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    Hello, I am new to this forum but I really need to warn others. I am 5 years post op from the sleeve surgery and am MISERABLE! I have also had 4 more surgeries to fix a hiatal hernia at the esophagus and stomach as well as pouches that were formed by the surgery. I have not been able to eat normally since the surgery and by normally I mean the way you are suppose to after VSG. I haven't been able to drink water without pain. My SW was 245 and now I am at 184 and losing since my most recent surgery. The recent surgery was to fix the hiatal hernia again. I was told it was a "new" way of fixing the hernia, nothing more was told to me. My pancreas was also removed at the same time. My surgery was called a Nissen Fundoplication, its pretty complicated. They use of the stomach to be wrapped around the esophagus so it won't go up into that area again. From the beginning I have had GERD very bad, it was so bad I was on 2 different medications as well as over the counter antacids so that is why the Nissen Fundoplication. It has been horrible this 5 year journey. I am getting all of my records together for a second opinion and to possibly have a revision to the RNY. This surgery was the biggest regret of my life. My life has suffered more and my relationship has also been hurt by this. I am always so tired and sick, and my husband is worried about losing me. I have also been just left to flounder. I have had numerous swallow tests and load of medications but NOTHING allows me to drink a nice glass of water, albeit a sip at a time, without pain. So in one word "YES" i regret everything about this surgery. Heather
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    Oasis of Hope, Tijuana

    yikes! Yea - I remember there was a surgeon down in Tijuana a few years ago who did some really botchy surgeries. I remember at least one patient died. He no longer practices, thankfully - so no worries about getting him (and I don't remember which clinic he worked for). but it pays to do your research before committing.
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    May Surgeries - check in!

    Just checking in. On Wednesday it will be four weeks post surgery. For the last week to ten days I have been in the “stall”. I have just plugged along through the two weeks of puréed food and look forward to shifting to soft food on Wednesday. I can tell my stamina is returning and am comfortable with the loss of weight so far. The scale dropped a pound yesterday so I am hopeful that the stall may be shifting to loss again! 29 pounds gone is still great even with the pause! So far I have not had any foods disagree with me. I also have not had any nausea or feelings of food being stuck in my throat. For all of this I am thankful!
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    Having a hard day today...

    Hey everyone. Doing so much better these days. Actually had to go onto the pill to help my hormones level out. Only temp though.. really until I lose the majority of my weight. 43lbs down now and feeling good. Hope you all are doing ok too. Hang in there!
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    I was just revised from the sleeve to the bypass on the 23rd and my pain is minimal. Doing my best to get fluids in. I gained 10 pounds during my hospital stay so hoping that will come off pretty fast. I haven't had any incidences of reflux so I'm super happy about that.
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    I am a little over 4 months out from my revision and close to goal. At first I was scared that the revision wasn't going to work because it didn't feel like I had the same restrictions as I did with the sleeve and I am able to eat things I couldn't with the sleeve> With the sleeve I felt more restriction but as I heal more I feel it more and things have been moving along great and I am pleased with my weight loss. It is slower as I am so close to goal (only about 4 more to go) and I had my revision per reflux. So happy to have the reflux and GERD cured and am having no problems whatsoever in that area. I am happy with my revision and growing to love it more every day! I still walk 30 minutes and log my food daily. I focus on maintaining water and protein levels as I notice this is what makes the scale move for me! Good luck! You are going to do great!
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    Mine is scheduled for May and gas pain and constipation are my worse fears with it I had the sleeve in 2015 and the constipation almost broke me glad to hear you are doing well how much are you trying to lose?
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    I'm not a revision patient, but I just wanted to say with the exception of iron (some people don't absorb oral iron well and have to have iron infusions - although the vast majority of us absorb oral iron just fine), malabsorption is pretty uncommon as long as you keep on top of your supplements.
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    Revision from VSG to BP

    Good question. And what do they revise? If your stomach is already sleeved, then they just it up now to bypass the stomach altogether? I'm not sure I understand revisions. Does the weight loss jumpstart again like it did with the original WLS?
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    Kempner, TX but working out of the Killeen office with the Texas Bariatric Specialist group. Sleeved December 2018 and had revision to Roux-en-x-y gastric bypass on October 7th, 2020 per GERD/Acid reflux issues causing damage to my vocal chords and creating a cancer risk. Lost 20 more lbs since revision and am happy with results as I was only able to get to 173 with sleeve and now I am 8 bs from goal weight ( Now weighing 153) and finally within reach. I have had no complication and no longer any problems with GERD or reflux and am very happy thus far.

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