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    ❤18 mo/1.5 yr Post Op❤

    18 months post VSG ~155 lbs, BMI 27 Reflux (GERD) increased in intensity but I'm working on it. Mystery of dumping continues- c'est la vie... Gave up a few foods for a while to see if it helps both. We'll see. Not many other changes from the prior month. This looks like maintenance for me.
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    Got my surgery time!!

    My surgeon's office called and my surgery time is at 10:00am Monday morning. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the number on my caller ID.
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    Throw Back Thursday

    Heaviest: 333 lbs Surgery: 2/22/18 Current: 201 lbs NSV: T-shirt giveaway at a sporting event and it actually fits!
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    I'm just over a week out of surgery. I work in an office building of about 1000 people administering health benefits. It is literally the battle of food cultures everywhere in this building. It's Cinco de Mayo and also Asian Heritage day. Everywhere you turn there's free tacos (good ones, I'm in central CA) ceviche, elotes, rice and beans. There's a massive BBQ cooking asada. Then there is every Asian food known to man. Two weeks ago I could have done some serious damage to these endless buffets. But I've got my beef broth to keep me company.
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    Received call that my surgery was approved. Awaiting surgery date. So excited!!!! Sent from my SM-N950U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    6 Months update!

    Amen, sister! I pray every day for God to let me to continue to lose weight and be healthy and I thank him for getting me through surgery with no complications.
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    Today I finished my last pre op appt. Now the waiting begins for approval. The coordinator say if all go well looking at mid June. Sent from my LML414DL using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Hijacking a Group Session

    Oh my! Id have a hard time wanting to return every month if I knew I had to put up with a personality like that! Maybe they need a pit orchestra like at the Oscars when the speeches get too long winded! But more likely the NP needs to discreetly talk to her.
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    Being able to buy clothes from a decent store good brands not just big and tall.. Being able to walk around for hours to keep up with my family. Being able to fit on rides better. Not dealing with sweat between rolls (tmi) Not being looked at everytime I go out to eat. Being able to run for more than 30 seconds. Well be nice to have some female attention for once! Fit people get treated better in every aspect of life especially when shopping! Being able to fit into my sports car better Being able to go hiking it's been about 6 years.. Being able to save money on food and being a cheap drunk if I ever do drink. My biggest one is hopefully not to be hungry constantly every day, eating to live not living just to eat!
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    Have you talked with your Dr. about your vomiting situation? Natures best isopure zero carb water/drink. It's hydration and protein all in one. 160 calories. 0 carbs 0 sugar 40 grams protein. It’s not thick like shakes. Texture is like Gatorade. If the flavor is too much add water to it. Sip slowly. They are at GNC, Vitimine shoppe and amazon.