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  1. ….also this has me fondly reminiscing of our stint in Brisbane when it took us a good week to get used to the terminology 😂
  2. ms.sss


    I totally googled “doona”. You look super cool chic (as always)
  3. Never had a scallop soufflé but its now and the list 😍
  4. Yummmmmm. I’m especially drooling over the kids’ plate….anything under cheese and sauce is a winner lol
  5. Thank you. I just have to say, I’m not religious in any significant way, but this is probably the best response to a specific post i’ve read on here ever. This was the perfect answer to the question, for reals.
  6. ms.sss

    Spousal support?

    In my insignificant opinion, your husband’s statement of “I support you but I don’t think you need this surgery” IS a statement of support AND a statement of opinion. Both are valid. My husband was/is the same way. He is super fit and active and just couldn’t comprehend how surgery could be a better option than diet and exercise (not that it WASN’T an option, just that it wasn’t necessarily a BETTER one). The idea was just not translatable into a language he could understand. But thats not to say that he wasn’t 100% behind me when i did get the surgery. His actions, (despite what his opinions are) in no way deterred, discouraged nor hindered my results and overall experience. He was thoughtful, patient, encouraging, etc, all while still believing the surgery was not necessary. He also didn’t barrage me with this opinion. There was no “i told you so’s” nor micro-agressions. We had discussed it pre-op, he stated his opinion, and that was that. Even now, 3.5+ yrs and 120lbs later, my husband still kinda sees my weight loss as a result of less (and healthier) eating, and increased exercise, lol. Which i suppose is sorta true. He doesn’t give credit to my surgery for getting down to (and maintaining) my current weight, he gives that credit all to ME. And this actually makes me happy (even if I don’t fully agree with him). Does that make sense? P.S. Sorry this was so long!
  7. Are you on a PPI, or any other meds for acid reflux? Painful or burning throat is a symptom of this. (Also, the vodka *may* have contributed as well…it’s advised to stay away from alcohol to reduce presence or worsening or development of GERD)
  8. First meal of day: 1/2 an everything bagel, cream cheese, capers and red onion: 166 calories. Ate it all. P.S. this is the first food i’ve logged since going on mini-vacay for a couple days…I actually kind of missed it! Bonus: came back the exact same weight as when i left (118.8)…but as is usually the case, i didn’t poop while away so i suspect i’ll go down a bit. 🤭
  9. Lol i still love to go to restaurants (and reading the menus!), but there are certain things that i don’t order cuz Mr. make far superior versions at home. Specifically, steak, pasta and pizza! But seriously, that salmon and shrimp plate definitely looks restaurant-y 🤤
  10. This looks delicious (and restaurant-y looking). Or did you make this yourself????
  11. ms.sss

    Weight gain & Health Issues

    We have practically the exact same starting stats!! (Same height, but i was just 1 lbs shy of you at 235 😉) To answer your questions (and note that this pertains to my experience and may or may not be yours), no, i have not experienced and “serious” long-term or permanent health issues. I’m 3 years, 8 mnths post. My energy came back and then some by 1 month; the hair that started falling out at 3 months already started growing back about 6 months; my last set of labs done in March this year say im the picture of health. And i have maintained below goal weight since reaching it at 7 months post-op over 3 years ago. I do have a couple of slightly annoying changes due to the surgery/weight loss though, but nothing i can’t deal with, nor anything that would make me regret having it done: 1) i am gassy/have mild acid reflux now, lol..but im on medication that keeps it at bay and i adjust my lifestyle to accommodate it: go to sleep on empty stomach, take lactose pills before consuming dairy, etc.. 2) i am a lot weaker than i used to be..in terms of strength like lifting heavy things or opening jar lids. I figure i just need to build back more muscle, but im lazy i guess. Plus there’s always someone around to carry or open things for me anyway Lololololzzz. There are those out there that do experience some serious issues, but I don’t believe its the norm. You won’t know how YOU will fare until you do. Good Luck! ❤️
  12. Now that we got those un-inspiring rest stop fast food options behind us, bring on the Degustation!! One of many things I ordered last night that Mr had to eat the rest of after I took my obligatory tasting bites: Plogue à Champlain Foie Gras: a small pancake, topped with melted cheese, roasted fingerling potatoes, fried egg, think cut Canadian bacon, crowned with a slab of seared foie gras, smothered with a maple syrup reduction. Omg im drooling just writing out the description. 🤤 I have no idea what the calories are…but definitely not for the calorie watchers, nor those prone to heart disease. P.S. i/we also ordered a bunch of other stuff from our night of venue hopping, but the picture quality of these progressively decreased as our alcohol consumption increased.
  13. Yes ive written my share of posts about shiratake noodles! Preparation tip i learned from one of the members here a while back: *Rinse them under running cold water for 2-3 mins, drain then DRY FRY them in a really hot pan until there is no more water pooling in the pan. Don’t worry they are really hard to burn, lol. That should get rid of the smell, and now can use them in whatever way u want ta-da! I eat these quite regularly, but note they basically have ZERO nutritional value (but also next to no calories), and i find them super filling, so a little goes a looooong way.
  14. There are slim-pickin’s for healhier-choice fast food, huh? Am currently on a road trip and after 2 circles of the food options at the rest stop, i ended up ordering this: Subway’s sweet onion chicken as a Salad. They say 230 calories, but the lady doused my salad with what looked like 1/2 a cup of dressing, so probably double that. Ate less than 1/4 of it cuz that sweet onion dressing is waaaaay too sweet, and i just tried to eat the greens at the bottom that were dressing-free. Tried to wipe off the sauce from the chicken but gave up afterwards 2 pieces. I’ll get some beef jerky at the next stop.
  15. If im not mistaken, this is the first time i’ve eaten rice that wasn’t part of a maki roll in over 3.5 years 😳 Unfortunately, it did not go well. This is a small bowl of 1/2 cup of white rice and 1/2 cup of beef stew. It was effing delicious and i ate it all, but…it all came back up about 5 mins later. I suspect it had more to do with the bowl contents being too liquid-y altogether (i have issues eating solids and liquids together) than the fact it was rice. I dunno. In any case, not going to to eat that again… 204 calories for the bowl (but not in my stomach. Sigh)
  16. ms.sss

    Inches Vs. Pounds

    Pretty regularly during weight loss phase, actually. I weighed every day (still do) and took measurements every week (no longer do). There would be weeks where i lost 4 lbs but basically no inches (or fractions thereof), and then there would be weeks where i lost like 0.2 of a pound, but then lost 1/4 an inch of EACH of my thigh, upper arm and breast measurements. Interestingly enough, on those weeks when I didn’t lose much weight but just inches, my waist measurements did not move…which led me to believe i was retaining water - or just bloated - which would account for the weight number not moving much. Either way, losing pounds or inches, both are WINS.
  17. One of those days that i forgot to eat and suddenly realized i was pretty hungry! More random stuff from the fridge cuz i was feeling a little too hungry to wait to cook something. 314 calories, ate it all.
  18. K here’s one that’s not exactly an NSV, more like an NSF (no scale FAIL); Soon after surgery as the weight started coming off, i developed chronic/ongoing lower back and hip pain, which i learned was due to my bones and musculature forming/setting in a certain way over the years to support my larger frame and was no longer set optimally to support my shrinking frame. After a couple months, the pains went away, as I guess my body started re-aligning for my new size, with a big thanks to my exercise routine which i know helped. Anyway, around the time i got to goal, i started getting my lower back pain again (not all the time like before, but enough to be annoying), which i attributed to my bad seating posture. So i just kept doing core exercises and trying to sit up straight. No improvement. It’s been about 3 years since the pain came back and this week a chiropractor helped me finally figured out what the problem is! It’s my lack of stomach for effs sakes. Im a stomach sleeper and because i no longer have bulk in my midsection to prop up my spine from below, I was basically hyper exaggerating my lumbar curve, causing the pain. He told me to try sleeping with a pillow under my lower stomach for a few days and see if it helps. OMG it totally did. Its not as comforting as sleeping on my old bigger stomach, but at least i don’t have pain the next day. So a sorta win, lol. P.S. I realized i just wrote alot again. Sorry! Im feeling wordy tonight…
  19. ms.sss


    Love it!
  20. Im 3.5 years out and i eat anything i want. Mind you, what i want is a little different than it was pre-wls, but still. In terms of what I can eat, everything is fair game except excess sugar (i dump too, but I’m a sleeve), and of course anything more of what my stomach can handle in volume is also off the table, else i’ll get varying degrees of sick. I’ve long ago learned what my limits are and can happily and easily stay within them. You can too Good Luck! ❤️
  21. OMG, me! And I say no, its not a bad thing! Of course i may be biased lol. Every since surgery, i love everything about food: cooking it, looking at it, smelling it, researching it, shopping for it, taking pics of it, watching people eat it, going to restaurants, reading menus, collecting recipes, planning meals for weeks ahead of time, and so on and so in. Actually EATING it, is way down on the preference list though. Its just not as satisfying for some reason. I used think i was developing a serious neurosis, but now i just go with it. Im 3.5+ years out.
  22. Awesome! Congrats! Up here in Canada (well at least in Ontario) weight is not listed on our driver’s licenses, thank goodness. We do have height on there and since WLS i shrunk about 3/4 of an inch (i guess i had fat feet?!) So i suppose im lying on mine too 😂
  23. Its dinnertime and we are too lazy too cook, so random stuff it is! deli meat, cheese, cucumbers, with flatbread & hummus (i made the hummus this morning and seasoned and baked the flatbread yesterday) 323 calories, at it all.
  24. Im with u on this one lol
  25. ms.sss

    Exercise - Who even am I???

    So here is what I notice: if i run in the morning, i am STARVING (for me, which is probably just regular hungry for everyone else, lol) when i get back. BUT i think this has a lot to do with the fact i dont eat in the mornings. Yet even noticing this correlation, i still won’t eat before an AM run cuz I prefer to run on an empty stomach as otherwise i find i run slower and want to quit sooner. 🤷🏻‍♀️ On (very) rare occasions i may give in the the “starving”-after-AM-run feelings, but mostly i don’t, because i know what eating so early in the day does to me (i get tired, feel bloated, end up eating more by EOD, etc). On the other side of things, when i run later in the day or evening, it has no effect 🤷🏻‍♀️

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