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    Eating out tip

    I eat out a lot, both for work and in my personal life. I feel like I’ve been navigating menus alright and making good choices. It didn’t take long though for the takeout containers to take over my fridge and my garbage. And take up so much room in the trash! So I bought a four pack of square plastic food containers (Glad brand, I think) that are about sandwich size. I keep them in my car and stick one in my purse when I go into a restaurant. They seal well and don’t spill in my car, store leftovers better in my fridge, and are less wasteful. Might be tricky with restaurants that want to wrap up leftovers themselves but I’ve been able to use them ok so far. A friend recently said she wondered why she never thought to do that, so thought I’d share here.
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    I found preop motivation in making some basic dietary changes. Trying new recipes and getting into good habits was a good motivator, and I did that with a friend so we could talk about what was working for us. I also took on some projects to help me prepare, such as cleaning out my pantry, freezer, and fridge. I threw away junk food and stopped buying replacements for that, and tried to cook through the food options on hand that were "okay for now" but not what I would be eating after surgery. I bought some bariatric cookbooks, and I also started implementing the changes recommended in the Pound of Cure book from Dr. Matthew Weiner. And I watched all of his and Dr. John Pilcher's videos on YouTube, plus started watching several gastric bypass vlogs. Plus reading all the posts here to see what other people experienced. It really helped make the time go by, especially as I ended up with a 2-month delay from my original date that was so frustrating.
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    I agree with @BlondePatriotInCDA. Definitely check out the NSV thread. That's what got me through when I was needing motivation or when I needed to get through stalls and feeling frustrated.
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    HI All! I had gastric sleeve surgery on 12/6/23. As of March 7th, I am 45lbs down. I stopped weighing myself after this date, though, bc I was becoming OBSESSED with the scale and would fall into a deep sadness each day I didn't lose at least a pound. So, I decided to put it away and focus on my feelings and habits. Anyway, lately, I've noticed I can eat much more than I was. I watched a YouTube video about a doctor explaining that after month 3, patients tend to notice they can eat more. He mentioned that it usually freaks them out at first because not being able to eat a lot at all was the major tool in helping the weight loss, but to not be alarmed because it's normal and to focus on healthy foods, working out, etc. Still, it's scaring me because I am scared I will fall into old bad habits and start overeating again. So I was just wondering, has anyone noticed this? I noticed I can eat more than I was 2 months ago. It's freaking me out a bit bc I'm scared I'll overeat, esp bc certain foods are easier to overeat than others. The other day, I got a bag of organic Doritos and ate the whole bag throughout the day. I know I shouldn't have, but I was weak. So, has anyone experienced this? Has it affected your progress at all? Please be kind. ❤️ Thanks!
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    March 2024 Surgery Buddies!

    After seeing the Feb 2024 thread and realizing my surgery is only 6 days later, thought I’d start a thread and see if there’s anyone else scheduled in March? I’m having VSG on March 6. I’ve been planning it since last June and am very excited! Any March 2024 Buddies out there? 😀
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    Bad Knees and excercise

    At the beginning of my fitness journey, I joined a national chain gymnasium for a little over $10 per month. It rhymes with Janet Witness, and had a variety of low impact and muscle building machines to try out. Pushing towards 300 pounds, I had to work up the courage to be there but soon found that everyone was in their own little zone, paying me no mind. I took advantage of their membership benefit that allows one to meet with a trainer to plan a custom routine. Three years later, I am still a member of this gym and am grateful for the healthier lifestyle seeds that they helped me plant.
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    May 2024 Surgery Buddies 😁

    Oooh let me know what you think of the clear protein from myprotein i have a watermelon sample that i haven’t tried yet - i tried another brand and it was disgusting so i’m scared of being disappointed 🤣
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    I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. Break ups can be very hard. I had a bad one when I was about your age & went through a period of depression & anxiety. Ended up leaving my job & moving back home. The depression coloured everything in my life. It may be doing the same for you too & causing you to regret the surgery & a change of behaviour that has bought you many benefits (weight loss, health improvements, more active, fewer restrictions, etc,). Yes, I’m considerably older than you & that means I can look at things differently than you so I don’t mind if you think I’m talking rubbish & don’t understand. 🙂 My friends are big eaters & drinkers & the first couple of times we went out after my surgery I felt a little uncomfortable & conspicuous because I sipped one alcoholic drink for hours, took a while to eat & ordered small plates. Then I realised, I wasn’t going out with them to eat & drink, I was going out with them to spend time with them. What I ate or didn’t eat & what I drank or didn’t drink was irrelevant. It was our friendship that was important. We socialise often (though likely not as often as you). At each others’ homes, bars, fine dining restaurants, etc. My surgery & food choices haven’t stopped us or slowed us down once (oh, except when they wanted to go to an high tea with unlimited champagne - I rarely eat sweet & one glass of champagne would be ample so not worth it. We did dinner instead.) Actually one of my friends decided to have surgery the year after me though she is more flexible in her food & drinking choices than me. Another one wants to have the surgery. And the fourth in our group, has slowed her eating & is making better food & alcohol choices. Not for anything I’ve said. I guess I’ve become a bit of a role model for a healthier life. LOL! Maybe have a chat with someone, like a therapist, about how you’re feeling to help you work through this.
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    This. All of this!!!!! You couldn’t be more accurate. I started lifting about 8 months after surgery. Currently I am powerlifting and I’m in the best shape of my life. The crazy thing is, like you, how much I have to eat to maintain muscle mass. 1g protein per pound. 3000+ calories a day. Gaining muscle weight, not fat. Sitting at around 12% body fat. Get lifting people. You will see results. Start light. Start small. Progress will come.
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    This... I'm so excited so I am telling people who don't need to know! I'm not ashamed; I feel like I'm doing something to take care of my health. But I see people here who've had very unsupportive family, friends, and partners, so I can certainly understand why people wouldn't feel the same way as I do. I'm single, I don't have kids, and my parents are really supportive - they're even coming up to stay with me for a few weeks during and after surgery (they will be staying at a hotel because my apartment is too small for three people, so it's not simple to do that). My brother was really concerned but it seemed to be about COVID and now that I'm vaccinated, I think he's probably okay (although when he had spinal surgery in college I was terrified, so maybe we're just really protective of each other).

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