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    ONDERLAND!!!! and NSV's

    FINALLY! Onederland! I can't remember the last time I didn't see a "2" as the first number on the scale. Seeing the "1" this weekend was just surreal. I think I must have stepped on and off the scale at least 10 times. What a motivator! I feel like I've accomplished the impossible and now ANYTHING is possible!! ~40 to go (I'd like to hit 50 just to have some wiggle room). For those who might be struggling after the first couple of months - Months 1-3 were EASY - weight just fell off. Month 4+, slowed A LOT (as in less than 8 a month) - Being able to eat pretty much anything I wanted without having an upset stomach didn't help. I was hoping to be under 200 by the end of December. Stalled (much of it my fault for choices I made, and simply my body catching up), got frustrated, felt sorry for myself, etc...and at times even wondered if it was possible or if I was just going to stop there with my weight loss. Booked a vacation and decided that I WOULD be under 200 before I left (next Sunday - nothing like cutting it close!). Got back on plan, made better choices, and quit feeling sorry for myself and WOO HOO - Major goal #1 accomplished. If you're struggling, hang in there, refocus, know you aren't alone in this journey and make up your mind that you CAN do this. NSV's this week - I didn't see the "OMG, PLEASE let this fat lady be seated ANYWHERE but beside ME on a plane" look. People actually look me in the eye rather than past me. Servers @ restaurants are concerned that the food they served me wasn't good because I didn't eat much. I got more work accomplished onsite because I didn't need a lunch break (quick protein bar and I was good to go). I could go to ANY store and buy some cheap clothes for vacation - Can't wait to rock that bathing suit coverup in Hawaii next week!
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    Pre-op advice from a PostOp'er

    Hello! I'm 4 weeks post op and thought I would come back here to share what I have learned over the last 4 weeks. [emoji3590] My experience since surgery has been nothing short of incredible. I'm not speaking in terms of massive weight loss, but my energy, focus, well-being, mental clarity, and state of mind. The weight loss is a bonus. Looking back on my 8 month journey to the OR, I realized that the most crucial piece of advice I received came from the most unlikely of individuals on my path, the psychologist who did my psyche evaluation. She told me that the single best thing I could do for my recovery in the time before my surgery was to practice hitting my program Protein and fluid goals before surgery and to practice liquid Meal Replacement. I had more time than expected between this appointment and surgery (5 months versus 8 weeks due to multiple delays and reschedules), but I kept on doing this. I started by replacing Breakfast with my Protein Shake and monitoring my Water intake. I eventually worked up to hitting 70-90 grams of protein daily and my minimum 90 ounces of water. I still ate, but only after I was at my minimum protein goal. It wasn't an doctors order, it wasn't required, but I took her advice to heart and it has paid off in droves. Within days of my VSG, I was well on my way to hitting my goals again, with little head hunger or emotional discomfort with a liquid diet. I wasn't stressed or had any 'buyers remorse'. This is one small thing you can do for yourself on the way to make the lifestyle change a smooth transition. Best of luck! Sent from my Pixel 3a using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I got sick this morning

    Misha, may I ask what, if any, information has been provided to you by your surgeon and / or dietician? Did they provide any post op guidelines around food, drink etc and to what volumes or measurements? This seems to be a question that is being avoided. If you went out of state or overseas for your surgery sometimes ongoing support and/or post-op programs is not given, and people do struggle. If no post op guidelines were given pre surgery or at the time of surgery , I assume such information is not going to be available to you and that it may be beneficial for you to seek out relevant information from other surgeons/clinics online. I have always found this website useful https://drjalil.com/bariatric-post-op-diet/, it may vary from other post-op guidelines elsewhere but that's the way it is, post-op programs do vary significantly.
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    I got sick this morning

    Mischa, I am not attacking you in anyway, infact, I enjoyed our conversation last night. But Nova hit it on the head. I dated someone who was almost 2 years post-op VSG when we met, and she had JUST started drinking soda again then, for the first time, as her program didnt allow it (at all, but she felt that at 2 years she was good). In the 3 years we were together, she gained back 66 lbs of the almost 100 she had lost. When she went back to her surgeon and they did a scope, her pouch had stretched to almost 3 times its size he had it post surgery. He attributed it NOT to her increasing her food volume increase, but rather resuming her ritual of drinking diet dr pepper often. And he's not some quack doctor, hes one of the foremost Bari surgeons in the United States. I'm not in any way saying that this happens to everyone or even a lot of people that returns to drinking soda after their surgeries, but I just wanted to give you a real life experience with it and why people are worried about you wanting to drink something so carbonated with such fresh incisions and so soon after surgery. Carbonation expands exponentially once its digested and encounters stomach acid and causes your stomach to distend to accommodate the pressure and volume that the gas is taking up (why it makes you burp so much)... right now your stomach is so small, that even a tiny bit of expansion can really be dangerous. Maybe not catastrophic, but I would hate for you to cause yourself more pain, as you're already nauseated and not feeling well. Might I suggest getting on Amazon and purchasing some ginger chews. When I was going through my hernia and nausea issues, they were a lifesaver! Goodluck hun, try and stay positive, I know some things may come off as harsh, but the people (the very very vast majority that I have encountered) really just want to see others (including you!) succeed!
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    "Head Hunger"

    Hangry, my dear, hangry!
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    Weight loss journey

    Glad you were finally able to have the surgery. Hope you are doing well.
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    Pandemic Check In

    Quick update: September to December was not good to me at ALL. Not sure if this happened to anyone else working on covid-related projects, but in August I was quite optimistic that months of research and development and discussion would result in common-sense public health policy. So when it turned out that NONE of those measures were adopted (and this is after 16 hour days for months developing low-tech mitigation strategies specifically to head off an autumn surge), I and a lot of people I know absolutely hit a wall. Cassandra-like, watching predicted disaster unfold and all of these people we’d been talking to for months then publicly claiming they’d had no idea it could get so bad. It was like watching a series of tsunamis. Went into a massively depressive funk until mid-December and focused on nothing but keeping immediate family safe. Was weighing myself the whole time on my wireless scale and it’s really obvious that the gain is related to the (totally foreseeable and effing avoidable!) reopening and holiday spikes. Of course, gained a lot of weight. About 25 lbs in three months. Caught myself and plateau’d around New Year. So I’m rebooting now. Not wildly concerned about the reboot, but looking forward to just spending the next few months focusing on getting ready to reenter society. In jeans. Preferably the jeans I was wearing this time last year.
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    Maintenance anxiety

    Thank you! I can’t even count the pounds that were lost and seemed to pile right back on. I’m already feeling relieved to stop that cycle.
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    800 calorie

    I know your shock. I just had my 6 month consult and was to to increase my daily calorie intake to 1200. I about fell off the stool I was sitting on.
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    Nervous and unsure

    Yes I am! That is exactly what I am hoping for. Thank you so much for this great insight. I am grateful for your response.