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    Remember your why. If your why isn't strong enough to you, then really look at motivation. If it is, then you must understand this is YOUR journey, no one else's. They don't have your education about the journey, nor do they share your motivation for health. You must do you, even at the cost of relationships. I was very choosy about whom I shared my journey. I was choosy about how much I shared. There are whole groups of people who only know I've lost significant weight. Some only know me as thin Fluffy. Your life will change. You WILL change. I'm happier now than I've been in years. Although I still struggle with BD and self-acceptance, I have more self esteem than I have had in my life. I can do so much more. So far, my WHY, is intact and doing well. I've not lost it one jot.
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    So I've really been struggling with staying positive lately. I know this may sound juvenile, but I feel like I'm losing my friends! It seems like in the beginning when I first decided to go through with this, the support and encouragement were overwhelming. But now that I'm so close to surgery, it appears people's attitudes have drastically shifted. I've pretty much lost all my fellow heavy friends, thinking I've somehow "abandoned" them just because my eating habits have changed and I'm going through this. My lighter friends are just weirded out by the whole process and can't believe I'm actually serious about going through this. Both groups have stated that WLS changes peoples personalities because they can't eat for pleasure anymore, they "become eternally cranky and mean," and my friends all claim I'm "too nice to go through this." These things are very hurtful to me, especially since I've known so many of my friends for years and years. Then I get scared and think...what if they're right? Will I become that person? Anyways, I'm not feeling very happy lately. I need to stay positive, but dealing with all this has been hard as hell.
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    AJ Tylo

    Is drinking juice ok?

    Hang tight you all some of us like Juice. I do drink juice and try to get the sugar free or very low sugar versions. I also went from a 8oz glass to just a few oz. Doing your own juicing also helps - Then you know exactly what you are getting - Adding Vodka is also not allowed, but you have to get caught
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    Man, I wish I had some good advice for you. I COULD say "well, what kind of friends are they if they don't support you in this" but that doesn't make it any less hurtful. But hopefully some of them are TRUE friends an will support you through thick and thin (😁) and your appearance or eating habits will not affect your friendship in any way. Do you have bariatric support groups near you? That is a great place to meet lots of people who are going through what you are so they will understand the changes, and you may have some new best friends among them. And I know we all can't go out for a (small) bite (byte?) over the computer, but don't forget you have friends here! Come visit often.😘
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    Will I ever learn?????

    Woohoo congrats on the 40-mile ride. Celebrate big once you feel better. Lesson learned. *smile* NUUN tabs are my saving grace for electrolytes/hydration.
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    ❤2 yrs (24/4mo) Post Op❤

    Happy Happy 2 Year Anniversary!! You're a rockstar!!! Congrats. I've loved watching your journey and am inspired by you!!! Thanks for keeping us motivated, positive, and filling the place with fun, humor and joy!!! ((hugs))
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    Before and after. Couple close coaching friends getting ready to do the same thing. Very fortunate that I had good insurance. Had to do the 6 month wait (visit and class once a month) but it was worth it. I was a walking heart attack waiting to happen on Friday nights in the fall. So much energy and adrenaline go into a Friday night.
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    Roller Coasters!

    That was one of the first things I did also once I lost enough weight. I could go on all the coaster. All the rides really but I passed on the spinning ones, no ty. But the coasters, fun fun fun! I am glad you got to experience them again, enjoy!
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    Changing Habits Prior to Surgery

    I’ve been doing this same thing. Caffeine was the hardest. But now the canine headaches are gone and I’m just down to my occasional fun sized piece of candy which is gone next Monday. That’s my drop dead day. Pre op liquid diet starts the 12th and I say goodbye to old eating thoughts and Bad foods forever. I’m very all or none and if I tell myself eating it will make me dump I’ll avoid it. I hate being sick that much.
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    What are you eating?

    Very little! I do however crave Chinese, Indian and Korean food, not take-away or westernised stuff but proper traditional stuff. I am obsessed with kimchi and sui mai at the moment. My husband doesn't like the smell when I open the kimchi LOL I guess coz it is fermented (great for the gut) the garlic smell doesn't linger on my breath, good job really or he might move to the spare room lol