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    Jaye W

    Made it to Onederland

    I Finally made it to Onederland. I am 9 weeks post op. Feeling great and looking forward to next goal of 100 Lbs down. At that point I will post a before and after photo. HW 264 SW 235 CW 199 GW 130-140
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    May 13th, 465lbs

    Mine was similar. I was 410 on surgery day and 6'1. I'm only 5 months out but I'm steadily losing weight each month. I think some people are losing faster than me but my surgeon said my results are great and I will probably keep losing for a long period of time. It's not a race, so fine with me. One thing my surgeon told me is that with a BMI of 50+, with the sleeve patients often don't reach a BMI under 25 or maybe even under 30. I wouldn't let that discourage you though as I'm almost 100 lbs down from where I was and I already feel a massive difference. I sleep better, I have more energy, and I fit into airline seats and other smaller spaces. Even if I never lose another pound it was still worth it.
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    7 lbs a month is great! That is 84 lbs over a year, putting you at 145 this time next year. Keep up the good work, make sure you’re tracking your intake, following your program, moving your body, and keeping well hydrated and you’ll hit your next goal in no time.
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    Nicotine Test

    I don't think that would be an insurance requirement - more likely a surgeon requirement. Your surgeon must just not do it....
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    I didn't feel restriction until after the puree stage. I was terrified. Don't worry. The first time you eat one too many bites of meat, It will be "dramatic". Lol Ask me how I know.
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    And now the rest of the story...

    UPDATE Well....quit smoking! Passed my nicotine test. Pre op requirements completed. Packet being sent to insurance next week! Now the wait begins.
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    Feeling discouraged!

    all of the above posters are correct. With hospital weight gain, it's from the IV fluids. Some people come back from the hospital 10 lbs heavier than when they went in. It can take a week or so for it to work its way out of your system.
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    Feeling discouraged!

    Weigh once a week. It’s a bigger jump and gives you incentive for the next week.
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    June Surgeries

    Sooo exciting!! I’m right there with ya with all the feels lol!!! I’m like I can’t wait then like omg what am I doing lol good luck!!!
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    Goal rewards—suggestions?

    Thanks for all the ideas! I brainstormed with my husband last night and another good one he suggested was family photos! I love this because it’s something that has meaning and will last. Will probably save this for closer to goal weight.