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    I feel great today!!! One step closer to my goal! I am 7 months post op. Had Rny Jan 27, 2019. Made it to onederland today!!!!!! Brings me to 198lbs current weight.
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    A little weirdo am I

    So you are at least eating softer foods. But the preparation is not so great. Fried is fried. And will add tons of calories from bad fats. 11 days doing this is not good. I'm just gonna tough love this for you. FOLLOW your doc's plan for you and don't advance your diet. Liquid phases SUCK GIGANTIC GREEN ONES! But truth? Suckitupbuttercup. We ALL had to do it. You get through it. You do not have to LIKE your protein drinks. You simply HAVE to do it. Sadly, the first 2 weeks are when most of us feel the least like eating--so consequently we eat very little and eat only protein. And so we are 2 weeks into breaking a bad food habit. Most of us had 2 weeks liquids up front so 2+2=4weeks out. Supposedly it takes 3 weeks to build a new habit. And now that you are having your shenanigans, you are starting your brain and behaviors back at ground zero. My advice? If you can't be compliant at 11 days, you need to get to your RD, your surgeon, and a psych. Cuz you need counseling to work through the head work. The first 2 months is when we lose the most amount of our weight. Don't squander this opportunity to change your life and heal you legs and self image--heal your blood pressure. Write out an index card with your WHY on it and post it on your fridge and mirror. WHY did you have this surgery?!! WHY! Keep a focus on that. Make good and healthy food choices. Get your protein in according to your doc's phase.
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    Threw it away

    I bought a bar at work which is generally my emotional eating crutch. It was a mindful choice as I looked the labels of every single one - even though none where good! - and then picked the one with the most Protein and least carbs. I walked back to my desk, I took a bite, then realized WTF! I don't need this! So I spit out my bite and threw the rest of the candy in the trash! Yay me!! Surgery Aug 2018 HW 288 SW 250 CW 152 (essentially at goal now)
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    Ok, yes! Be hard on yourself. WTF? Seriously. Call your surgeon and get a referral to your RD and to the bariatric counselor. Start therapy now. This may sound harsh? But you are 4 WEEKS post op! This is the "easiest" and the "hardest" you will ever have it and the time you will feel LEAST like eating in your entire journey. Cuz barring complications like it sounds like you're asking for, your restriction will get increasingly less and less as the months go by and you continue to heal and evolve. You either take care of your food/behavior problems now? Or you could be doomed to either never see goal, or regain. Tough? Fu*k yes. I am being tough and shocking. I hope it shocks you into getting a grip and getting real with your bad choices. It begs to be asked...Why did you have this life-changing surgery if you weren't ready to get serious about living a new life? Ask yourself, WHAT IS YOUR WHY? WHY did you want the surgery? WHY did you want a new lease on life? How important are YOU? How important is your marriage? Your LIFE? (Seriously one of the saddest posts I've ever read and I've read a bunch including a post-op eating pizza at 4 days.)
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    What a Difference a Poop Makes!

    Pooping makes the world go around! The world go around! The world go around! Many think this song should be about money, but nah...I think it's all about the (Mr. Hanky). Good Lord! So I've been through MOM 60ml x 3 days, Mag Citrate 400mg Pills Daily, Mag Citrate Liquid (1/3 bottle--oh the humanity! Never again!), Smooth Move Tea, and Miralax x 2 days, psyllium 12g x 3 days, chia seed pudding (standing by), and daily Colace 250mg pills...and finally. Finally! FINALLY! The earth moved. I would like to thank the academy. I feel such a sense of relief. I was seriously bloated, uncomfy, was 4 lbs up on the scale, and generally in a pissy mood yesterday. I was miserable. Now, this morning...I feel light as a feather and so relieved. No more pain, distended tummy, nuttin honey. Life is good again. Nowwwww....wax eloquently and profusely about how much better you feel when the trains are rolling down the track on schedule!!! Ok, go!
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    Definitely there are many people out there that have changed their lives without needing surgery but everybody is different! I've actually started my own preop much earlier than the surgeon asked. very low calorie and high protein low carbs and I've found I'm not hungry that much compared to what i used to be, and in just 15 days I'm down 30lbs (sure might be mostly water but feeling better and lost a few inches) The way I see it every lb lost will make the surgery easier for me and the surgical team
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    Feeling alone.

    Trust me the weight will start coming off and the energy level will increase. ONCE YOU recognize the true benefits of having the surgery for yourself and how it's going to improve your mental and physical being. All the side chatter won't mean a thing. Stay focus and strong...remember you got this.
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    So I just started my soft foods phase two days ago, so far so good....and then... Last night, I had a waaaay too realistic dream (nightmare!) that I woke up to the smell of pizza, and next thing I knew I had eaten two slices of supreme-everything-on-it pizza, then suddenly it dawned on me - just as I was eating the last bite - that I had just had my WLS! I felt horrified that I had actually forgotten! I panicked, felt sheer terror, was freaking out, crying, hysterical, the works! It was legit terrifying but when I woke up and realized it was just a nightmare, I felt so relieved, and then I burst out laughing because holy crap my nightmare wasn't about monsters or the usual scary stuff - but ABOUT PIZZA. 😂 Has anyone else had any "oops forgot I had WLS surgery and just ate something I shouldn't" dreams? Maybe it's just me and I'm a total weirdo, but still, I'm laughing about it at least, lol. 😆
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    Oops, ate too much

    Well, that was a very unpleasant experience. Of course, I had read it wasn't pleasant by any means but stupidly wasn't eating 'mindfully' and was chatting to my husband while I ate and had one meatball too many (they were tiny teaspoon-sized super soft chicken meatballs). Anyway, I paid the price quite quickly and am absolutely hating this new way of vomiting. WHY is it just bile, dear god it is revolting! I didn't get pain so much as just the feeling that something was a bit stuck. So, lesson learnt, MINDFUL EATING IS A MUST lol
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    Feeling Weak past 2 Months

    Thanks Cowgirl I was thinking the same thing early off I was eating and drinking at the same time. When I stopped drinking while eating I would wait the 30-60 mins but i wouldn’t drink at all or drink very little I will start a log