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    I am 3 days post op from gastric bypass. I have been hitting my water goals and very close to my protein. Some nausea here and there but no vomiting! I’m concerned because I feel very hungry today. Is this normal??
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    3 Weeks Post Op and My Birthday

    I am officially 3 weeks post op and I’ve loss a total of 22 pounds so far. This was the first time that I’ve celebrated a birthday where I couldn’t drink or eat because I am still on the post op full liquid diet. I don’t know why I felt sad because today is my actual birthday Nov 6 and I can’t do anything for it cause like I said my birthday always was surrounded by food and drinks so today was very different….. Before all of this you try and prepare yourself for the different lifestyle but boy it’s something different when you start going through it……
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    The MBSAQIP Bariatric Surgical Risk/Benefit Calculator (A tool clinicians are using to estimate progress) Hope it helps someone! https://riskcalculator.facs.org/bariatric/?_ga=2.112690692.1282950073.1698781773-393992475.1698781773
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    Advice You Wish You'd Known?

    Thanks for the great responses so far! I have a notebook that I am using to jot down questions as I think of them and have been all over these and other forums doing research. I am nervous but excited!
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    Advice You Wish You'd Known?

    I did a crazy amount of research before I saw the doc. I wanted to know ahead of time what I was getting myself into. When we met and he was telling me about the surgery , I knew what he was talking about . I even knew the name of a couple instruments ! He laughed and said "Boy - you DID study !" I was able to ask some questions that he forget to cover . It pays to do your homework - I was totally prepared.
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    My surgery was Sept 1. I am still learning thru trial and error but what seems to work is the time you start and the choices. So I start at 8am with either a 30g protein shake. I snack on anything with high protein. Ex: tuna packs, nuts, protein Quest cheddar crackers, a cup of decaf coffee and add protein powder too it or even grab another protein shake. That's 60g protein and your midway for those times where you may not want nothing for the moment. I also realized for much protein is in chicken, salmon, ground beef, etc. Also recently I just purchased some lactaid protein milk that comes in handy when you just don't feel like chewing on anything. 80z cup is 13g protein. I am literally still learning but I am realizing protein is essential, especially with hair loss[emoji4]. At times too I will grab some electrolytes, sugar free Gatorade or Propel. You got this and groups like this and other pages help me Alot as well. Ps. Vitamins are key as well. My legs were cramping so I would grab a Gatorade and made sure I was staying in top of my vitamins Sent from my SM-S908U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Looking for Easy Protein Snacks

    The veggie egg bites from Dunkin are also excellent if you ever find yourself somewhere there is no Starbucks. Similar calorie count, too.
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    I weighed 199 pounds (90 kg) this morning! I felt accomplished and happy, and celebrated by going to the gym to lift some weights. Hoping everyone else out there is making progress, whether you are pre- or post-op 😊 Today is 7 weeks and two days post-op for me. I've been through two stalls already, but I am sticking to the program. I want long-term success from all of the sacrifice and pain. You all know I mean!
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    Pollygis Dond

    Traveling & staying on track

    Hello! Thanks for the post, it's helpful. I’m also after surgery, but I want to travel. My dream is to go to Chile😌
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    Iron deficiency

    10 is really low - and yes, a lot of surgeons will refer you for an infusion when it drops below about 20. A few will even recommend an infusion when it's below 50. Ferritin is one of the few levels that can be difficult to bring up when it's that low without an infusion, although some people have done it (I managed to bring mine up with oral supplements, but it was never as low as yours - I think it was around 30). when mine was low, they also had me increase my oral supplements. Then they retested two or three months later, and it was fine.

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