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    today's NSV...

    Hurray! I just went from a 16 to a 12.
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    I will be 4 weeks out on Monday 12/16 with the 18th being the official one month postop day. I'm still experiencing some discomfort on my right side where my sleeve was done. Sometimes there is mild pain. Even though I take my vitamin and drink karma water, I still get tired quickly. My 4 week postop appointment is Tuesday so I can't wait to see what the doctor has to say. I am down three bra sizes and can wear at least one pair of my size 10 pants. I haven't tried any others yet but it's progress nonetheless.
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    today's NSV...

    AWESOME!!!!!! That's what I'm working hard to get back in, my closet full of 8s.
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    Alternate Day Fasting

    I’ve never followed a diet but inadvertently do intermittent fasting, as well as alternate day fasting to some degree, some days just wind up much lower calories than usual especially with doctors appointments, errands or laundry. I might go from 6pm dinner to 12:00 lunch except for tea in the morning I like yogi slim life caramel apple spice with a bit of ripple milk. Every so often I switch things up. And might vary my calories a bit. I do stick to low carb even though post surgery I haven’t counted, for now it’s protein and calories. And track what I eat. Daily weight. And maybe a note for the day. Like if I’ve had a dr. Appointment. I have to manage things as best I can without the benefits of exercise. Which due to my chronic illness isn’t possible. Just basic things like a shower, laundry, dr. appointment, errand, is like a triathlon to my body. Sometimes just getting up in the morning is equivalent to a workout. i think adding things like IF can be beneficial to Better utilize the tool that is bariatric surgery. It helps solidify the reality that our bodies don’t need as much food as we think. also I have to say @FluffyChix always has awesome advice.
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    today's NSV...

    My size 10 Jeans have become so loose and it's messing with my head that I should possibly consider 8s[emoji54][emoji54][emoji54][emoji54][emoji54][emoji54][emoji54] Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I'm scheduled for Dec 31. I was hoping for mid-December but have decided the date is meant to be and I can start the new decade with my new tool. Talk about a new years resolution ~Lori
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    And I couldn't be happier! Lost all the weight I wanted to, lost a cpap, lost several chins, lost knee pain, gained confidence, gained a new wardrobe, changed my life! If any of you are struggling - trying to decide to do it, thinking it'll never work, thinking you can't, let me tell you, YOU CAN!!!!! I am rooting for you and am always happy to talk to ANYONE who might need encouragment. I'd post a pic if I knew how...maybe I can do it on the mobile app!!! PS.....My horse is still fat!!!!!
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    Stranger than fiction...

    Wow! Prayers for healing!!! ((hugs))
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    12/23/19 surgery twin?

    Me! Scheduled 12/23 for the sleeve! Early Christmas and Birthday present for me :)