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    ShoppGirl reacted to Neensyb for a status update, 9 weeks post op today. Gosh, observations are so many..... I am finally back in the 7   
    9 weeks post op today.  Gosh, observations are so many.....
    I am finally back in the 70's (kilograms that is) which is my happy place - preferably the low 70's but I'm getting there.
    My hair is dry, really dry.  Need more water and healthy oils.
    I'm starting to feel thirst again, but gulping isn't a good feeling.  Sip sip sip all day.
    My body transformation is astounding.  I can see contour in my shoulders, and my legs are back where they used to be when I was very active.  
    I tan a LOT better than I used to.  Weird, I don't know why, but we are at the end of our summer here in Australia and I have the BEST tan!  🙂
    I've been more out and about doing things, feeling more motivated.  
    I become exhausted after a short amount of exercise.  This is incredibly frustrating.
    Alcohol hits me, HARD.... 😞 
    Poop is back!  Ha, I know, TMI.  But I am back pooping daily or every other day and they are normal woohoo.
    I'm not scared to try all foods now, just in tiny amounts to begin with.
    I was asked if I was ok the other day by a shop keeper at our local pet and pool store.  She thought I was ill.... 😞
    My body self image is nothing like reality.  My imagination doesn't allow me to try on clothes that will actually fit me, I still feel fat.
    Just my thoughts at 9 weeks.  NO REGRETS!!!!  

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