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  1. I swear I am so tired of hearing that! "Your getting too skinny" "your going to start looking sick" "Stop losing weight" "I don't want to hurt your feelings but you should just eat a little more" Like I realize this is the smallest I have ever been in my adult life, but I assure everyone that I am healthy and not starving myself. Even the surgeon and dietician said that I am eating more calories than someone at the same stage. I refuse to stop working out and refuse to stop eating how I eat to appease people. Ran over thanks for listening!
  2. Not wish but glad that I did. I stopped caffeine about a month or so before surgery, I tracked all my food so I got in the habit, I went for walks to build up stamina, only 3x a week until surgery, I had different kind of protein shakes, one of each kind that tickled my fancy so after surgery I had options. Some I liked and got more, some I had one drink then gave to my hubs. I would wait for the liquid diet until they tell you to start because it sucks! I only had to do 1day and I complained the entire day LOL, some people do a food funeral where they eat all the foods they want since that will be on hold for a bit. I actually deep cleaned my house the week before surgery (I am super Type A LOL) but made me feel good that I didn't have to worry about house keeping for a minute. I do wish I would cleaned out my pantry better, I had junk food in my house and even though I didn't give into temptation, it was there. Also my mindset with food. I'm 6months post op and it still messes with me, like wanting to eat huge burrito because I'm upset but knowing I physically cant. Its like breaking up with someone. @SleeveToBypass2023 said it really well, breaking in a very toxic relationship, you know its not good for you but you still go back. If you can mentally prepare yourself for it. Its a mindf*%^ .
  3. LOLOL!!! I am the worst, I felt like we were back in the honeymoon stage all over again hahah!! I am not the one to ask so I will just lurk heheh
  4. When you have more energy and your feeling yourself, its hard to hold back! LOL!!
  5. I did the do about 2 weeks after, it was gentle LOL no working it and reversing it you know what I mean. I have noticed sex is wayyyyyy better now that I am smaller, Also (might be TMI) now that I dont have as much fat, sex gets deeper and positions are more of a variety so soreness happens with me. Not a pain soreness but like "why am I sore? Oh ya I did the deed" I mean your partner and you can engage in oral if your into that, it helps with sexual desires.
  6. AmberFL

    January 2024 surgery buddies

    Hi all!! I am in a bit of plateau myself. Teetering between 2lbs but still strength training and doing my cardio. What an amazing journey these 6months has been! My energy is up, Im wearing clothes that I never I thought I would ever ever get into. My kids and hubs are proud of me, and all I can say I wish I did this sooner!
  7. Hi me again! So I will say that my journey has been fairly easy. Tracking, eating right and working and the weight has been falling off. I am a weigh everyday-er (I know I know but I am lol) I am only 6months out and pretty close to my goal weight that I set for myself. The scale keeps going up! I am not eating more than 1100 I workout a lot. I weight in at 172ish Wednesday this morning 176ish. LIKE WTF! Is this normal? I cannot physically workout more or eat any less. So idk what is going on, but I absolutely hate it and its really messing with my mindset.
  8. AmberFL

    Low Key freaking out...

    I appreciate that, I am going to reach out to them. I needed to b**** and moan, ask much as I hate that you went through that stall, its reassuring to know I am not alone. Seeing that scale go up is not great!
  9. AmberFL

    Low Key freaking out...

    This whole journey is not just changing our bodies but our minds as well. I am so glad I have you guys to listen to my rant and raves! Your right its temporary, just need to trust the process. I am not going to weigh myself tomorrow at least that is what I am telling myself lol
  10. AmberFL

    Low Key freaking out...

    I do, I alternate upper body and lower body everyday for 6days. Plus cardio. I change up my weight lifting too. I am kinda thinking that I may need to cut down to 4days weight lifting and do two cardio days or 1 cardio day and 1 rest day....I did read somewhere too that we can over work out bodies and then it just stops changing...Might have to do something like that. Thank you!
  11. AmberFL

    Low Key freaking out...

    The thing that scares me about staying away from the scale. Is that I did that while I was 300lbs because if I didn't know my weight then I wasn't gaining so it didn't matter, I am a size 4 right now which is INSANE, so I really couldn't imagine myself losing anymore weight anyways but I was hoping for the last 2.4lbs dang nabbit! I am not mentally prepared for the scale to go up let alone 4lbs in less than a week. Thank you so much for the words, it has helped. I know it cannot be me. Its just really disheartening to see it going up almost every day
  12. AmberFL

    Low Key freaking out...

    I will be honest. This is not making me feel okay, I have only been on this journey 6months and I didn't think this would happen this soon, I am weight lifting and my body composition is more muscular. I just am not ready to go up.
  13. AmberFL

    Low Key freaking out...

    my bowels have been about the same, I guess I am just not prepared for this when I am only 6months out. With the amount that I workout I figured I would stay stagnant not gain. I do allow myself "treats" but track which I have been doing the entire 6months. I am stresssinnnnn...
  14. Mine is starting to fall off and the knuckle is barely holding it on. I am no longer able to workout with it on. I am wondering if its time to just resize it.
  15. AmberFL

    Gastric sleeve

    Those drumsticks sound so freakin good LOL yummo!
  16. Wow a 5?! I should check mine too. I have a size 8 and I take it off at night and when I go to the gym because Im afraid it will fly off. I keep telling my guy time for an upgrade lol
  17. AmberFL

    H U N G R Y

    I am about 6m out and I feel the same! I know I am not hungry but I want to eat. Its the act of eating that we are used to so being mindful is important. Drink water, a decaf iced coffee with a little Fat Free Fairlife milk, Jordan's skinny syrup, ice and decaf cold brew (I did this the other day) and it really helped with my sweet tooth without all the added calories or bad stuff. I have lots of tips and tricks LOL!! I am super close to my goal weight and for some reason my mindset this last week has been trash where I'm letting myself "snack" or graze. So I am working on it too.
  18. AmberFL

    Cocoa powder?

    https://earthechofoods.com/products/cacao-bliss-pouch this is the best!! I use 1 part cacao bliss and 1 part coco powder. Its a bit pricey but honestly is packed with so many good stuffs that its worth it. I put it in my coffee, I cook with it, all the things.
  19. you will then it gets annoying lol after reading the rest of the comments, maybe getting into a routine. I measure and weigh everything. I track everything. I don't really pay attention to fat and carbs, but usually with eating a lot of protein I am able to keep fat under 25-30g and carbs under 60g. movement is super duper important too! I workout min an hour everyday. I know that seems daunting but I started with walking 25min during my lunch break and I built up then about 2-3months ago I started to incorporate weights. I don't drink alcohol (mainly because I have alcoholic tendencies and I did try to have a drink a month ago and it ended up being a 3day binge of a lot so I know I cant) I don't drink carbonation just water, Gatorade zero, coffee, ect.... I know it sucks because we want to be able to eat whatever we want but the reality is that our bodies don't let us and we gain. It is something that we will struggle with the rest of our lives, BUT we choose our hard. to be overweight and hurt? or sacrifice all the treats or just indulge a little bit. I still eat ice cream off my husbands bowl, or have a sip of his soda. I dont restrict myself crazily. You got this!!! dont give up!!! were here to help!
  20. ahhh yes "Follow your Arrow" I like Kasey Musgraves! I actually had ppl elude to the fact that I was on drugs because I was losing weight so quickly LOL I shut down that quick!
  21. yes they can!! well I am the opposite no one told me when I was pushing 300lbs that I was unhealthy now Im unhealthy because I am normal BMI? okay they can eff off now.
  22. Its annoying! I am over it. I am happy with the way I look and most importantly feel!
  23. I am sure I have asked this before, but what size do you wear. I am also 5'9 started at 297 and am at 175. I see your 145? I cant even phathom seeing that weight for myself. So that is amazing!
  24. Thank you, what pisses me off the most is that the same people were not concerned when I was 300lbs. I don't feel frail, I feel strong and healthy. I'm with you, I do not understand why people have to make comments about appearances. LIke what is the benefit. One is my mom and she has always always commented on my weight. She put me in Weight Watchers when I was 12. I love her to death and I know she means well but my weight issues and insecurities about myself stem from her. I would never tell her that, but its true. I was hoping she would just tell me I looked good and healthy.

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