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    NSV & first vacation experience

    I am almost 6 months post op and took my first vacation this week (Drove up to Tahoe). I went with some friends who did not know about the surgery but knew I was actively losing weight and trying to eat healthier and it wasn't awkward at all. I didn't snack, but I did eat some meals I shouldn't have. But between watching how much and exercise, I was down just over 2 lbs for the week. In the past, anytime I vacationed I would be up so I'm super excited. I had some great NSVs while I was out. - Hiked almost every day - around 5 miles, intermediate hikes, at elevation. Still hard, but I did it. - Kayaked, and was able to get in and out easily. - They had standard size bath towels in the bathroom, and it wrapped all the way around me without a gap! - It was my birthday and I didn't have any cake, and really didn't miss it. I tried alcohol for the first time since surgery. I had a glass a wine a couple of times and did fine. However, I had about 1/3 of a margarita and felt awful. I don't think I full on dumped, but I think if I had drunk any more I would have. It's the first time I've had any amount of sugar so lesson learned. I'm going back to not drinking for a while (it will continue to be an occasional event going forward).
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    Bum protein up to heal! Best of luck.
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    Stay Safe everyone in the path of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaias !
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    Salmon and avocados

    no problems here. I eat both. But like GreenTealael said, food intolerances can vary a lot between individuals.
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    Vitamin patches

    I have not but I've been hanging out here for several years, so I've read a lot of posts about them. Basically, they work for some people but not for others. I guess the only way to tell is to try them and then if your blood values start heading in the wrong direction, then you'll have to switch to oral supplements. If your values are stable or improve, then obviously they're working for you..
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    My doctor didn’t give me a goal, but there are studies that show that 27 is a healthy and comfortable BMI for many people, despite the charts recommending lower. My personal goal is 165. I have been that weight in my adult life and was happy there, despite my BMI being 27 and technically overweight. I think it really comes down to personal preference. I would rather not be super thin.
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    Revision - 4 Weeks In

    So I had a sleeve to bypass revision on 3/11. I am so lucky I had it when I did because of this virus. Anyway, I was worried because with my sleeve I lost 118 in a year and heard with the revisions it is much slower. Like everyone else, I want my excess weight gone as quickly as possible. Well, I am happy to to say I’ve lost 18lbs in 4 weeks. It’s a little slower than it was with my sleeve, but still, 18 POUNDS!!! I already can see the difference and I’m back in size 12’s. The only issue I’ve had is with my pain pump incision. I seem to have an abscess under it but that isn’t related to weight loss. I’m really happy with my progress so far. So I’m posting this for anyone who is worried about weight loss being hard after a revision. It’s not. I’m happy to say I’m a loser again!! I’m feeling much more restriction with my bypass. I’m also making healthier choices this time around whereas last time I ate whatever the hell I wanted and I know that’s why I had a regain. I learned nothing about how to eat healthier. I’m eating things like broiled vegetables and tilapia and salmon which I thought I wouldn’t like but holy crap is it good! I feel so good this time around, like I’m going to keep it off this time because I’ve actually learned from my first failure. So, my fears are subsiding and I feel fantastic. No worries at all. YAY!!! Take care fellow losers!!
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    Pandemic Check In

    I'm back to my morning runs, and recently added a second run in the evenings. Started a core strengthening program/routine with Mr. too...I have a secret goal to successfully execute and hold a yoga lift. I was always jealous of how Mr could do it, and now that I am half my former size, it is def a possibility! Oh, and I've been spending more time cooking/baking, and cleaning out the basement, lol.
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    Slow losers club

    This has been a source of heart ache ever since my gastric bypass surgery on August 14, 2019. Right out of the gate I was losing at a slower rate then average And definitely slower than a lot of the folks here or in other Facebook communities. My starting weight was 285 and this morning I weighed in at 2:18.4 pounds. I am 5’6” and 41 years old. Since the beginning I have met all protein goals and on fluid goals and I have had zero complications from the surgery. All in all I live a pretty normal life considering I had my insides rerouted. Starting in January I added Orangetheory fitness to my regimen which is an hour long HIIT class. I go three times a week and It’s hard. Like very hard. I burn on average about 450 cal per class. My dietitian wants me to be around 1200 cal right now especially since I added the workouts. I have had starches and grains and that makes me nervous because I’m a lifelong dieter but my dietitian has zero concerns about carbs. Obviously she wants me to to be making healthy choices around carbs like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, etc. which I do. When I asked her point blank about carbohydrate goals for the day she said 125 g. I’m just feeling a little defeated this morning. I am almost 6 months out from surgery and was definitely hoping to be below 200 pounds right now and now I’m wondering if I’ll ever get below 200 pounds. I guess I just am looking for support or stories of people have gone through similar rate of loss and have continued and meet their goals. My doctor told me at six months it becomes much more difficult to lose weight. But for me it’s Felt hard since the beginning.I used voice text to write this so I apologize if anything sounds crazy.
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    Hey, I don't know if any of you guys need a bit of extra support. I just want to invite you to come join us online tonight in our meeting. PM me for the deets if you are in need.