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    One year out pics

    What a ride! 406lbs at the start of my 6 month pre-op diet. 318 on surgery day. 221 today.
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    As I continue on in my post op phases, it’s crazy to me how different the plans are for the phases. Like I’m day 19 post op and doing the blended purée phase that lasts two weeks. I see some folks, same timeline, already on to soft foods. Some things that folks are allowed to eat, I’m told to never eat again. I figured there would be more standardization in this. Boy was I wrong!!
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    Last Christmas, I was one week post op. Sore hips, knees. Versus now. Running, diving, cycling and loving a whole new life, 100lbs lighter. A smooth run all year, rigid adherence to my programme for the first 9 months, more relaxed in maintenance mode but hold myself in a 133-137 lb range with good diet (lowish protein - except today because it is Christmas so I am relaxed about it!) and 80g protein a day (ham and turkey are ON my plan today!) and exercise. Love love love this new life.
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    Support and honesty needed

    I'm just going to touch on the parts about whether it will work. I'm 48 and perimenopausal so my metabolism is slow. I don't exercise very much beyond physical therapy and walking because my back is messed up. When my back was better, I saw a number of personal trainers. They helped me get in shape, but not lose much weight. I've found it relatively easy to lose 34+ lbs. in 2 1/2 months, much faster than on any other diet I have ever been on. I'm rarely nauseous and I've thrown up 2x since I got the surgery. I was very adept at using 2 oz. cups to make sure I didn't consume too much when I was healing. Now I eat pretty normally, just a lot less, less carbs, and more protein. I think WLS has changed a lot and some people have ideas based on older types of WLS surgery that weren't as easy to live with. Whatever you decide, good luck!
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    Support and honesty needed

    Tell him "I know you think you're right" Then do it anyway... Safe Journey 🎈
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    I tried on this sweatshirt that was uncomfortably snug last Christmas. My, how times have changed. It goes to Goodwill next week!
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    Loving Life Again

    Positive Things at 4 AM I am warm I am safe and loved I have the freedom to be what I can want to be, even when it seems difficult Although I am having gastrointestinal difficulties, until they resolve I can receive my nourishment through my PICC line and TPN I haven't thrown up since yesterday so today can be a better day So no matter how this Saturday in. December finds me, I am still alive and grateful to Ohio State University, Bradley J Needleman MD and Bariatric Medicine for a future. And I am grateful to my RnY surgery, even with its flaws , it has been my third best tool, behind commitment & Belief in ME for success out of sorrow! SO I AM TRULY A VERY BLESSED 73 YEAR PERSON WHEN ALL IS SAID AND DONE!😛❤🍀
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    All of you brave and amazing women, I salute you! I, on the other hand, was ridiculous and rescheduled my surgery around my cycle... Don't be like me.
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    Exited 8 days Post OP.. lost 10ounds... looking forward to this fridays Doctors folllow up appointment.
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    It's gonna be hard to find one that likes New York winter weather!