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    I ordered clothes, dresses, jackets etc in a size too small as inspiration to lose more & IT ALL FIT. I can't believe I'm now a medium!
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    So this is a weird-backwards non-scale victory, but I guess it is one. Back in September I fell at work and landed on my shoulder. I did serious enough damage to need surgery (recovering from it now) and my hubby pointed out how bad the fall could've/would've been had I been 100lbs (give or take) heavier. Not to mention recovery is a lot easier when you don't have a big (no pun intended) issue standing or sitting and can be down one arm because I no longer need it to push off the couch when I get up. I move easier, there's less of me to maneuver around, and even when they prepped me for surgery and had the IV in my left hand and had put a nerve block in my right shoulder (making my entire arm/hand totally numb and unusable) and wanted me to scoot over to the operating table, I was able to do it SO MUCH EASIER then I was able to 100lbs ago with both arms working. And happy side note - my oversized t-shirts are great for recouping from shoulder surgery.😊I've gone from 3XL-4XL to XL. So glad I didn't toss all of them!
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    Stacy L. Rolle

    Any 50yo or older?

    the first two pics are head shots before surgery. The last three are me now.
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    Hi everyone. I was sleeved on january 12. My pain started on Friday. I felt like a pull on my right side, under the big stitch. The annoying pain was there all weekend. Monday it started more like a burn. Saw my dr and he said it was normal. Tuesday when I got up from the coach I left my insides literally rip and a burning sensation. It kept happening everytime I would walk and get up from sitting to standing. I went to the ER . They did xrays, ct scans, blood work and everything came back good. The er dr called my surgeon. I apperantly ripped an internal suture. It is the worst pain I have ever felt. I am now on bedrest and pain meds to heal. Has anyone ever been through this? How long did this pain last?
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    Hunger coming back

    The hunger urges do come back any where from around 6 to 12 months +/-. As @SkinnyMingo1408 said the surgery is a tool & you can’t rely on the the temporary benefits like reduction of hunger & appetite which don’t last. The honeymoon period is an opportunity to establish new eating habits, introduce new more nutritious foods & cooking methods, reflect on what drives you to eat, etc. Is what you feel real hunger or head hunger? Is there a reason you’re hungry (late for a meal, ate a small portion at a previous meal, missed a meal, been very active)? Are you wanting to eat a specific food, texture or flavour? (This is head hunger not real hunger.) If you are eating regularly, are eating nutrient dense food in recommended portion sizes you shouldn’t be feeling so much hunger you have trouble controlling the urge & are driven to eat. Do you still measure & track everything you eat? Have a chat with your dietician to review your food choices, portion sizes & calorie intake to ensure you on track. Maybe finding a therapist will help too. Many find therapy very beneficial in understanding their eating habits, what drives them to eat & the reason behind them. The head work really is the hardest part of weight loss.
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    Can you have your tubes tied too?

    My thought would be no because they’ll be dealing with a different part of your anatomy & therefore you would need different surgeons with different specialities. They would likely be able to use some of the same laparoscope sites for the surgery so maybe no additional scarring.
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    Any 50yo or older?

    Hi, I had the sleeve done 11 months ago. Its been a slow journey, I had to get thru insulin resistance and I'm physically only able to walk or exercise so much due to an old injury. I do walk my dog 2-3 miles a day but cant do too much more. I used to exercise a lot! I try not to compare myself to any others. I do what I can, have lost 57 pounds and hope to lose another 13, that puts me within the normal range for my height, but the high end. At this age, I'll take it! Good luck to you, wish you the best on your journey.
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    Hunger coming back

    mine came back at five months out. I wish it never had...
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    it's a pretty common problem with both sleevers and bypassers. It's probably due to the high protein diet and/or a some of the supplements (calcium and iron supplements are typical culprits). A lot of us take stool softeners or a capful of Miralax every day to keep on top of it. Magnesium tablets can help as well.
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    Can you tell the difference?

    I can see what you might trigger on to think not much has changed. But I can also see the signs that the changes are real. See if you can can go back and forth in focus. Maybe you can realize when you are down how your focus is stealing the pleasure of your progress! Congratulations! Focusing on the aspects of my progress and what I want to do next is helping me minimize my down periods. [emoji4] Sent from my SM-S908U using BariatricPal mobile app

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