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    Five years!

    Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of my sleeve surgery. I am so glad I did this, and wish I'd done it years ago! It hasn't been without struggles, and I had hiatal hernia surgery in June 2021 because my sleeve had "slipped" up into my chest cavity. Still... all is good, I am SO MUCH BETTER since having the hernia repair, and I have kept all my weight off. I am just happy, and want to say to those with doubts... YOU CAN DO THIS!!
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    So, I haven't really told many people about my surgery. A few close friends know, my mom, and my sister. I tell my mom everything so she knows, but out of my few close friends, only one was really supportive--everyone else was a bit hesitant. They all struggle with their weight, including my sister. So I don't like sharing my victories as they all start feeling bad about themselves. But today was huge and I want to share with someone other than my amazing and supportive mom. I laid down today to do sit-ups and I could actually see and feel my ribs starting to show through. I thought it was too good to be true so I videoed myself and lo and behold, I could see them quite prominently. I haven't seen them since 2015/2016. I am so excited! I can't see them standing up, obviously, but man was it a surprise laying down. Just really happy! I also tried on a shirt that was too tight before and now it is baggy. Anyway, that was my NSV. Thanks for listening!
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    One Year Anniversary

    Holy Moly it’s been a year this month! I have attached a photo and it’s actually hard to look at! I have some work to do yet and I have moved my goal weight around so I am not done yet but what a ride If I can do it at 50 anyone can !
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    Here is me just shy of my heaviest of 365 lbs. I started my Weight loss journey June 2020. I lost about 35 pre surgery which was January 4, 2021. I also have had to have a revision due to a perforated ulcer mid July. I am now down a total of 120 lbs. it’s amazing the difference I feel. My 5 year old can actually sit in my lap… because I have one now! I can see my feet when I weigh myself. I don’t have to lean against a wall to wipe after using the bathroom, or to clean myself in the shower. I can buckle my seatbelt with out getting out of breath. I now consider myself ‘normal’ fat because I actually blend in with a crowd rather than standing out as the largest in a room! I’m sure I could go on but I am so glad I did this!
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    Biggest to now with photo

    How moly, it’s almost hard to look at! I still have so much work to do but I cannot get over the changes in under 6 months! At times I really miss a cold beer (and I am not really a drinker) or a good old dish of homemade Mac and cheese but then I look at old photos and it quickly reminds me that I don’t need them that badly! What do you miss or what gives you that added incentive to shut the fridge door?
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    6 Month Follow Up

    Had my 6 month follow up today with the nutritionist, and surgeon (it will be 6 months tomorrow). They were both extremely happy with my success. I was told that I have done exceptionally well thus far, and to keep up the good work. I have lost 76 lbs., and 77% of my body fat!! All my labs came back good, except I am anemic, but have always been. So now I have to take the bariatric vitamins with 45 mg of iron. I was told to do was to add in some exercise, just light stuff with the tension bands. Only 15 minutes, 3 days a week, then slowly work my way up. I have fibro, so I have to be careful or I will be in too much pain to do anything at all. I am so happy! My journey is far from over, but I am well on my way to being a healthy, productive, active person. My only regret, if any, is that I wish I had this done 10 yrs. ago.
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    Hello! I'm 4 weeks post op and thought I would come back here to share what I have learned over the last 4 weeks. [emoji3590] My experience since surgery has been nothing short of incredible. I'm not speaking in terms of massive weight loss, but my energy, focus, well-being, mental clarity, and state of mind. The weight loss is a bonus. Looking back on my 8 month journey to the OR, I realized that the most crucial piece of advice I received came from the most unlikely of individuals on my path, the psychologist who did my psyche evaluation. She told me that the single best thing I could do for my recovery in the time before my surgery was to practice hitting my program Protein and fluid goals before surgery and to practice liquid Meal Replacement. I had more time than expected between this appointment and surgery (5 months versus 8 weeks due to multiple delays and reschedules), but I kept on doing this. I started by replacing Breakfast with my Protein Shake and monitoring my Water intake. I eventually worked up to hitting 70-90 grams of protein daily and my minimum 90 ounces of water. I still ate, but only after I was at my minimum protein goal. It wasn't an doctors order, it wasn't required, but I took her advice to heart and it has paid off in droves. Within days of my VSG, I was well on my way to hitting my goals again, with little head hunger or emotional discomfort with a liquid diet. I wasn't stressed or had any 'buyers remorse'. This is one small thing you can do for yourself on the way to make the lifestyle change a smooth transition. Best of luck! Sent from my Pixel 3a using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I decided when I started this journey that I was going to take before photos and progress photos. Here is one month into my new life! I started my pre-op diet 30 days ago, surgery was September 13th. I’m 5’4” and started at 242, I’m now 218. My biggest piece of advice (especially if you struggle to see your own progress in the mirror) is TAKE THE PICTURES.
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    Family event

    I survived my first family event today. The nice thing about Covid is I haven't had to worry about gatherings. But today was a special birthday for a relative so we had a BBQ with about 20 people. I was asked to bring an Angel Food Cake, so I made that....and I didn't eat the part I cut off like I normally would. I had one small bite, the rest went in the compost. I'm only 3 months out. Not everyone there knows I had the surgery, but no one commented about the fact that all I ate was a chicken burger (that I brought) and some pickles. I used a dessert sized plate like I do at home. Timed my bites, and as expected could not eat it all. I didn't have any of the other food there. There was no desire, I was full. A little later I had dessert. I was still "full", so just had a small bite of cheesecake (no crust or topping) and a sliver of the angel food cake with 3 fresh strawberries that I brought for myself. There is no way I could have ate more than that.
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    Hi Everyone, I’m officially 6 weeks post gastric bypass and I’m feeling great! Starting weight pre-liquid diet was 305lbs. After 3 week liquid diet on day of surgery I weighed in at 277lbs. Today, I’m sitting at 243lbs! I was on the post op liquid diet for 2 weeks then semi-solid for 1 week. 4th week out I started on full solids and have kept everything down. I’ve had pizza, subs, burgers, hotdogs, steak, pork, ribs, wings etc and have never felt nauseous or thrown anything back up. Of course I can only have bites/ounces at a time but it’s great to be back on regular food! With the doctors blessing I golfed 4.5 weeks out and got in 13 holes before it hurt to much to finish, but finished a full round of 18 the next week. Even rode my bike 6km yesterday with the kids....which is who I did this journey in the first place! I’ve had type 2 diabetes for 5 years and have stopped taking meds about 3 weeks ago (doctors suggested) as my resting sugars have not gone over 6.5 in weeks. I’ve read lots of posts on here steering inquiring people the wrong way with horror stories of months/years of not eating regular food and/or not being able to do physical activities months/years post op. My answer is listen to your doctor and your body and do what’s best for you. Everyone is different and the post op experiences are going to be vastly different. Thanks and looking forward to more weight loss and more physical activities with my kids! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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