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    Surgery yesterday- my experience

    I had a sleeve done yesterday, late morning, and I am about 24 hrs out. My doc put me on gabapentin the day prior, and I had some dilautid in recovery. SO much LESS pain than I anticipated. I was about to drink water and broth all afternoon and night with minimal discomfort. Walked twice up and down the halls... today am feeling well enough to get out of bed alone use the bathroom and walk without assistance. Had a tiny (1/2) dose of some narcotic overnight, more as a precaution, otherwise have been comfortable with Tylenol and torodol. Good luck to all the upcoming surgeries! Sent from my SM-G973U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Respectfully, I suggest when you see a topic you aren’t interested in just move along. This is clearly a topic that has great meaning to many of the members of our group. We come here for support. The LGBTQIA+ community has been discriminated against, targeted, and hated by much of society. Here they should experience nothing but love and support as they work through many of the same, but some unique to just them, issues related to their weight and health.
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    I didn't feel restriction until after the puree stage. I was terrified. Don't worry. The first time you eat one too many bites of meat, It will be "dramatic". Lol Ask me how I know.
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    Hi All, Just wanted to know what others have experienced. For some reason I am having daily anxiety. I absolutely can't stand it as it hits out of nowhere at all. I am only 17 days Post-Op, take my vitamins daily, and still taking my Metformin until I am blood tested again. I do not want to go on an anti anxiety medication. I had been on Lexapro for 4 years at which point I put on a lot of weight going from a size 4 to 1-2X. I lost all motivation on working out as well. I went off the Lexapro completely 2 months before surgery and started actually caring about myself which is why I decided to do this surgery so I could get my health back on track. Following my weight gain, I developed diabetes, Apnea (now using a C-Pap for a year) and NASH of the liver. I notice exercise helps with the anxiety for sure but I cant seem to get a decent response from the medical community to help me feel better about this. I asked my surgeon why this sudden onset of anxiety that hits for what seems like no reason at all and his response was if I am eating right and exercising that this could be the cause because of sudden change and that maybe people are treating me differently and all of this is causing anxiety. I then told him no - people are not treating me differently. My family is amazing with all of this and I am working out of the house so have not been around others for them to treat me differently. In my case this is absolutely not the case at all. I pressed on asking if chemical changes in the body could be happening due to the surgery that may be causing this and he said yes. Wondering why I had to keep poking to get that response at all and yet because that was not the first response I am even doubting that. Why not just tell me that since I made it clear I am having these spikes out of nowhere and can't figure out why. I am finding myself overthinking everything right now honestly. Wondering how I will tolerate eating anything at this point or will I ever be able to. My doctor keeps his patients on a 5 week post-op liquid diet before you go on to a pureed / soft food diet for another 3 weeks. So unsure of myself right now and considered I made a huge mistake and so very much want to get passed this feeling more than anything in the world. Part of me is happy I did the surgery for my health and the results of weight loss I have seen thus far but another part wonders why I could not get back on track on my own and worried about long term complications. Like once I start eating will I have a sudden stomach leak, will I have no ability to hold down food or end up on liquids for the rest of my life? Will I ever be able to enjoy a glass of wine again and comfortably get on with life in a better more healthy way. Will I end up with Gallstones that cause another surgery or will I have stomach blockage in the future and how will I know if I do? I want to celebrate my choice to have done this and enjoy the weight loss but instead I am having so much self doubt and it's making me miserable. My liver health alone was cause to do this along with the diabetes so what is my damn problem? It is really hard to deal with this and I'm frankly pissed at myself for letting the anxiety get to me. I am considering going back on a lower dose of Lexapro again at least until this simmers down as I am hoping this is a chemical change in my body due to part of the stomach being removed and all the dietary changes just concerned it will make me not give a crap again and go lazy. IDK, if I knew factually this was all going to be a temporary reality then I would do it until the body goes back to normal.
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    Yes this happened to me as well. I was originally scheduled for December 2020 and it got postponed. Got the call on January 25th to reschedule for 2/23. DON"T DO LIKE I DID AND GO CRAZY EATING!! This would be a good time to get used to eating less. Good luck...it will pass by quickly.
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    WHY? Weight loss surgery is weight loss surgery, with the same challenges and victories for everyone. We don't need to know someone's race, age, gender, or sexual preference to offer encouragement, advice, and support.
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    May 13th, 465lbs

    Mine was similar. I was 410 on surgery day and 6'1. I'm only 5 months out but I'm steadily losing weight each month. I think some people are losing faster than me but my surgeon said my results are great and I will probably keep losing for a long period of time. It's not a race, so fine with me. One thing my surgeon told me is that with a BMI of 50+, with the sleeve patients often don't reach a BMI under 25 or maybe even under 30. I wouldn't let that discourage you though as I'm almost 100 lbs down from where I was and I already feel a massive difference. I sleep better, I have more energy, and I fit into airline seats and other smaller spaces. Even if I never lose another pound it was still worth it.
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    Stress Eating Post-Sleeve

    I would do a self care reboot and contact a therapist. For self care, I buy myself beautiful flowers (lavender colored roses are my fave), take a bubble bath, put on some music and dance, maybe get a massage or pedicure. Whatever you like and feels good!
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    No one can answer that question for you. Only you can decide whether you're up for a permanent change in your relationship with food. But we can share our experiences. Like many people, I had a tough first week after surgery, but by week 3, I was much better. I had no major complications and I lost all my excess weight. I have no regrets or complaints of any kind. There are lots of people on here just like me. The thing is, people are more likely to post about unusual or negative experiences, so you won't see a lot of folks logging on to post "Everything is still fine." So reading the posts can kind of skew your impression of how the surgery goes for most people. Complications happen, but it's more common to come through the surgery just fine, with no major problems. I wish you all the best in making your decision!
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    Post OP tip

    See picture! so I went home on Easter Sunday and thought Premier Protein 1 gram of sugar , 160 calories, 30 protein fit all the requirements, although it did some requirements not all of them so with this surgery you must follow to the letter. the only one true protein shake that I needed was Ensure Max Protein Shake this is considered a clear protein shake and I have been able to tolerate it. the other one I poured a 1 ounce cup and sipped less than 1/4 of it and immediately my stomach did not tolerate it, kept coming back up my throat. so I hope this helps you guys when you are post OP, remember all protein shakes are not created equal.