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    Happy birthday Cheeseburgh. Hope you have the most beautiful of days. 🎉🎉🎉😵🥳🥳🥳🎈🎈🎈🎁🎁🎁
  2. Arabesque

    TMI 3wks post op and diarrhea

    That’s the thing with diarrhoea- when you have to go you have to go right now. It may be too high a dose of miralax or you’re taking it too regularly like your doctor suggested. Because you’re not eating much & most/all of it liquid you can’t expect to have solid bm every day. I was happy if I went every second day. I only took a stool softener if I hadn’t gone by day 3. I’d take it at night so I’d have a normal bm the next morning. It may be something in the protein shake that is upsetting you. Can you try a different brand? Hope you feel better soon.
  3. Arabesque


    What a sweet husband BayougirlMrsS. He has good taste too. Looking good.
  4. Was thinking about my mother’s rice pudding yesterday & realised I’d never eat it again. She used to make it, bread pudding or Queen’s pudding on the weekends I went home in winter. All those carbs & sugar. So delicious. There aren’t any alternatives that taste as good. What family favourite foods did you use to enjoy but can’t/won’t eat now?
  5. Arabesque

    Slow Weight Loss

    First, congrats on your surgery & weight loss so far. Some of us lose quickly others lose more slowly. We have weeks we lose more then the next hardly anything. The rate can depend on our age, gender, metabolic rate, past weight loss history, etc. all things we can’t control. The thing to remember is you’re losing. Whoo hoo! You didn’t put on all your weight in a couple of months so you can’t expect to lose it that quickly. Follow your plan. Measure your food. Keep a track of what you eat. You will reach your goal but it you have to put in the effort to have long term success. There are no short cuts. This is your journey & there are many things to celebrate along the way. Good luck. PS - Sleevers tend to lose weight more slowly than bypass patients at first but the average weight loss is about the same.
  6. Arabesque

    2 Concerns Is it ok?

    Yep, talk to your doctor. Better to be safe than sorry. I’m with you on the protein shakes. Shudder! I persisted with them for the two weeks but did dilute them. I also added broths & soup - home made chicken strained really well. Made it like you make stock - simmered chicken pieces on the bone with big chunks of celery, onion & carrots, a little garlic & ginger for a couple of hours. My surgeon also said not to be too focussed on getting all your protein in to begin but keep increasing your intake over the first couple of weeks till you reach goal. I could only consume 1 shake & a bare 200 mls soup/broth each day (I’d sip them for hours) so no way I hit 60g of protein.
  7. Arabesque

    Incisional Scars and Creams?

    I swear by bio oil though I understand some people react to the fragrance in it. Vitamin E was always the go to for scarring. What ever you use just gently massage the scar when applying it. I did it twice a day. Congrats on your surgery.
  8. Arabesque

    Choosing Bougie Size

    I was just told he’d take about 80%. The ‘about’ related to the size of my original stomach. If I’d stretched my tummy over the years, he’d take a little more. If my stomach was more usual size he might take a little less. I presumed it was more about getting my tummy to a specific size in regards to what it would hold post surgery - about 200mls I think???
  9. Arabesque


    Unfortunately it would require being totally pulled apart. ☹️ It has multiple panels & inserts to give it that puffiness & shape. It looks fine when I’m not pulling it in just better when I do. 😁 Tried it with a belt but it didn’t work. That is an amazing piece Cheeseburgh. Can’t believe it was a carriage seat. Was it a random find or an inherited piece?
  10. Arabesque

    Week 5 concerns

    Congrats on your surgery. Whoo hoo! You seem to be doing fine. That’s great. Just remember, we all move the stages at our own pace. Some more quickly, others more slowly. Same with what our tummy can or can’t tolerate. Many can’t tolerate chicken or eggs or steak but I never had any problems with them. You’re doing the right thing by sticking to your portion sizes. When you feel your restriction it’s definitely time to stop eating. It’s best to stop before you feel the restriction. Always eat your protein first & eat slowly so the message you’re full or almost full gets through. When you feel full you’ve likely already eaten too much. As you go along you’ll discover some foods are sliders - they slip through your system quickly so you won’t feel your restriction when eating them. I’ve also found some foods trigger the restriction more quickly than others for me. Stick to your plan. Listen to your body & you’ll continue to do well. Good luck.
  11. Arabesque

    2 week stall... HELP

    Yep, this is very common in the first couple of weeks. Unfortunately, it won’t be the only one you have. They usually can last anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks but we’re all different. As starwarsandcupcakes said it’s like your body playing catch up. I liked to say my body was taking a breath to come to terms with all the changes: the surgery, reduced caloric intake, changes to activity, changes to the foods you’re eating, etc. It will pass. Some people recommend temporarily increasing or decreasing your activity or calories but I never did & the weight would start to drop again. Good luck on your journey.
  12. Congrats on your surgery, keudaeyeo. My surgeon allows herbal teas as well. I’ve been drinking green tea for 17 years so being able to drink it certainly helped with my fluid intake each day. But I wasn’t allowed any sort of juice. Though, when I was further along I used about 50ml of no added sugar or sweetener juice (orange pear, apple & mango blend) to dilute the drinking yoghurt I had 3 or 4 times a week. Hope everything continues to go well for you. So exciting.
  13. Arabesque


    Gotta love a good pair of cosy slippers, Cheeseburgh - I live in mine. Only around the house of course. No wandering down in them to buy groceries. 😁 Your legs go on forever! Good luck with your move. Ms.Sss your penis head shot has appeared today. Wondered if it had been censored yesterday 😂. Your arms look amazing. Appointment with my surgical team this morning. This was one of my favourite labels but their smallest size is XS & consequently the dress is a little big around the middle (hence me sneakily holding some fabric at the waist at the back - tee hee.) At least it is shaped so it actually looks ok when I’m not pinching the fabric.
  14. Arabesque


    Oh SillyKitty that’s terrible you had a reaction. I’ve never had a problem & my surgeon even told me to use it. I thought it was all natural oils but I just read that the fragrance they use in it can cause reactions in some people. (Don’t know why they’d need to add fragrance with all the lavender, calendula & rosemary in it but ... shrug.)
  15. Arabesque

    8 Week Post-Op - Food Struggles

    First, congrats on your surgery & welcome. It’s not uncommon for your sense of smell to become sensitive to certain odours just like your taste changes & you become more sensitive to how certain things taste or even textures. Foods you always enjoyed may become repulsive. These first months are a big learning curve of what your tummy can tolerate & what it won’t. But it does improve. Just give it time. As Tek said listen to your body. I still have days when I’m just not hungry so I get how you feel. Like Tek, I eat to routine too - what I eat & when I eat. It’s the only way I can keep up my calories to maintain & meet my protein goals. On not hungry days I don’t quite eat as much but I make sure I get in three meals. Have you spoken to your medical team about your nausea & struggles? My nausea & occasional vomiting came from my multivitamins. I’d had this issue with them before so it wasn’t unexpected. Having too much of certain vitamins can cause the nausea so it may be worth asking your medical team about that too. There are patches you can use instead of tablets. After I reached goal, I spoke with my surgeon & gave them up & no more nausea. My bloods have come back well in the acceptable ranges in the 10 months since. Good luck.
  16. Arabesque


    I tend to scar as well but I have to really look to see my scars now. They’re just tiny, thin white lines. I used bio oil & gently massaged it in twice a day once the wounds were healed. I’ve used it before & it helped heaps then too.
  17. Arabesque

    Dizziness after eating

    Definitely contact your medical team & make an appointment for as soon as possible. Good luck.
  18. Congrats ChubRub. So happy for you. Good luck with your ps. There’ll be no stopping you after that 😁.
  19. Arabesque

    Shaky, weak and tired

    I was like that - still suffer occasionally. If it is like mine it’s a sugar drop. I used to take diluted hydralite with me (it was too sweet at full strength) to give me that little boost. A couple of blueberries or strawberries also help. I remember being so exhausted at month 3 I thought I was going to literally fall asleep on my feet (well it actually was fall off my treadmill asleep after <5 minutes of walking). All understandable given our low caloric intake. The exhaustion does pass. Try having rolled oats for breakfast. They’re a good whole grain carb. I make mine on milk for extra protein. I could barely eat 1/3 cup until at least month 6 but it did make a difference. Of course , if you are concerned check with your medical team. Better to be sure of what the cause is.
  20. Arabesque


    Is it just me or is everyone’s view of Ms.Sss as a penis greyed out??? I would have loved to see that 😂 Love your jean haul. I guess that makes them hand me ups not hand me downs. The ones with the pinstripe make your legs look miles long - not even including your tippy toes.
  21. Arabesque

    Weight loss and gain

    Oh wow your program stops after three months? I know things are different in the States but I’m surprised they don’t provide support for longer especially when this is a long journey. No wonder you have these concerns. We pay for our own private health insurance in Australia though we also have the government provided Medicare which basically covers visits to the doctor but not procedures. They never cover the cost of everything (I was out of pocket for about 80% of my surgery) but at least they don’t say they won’t support you any longer. We also have a public hospital system but the waiting lists are quite lengthy. I’m still seeing my surgeon’s team in fact I have an appointment on Tuesday. Though I don’t see my dietician anymore she’s there if I need her. I agree with Jaelzion about needing to go back to see your surgeon or dietician. Is there any way to go back even without insurance?
  22. Arabesque

    Weight loss and gain

    First, congrats on your weight loss so far. 60lbs - whoo hoo. But what do you mean by you starve daily? Are you not eating or feel like you’re not eating much? Are you following your plan, meeting your protein goals, your fluid goals? Are you tracking your calories & logging your food? Have you spoken to your dietician? Sorry for all the questions. Just seeking a clearer understanding. I still wasn’t eating much at 4 months. Couldn’t get through an egg or 1/3 cup porridge at breakfast, barely eat 2.5oz of chicken at lunch (no vege or salad). I can gain or lose 1/2kg in a day if I’m retaining fluid or am constipated.
  23. Arabesque


    I’m with your husband Ms.SSS. Can’t do oysters since I they gave me food poisoning many, many years ago. I love danish feta - all soft, creamy & salty but find Greek feta too rubbery. Our tummies tend to be very fussy the first couple of months & often foods we used to enjoy make our tummies revolt. It can be taste or texture that sets it off. Try soups & broths. Even make a hot drink using stock powder/cubes. Can you tolerate eggs? Sprinkle some extra salt on the top. Same with rolled oats, mashed avocado, mashed tinned fish.
  24. Contact your medical team. It may be something simple like a stomach bug but because of our surgeries you have to get this checked out. Good luck & I hope they find a cause & a solution quickly.
  25. Arabesque


    My accessory of the day on Monday. Was pretty pleased with my nice puffy vein at my blood test until I started to walk out & whoosh. Blood running down my arm. Never happened before. At least I only had slight discolouration after thought I’d end up with a huge bruise. Had to go back for second test on Tuesday for B1 (surgeon said eat before test but phlebotomist said can’t eat before B1test never a problem before - shrug) & have a bruise from that one already but no bleeding thank goodness.