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    What do you consider "Starting Weight"?

    I use my weight at the start of the 2-week pre-op diet. That was my highest weight ever and an even 200.0 lbs. Makes the calculations easy! 😉
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    December surgery buddies

    I’m scheduled for 12/13, but having bypass . Excited to see others preparing for December as well!
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    CPAP on Surgery Day

    Apnea kills. It causes progressive damage. If you have been prescribed a CPAP, you need to use it nightly. If the CPAP machine is defective, the provider should replace it. If your mask is uncomfortable or leaks, experiment until you find a mask that work well for you. This is serious business. I was prescribed a CPAP many years ago and tried and tried to adjust to it. After about six months I just quit. Ten years later I had another sleep study and my apnea was much worse because I had neglected it. For help adjusting to a CPAP, the nice contributors at CPAPtalk.com are very knowledgeable and helpful. These users often know more than the techs at Durable Medical Provider companies.
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    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    I'm trying to be part of this group! My pre-op appointment is on 3 Nov 21 and I am praying surgery is booked for 2 weeks after.
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    I haven’t dealt with this yet but I think I would probably politely tell them that I appreciate their concern for me but am working with a doctor and nutritionist so there is no need for them to worry about my health. If they continue to push after that id probably say something along the lines of I think I will get my medical advice from the experts.
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    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    Currently in the middle of my pre-op. After w couple days it's not that noticeable. First couple days were the worst
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    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    My surgery date is November 8th as well!
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    I'd definitely round up to 5'5"! Every little bit helps! I think I may be the shortest person here at 4"11"!
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    Getting used to different portion sizes. I still have a mental “seriously?!?” When I eat dinner and I’m done after like 3 bites. Physically I’m satisfied, mentally I’m not, if that makes sense. Mourning the loss of food as a treat or a reward. This is how I got into this mess in the first place, but doesn’t mean that I don’t still kinda wish I could deal with a bad day by ordering a huge pizza and buying an assortment of candy. Now I just have to deal with my feelings like a well adjusted adult or something? Not cool. (Joking....kinda)
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    When I had my VSG I was 278.2 the week before surgery, 271 when discharged, and 258.3 at my post-op appointment 10 days later. I had very minimal bruising or swelling that time. When I had my revision (8 months later due to gerd), I was 222 a week before surgery, left the hospital at 234.4 (was there 4 days due to needing iron), and was 215.7lbs at my one week post-op appointment. I had loads of bruising this time around. The picture is from a week post-op and I still had visible bruising at 20 days post-op (second picture) though it never hurt.

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