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    Honestly I think this is one of the reasons therapy is so helpful when going through this experience. Even if you don't go every week, having a person who has both perspective and understands the ins and outs of abusive relationships and how they echo through us for years after can be immensely healing. You are changing a LOT and it is normal to have feels about that. And he will have feels about it too, because he loves you and as you change, he will have to change in some ways too, to accommodate and appreciate the ever-changing being that is you! My partner doesn't care what weight I am. I gained 100 lbs since we were first married. We've been together 17 years. They look at me with just as much, if not more, desire than they did when I was young and smaller, which is hard to wrap my head around! They have always encouraged me to dress in ways that feel good. They prefer curvy women, always have. I have been worried that as I lose weight they might lose some of that attraction to me because in time, I will be smaller than they've ever known me, smaller than I've ever been in my adult life! But they assure me that while they aesthetically like the look of curvy women, they LOVE me in all my forms and my health and wellbeing is more important than anything else and no matter how I change, I will still be beautiful. If they loved me at 200 and they loved me at 320, they will love me at 170 or wherever I land. I've done enough work in therapy with the abuse I dealt with in the past to be able to trust what they say. But it still gets to me sometimes... Today I noticed my boobs have become visibly flatter. This is really hard for me because I LOVE MY BOOBS. 🤣 I have always been booby and I like it! Last year I found out I carry the CHEK2 mutation and with my cancer history combined with it I have a much higher risk of developing breast cancer than I'd like. The specialist I saw advised I consider an elective mastectomy after my weight loss stabilizes. I understand the logic, but I've already had to bid goodbye to my reproductive organs thanks to cancer, I wasn't expecting to have to consider saying goodbye to my boobs too. So I was standing in the bathroom today having the feels about my flat boobs and my partner came in so I pointed out the change. They admitted they could see the difference but very stubbornly said "These are my favorite boobs in the whole world. They are the best boobs ever, no matter what size they are." FFS, really?? Am I not supposed to cry at that?? They said something similar when we talked about a mastectomy. I feel very lucky to have a partner that can abide all the changes that I've gone through in this life and still look at me through the eyes of love. I hope I succeed at giving that back to them...
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    This isn’t uncommon. Our tastebuds & sometimes sense of smell changes after surgery while we’re healing & our tummy is very sensitive. It is temporary usually about two months which is about how long it takes you to fully heal from the surgery. Unfortunately though it can make finding foods & drinks we can tolerate challenging. You may find something you easily ate yesterday you can’t face today. Don’t give up on that food. Just avoid it for a few days & then try it again. Some foods seem extra sweet or salty. Textures can be off putting too. Sometimes a food or flavour you didn’t enjoy before tastes delicious during this time. Add to that our loss of appetite &/or interest in eating & it can feel like a nightmare & you’ll never be able to eat again. In a few weeks you’ll find you are enjoying flavours, textures & foods more. If you’re lucky your loss of hunger & interest in eating will last a 6-12 months +/- which helps with your weight loss but they too will pass. Actually after they return you often wish they hadn’t & you still weren’t hungry. I embraced things tasting exceedingly sweet at this time. I gave up sweet foods - never reintroduced them. So no cakes, biscuits, desserts, lollies, flavoured carbonated drinks, etc. except on very odd special occasion. Very little added sugar (<5g a day) & avoid artificial sweeteners or sugar alternatives where I can. I ate a lot of soup, yoghurt & extra milky scrambled eggs & extra milky instant rolled oats during purée. During soft foods I ate a lot of minced meat dishes (meat balls, savoury mince bolognese, …) with sauces & slow cooked stews/casseroles. Give your self time to heal & recover & your tummy to be less fussy & sensitive. I used to say my tummy was like a petulant temper throwing 2 year old during that time.
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    Glad your issue was resolved!
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    @RonHall908 how are your incisions healing? Just want to let you know my bulge incisions smooth out, doctor explained to me it was the internal stitch knots making the incision seem bulged. After the body absorbed the stitches most of the time it will smooth out. I still have some area where I can feel the knots just right underneath my skin. Actually one of the stitch came out on the edge my the incision and I have to use a tweezer to take it out. Over all my incisions are not bulge anymore.
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    What am I doing wrong 1 year post op?

    hiya! i remember you from a post about a year ago I remember you were concerned about the number on the scale back then and were resolved to take measurements vs weighing since you are a body builder...did you end up keeping records? you didn't mention in this post what your current weight is, but at 5'6" (assuming age 25 and weight of 266lbs) your current calorie intake is well below your BMR, even if you sat on your couch the entire day...which you aren't. so if your calorie count is indeed accurate, its not an issue with your intake. besides the number on the scale, how do you FEEL? joints better? sleep better? move better? less winded? off any meds? pull out the measuring tape and compare from your measurements last year...like a poster suggested a year ago, as a body builder, the tape will tell you the truth more than the scale will. have you taken pics of yourself this past year? can you see a diff? i know its difficult, but really try not to go down any shame spirals, stress is not a friend of health and weight loss. ask your team for advice and guidance during your appt next week. good luck! ❤️
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    Hi Star! I had a similar issue (minus the spotting beforehand). I have a hormonal IUD (Mirena), so I don't tend to get more than a tiny amount of spotting at most every month. Usually I don't get anything at all! However, after surgery, I had what was basically a "regular" period - my first one in YEARS. Surgery stresses your body out, so it's normal for AFAB people with uteruses to bleed afterwards. Since then, I've had a light period every month. Like Summerseeker said, fat cells harbor estrogen, and we're dropping fat quickly, which basically frees that estrogen and causes our hormones to go wild and have a party! So, don't worry too much - your experience is pretty common. ❤️
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    Woohoo I hope I passed the stall stage for real! Ive been stuck at 241 lbs up and down for 2 weeks and it went down to 239.6 this morning. I am counting small victories. From 240s to now in the 230s! My surgery weight was 250.4lbs. So after 3 weeks 11lbs down. Yayyy This week I can add mashed or puree vegetables and grains like cream of wheat and grits. Sharing some image of my progress. Also the salmon, broccoli puree and cream of wheat was delicious as my lunch! Good source of protein too. My nutritionist advice for each meal now is 3oz of protein, 1 oz of vegetables and 1 oz of starch. Always try to eat the protein first. My daily calorie intake is between 600-800 including the protein shakes. I am drinking 1 1/2 bottle of shakes. I fell 2 shakes to be too much for me, and 1 1/2 is just right. Protein intake is about 85-100grams. I will ask on my next visit to find out if I really need that much of protein since they told me my daily goal should be 65-75 grams initially.
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    A little back ground with me. I had gastric sleeve 10 years ago because of my over weight issue I wasn’t getting my period and I wasn’t able to get pregnant. After the sleeve I loss total of 60 lbs, and got pregnant. The first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. I was very depressed about it. So my next 2 pregnancies I made sure I eat and gave enough nutrients for my babies. Also I didn’t keep up with the weight loss after I gave birth. Now after 10 years of the surgery I regained almost all my weight. My issue with pcos such as no having period came back… didn’t have period for like 2 years. Also have other issue like cholesterol, foot pain and Gerd. I thought about having revision for almost 3 years and I took action and had gastric bypass about a week ago. I am feeling some emotional up and down…been crying for the last few days. I feel such a failure of having to have to get the revision when the doctor gave me a chance. My surgery also didn’t go perfect. I was under the anesthesia for over 4-5 hours, (I didn’t get an exact time from the doctor when I came out from surgery. Family was inform about the equipment issue and didn’t see me untill the afternoon) because one of the equipment broke and the medical team had to wait for the replacement. I went into surgery 7am and woke up 4pm. when I woke up they had me take a walk and tried drinking sips of water. I vomited right back with 2 big chunks of clogged blood. And I tried drinking again but kept vomiting dark brown color liquid out, like old blood. ( sorry if it’s too much description) it was quite a lot of it even I didn’t drink so much water. The nurse informed the doctor and they said it’s normal and they did just literally cut my stomach. So some amount of blood is normal, but because I was under the anesthesia for so long maybe I am feeling sick from it. So they told me not to drink anything for the first day and started me on liquid the next day. The next day I was fine and went home. I felt horrible the first day and the pain in my stomach is there everywhere probably gas. The feeling after the revision surgery is completely different than how I felt the first time. I am aware it’s a bigger operation, but I just didn’t expect it to be like that. When I return home my stomach pain was still there, but eventually it did get better, but after a few days my whole stomach was so itchy, I thought the incisions were healing and that why I am feeling this way. The next day all my incisions were swollen red. BTW I had 6 big incision and 2 small needle punctures. When it got swollen, red and itchy it was at night and I waited another day and called my doctor asap in the morning. They told me I am having an allergic reaction to the dermabond. I am just feeling itchy, my incisions are raised and lumpy, it’s been over a week and I lose only 5 lbs. ( comparing to other people who loss 10-20lbs, i think to myself why am I not loss it?) and when I look at scars from the mirror I just broke down and cried. Thinking what did I do to myself…. I know I should stop being so bitter, and stop complaining. But I just feel like such a failure because I failed the first surgery, and I put myself in this journey again and things are not going so great… there are the positive side that I should look at, but I just can’t help it. *note- goal weight 150lbs pre op weight 273lbs started liquid diet 258lbs I had a stall during liquid diet for 1 week. Most people loss 10-15 lbs during liquid diet. I loss 8lbs. I followed everything my nutritionist told me and had 1 lean protein 3oz and 3 oz vegetable for lunch for 2 weeks. i w so hungry that the morning of surgery the nurse told me my blood pressure was actually very low. Surgery day 250lbs 1week post op 245lbs I don’t know what type of response I am waiting to get here. Maybe I am just venting and hoping to feel better.
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    Stomach growling in hunger?

    In most cases, your stomach growling is just your digestive system doing its job of digesting food and nothing to do with hunger (despite what we were always told). Your tummy is a muscle that contracts & expands as it digests what you are eating & moves that food through your digestive system. All that squishing & squelching is noisy. At the moment, it’s probably spasming to some degree too as a result of the surgery & the shock to your system. (All those cut nerves, cut tummy.) I’m 4.75yrs out & mine still rumbles & growls like my own personal poltergeist. It will grumble, rumble, whine & groan while I’m eating & even just drinking water for up to an hour or two after so certainly nothing to do with hunger. (It’s doing it now LOL!) My nieces & nephew think it’s hilarious. Sometimes they put their heads on my lap just to see if they can hear my tummy. Can be embarrassing at times though.
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    So there have been talks about pregnancy and babies with my boyfriend. With history of PCOS, my cycles have become regular and I have been ovulating for the last year or so. We may try for pregnancy may be sometime next year. My question is, anyone here who got pregnant after WLS? If yes, did you end up losing your post pregnancy weight? Or was it difficult to bring it back to pre-pregnancy baseline? Currently I am happy with where I am with my weight. But also, looking forward to starting a family if destiny permits. But, the weight gain cycle of pregnancy concerns me. Putting on the weight will naturally happen but I was wondering if the bypass tool will help me lose the weight post pregnancy. Any thoughts, experience shall be great!

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