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    7 months post-op

    Hi all! To anyone thinking about getting gastric sleeve, I highly recommend it! Here’s my before & after, still a long way to go, but the best thing I’ve ever done!
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    Not sure

    Share your latest updates!

    5 months post Op, officially down 131lbs.
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    Finally made it to onederland

    So proud of myself. Almost 1 year to the day and I made it! Woohooo!!!!
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    Got my results from the colonoscopy. What they removed was 2 adenomas. 1 medium and 1 large. Stage 1 cancer. No further treatment needed since there was no chance for it to spread since it was caught and removed so early. Need to be watched closely with more frequent colonoscopies to make sure it doesn't come back. I also have to have a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) test done in the next week or so. All my stomach polyps came back pre-cancerous but benign. Now I have to have a large uterine fibroid removed and tested and see a colorectal specialist for 2 other...things...removed. Then another endoscopy to check my stomach to see if polyps have come back. After that, if none have, I should be cleared for the revision. If they have, then I need to have them removed and tested and see what's next. So I still have AT LEAST another 3 months of this crap before I can even remotely look at the revision. And that's still a huge maybe at this point. My weight loss has completely stopped, I can barely work out (I can only do 30-45 min tow to three times per week instead of 1 1/2 - 2 hours 5 days per week...no weights, no core or strength training...just the treadmill if I go easy and the bike), and my diet is a mess because I still (even on 80mg of Nexium per day) get break through GERD and excruciating pain in my colon area that we're still investigating, so I can kinda sorta stick to my diet, but on really bad days I eat whatever will stay down and not hurt (like mashed potatoes, beans, bread, etc). I try to be religious with my diet when I'm having good or even ok days. But I'm literally about to lose my mind over here. I just want the GERD and polyps to STOP. I want the pain to stop. I want to get back on my diet PROPERLY. I want to really work out again. I miss my life the way it was before. Fun times over here, lemme tell ya.... 😵‍🙄
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    Share your latest updates!

    Pictures speak for themselves ❤️
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    Not sure

    Share your latest updates!

    Dec 5/22 323 lbs VSG surgery, exactly 6 months later and I weigh 185lbs currently. 46” jeans to 31” skinny jeans. Best I’ve ever felt in my life.
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    The Greater Fool

    Why am I so depressed

    Welcome to the forums and congratulations on your success. Many of us used food as a coping mechanism or self medication to deal with issues. If this is true for you then having WLS may have taken a key coping mechanism away. It's likely time to talk with a therapist or behavioralist to learn new, better, healthier coping mechanisms. Many of us also had unrealistic expectations on how WLS magically change our lives. I've mentioned elsewhere that I'm an introvert and I'd long accepted it, but I still had visions of becoming a social butterfly when I lost my weight. Everything that my weight prevented I would be able to do again better than ever. Predictably, that's not how it turned out. A common meme is "we had surgery on our stomachs not our brains." Just because we lost weight doesn't mean we will automatically change. Losing our weight wasn't easy and took a rather drastic help. Changing other aspects of our lives may likewise take effort. WLS and rapid weight loss can upset your life. You are changing the status quo. Your relationships may change because your roles in them change. Work can be impacted. Even the way you perceive yourself may change, or not change quick enough, or become totally unrealistic. You may get more wanted or unwanted attention and be unsure of your response. Be sure to keep lines of communication open with your spouse, friends, and associates. Especially your spouse. You may eventually have your Saturday night whiskey. Two things here: First, be aware and careful of transfer addiction. Now that you don't have food to use as a coping mechanism many of us have turned to other often worse things like alcohol, drugs, or stand up comedy. Second, if not having your Saturday night whiskey makes you this sad then perhaps it's something you need to discuss with a therapist. To sum up find someone to help you. Heck, find a team. Your spouse can be a huge support. A close, trustworthy friend or family member could help. Forums like this can help. A therapist would be a great choice because they have the experience and resources to help build new tools. Good luck, Tek
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    Share your latest updates!

    Sleeved 01/06/2023 and as of today I'm 200 lbs even. I'm supppppper close to ONEderland! I eat between 800-1200 calories a day (usually about 1000 calories a day). I attend aqua aerobics 1x a week and try to walk at least 5 days a week. With a desk job, I have to make a conscious effort to move because I sit so much. Overall I feel great, I still deal with fatigue but I'm anemic so that's to be expected... and still less tired then I was pre-surgery. My post-op bloodwork all came back great (with the exception of my iron which has always been an issue). Type-2 diabetes in remission. 5'5 SW 265 LBS, CW 200 LBS, GW 150 LBS
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    New Future Begins Tomorrow

    Hi all, I'm back home and beginning the recovery process. Surgery went well and they were able to fix the hiatal hernia as well. There are 5-6 incisions with the left being the worst since they had a tougher time getting things through there. Overall, my care team was excellent. Right now, I'm trying to get fluids in. Lol. Using those little medicine cups. There is a lot of grumbling in there...😅 But, so far the gas pains aren't as bad as I feared. I'm also walking as much as I can. I'm sure I'll be back with questions for y'all later! Thanks for the kind words. 😊
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    I need to complain

    As always, @Arabesque is spot on. I see that you are are only a few days post-surgery, so the one thing I'd add is that everything you're feeling is 100% NORMAL at this point. We all start second-guessing our decision early on because having WLS is HARD! How you eat, how you feel and how you look is radically changing every day. It's physically and emotionally challenging. The good news is it gets easier as you progress. I told my wife she only had one job post-surgery. When (not if), I started doubting my decision, she needed to remind me of all the reasons I decided to have the surgery in the first place. I tell you this because I feel like you may need a similar reminder right now. You know your own reasons for taking this journey. It's easy at this point to think the challenges you're going through are not worth the hoped for end goal, but they are. Remember that it WILL get easier over time and you can absolutely reach those goals you set for yourself. Right now, it's all new and confusing and frankly most of us worry this is how life will be forever. It's not. You will make it past this, just like the rest of us did.

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