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    3 Year Sleeve Anniversary

    WOW! I can't believe it's been 3 years since my Gastric Sleeve surgery! It feels like I had it yesterday. I started out at 470 and I've pretty much maintained at 215 pounds for the bulk of this year. If anyone is on the fence about having this surgery, let me tell you, it's life changing. I am so happy I did it. Not only is my health great, I've gotten very fit and am more active now than I have been in years.
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    Today I finally reached Onederland. 199.3 pounds. :)
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    Look, Look!

    Just showing off my ticker because as far as I am concerned, I just reached my GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! I mean, what is 1 1/10th of a pound anyway??? This just totally made my day after a REALLY crappy week! I work for a school, my school is closed, But this week because we just gave notice we are NOT REOPENING this school year, I have been rushing around like crazy to get a certain task done. From home of course. Plus running around to get staff what they need. And my staff has been extremely difficult during this. Anyhow... last week I almost put up a post stating that I was SO CLOSE to my goal, but I didn't think I would reach it. The scale was NOT moving anymore. And I was at a healthy weight so I was coming to terms with the fact that my body might be done. Afterall, my healthy weight used to be in the 135-145 RANGE before, and while I hoped to get to 135, I was fine anywhere in that range. But this week? OMG, the stress this week was AWFUL. My ability to stop and get myself to EAT was awful. But what I DID eat was extra healthy because since I am working from home, I have been cooking throughout the week more. I mean... not just cooking a little something for me which I always do. But cooking for the family, and meals that I can partake in. Anyhow, the last 3 days I did NOT have time to cook. But I had those healthy meals to eat as leftovers when I did eat. So... after many weeks of the scale BARELY moving (up OR down), I dropped nearly 4 pounds to hit 135.1, and my goal is 135 so I am sure after I have a BM... I am already there! LMAO How is my body doing? Overall it looks great. Still have a little jiggliness at the back of my arms and thighs. Not too bad, but need to tone. My calves are still too big for my liking. Hoping they go away, but the rest of my legs look pretty good. My face has a LITTLE loose skin/wrinkles, but not too bad. And last but not least... my c-section belly is well hidden by clothes, but that NEEDS to go away! I know I can lose a little more bellyfat above my 3 c-section scar... I did it after my 3rd baby. It will never be flat again, but I know it can be better. So... once I am in a better work from home routine, I need to try to resume my workouts. Oh... I had been doing great with workouts until early March.... but this transition to work from home has NOT left me the time I need to do them, and by the time I DO have time to workout... I need to go to bed. So, maybe after next week I can focus on that belly. But I REACHED MY GOAL WEIGHT!
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    I am so proud of myself. Gastric bypass has been a journey and still is. I went from 274lbs my highest to 130lbs...     Sent from my LG-M150 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I feel great today!!! One step closer to my goal! I am 7 months post op. Had Rny Jan 27, 2019. Made it to onederland today!!!!!! Brings me to 198lbs current weight.
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    Ok people just left hospital after 7 days!! LAPROSCOPIC ROUX EN Y BYPASS So I'll see how good my memory is.. I got to hospital Monday 10-28 at 10am waited a few hours to see surgeon had low blood sugar so had to wait longer finally got in around 3pm. Woke up around 6pm so bloody sore like you have no idea.. My stomach was so big and tight and holes in my belly plus the drain.. Was on IV from day one with fluids and then had fentanyl pumped into me every few hours to keep the pain down.. First 24hrs slept off and on so much every time I woke I was sore got more drugs to help me sleep so was pretty out of it for the first 48hrs.. I'm not sure if it was normal or I'm a sook lol.. After 3 days finally got the drain line out and had shower and felt much better but still pretty sore getting in and out of bed.. Blood tests and blood pressure and sugar check every few hours the first few days.. Wouldn't let me sleep much lol Started walking the halls after I think day 4 and on fluids everyday just broth and water and optifast nothing else.. The hospital staff were so nice and accommodating though every time i needed I pressed the button they were there.. Was still a little sore and bloated for the first 4 days but started going number 2 by then and farting more to let out the gas and air.. But everything is just liquids still so haven't felt anything going In or out except a few pills I take or if I drink too quickly... Gotta learn to slow down Been on chewable multivitamin since few days and been drinking plenty of water so that's been good and having my shakes but only half size shakes now.. Um I'm trying to think of anything else to help others going for surgery.. MY SURGEON chooses to make pouch a little bigger than regular which he says much easier to adjust and get used to not so restricted but still enough to make an impact Been feeling good last couple of days but still a little tired here and there just gotta keep water up and protein up don't feel worried if drinking too much Your body needs it to recover and heal I'm finally on my way home miss my own bed and feeling hopeful for the future definitely!!!!! thank you everyone!!!!
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    Just some progress photos

    Bigger ones are me @330lbs the second ones are me somewhere between 219.4-222.4lbs my weight varies quite a bit. I lost about 50lbs by myself while in the rny program and lost about 62-65lbs since surgery.
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    Bianca S.


    Finally hit ONEderland! Yay! I meant to share this earlier but I been so busy. Can’t believe this morning I hit ONEderland! HW: 270.6lbs SW: 266.8lbs CW:199.8lbs GW1:170lbs GW2:135lbs Total lost:70.8lbs 5 months and 10 days post op
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    Good evening everyone. This is my weekly check in. I've been on this weight loss journey now 16 weeks today and down 107lbs. HW 322 CW 215 GW 185-195 Feeling good still mostly on shakes everyday but starting to try little solid things here and there to work out what I can tolerate. I'm 7 weeks post op today but 16 weeks since starting my diet. Feeling positive about the future just got some loose skin mostly under my arms & armpits.. Will need to get into some kind of resistance or weights soon but here in Australia Its summer and heatwave of 100 all week 😭 so not in any mood to workout right now Thanks everyone again for your support MIKE.