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    Surgery today! Nov 3

    I slept till after four am! Better than I thought. Today is the day! I gotta be at the hospital at 8:30 a.m. (45 min drive which isn’t bad for my rural area). I got nerves! My life is already better by loosing 90 lbs this calendar year, over 100 in less than 18 months. Good things gotta be in store for me. It’s my time to live life and be happy and not embarrassed about my size all the time. good luck to all going through pre op, post op or surgery today, or even just preparing… we are all in this together.
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    30 minute drinking rule

    I think the bigger issue here is that you have eaten chicken and chocolate. Practicing self control is going to go a long way with your success. In addition, now is not the time to test things. That one piece of chocolate could have sent you over the edge and made you ill for hours or even all day. You stomach needs time to heal, a tiny little shred of chicken could get caught on a stitch or staple and cause major problems, like infection. The 30 minute rule is so that you are not "full" of fluids when you try to eat and actually have room for the food. The 30 minutes after is to allow the food to stay in your system long enough for your body to absorb it's nutrients,a s the water will push it through your system faster. Not the end of the world if your forget sometimes but it may make you sick when you start more solid foods. Refocus, you can do it.
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    Celebrate you today!

    I started maintenance in July and had been doing pretty well, but I have been dealing with a lot of stress with an aging mother who has a serious health problem that started in 2021. The stress has really gotten to me lately and for the past few weeks I wasn't tracking my food anymore and doing a lot of stress eating. There has been candy in the house from Halloween and I have eaten more of than I should. I finally weighed last week and was up 5 pounds. Some of that was probably water because of my period, but I got back on track after that. I'm proud to say I have tracked my food all week and didn't eat a bunch of junk and my weight is back down! I have been so scared since I got to maintenance that I won't be able to keep this weight off, or that if I did gain some I would get discouraged and not get back on track, so this week made me realize I CAN do it. [emoji4] Sent from my Pixel 5a using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Shirt size

    That's awesome! I haven't bought any new clothes yet. Thanks to the oversized clothes trend I've been wearing my men's 2x shirt like a dress lol. I'm sooo excited to hopefully be able to buy from the 'straight size' section in stores! In women's sizes I'm a 1x, which is in most stores but my goal is to be a medium/large. It has to feel amazing to be able to just walk into a store & KNOW everything there is an option
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    Congratulations on your weight loss! People fluctuate all day every day. Weigh yourself less. I weigh myself every Monday (my surgery day) Then you don't see the fluctuations, you only see the loss.
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    Round 1 million 1

    So, I recieved a recieved a sugery date of 12/08/2022. Revision due to an ulcer, GERD, hernias and esophagus damage. I should be happy! However, I am just scared! Help!!!! Sent from my SM-G996U1 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Poop is brown, why be worried? What exactly are you thinking? Blood? You poop would be BLACK and like tar if you had blood in it. It would be very obvious something is not normal.
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    I wasn’t particularly excited to be converted from VSG to RNY either but I knew I needed to do it. I was eating specifically to avoid GERD flare ups towards the end. Surprisingly my lifestyle is nearly identical between the surgeries except I’m super careful with (known) dumping triggers. There was a small adjustment period but other than that not much of a difference EXCEPT GERD has been gone for 3 yrs and counting. Good Luck!
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    Round 1 million 1

    Is your revision from sleeve to bypass? Don't worry, for what I hear and read on here the recovery is almost identical. In addition, the pre-op and post-op diets are just about the same too. I had bypass. 10 day limited pre-op diet. Post-op was 2 weeks clear/full liquids, 2 weeks pureed foods, 2 weeks soft foods and then slowly transition back to a normal diet. Take it slow, test new foods 1 at a time so if you get sick you know exactly what caused it. You got this!
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    fDL tummy tuck done Tuesday

    They were prepared to do a full FDL but he said after they got in there he felt a partial would give me great results. I can’t imagine having arms, thighs or butt done at the same time. The first week was rough! Now I don’t have pain but uncomfortable and tightness

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