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    Hello, I am 53 years old and just in the beginning of my process. Lost my required weight prior to surgery, Psychological evaluation completed, meet with surgeon, meeting monthly with dietitian and now waiting for the perapproval from insurance. Hoping for April or May. Still to do on my list is joining a support group. My weight loss clinic has one but I would like this as an option too. I will be having the gastric sleeve surgery. Excited for this journey. Thanks for your support.
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    Coming up on my 1 year post sleeve surgery. It’s been a heck of a ride!! I’m down between 101-108lbs on any given day. Now just trying to stay where I am at around 171-177. I’m back in the gym after a 6 month hiatus. Need to tighten up. It’s amazing how confident I feel when I put clothes on now. I did like the shopping but it gets expensive!!! Also every person you haven’t seen in a while don’t recognize me then I have to explain what I have done and how it works!!! I find talking about my journey definitely helps with the process. Looking forward to year number 2!! Good luck to everyone having the surgery, stick to the process!!!
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    I am still waiting for my surgery, but I just had to tell you all I finally got to onderland today!!! I weighed in at 198.8 this morning!! I am so proud of myself. I have one more visit to my dietician and NP before I can even begin to have my surgery scheduled. I also still need to get cardiac clearence and an EGD done but I'm going to lose as much as I can before my surgery.
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    I got my bypass done through Wisconsin Medicaid, and it took about 2 months for final approvement. I had the same fears as you. If all your Drs are onboard, and you've jumped through all the hoops, just keep a positive attitude! You won't be refused unless a Dr found the necessity questionable, and you would know that already. Keep your chin up, attitude positive, and with all of us rooting for you, you got this girl!!!
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    Weight gain & Health Issues

    We have practically the exact same starting stats!! (Same height, but i was just 1 lbs shy of you at 235 😉) To answer your questions (and note that this pertains to my experience and may or may not be yours), no, i have not experienced and “serious” long-term or permanent health issues. I’m 3 years, 8 mnths post. My energy came back and then some by 1 month; the hair that started falling out at 3 months already started growing back about 6 months; my last set of labs done in March this year say im the picture of health. And i have maintained below goal weight since reaching it at 7 months post-op over 3 years ago. I do have a couple of slightly annoying changes due to the surgery/weight loss though, but nothing i can’t deal with, nor anything that would make me regret having it done: 1) i am gassy/have mild acid reflux now, lol..but im on medication that keeps it at bay and i adjust my lifestyle to accommodate it: go to sleep on empty stomach, take lactose pills before consuming dairy, etc.. 2) i am a lot weaker than i used to be..in terms of strength like lifting heavy things or opening jar lids. I figure i just need to build back more muscle, but im lazy i guess. Plus there’s always someone around to carry or open things for me anyway Lololololzzz. There are those out there that do experience some serious issues, but I don’t believe its the norm. You won’t know how YOU will fare until you do. Good Luck! ❤️
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    Aetna - Approved!

    I switched to Aetna starting 9/1/20 since I was denied by IBX (after they said it would be covered). I got the call this morning that I am approved already! My surgeons office submitted the paperwork on Friday. I did Optifast for the dietician appointments so I could get the 12 appointments in 3 months instead of 6 months. My surgery date is October 14! 7 months later than expected but finally happening!
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    I had the exact same copay through BCBS. I saved as much of my money as I could before my surgery day. I was sleeved November 7th and I'm just shy of thirty pounds lost. I have a new zest for living and a deeper sense of purpose. I'm able to exercise 60 minutes a day and know I'm well on my way to the best version of myself. I too was very very overwhelmed with my copay but if you want something enough chase it. It's worth it. Breathe and remind yourself why you want this so bad. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
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    Scheduling surgery question

    Once my insurance was approved, I then had to have some pre-op testing done before surgery was scheduled. Mine was approved the end of June and with some delays by the surgeon - I didn't get surgery until 10/18. If there's a wait - take advantage of it to prepare yourself for life after surgery. Work on any eating issues you have - emotional eating, boredom eating, etc.
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    From the first education class to the surgery date will be less than 12 weeks. I feel well educated from Kaiser, Bariatriv Pal and friends who have successfully been through the sleeve surgery. I'm so excited and anxious to see what life has I store for me post WLS.
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    what the heck is a "food high?"

    It's a wonderful feeling, and I only feel it when I'm in the process of eating...then afterwards I once again feel like, "What the hell have I done"

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