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    Nervous About Craving

    I loved dessert before WLS, and still did afterwards (and still do 1.5 years later). The real question is whether my stomach loved it. In the early months, anything with even just a little bit if sugar (even a sip of a mixed drink with sugary mixer) would result in serious dumping episodes and have me on the bathroom floor. I learned early that I had to keep sugar at a minimum (not that I had very much during weight loss phase anyway - just a handful of times, all of which I regretted soon after). Now, I can have a little more without getting as sick as I did. Not much more mind you...just last week I had 1/2 a donut fritter too quickly and I felt awful, heart raced for over half an hour and ended up passing out on the couch for over an hour. So i indulge once in I while, and in small amounts, eat it slowly, and when I remember, to have dessert NOT on an empty stomach (i find the dumping symptoms much worse on an empty stomach). P.S. i also want to note that i am done with weight loss phase, and I probably wouldn’t recommend doing the dessert thing until after you’ve reached goal. Take advantage of the rapid weight loss first, you can always try a bit of cake later. You may also find you won’t even care for it, like others said above. Good Luck!
  2. Made the @Sophie7713 wedge salad tonite !(took the picture before I realized I forgot to sprinkle blue cheese chunks on top (so the salad in my tummy had about a glorious 1 oz of the stuff added later, lol) Also made some “leftover chinese takeout”-fried rice for the fam (none for me!) Day old white rice + leftover crispy chicken + leftover beef & Chinese broccoli + frozen corn niblets + scrambled eggs + crispy fried garlic.
  3. Ah, but this Cher Horowitz from Clueless! A timeless masterpiece.
  4. ms.sss

    SEX, SEX, SEX!!!

  5. ms.sss


    omg. I had this too in the early months. It didn't even occur to me until I read your post that it could have been dehydration! P.S. my dry eyes went away eventually (can't remember exactly when), but I kept eye drops at my bedside to moisten them in the morning when it was happening. I remember being barely able to see some mornings...
  6. Haha, I meant that I am using the absolute least amount of weight to exercise (i.e., my body weight, lol). I agree, there is TONNES of skill and strength involved for many body-weight exercises/poses (just not the ones I can currently execute!). That tiger bend push up is crazy. This one in particular (eight-angle pose/astavakrasana), I have been working on for the past 2 months now. Mr. has been helping me "train" to complete it. I can only barely hook my right leg over my bicep at this point (I've given up on the left leg...that side of me is just not bendy enough right now), and lift maybe half of one butt cheek off the ground, so it's still months in the making... The fact that Mr. can do it effortlessly is the fire that makes me determined to do this one day...
  7. Thanks! I am sooooo making these as soon as I get my hands on the materials! So excited!
  8. True, I do have alot of energy to burn, LOL. and I am a BOTTOMLESS PIT for salads. This orange segment one would perfect for a summer night like tonite (it was 30 degrees up here today - that's 86F for you Americans )
  9. ms.sss

    Obese? Not me!!!!!

    Yay, you! Feels AWESOME, doesn't it????
  10. ms.sss


    The first 2-3 days were the toughest. Your body will get used to it and it won't feel as challenging. Hang in there, it gets better if you stick it out. P.S. Try drinking water, going out for a walk, taking a shower, going outside and taking deep breaths, knitting even lol. Anything to get your mind/body occupied. P.S. I personally did not cheat.
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    Glycerine Suppositories?
  12. ms.sss

    Any bike suggestions?

    ooohhh...all it needs is a basket with a baguette in it (a low carb one, lol)
  13. ms.sss

    Revision time

    Same here. I also remember one of the dietitians claiming it's not that problematic with bypass but more with the sleeve as liquids pass rather quickly through the anastomosis. Can't remember the exact words because it's 4 years ago now. I know the 30 min rule but noticed early in that before eating the drinking up until a few minutes before the meal is no problem. After the meal drinking too early is just making me feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I wait longer than 30 min. Sometimes it's just 25 min or something like that. Depends on meal size and meal consistency. Mind you, this is not how I handled it a few days out. Take it slow. I'm a sleever and also noticed early on that I could drink as much as I wanted right up to eating a meal with no issue. During a meal, I will fill up really quick. After a meal, I will likely barf if I don't wait at least 30-40 minutes.
  14. LOL, 90% of my weight training is with body weight. I'm already doing as little as I possibly can! I only use "machines" for pull downs (though I do use free weights sometimes for arms and shoulders). I've long ago accepted that I will likely never enjoy doing these things. BUT I do them anyway. I can see the difference it makes (even with as little as I do) and it's a price I'm willing to pay (for now).
  15. omg omg omg. you need to tell me EXACTLY how you made these please!! I am LOVING the metallic looking ones!!!!
  16. Man, seeing all your plates makes me realize just how much I can eat nowadays! It seems like sooooo long ago that my meals were this size 😳 I'm talking to you too @sillykitty & @MarvelGirl25
  17. Oh dear lord, your arms and back are the stuff of my dreams! I totally HATE strength training (though I force myself to do 20 mins of it every day...cursing the entire time, btw), but if I can end up looking like you someday it will TOTALLY be worth it. Your newest fan, ms.sss
  18. Oh my...this one is making my mouth water...hmmmm...sweet potato...
  19. Didn't get a chance to pick up any blue cheese today, so any copy-catting of @Sophie7713 's wedge salad will have to wait 😞 Made a couple quiches instead. I didn't have any of it (having a don't-feel-like-eating day today), but the fam tells me they were yum. If there are any leftovers after the fam's midnight snacks tonight, I may try some tomorrow.... Quiche #1: Broccoli-Turkey-Green Onion (background) Quiche #2: Bacon-Mushroom (foreground) P.S. Surprisingly, they preferred the Broccoli-Turkey over the Bacon one...and this coming from certified bacon-lovers, LOL.
  20. ms.sss


    Love the shirt (you look even trimmer than before!), but am actually quite intrigued by those framed pics behind you...are those pics of you???
  21. Ya, I think you may be adding unnecessary worry on your plate, lol! (But it get it, change and the unknown can be anxiety-inducing). Stay the course, keep your eye on the prize and do the honest best you can do...its totally worth it. ❤️ Complications may or not be in your future, but I figure its better to leave the worry on those if they actually happen.
  22. Yay, similar-stat-sister! LOL I had the sleeve in Oct 2018. So that makes me 1 year, 7 months out today. I reached goal at 7 months and then lost a few more lbs after that. Today, my BMI is 21.0 (or 48.5% total body weight lost from surgery day...its a little more if I count the 2 week-pre-op liquid diet, but not by much). I do want to say though, that based on what I've read on these forums, I was one of the "faster" losers, not a superstar, but def a little higher than average. I was pretty strict during weight loss phase, and I was exercising regularly by month 3 (and still do). Here's a pic collage I created for my 18-month milestone mark that shows the weight loss progression. It's funny because I would NEVER show people pics of me obese (let alone ALLOW my pic to be taken), but now I'm actually kinda proud of showing my before pics. Go figure. I'm excited for you, and sincerely hope you reach any and all goals you set for yourself. Good Luck!
  23. ms.sss

    Discouraging friends

    You will find that everyone and their mother will have an opinion of your weight/weight loss. It was a very annoying aspect of this whole thing for me. If it's any consolation, after a while, you and your weight will become old news and no one will bother making comments/provide advice/express concern, and the like. Try to let it roll off your back and just stay the course. The minor annoyances you have to deal with now will be nothing compared to how awesome you will feel later. Good Luck!
  24. You didn't state your starting weight, but regardless, it's pretty normal. And like the posters said above, its mostly water weight. Excited for you for starting this...it really is a game changer. Good Luck!