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    Cocktails & Wine

    My dr recommended 3 months but basically said I could do what I wanted after 6 weeks. I waited three months and half a glass of wine and couldn’t drink anymore. It felt really weird going down and I didn’t care for the sensation. I’m 6 months out now and. Can tolerate wine (2 glass limit). I’ve tried some vodka drinks but they are hard because all the mixers I like are either carbonated or have too much sugar. One dirty martini gets me fairly buzzed but I’ve noticed that it goes away fairly quickly. It’s pretty weird. I have the sleeve, not bypass. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Hijacking a Group Session

    Oh my! Id have a hard time wanting to return every month if I knew I had to put up with a personality like that! Maybe they need a pit orchestra like at the Oscars when the speeches get too long winded! But more likely the NP needs to discreetly talk to her.
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    Cocktails & Wine

    I'm 4.5 months out and am going to have my first drink tonight while watching the Eurovision Song Contest (most Americans don't have a clue what that is, but it's a big deal for us back home, LOL). I'm going to be in Ireland in 8 weeks (I go home for the summer every year) and my brother and I like to go out for a drink, so I'm looking to see what my reaction is to alcohol now and what my tolerance is. I have a friend who had the sleeve 2 years ago. She gets buzzed very quickly, and then sobers up equally quickly (like in 15 mins). It's pretty funny to watch. I'll report back tomorrow, LOL.
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    Weight last bump

    Stalls are a normal part of the process, even though we hate it and we may be doing everything right with exercise, water, protein, and calories. They still happen. Don't let it worry you.
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    Weight-loss funnies

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    First half marathon

    Here’s some pics! Finished strong. That’s all I wanted ❤️ How did yours go?
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    Cocktails & Wine

    My doctor hasn't said specifically, only that it'll cause you to get drunk faster and to be careful. I don't drink alcohol so it's not an issue for me.
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    Found this article a few years ago and really loved it- thought someone else might enjoy it too. 💙 Hope I finally got the link to work! http://www.oprah.com/spirit/strategies-to-deal-with-every-phase-of-major-life-changes
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    Sure it's normal. It's a big deal. It's a major surgery and it's going to have a big impact on both your immediate future and the rest of your life. Take a deep breath . . . you've got this!