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    @Arabesque I have the same question about why am I still on pureeds! I am STARVING all the time! Even my surgeon's diet guide says soft foods start approximately 5 weeks after surgery. The surgeon scolded me on Facebook and said at 7 weeks out I should only be eating 3 tbsps of pureed food. I think the plan has changed or something happened to make the surgeon change the method, but the diet guide was never updated. It could be so that people lose more weight more quickly. I ditched the support group, it's not a requirement. I have started testing the water with soft foods. I've been doing some tough workouts in the mornings, and I feel like I need an egg every now and then, lol (soft boiled or poached of course!). Thank you to everyone who responded! I feel less like a failure hearing from all of you! And I really appreciate all the thoughtful input. Sent from my SM-N976V using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I keep a simple notebook journal for my feelings and thoughts. I remember when I start to feel depressed so I can go back and take note. I used to use a calendar with happy, sad, angry, blah faces. When I get to two weeks or more I evaluate the extenuating circumstances around me, like major life changes, allergies or menstrual cycle. If it can’t be logically explained I seek out therapy. It sounds like you know what is causing the problem. Food used to help you cope. Therapy will help you find the root of your feelings and name it, and express it in a healthy way instead of overeating. While you are looking for a therapist (try your WL center first, but there’s lots of online options too) try tracking when you feel like binging and all the stuff going on around you. I’m finding Friday nights very tough. Maybe you’ve been struggling for a long time and need medication and more help. Mental health is physical health. Physical health is mental health too.You did the first step of identifying the problem and the second of asking for help. You will figure it out and what works for you. Keep us posted on your progress. I know you can do this!
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    One thing that's helped me a lot post-surgery (especially at the early stage of recovery) was making a list of substitute very low calorie foods that tasted great and then keeping them stocked in my kitchen so that when I had cravings or just wanted to nibble on something, I could eat a cherry tomato or a few grapes or a cooked veggie, etc. Over time, you'll be able to create your own list of go-to very low calorie foods so if you find yourself struggling, you can at least have a healthy treat. And as others have mentioned, there are lots of substitute activities you can do to calm your mind and take your thoughts away from food. For me, I like to do online jigsaw puzzles and brain training games which keep my mind very occupied.
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    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    Hi!! I'm new here!! I'm in Canada, and I'm having sleeve surgery on november 9!! Happy to have found this forum!! I'm on the waiting for a year, but decide to go to a private clinic. I'm already 48 years old, and turning 49 in november. It's a gift to me from me! :) I'm very nervous!! This is coming very fast!!
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    So sorry to hear that! 😥 Protein shakes made me vomit, for real. I tried drinking them for a couple weeks post-op since I somewhat liked them before surgery. But then said no, and got protein through other sources. I now use unflavored protein powder for 45g a day, in addition to food sources, and have done well with weight loss. I would say you can definitely be successful without the shakes! And your weight loss sounds great!
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    I use loads of spices in pretty much everything. I hate bland foods. Nothing is more boring that bland food.
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    Total Scale Victory and Random Observations: I now have lost more than I weigh. I have lost 190 lbs. from my highest weight of 374. The first 50 was using Victoza for Type 2 diabetes. My bariatric program has my starting weight as 343. SW=325. CW=185. My program doesn’t give goal weights. For my own satisfaction, 174 would give me a normal BMI. I’d like to end about 170 knowing that some gain/loss is possible as things settle. I’m 5’10”. I have gone from a size 30/32 to a 14. I haven’t been this size since early high school. I look forward to doing things rather than dreading them. I’ve been off all diabetes meds since surgery. I am still using my CPAP although I’ve had the pressure lowered twice. I see the sleep program in December and we will re-evaluate then. I suspect I will still have a need for it. My cholesterol medication will be re-evaluated in December as well. My doctor thinks it likely I will remain on that med due to family history. That is the only medication I take other than my vitamins and supplements. I track in LoseIt. I track every bite, every day. It keeps me accountable to myself and I foresee it as something I will need to do forever. Today is the first time I ever exported my progress to a spreadsheet. On other groups, I see so many questions that ask how much someone has lost at a given point. I honestly never knew what I did. These are my totals lost from first to current month: 16, 19, 17, 15, 15, 18, 4, 9, 17, 10. I exceed my liquid goals every day and never tracked that after the first week. I’ve never had any trouble with liquids and I know roughly what I drink each day as I know what my mug holds. I also ran my macros for the first time. Since surgery, I’ve kept protein to 40-50% of my diet with fat and carbs 25-30%. I’m still at 800-1000 calories per day. My program has said that is relatively low at this point but as long as I am losing and not feeling hungry, it was fine. My hunger has not returned. I am grateful for that. I’ve tried to build successful habits that will serve me for the long haul. I’ve been walking since coming home from the hospital. I started at 5-10 minutes per day. Now, I try to walk 45-60 per day at a moderate pace. I use 5 lb. weights and do toning exercises for 10-15 min. most days. I’ve started seeing virtually a therapist recommended by my program. I don’t have a history of trauma or eating disorders but I didn’t get to my weight by having a healthy relationship with food. Plus, I was very moody and short-tempered following surgery. I feel great and have more energy than I have in years. But This. Is. Work. I’m ok with that and try to keep my focus on progress and health. I follow what my program suggests and make my own decisions within that framework. There is no short cut to this. There’s no pouch reset, fasting, diet pills and how soon can I eat at McDonalds. I ranted on here one time about hating the word “pouch.” I still do. I hate pouch reset even more. 🙄😫 I don’t believe in it. We don’t need to reset. We need to make the best decisions and choices we can without needing to be perfect. Sure, you lose weight with it, but it’s simply because you are going back to not taking in many calories….and most of us have been down that road before. I continue to absorb the wisdom I get here from those who have gone down this road before me or are on it now. I still hate shopping even though it is not as difficult as it once was. I’m still not sure who I see in the mirror and am uncomfortable with focus on my weight loss. I could eventually benefit from plastic surgery, but I don’t know if that will be in the cards. Enough for now……thanks for reading.
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    Encouragement needed

    Thank you all so much! I do feel better today and my follow-up appointment went very well. I was able to stomach some thinned down grits for lunch and that made my day. I've found several savory options and I have some unflavored protein powder to try some new options. My overall outlook is much better today!
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    Driver's License

    I had to get a new badge at work and when he pulled up my profile he said, “girl you need new photos. Want to do that while you’re here?” Felt good to get new photos on something I wear every shift that looks like me.
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    Loose skin and sex

    I’m single too & will start dating again after I’ve lost a certain amount of weight. I have definitely considered all the things you’ve said. Good Lingerie for me has always been a help. Pretty teddy that covers the stomach

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