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    Side by Side

    Starting Weight: 333 lbs Surgery Weight: 292 lbs Surgery Date: 2/22/18 Current Weight: 219.4 lbs
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    I've already posted in the before and after thread. I thought I do a separate thread. Today is my first surgiversary! I've been in a 3 month stall. With RNY, I accomplished my loss without any strenuous exercise (due to a heart condition). I'm 25lbs away from goal weight and I feel great! HW: 334 SW: 319 CW: 205 GW: 180
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    Went shopping today for new work clothes and I NEEEVVEEERRR thought in a million years I would wear a size 4/6... I'm so THANKFUL to God for this opportunity and even though I may fall short at times, I'm going to work HARD to never go back to where I was before..... Hw: 240 Sw: 232 Gw: 160 Cw: 138 Sent from my SM-G955U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Geri Marie

    Time for an update

    Hey all!! It’s been a while. I started my journey off at 260. My surgery was November 13th. To date I am 185!! That is 75 pounds down!! Any doubters dont wait!! GET THE SLEEVE! It will change your life! Here is. A before and After. Once I get further down I will post full body!! #lovinglife
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    I saw this on another support group and thought it was pretty awesome, especially when that darn scale doesn't move. Sent from my Nexus 5 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Not Obese Anymore

    Of course, i'm still "overweight" according to my insurance guy....but I'm not "obese" anymore...and definitely not "morbidly obese" like I was at this time last year. So yeah..."Overweight" sounds pretty darned fantastic to me:) Today I broke my doctor's goal for my weight.... which is 172-178 pounds:) My body fat is right around 30% according to the underwater scale and metabolic analysis....which is generally considered Healthy/Acceptable for women. My personal goal is 170, and I'm looking forward to popping my calories up a bit to maintain after I hit that goal. More good carbs! More fruits and whole grains! Have been crazy busy, but life is good:) Still loving my forever diet and not feeling deprived of anything. Getting exercise in is not hard with 11 year old neicey running us around to the zoo, forest, alligator farm, natural history museum, aviation/space museum etc....and needing a swimming buddy. Have been cooking healthy for guests, and they seem to be enjoying it:) Had a couple nights of junk for the kids on the grill, or pizza. I just throw some salmon on there and have some avacado and cukes and other veggies and call it good. Grilled salmon with balsamic glaze is my new go-to favorite.
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    Hard to believe - milestone !

    Hit 80 lbs down !! I feel amazing and it is surreal to try on any clothes I want to!! Super happy and healthy. So very grateful! Thank you to you all for being with me on this journey so far! You’re all an inspiration!
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    11 month post-op

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    It's not our place to be judgmental. Did you like speculation and comments of others about your obesity when you were larger? Give the public figures and celebs a break.