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    Drinking alcohol again????

    No, I don't drink alcohol, but I didn't before getting the sleeve either.
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    nutrition labels: an observation

    Just an observation: I've noticed that the proper serving size for almost all foods is actually the serving size bariatric patients are supposed to eat. Everybody just eats 3 times the serving size on the labels. Nearly everything is 1 cup or less or 4oz or less or 1 slice, etc. Makes life easy since you don't have to measure nonstop... just actually follow the recommended serving size for once. Once upon a time I used to laugh at how little they'd say a serving size was... but now it makes so much sense. lol. Sent from my SM-G930R4 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Gas Pains After Surgery

    Thanks everyone for the explanations. This gives me a much better idea of what to expect. Sounds fun!
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    nutrition labels: an observation

    That's good to know. Thanks. Yes, I used to also be one of those who laughed at the serving sizes on a bag of something and think "This is more than one serving? No way! Who could eat that small of a serving?" Now I know who can eat that small of a serving . . . ME!
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    Weight loss out of proportion

    Sleeved in late October and I have the same thing. Losing all my weight in my legs, butt, and boobs. I had to lose 50# before I dropped a pant size. My old pants still fit perfectly in the waist, and were droopy drawers in the butt and legs. Not at all how I lost in previous attempts (except the boobs - they're always the first to go). For example, my first month, I lost a half inch in my waist, 2.5 in my butt, and an inch in each thigh. way out of proportion to their original size. I can only hope that it'll eventually even out. I suspect that since I'm in my 40s, the belly weight will just come off slower. It did catch up a little in month 2 in terms of inches. I'll have to see at the end of the month how its looking now.
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    Weight loss out of proportion

    Welcome to hell. You'll eventually get there. It may take some working out, may take some lipo and surgery...but you'll get there!
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    Any Sleevers from 2011?

    Philadelphia to Florida
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    Im hitting 5 years this may and I've also gained about 30 lbs back from my lowest weight this year I'm determined to loose it by starting a keto diet and start tracking my meals with MYFITNESSPAL app Sent from my SM-G960U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Thank you! I just kept paying attention to my body, my weight, how I felt, Dr. check-ups, etc...
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    I HATE my cpap with a bloody passion. Can't wait to wave goodbye to it. Sleep doc once told me that typically, reducing your body weight by 20% can stop certain apneas. We shall see!!!