score that they calculate, that I don't remember, but it was very high, and she called me a success case. I don't go back until my 1 year check up. (I'll just have blood drawn in 3 months and show my support group doctor) They were actually fully booked for the BIA test, but the surgeon wanted med to have one, so she called and asked if they could fit me in, and they could. They are done by the nutritionist. She was also very impressed when she saw me, and after the test she could not be happier. I have the values for all 3 tests (1 month pre op, 6 weeks post op and 7 months post op) I managed to gain another 4 lbs before starting my pre op diet, so it wasn't at my very highest. The only negative thing was my phase angle. It has dropped. It's a measurement that shows how well your muscles are getting nutrition. That along with my total protein (from the blood test) she wants me to eat more, and get more protein. Other than that, everything was great and she was so impressed, especially how much muscles I still have. All the working out and walking has helped tremendously. I have included pictures from about 6 months and 7 months post up. It's only like 5 lbs between the pictures, but I see several changes.
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    Saw this in a fb post and thought it was hilarious. I've lost a newborn calf. Lol. Happy Monday!
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    7 months and 11 days.. 100lbs down!!! This also happens to be the lowest weight I reached during my last big diet in 2008. I have 2 kids that are trick-or-treating tonight. This time last year I vomited after walking up the hill next to my house (the exertion was just too much). I'm still pitifully out of shape, so we'll see if I fare any better
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    Hi All, Nice to meet you, I'm Wika, 28 y.o! It is probably uncommon for asian, especially in my country to do VSG. I have always been heavy since I was a kid and bullied because of it (mainly from elementary to high school). My self esteem was so low that I could not even love myself. Last year I have finally decided and told my parents to get the surgery done no matter what. I hate not being able to love myself and the social pressure around me was so high. I gotta admit that the reason I did my surgery is 80% because I don't want to be called fat anymore by my peers (and family), because it hurt me. My parents allowed the surgery and paid for it (phew! glad!) and it is probably the best decision ever in my life. I feel healthier and lighter. I no longer lose my breath when I walk down the street, I feel energetic more than ever and it definitely boosts my confidence! I feel better, happier, and healthier. I start to open myself to other people, getting to know them (and go on several dates hahaha) unlike before. I love sports more than ever and in fact I spent most of my free time at the gym now. My original weight was 97,5kg and before the surgery it was 95,5kg, now I am between 60-61kg. I am 168cm, originally size 20 for tops and bottoms, now I am size 8 (and it is still considered big in Asia). I still want to go down a bit more, till I am 55kg, but it's a little hard to hit that weight (due to snacking hahaha). Nonetheless, I am a happier me now and I can call it a success!! Regardless the reasons for VSG, it is important for you to be a better you and remember that VSG is only a tool, not the solution.
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    Went to the hospital at 6:45 am and was the 1st patient of the day! I was done by 8am and I'm not experiencing any issues. I woke up to a horrible feeling of gas that's it so far! I'm happy to be on the other side.. Let the weightloss begin!! Thank you all for inspiring me to make this change in my life. This forum has been a blessing for me [emoji286] [emoji275] [emoji285]
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    Every time I sit down I cross my legs. Because. I. Can.
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    I did black bike shorts and a tank top and I'm glad I did! I took the same shot about once a month and then professionally when I got to goal. Here are just a few
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    Sleeved on Nov. 1. Recovery room was rough and I threw up a couple times. After that I was wheeled to a room and slept for several more hours. All total I slept 12 hours post op. People kept talking to me but I was so out of it. I don't remember my husband kissing me and going home for the night. I finally woke up at 9pm and drank some chicken broth and walked 2 miles in laps around my ward. Sipped water. Then I konked back out. I was up every 45 minutes going pee all night long. Woke up the next day (today) and felt great. Walked over 4 miles throughout the day waiting for hubby to pick me up at 5p. The staff was calling me marathoner. I inspired other patients to get up and walk with me. I had a small cup of yogurt and some tomatoes soup and a premier chocolate shake throughout the day. Good luck to all three other November sleevers. Sent from my XT1635-01 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    You know what I might say to these commenters who think they're being nice by being interested but it's getting overwhelming? With a smile on your face and almost a quiet whisper, I'd lean in or step forward a little bit and say, "I'm sure you mean well, but let me ask, would you ask someone with a disease like cancer about their chemo treatments? Would you ask someone who lost a limb how hard it must be?" One of the stigmas about obesity is that everyone tends to treat others like you were personality flawed before the weight came off, when clearly, you had a health problem (mental, emotional, physical, all of it, hey, I'm right there with you). Simultaneously they are morbidly (no pun intended) curious, but they are also using you as a mirror to their own insecurities. Unless one of these people clearly has a weight problem too, and you feel ready to say, "I'd be happy to give you some referrals if you want to go to an informational meeting but I don't feel like talking about myself anymore", I really don't think you need to tolerate this anymore. You/we were ignored before the weight came off, we're not there for their entertainment now. I knew a girl who was well over 400, she lost 250 lbs and then met a guy in my husband's band and they slept together and really fell hard for her. Then one day, months later, when he saw an old picture of her, with all this investment in her emotionally, even then he still dumped her. People are SO LAME when it comes to people and obesity. I am a pretty easy going person in life, but I'd kybosh this s*** at work, pronto. It's not healthy, and you're not that person anymore. You get to turn the page - so can they. Hugs from a empathetic reader.
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    2 years 7 months after gastric bypass. From 258 down to 125 and size 24 down to size 3.
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    I’m so proud of where I came from. I’ve been so discouraged lately, then I saw this.
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    I just want to make an observation in a forum where I know others will have experienced something similar. Since losing a lot of weight over the last several months, I have noticed people (mostly men) acknowledge me and speak to me more. I'm not saying that it's people that I see every day or that I know, just random people I pass by in the halls at work, or in parking lots, or at the store, or the gym. They actually look at me, say hello, smile, etc. It's new to me, and I am just amazed that it happens so often. I'm sure it's a mix of my weight loss and my confidence returning that makes me stand out more, but it makes me kind of sad that I was deprived of this friendliness for so long because of my weight!
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    This has seriously been the best thing I have ever done! I am officially 6 months post-op and have only 10 more lbs to go! I started at 296 lbs at my heaviest and now am down to 185lbs! So excited! I don't hide from pictures anymore!! [emoji7]
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    Ok. First ((hugs)). Second. Let's have a reality lesson and do some math. If you are watching my 600lb Life, turn it the fuc* off! Seriously. Very few of us will lose 25-50lbs a month--even if you weigh over 300lbs. We just won't! There is no quick, overnight way (short of amputation), to get below 200lbs overnight. So settle back and establish your very own "best practices." Third. 37lbs in 9 weeks is what you are describing to me. So let's take 37lbs and divide by 9. You are losing 4.11lbs/week. PLUS there is always a "3 week stall" post surgery that can come on any time between week 2 and week 6-8. It can last 1-2 weeks. My RD told me I will lose between 2-3lbs per week at the start. It will slow as I approach goal. She said, expecting anything more than that sets us up for disappointment, disillusionment, and dissatisfaction/depression. She told me to ALWAYS follow the rules for my food stage: water/hydration/vitamins as scheduled for each day; and low fat protein first at every meal. If there is room, a bite or two of low carb veggies. If more room, then a bite or two of low carb fruit. Eat 3 meals and 2-3 scheduled snacks a day until you can eat enough at each meal to only eat 3 meals without over-stuffing your new anatomy. No drinking with meals or for 45 minutes after meals. Fourth. Track every bite lick and taste that goes down your piehole. Religiously weigh and measure and track!!! Don't cheat yourself. A bite eaten in the dark, standing up over your sink in the middle of the night STILL counts! She promised me if I did that, I would lose the weight. But if you have any doubts, go see your PCP about a low thyroid and also have them test for your B1 levels. Many of us obese and WLS patients have low B1 and it makes all the difference!!!
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    Is it just me - or does anyone get annoyed by the NEVER ENDING STREAM OF COMMENTS about your body??? I work in an environment where I interact with hundreds of people every day, and while the comments are "nice", I am unbelievably sick of people thinking they have the right to comment on my body, how I look, their assumptions about how hard it's been, what this means, how they think I feel, what they think this means to me, what they think I have had to deal with, their opinions about it, etc. I mean.... it is NON STOP. People literally say things like "You must feel so much better!" (I didn't feel bad before). "This must have been so difficult!" (no, it really wasn't because I was mentally read). "You look so much younger!" (I didn't realize I looked old before). "How much weight have you lost?" (I have lost none of your business pounds). Am I nuts to get so annoyed about this?
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    All. Thank you so much for relating, sharing your thoughts and the encouragement and support. At the end of the day my biggest challenge is with what's in my head and appreciating what I look like now. I want to read through and reply, however will do the easy thing first. Here's my now, meow =) . 5'7" 194 - Size 14/16
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    Nov 15 for me...second day of preop diet..I've lost 2 pounds... Sent from my LGMS210 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Just a little over 3 months post op - 41 lbs down. -progress pic -- face has slimmed down - no neck rolls or double chin lol kind of embarrassed but ya...lol
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    I'm 5 months postop as of 11/1/17 & I truly hadn't compared any of my photos until lastweek, and it almost floored me... the photo on the left was on 11/4/17 & the one on the right was 3/7/17. I'm 60+ pounds down & 1 pound from my goal weight! HW: 247 VSG:6/1/17 CW:186(11/04/17) GW:185🙄
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    If you type "obesity" and "malnutrition" into a search engine, it will return over a million results. The first few articles that show up are pretty much saying, hey! Obese people are actually malnourished! Who would have thought?! Then you read the articles, and they start blaming the modern agricultural methods and processed foods, soda pop and high fructose corn syrup. They could be right. But I'm interested in following this in a different direction.. or perhaps just further along the same lines. So, we'll take a person (we'll call her Cindy) that is eating the typical flour and shortening diet. She is gonna be short on vitamin C. (And D, and chromium, and iron.. etc. etc but we'll pick on C). So, now the body says, HEY, we're missing something, yo!! But, it can only say it with a nagging hunger that sends Cindy searching through her cupboards. Her eye lands on some ice cream (in the cupboard.. I know, right?).. and she digs it out and starts eating. But since there isn't vit. C in the ice cream, a couple spoonfuls doesn't quell her hunger, so she eats until she's ready to pop. Now she puts on some weight. 5'1 Cindy, who should weigh maybe 120lbs, now weighs 140. With the increase in weight, her body now has to work harder just to exist (the muscles have to carry the extra load, etc), so she needs MORE nutrients.. more vitamin C, and calcium, calories, etc. etc. But, does Cindy increase her consumption? No, of course not! She sees her pants don't fit, the scale has the wrong number, and so what does she do? She goes on a diet! Slashes her calories. But if she just eats less of the same nutrient-poor food that caused her to gain weight in the first place, then she's eating fewer nutrients too! (Imagine she was eating a big plate of spaghetti that had 2 cups of tomato sauce on it, and changes to a small plate of spaghetti with 1/2 cup sauce. The majority of the vitamins in that spaghetti are in the sauce, and now she is eating 25% of the vit C. that she had been). The pounds drop off, but so does her basic nutrition level. Eventually her body rebels and she can't keep to her diet anymore. She starts eating again, and her body is screaming for nutrients, but keeps getting fed junk, so the pounds just pile on. Now she's heavier than she was before! People that are carrying too much weight need to be FED, not starved. But WHAT they are fed MUST CHANGE! We have all the energy we need (and more).. but it's the missing nutrients that we must find and replenish. Bariatric surgery works because we are able to decrease our calories. The postop diet is designed to keep our protein levels up, and we are to take vitamins to replace those we don't get from our food. But not every vitamin comes in pill form, and not every nutrient has a blood test. We HAVE to continue working to improve our food choices so that we can fill all those needs. I have people at home that are trying to lose weight, and I'm watching my MIL grab about 1oz of pork loin to eat for dinner (with some corn). I'm like, what the *expletive* do you think you are doing? She's sooo.... clueless... when it comes to nutrition. But she won't let me formulate a plan for her.
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    Pre-op surgery November 27th I'm nervous. I want so desperately to lose the weight and keep it off this time. I'm doing this by myself and I wish I had someone to exercise with. My goal is I just want to be able to run again. Even at the age of 50. My kids are all grown up. And I just want to do something for me to start my life over Sent from my SM-N920P using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Damn, so close to an elephant's penis!
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    Gahhhh! Beyond excited and proud of myself [emoji4][emoji847]!
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    I am officially three months out as of yesterday, 11/7/2017. I feel great. I never thought that I would realize this rate of success so quickly. May of this year, I was sitting at 326 pounds. I was unhappy. I was just existing. I had been overweight for the majority of my life even though I was always active. I was the most in shape fat guy around. I worked out 5-7X per week for years. I tried every diet known to man. I would lose 30-50 pounds, and then gain it back. It was then hard to start up again. I tended to eat well during the week, only to destroy my progress over the weekend. I had surgery on August 7, 2017. It was truly a life-changing experience. Shot out to Dr. Illan in Mexico, and Bariatric Pal for giving me this opportunity to change my life for the better. I am 19 pounds from my goal as of today. I have gone from a 44" pant size to a 36" pant size. The most miraculous thing that I noticed today is that I am no longer 6'2.5" tall. I am 6'3" today. I actually grew a half inch! I found out at a doctor's appointment two years ago that I had shrunk a half inch. I though that it was because of age. Well, look at the pictures below. The left grouping was taken in May at my high weight of 326 pounds. The middle grouping was taken on 8/7 and 8/8 (before and after surgery) at 289 pounds. The right grouping was taken yesterday at 239 pounds. If you compare the middle and last grouping, you can tell that my posture has straightened out. I am actually taller by a half inch. Crazy! Anyway, I didn't do this in SUCCESS STORIES, because I don't feel that I am there just yet. Who knows what the next three months have in store for me! Has anyone else noticed a height change after weight loss?
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    Good girl. What I don't like is that many of those superstars actually never tell the truth about the surgery and mainly insisting that they reshaped their bodies through gym and self-control. I really hope people would understand one day, that the surgery is not a "cheating" or the lack of willpower, but the most radical and ultimate measure. We actually gave up what others won't ever be able to - food! ))
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    Guys I did it! 15 months out and I have finally reached and surpassed my goal weight of 140LBS! You guys have no idea how proud of myself I am! Don’t give up guys! Keep pushing! I am here for all of you [emoji813]️
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    I had my surgery 8/15/16 I started at 341 wearing a size 30-32 pants. And 4x top. As of today I am now 127lbs and wear anywhere from a 1 to 5 pants and small to medium top. Congratulations on your loss!! Keep up the great work.
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    1. When you are dehydrated.. your urine smells BAD! I almost gagged the first time I went to the restroom and couldn't believe what I was smelling.. (yeah so I make sure to get those liquids in!) 2. You don't use the restroom as much.. I only go maybe twice a day. 3. Acid Reflux! I've noticed when I swallow something too quickly or if I eat that soup too fast! I get hiccups or I burp a lot. (Never had this issue before). 4. I am always cold! This drives me crazy! (I'm a little dramatic) BUT!.. I literally have to sleep with my pajamas, snuggie with the covers over my head to keep warm. (And yes I take all my vitamins). I am freezing as I am typing this now 5. Waiters/Waitresses will assume you think their is something wrong with the food when you ask for a TO-GO box. I went to BJ's the other night and ordered a soup and had just a few bites and I became full. I asked our waitress for a TO-GO box and she went into apologetic mode and asked if she could offer me another dish and so on and so on.. very nice of her.. but long story short and lesson learned.. stay away from restaurants as much as possible.. it can be quite annoying dealing with the pressure of not eating your meal. 6. Do not purchase a new wardrobe after you lose those first few pounds. You are losing weight every single day and if you buy jeans today, I promise.. they will be too baggy just a couple weeks later. 7. My advice is to not tell people you are getting/ or had the gastric sleeve surgery. I made the mistake by telling my friends and I get asked a lot of questions such as; "So are you happy now?" "Well.. when are you going to stop losing weight?", "Are you going to act different when you lose all the weight?" It's pretty annoying and people act weird for some reason when you lose weight. I swear people weren't sweatin' me at 330 pounds. 8. I still have cravings! I thought my cravings would go away.. but nope! Still there! The sleeve is really a tool to help you lose weight and it doesn't solve all your problems. I almost had a nervous breakdown because I was craving Taco Bell and I couldn't do nothing about it. But the Good News is.. once you put something in your tummy.. you are full after a few bites and the cravings goes away. But it's a struggle everyday. 9. It takes people awhile to get used to the new you! So in my case.. a lot of friends were still inviting me out to Wine Festivals, Clubs, Brunch and Pop Up Bars. Just recently, my friend invited me to go with her to a Star Wars themed restaurant and I couldn't go because I can't have alcoholic drinks and all they offered were fried comfort foods. My new phrase is "no, sorry I can't go.. I can't eat that stuff remember?" Then it's "ohhh yeahh.. I forgot.. so when will you be able to eat/drink again?". Listen. I have come too far to let ANYBODY sabotage my weight loss journey so I am quick to distance myself from ANYBODY who will sabotage my journey and my advice is to anyone reading this is to stay CONSISTENT. People will catch on and know you mean business. 10. Regret. I did experience some regret after having the sleeve because I would use food to cope with issues I dealt with. And when that was taken away, I had to deal with my issues head on. That was difficult and I wanted to reverse the surgery (which you can't) but now that I'm over that hurtle, I have no regrets at all. I have my good days and bad days. My food addiction was real. And I take it one day at a time like I am in a12 Step Program. I used to socially drink every weekend, I was a heavy marijuana smoker, I DJ on the weekends- so I would get free drinks while I'm at the club. And I stopped everything cold turkey. It's tough, but I can't deny the way I feel. I have more energy w/o caffeine, I get 8 hours of sleep, before I was only getting 4 hours, I am in a much better mood, my skin is glowing, my depression is gone, before I was taking anxiety medication and I have completely stopped that. I look and feel like a new person.. and I never want to back to my old habits. Good luck to everyone that is on this journey. You will go through physical and mental challenges but stick to it! You will never have to start over again, if you never give up. Keep at it!
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    Humm after weight loss surgery...I would have to lift my breasts by hand Just to place them out of my shirt.
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    I can only answer for myself. I am sure it is a different yet similar circumstance for the masses of this site. Pros 1. To live a longer and healthier life, and see my grandchildren grow up. 2. To weed off medications, I am taking three pills just for blood pressure. 3. Not being singled out as the fat person and looked down on. 4. To fit into normal clothes and not worry about stores not having the jumbo sizes. 5. To be more active sexually. 6. To have more confidence, when I am slimmer I am more outgoing and confident. 7. To have my sleep apnea, high blood pressure, diabetes and ED go away. 8. To start wearing those clothes in my closet that I have been putting off for a few more pounds. 9. I get compliments almost every day on the weight I have lost and how much better I look. 10. Your social life will get better. Cons 1. You have to be serious committed to make major sacrifices at mealtime. No hearty meals. 2. I can only eat between 1/2 - 1 cup of food at a time. 3. Forsake certain foods for at least the first year such as pizza, white rice and heavy starches. (I sample) 4. Trying to eliminate loose saggy skin, skin loses elasticity as you age. I am trying Vitamin E and Keratin moisturizers and gym workouts to fill with muscles. 5. You have to conquer old habits and wants for a newer you. Mental challenges.
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    Really, it's not worth getting worked up over. You have changed, people are going to notice, why let that bother you? In time people will get used to the new you and the comments will stop. Worry about what you can control, let the other things go. For example, you can't control what people say, so let it go. You can control how you feel about or react to those comments, so work on that. For the most part, people are not trying to annoy you. They are simply noticing an accomplishment and want to let you know. The correct answer to "You are too skinny now" or "You look younger" or "That must have been difficult" is "Thank you for noticing, I have been working hard."
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    Fitting into hubby's jeans, hiking Tahquamenon Falls, overall health and wellness! Today we celebrated our 13th anniversary with a two mile hike to an international dark sky park (in the dark)! We could see the Milky Way belt, comets and satellites! The park lit the trail with tea lights so you could find your way! It was so cool! Sent from my LG-TP450 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Ok, it may not be that you are feeling LIKE you are having a heart attack... you very well may BE on the verge of having one. Please don't do any exercise until you get evaluated. Make an appointment TODAY with your doctor. Exercise has very little to do with losing weight (for the obese, especially at the beginning of a program). It's all about the calories. I'm not suggesting you see your doc. I'm telling you to go.
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    My suggestion is to take a step back, and kind of start from scratch. You don't have to jog, go for a walk. You don't have to do 40min, start with 15. If you do 15min 3 times a day, you are doing 45. And then slowly increase as your get stronger. You say you eat healthy. For a whole week, write down everything, and I mean everything, you eat, even if it's just gum. Eat as you have, don't make any changes. Then look at it and see what you can eliminate, one thing at the time. You don't have to do everything at once. Also, before you get approved for the surgery, you'll have to go through a whole lot of test which will determine if your body can handle the surgery. Also, you can withdraw up until they put you under. If you are considering this, maybe start the process and see how it goes. If your insurance requires 6 months supervised diet, then the only way around it is self pay really.
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    Oh man.. reminds me of when my hubby jumped the gun, telling his mother about my first pregnancy. (Yours is worse, though because we would have eventually told MIL about the fetus.. you didn't ever need to tell about the surgery). What may have happened is your hubby needed to have an outlet.. a way of bouncing his own feelings about your surgery off of a person/people. By restricting his ability to talk to anyone at all, it may have just been too much for him... and much like a diet that goes askew, once you eat that first bite of pie (cheated), then you might as well finish the whole thing. Regardless of WHY he let the cat out of the bag, you should have the open conversation about it, and try to institute damage control. It's possible the business partner's wife HASN'T been told.. you can keep your fingers crossed about that. {Hugs} Sometimes people do crappy things.
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    I know when I was recently post-op I wanted to know what my life would be like after the dust settled, so to speak. When I had surgery I was 56 years old, at a weight of 234 lbs and a BMI of 35.6. I wore a size 22 dress and size 10 shoes (I'm 5'8). Dr. Alberto Aceves did my sleeve in Mexico (a 36 trochar) and repaired a large hiatal hernia. I was self-pay. After my surgery I lost my hunger and also developed some food aversions. I lost 102 lbs over about ten months. I followed the post-op instructions as well as I was able although some days I was not able to drink all my protein. When I graduated to solid foods I learned that regular bread seemed to ball up in my stomach and it felt awful. So did noodles. Chicken made me vomit. I ate lots of shrimp and steak. I ate no desserts other than baked custard that I usually ate for breakfast. As my weight stabilized at 136, I had much more energy. I mostly walk and hike in summer, and swim indoors and ski in winter, but I am certainly not a fanatic. However, it is considerably easier to breathe and move almost 100 lbs. lighter than I was. Bad habits, though, can creep back. My hunger is still gone, but I have a tendency to eat when I am bored. It's easy for portion sizes to increase, so I consciously use my food scale and measuring cups. Also, my sweet tooth came back. I still can't eat cake (see bready things above) but let me tell you, chocolate candy and cookies go down just fine. But, I can easily lose five pounds in a few days when I am busy and out of the house and so I have managed to stay under 140 lbs (and size 6) since my surgery. (Oh, and I went down half a shoe size!) To this day I cannot eat too fast or it comes right back up. I still get the slimies but rarely--usually when I am very hungry and eat too fast. I can't eat bread easily, although toast is fine. I cannot eat salmon, tuna, or other fish that dries out in the cooking process. I frequently use sauces to slide dry food down and I have learned to cook in ways that preserve the moisture in food. Eggs are iffy--sometimes I can eat them, other times not. Vegetables are fine if the pieces aren't too big. Crunchy things, like crackers, chips, and apples, are fine, although I avoid the chips except at parties. If I have them here I will eat them, but out of sight, out of mind. That is the difference between pre-surgery and post-surgery for me. Before surgery, I thought about food ALL THE TIME. I would be eating breakfast and thinking about what to eat for lunch and dinner. If I had to go out I had a "snack" in my purse. If I traveled, I carried food with me and bought food in airports and roadside quickie-marts besides. Now I don't think about food except when the clock tells me it's mealtime or if I get a little light-headed because I've forgotten to eat. There have been some drawbacks to surgery. I can't give blood anymore because it takes too long to replenish my iron stores from food alone and iron supplements irritate my sleeve. I developed GERD about a year after surgery and have to take a PPI daily. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis this year--I had some risk factors unrelated to the sleeve, but a year of malabsorption/malnutrition probably didn't help, despite the liquid calcium citrate I took. All in all, surgery was the right choice for me. It did not change my life, but it changed my relationship to food, and for that I am profoundly grateful. I have so much more time to devote to other interests instead of thinking about what I'm going to eat next. I wish you all the best and hope to read your success stories in a few years.
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    I'm almost 7 months out of surgery and feel grrrreeat!!! Best thing I could've done for myself.
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    I know its not a major deal but my scales this morning officially kicked me out of obesity. I am simply "overweight" according to the BMI chart. I am quite psyched about this as I have not seen this weight since I got married over 23 years ago. I am having to work harder for each pound lost but determined to loose my last 42 pounds. Weird thing, people around me are telling me not to loose more weight, whats up with that?
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    I would recommend a good before photograph so that you have something to compare it with after surgery. I would not recommend an underwear photo because you may be tempted to share it with someone. I would recommend a bathing suit photo. Many times we are blind to our obesity. We do not see ourselves. Therefore when the weight begins to drop off rather dramatically, we question if this is really happening. Photographs are a good visualization of our success. Many people carry a before and after photo with them, just to remind themselves of their success. In my case I was the photographer in the family and as a result I rarely appeared in photographs. Also when I looked in the mirror, all I could see is a front shot, so I didn't really see the extent of my obesity. When I took my before photo, I used the time release function on the camera and took poses in several positions (front, back, right side, left side). This allowed me to recreate the same exact pose 6 months after surgery. This is the result.
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    Before 298lbs. After 225lbs and I almost have abs.