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    What stuck with you?

    Does everyone have one main thing that's stuck with them through the years when they were overweight? I have several. The main one for me happened when I was 7, I wasn't a big kid by any means, bordering on skinny, but I did have a belly. I started ballet classes and I was all for it! Still to this day anything Tulle has my heart. My mum bought me the tutu, slippers and leotard and I was in love. I went to my first class and danced like I was in the nutcracker really I thought this was going to be my life. Anyway after class a couple of the girls teased me about my belly sticking out of my leotard. I cried and never went back to another class. Stayed with me forever. kids can be cruel! So last weekend I signed up for ballet classes and had my first one in 30 years yesterday. I absolutely adored it. Onto bigger and better things and letting things go!
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    I will not miss going to the doctor, no matter what my ailment, and being told "you have to lose weight first" I will not miss being unable to tie my shoes I will not miss getting rid of my "fat clothes" and all of my multiple-sized clothes in my closet (skinny clothes, skinny + 20 lbs clothes, skinny + 40 lbs clothes, etc) I will not miss having to shop online for bras (and paying $75-$100 each!) because department stores don't carry my size I will not miss the back and hip pain from just standing up I will not miss having to get a seat belt extender on planes - and not being able to reach under the seat in front of me for my bag I will not miss having an extremely hard time finding cute clothes that fit I will not miss being dependent on other people for simple things I used to be able to do myself I will not miss my back scrubber in the shower, because I'll be able to bend down and wash my feet without it
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    September 2020 Surgery

    My doctor called this morning and they moved me up to August 25th! That feels so soon!!! I'm ready, though!
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    Drainless Tummy Tucks; anyone?

    Thank goodness that your visiting nurse caught it! The fluids drain through the lymph system and eventually out through the urine. Along with my drain less TT, lymphatic massages are scheduled starting 1 day post op. There is also the use of an abdominal binder then a compression garment. I had it performed in Miami, FL. The binder massages & compression garments seem to be industry standard there & in Latin America whether the TT is drain less or traditional. Glad you can enjoy the end product despite the complications
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    This is pretty common. It’s because of the flush of hormones being released into your bloodstream. As you lose weight, the oestrogen that was stored in your fat is released which causes the difficult periods - heavy, bad pmt, irregular, etc. Being menopausal, I had the reverse situation. All the oestrogen stopped my menopausal symptoms. Unfortunately, now I’m in maintenence & all the stored oestrogen is gone, the hot flushes are back.
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    January 2020 Surgery Folks

    Just trust the process. I am sure that you have lost more than that. You probably still have some swelling. Just stick as close to the eating guidelines as possible. Have you though about doing liquids for a week to try to reset? We have all come so far...
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    I’ve always wanted??!! What are yours?

    OMG OMG, now YOU get out of MY brain! I loooove to sing (just try to get the mic out of my hands at karaoke, i DARE you). Like most however, my voice is not something one would pay money to hear...but what I lack in talent, I make up for in enthusiasm. OK. So now we gotta go source some contractors to build a house on the beach with a recording studio where we can start a band and take turns being the lead singer and back up dancer! The only thing I need to decide is if I wanna be an awesome pianist or an awesome guitar player (electric AND acoustic, mind you.)...oh wait, I could take up the drums too! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Hi 🧡 I didn’t read the other replies but I had gastric bypass surgery April 29th 2019. I started out 5’ 208+ lbs and in under a year I lost 106lbs. I do not regret that decision at all. I stick to mainly a low carb way of eating And keep daily log of my meals, protein and calories BUT I do have fruit now no dumping and I have had a little wine here and there no dumping I’ve also had a margarita (whatever option had the least sugar) and I have had Prosecco which usually carbonated is a no no but I do have energy drinks sometimes too, I let the bubbly go out a bit. I didn’t have these until I was close to goal, well I admit I did cheat with the margarita a little early but otherwise I kept to my strict way of eating and slowly added things at goal. well I’m rambling. You Feel it out as you go through the steps when you have surgery. But You won’t regret gastric bypass surgery. I didn’t and would do it again even knowing how hard it was for me with my lifelong chronic illness and disability.
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    I don't miss everyone looking at me when I board a plane and thinking, "I hope the fat guy doesn't sit next to me."
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    I bought a size 30 Miss Me jeans back when I was way too big for them and told myself one day I will fit into them. Well tried them on a few months ago and they were too big. Last week I went and tried on my first boutique pair of jeans and ended up fitting in a size 7! I almost cried. Sure is a big change from being in a size 24.