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  1. *raises hand* me too! i had a breast lift with extended arm lift (i.e., adresses the "side boob" issue) back in 2019...also had a tummy tuck all in one surgery. it depends i think one how long your surgeon is comfortable with u being under as well as how fast he/she works. my doc had a policy max of 6 or 7 (can't remember) hours under general anesthesia i think. he said he was done with me in under 6. personally, despite the recovery being very "challenging" (to put it mildly, ha!) i'd still do it all in one shot vs 3 separate surgeries: the healing was unpleasant enough that i was glad i only had to do it once (vs. three!!) but im a baby and was NOT a good patient so...i know of others on here whose recovery was a walk in the park. anyway: arm lift, breast lift tummy tuck...so so happy with them. the breast lift was actually the surprise favourite for me. being able to go bra-commando and remain perky is AWESOME. good luck! ❤️
  2. what type of surgery did you have? ❤️
  3. a lunch of buttered corn on the cob and grilled Miyatake mushrooms. also had an espresso martini beforehand. 256 cals for the food and drink. ate/drank it all.
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    hubba hubba
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    First appt Tomm, super nervous!

    i think i only sipped water for maybe 2 weeks max. then one day just forgot to sip and guzzled down a whole bunch of water and was like: !! haven't had issues with drinking any amount of liquids since (i'm almost 5 years post)
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    What Made You Smile Today?

    i'm a psychopath! honestly, im not really surprised 😂😜
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    Anyone starting out around 225lbs?

    i'm almost 5 yrs post op, but at the time of my surgery I was 5'2", 46 yrs old and 235 lbs. got to goal (127 lbs) around 7 months post op and somehow managed to stay below goal ever since (weighed 120 lbs this morning) i was one of the lucky/unlucky ones (depends who you ask) that had vice-like restriction the first 9-10 months. it loosened up more and more over the years, but not to the level of "normal" eaters...i still don't seem to eat us much as those around me. I hit my max volume for a sitting at about the equivalent of 1 cup of solid food. more if its salad, less if its dense protein or fluffy bread. you didn't ask, but I'll put this here anyway: i can drink as much liquids at whatever speed, so long as i have no food in my stomach....but once there is food in there, I need to wait AT LEAST 1/2 an hour to digest a bit before I drink, otherwise i'll barf.
  8. i've been busy this morning/afternoon! woke up and decided to clean out the fridge/freezers. there was a bunch of stuff that needed to be used before they went bad so i went to work! a giant pot of meat sauce (used up the 3 month old frozen beef & pork, some ripe tomatoes, drying out carrots, the last of my onions and garlic, and a whole bunch of basil from the "garden" that we really need to use up before summer is over and the plant dies. pickled beets (went to farmers market two days ago and bought a bushel of beets for no real reason!) candied beets maraschino cherries (costco cherries...gonna make a cherry pie tomorrow) chinese green onion and ginger sauce (again, i blame the farmers market...bought a bunch of these steriod-like-overgrown green onions and a sack of organic ginger) didn't actually eat any of this, but i did do alot of tasting. i don't even know where to start to log that in MFP, so im just gonna skip it. actually, speaking of eating, i haven't eaten anything yet (aside from the tastings..ha!) ...will probably have some of the meat sauce with toast when its done simmering.
  9. got a chance to visit my fave korean grocery store this afternoon, and picked up an assortment of "Banchan" (korean side dishes often served before the main courses). - fried fish cake - braised black beans - seasoned dried shredded squid - seasoned dried anchovies with peanuts estimated 338 calories for all, ate it all! i find i often prefer all the side dishes and accompaniments vs the main event whenever i go out to eat, so i love going here to stock up on 'em all. p.s. we actually were in the area because Mr. was donating/giving blood, and i thought i would try again to donate myself, but they said (again) that i was under the weight limit for my height. but they gave me pretzels and juice for my troubles. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. same. im almost 5 years out, and i STILL look at clothes on the rack and think its gonna be super snug on me. when i go shopping with the kid she ALWAYS tells me to try on the smaller size, but i always bring a bigger size into the change room with me as well "just in case". she basically right every time. and a lot of times even the smaller one she tells me to try in is too big. its weird because i was "normal sized" for a bigger portion if my existence than when i was obese, and yet i seem to have a longer memory of being too big for clothes. i figure all those times of things not fitting me nicely when i was fatter left a traumatic mark and thats all i seem to remember. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    yup, yup and yup. yup, my hair starting falling out at 3 months. yup, started to notice less hair accumulation on the floor AND itty bitty regrowth hairs on my head around 6-7 months. yup, my hair was dryer and more brittle looking at that time. yup, by the time i hit around 2.5 years post op, those itty bitty hairs were the same length as the rest of my shoulder length hair (at the time) that didn't fall out. like @Arabesque, i also experienced the bonus of no-longer oily hair, AND no more dry scalp/dandruff issues, AND my new hairs grew in with a pretty little wave to them (yay!) AND it actually seems thicker and healthier now than pre-surgery (though this could likely be because of my better diet and overall health, AND because im so vain now i take better care of myself, including my hair, lol) i'm almost 5 years out now, and you would never think i ever had a hair loss problem. i know it doesn't help very much when u are in the thick of it, but TrY to keep in mind its only temporary. Good Luck! ❤️
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    3 years

    with room to spare! lol Congrats!
  13. speaking of yogurt, this one is my FAVE. it's SuPEr thick and lusciously creamy but u pay for it in calories (200 cals for 3/4 cup serving, and 10% fat!)...but sooo good.. i just buy the plain though, i find flavoured yogurts too sweet.
  14. yesterday i offhanded-ly commented to Mr that i felt for some oysters. this afternoon he showed up with a crate of oysters and shucked 'em for us ❤️ ate them with an random assortment of leftovers from the pantry and fridge (peppercorn patè, sourdough bread, a single samosa, malaysian curry beef brisket and rice). also pulled out a subset of the extensive array of condiments we collect in the fridge lol. oh, and i quickly made a mignonette for the oysters. a pic of our table spread, as an MFP entry of what i actually ate.
  15. so @GreenTealael's dessert pic got me jonseing for some baked goods, so when i walked by a specialty grocery store, i went in, high-tailed to the bakery and picked up these two beauties: a chocolate peanut butter butter tart and a lemon square! came home and cut out a quarter of each one to try. Verdict: the butter tart was like a 7/10. the filling was awesome, but the pastry was just a little too flaky for my taste. the lemon square was a bit of a fail. not nearly as lemon-y as it should've been. i rate it a 4/10. i only took one bite, but i should've taken a nibble instead, i feel like i just ate a bunch of unenjoyable and unworthy calories! 202 calories for the servings. just left a bit of the lemon square.
  16. That’s the one thing that blew me away when I lived in AU for a bit: the prices of grocery items were crazy! I remember going to a store and being floored at the $14 AU ($9 USD) price tag for 6 oz of blueberries !! ….when they cost $2.50 CAD ($1.80 USD) back home. Granted, that was 10+ years ago, but still. I thought we would go broke…or starve!! AU prices are actually the reason why I quit smoking back then. Cigarettes where almost 4 times the price of what I paid in Toronto….hmmm maybe I should go back so I can quit again! Lol P.S. The cost of a dozen eggs up here is about $5-6 CAD , ($3-4 USD) when not on sale right now…up about $1-2 CAD since pre-pandemic.
  17. Tomato, Basil, Pesto, & Fresh Mozzarella Sandwiches! 460 for the entire sandwich, I ate 1/2 of one. So yum.
  18. @GreenTealael, @Arabesque omg those loom good. i've put them on my list of things to try and make (my list is loooooooong!) @Starwarsandcupcakes: Eggs. Yuuuuum!
  19. i generally eat my avocados commando as i usually eat them with other more heavily seasoned food items. but if/when i do add stuff to it, yes, its usually salt, pepper, cayenne and a slash of lemon juice. 😉 however this heat wave we are having up here has ripened my remaining stash of avo much sooner than expected, so i made some avocado "ice cream" with them before they got over-ripe. avocados, full-fat coconut milk, sweetner and vanilla extract. haven't had any yet but am pretty excited to try 'em out!
  20. yes, age at time of surgery! and yes, want to know how much weight lost (if any) in the 6 months prior to surgery Thanks!
  21. ok, seriously, so how long do u guys eat your leftovers for? todays lunch consisted of 1 day old pasta and 4 day old jerk pork (446 calories for the bowl, including a coffee martini beforehand, not shown) Mr. said i shouldn't eat the pork cuz it was way too old. i was like, whatever, its delicious, and ate some if it anyway....granted it was a little dried out, but still yum. ...thoughts????
  22. yay, a couple responses! I figure i should l add mine too: 1. Basics: GENDER, AGE (at time of surgery) , HEIGHT F, 46, 5'2" 2. Total Weight lost in the 6 months BEFORE surgery (if any) 11.8 lbs 3. Weight on DAY OF SURGERY. 223.2 lbs 4. Weight at 1 MONTH POST surgery 201.0 lbs 5. Weight at 3 MONTHs POST surgery 172.0 lbs 6. Weight at 6 MONTHs POST surgery 138.1 lbs 7. Weight at 12 MONTHs POST surgery 113.0 lbs
  23. Good eye!! lol this place did have Doubles on the menu too !

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