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    As of this morning, I officially lost 100 lbs!!!
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    I'm overweight!

    4.5 months after my sleeve and I am officially overweight. It's the best thing I have ever done. I cannot believe the speed with which I have lost all that weight. I know that I want to lose another 40 pounds or so and I can only hope that I do, but honestly if I stopped losing weight in the morning I would be happy with what I have achieved right now. Best of luck to those of you starting out on your journey - it's a wild ride.
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    1 month results

    So i started my pre op diet this day last month. I took measurements before and today. So far Last Month THIS MONTH Neck: 19" 18 1/2" Chest: 53" 50" Bicep: 18" 17" Waist: 53" 51" Hip: 58" 56" Thigh: 37" 35" Calf: 18 1/2" 16" WEIGHT: 317lb 285lb
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    I agree wholeheartedly with @liveaboard15. Such people as your aunt are poison. Tell her that if she wants you dead then she gets her wish: You're dead to her. And never talk to her again. Family doesn't get special rights or privileges to treat you like carp. Cut her out. If she visits go to another room, or 'run an errand.' If other family hound you about 'respect' or 'honoring elders' or push visiting with the aunt remind them that she wants you dead. You're just giving her what she wants: one less niece. Tell them if they keep pushing you into a taxic situation they can be added to the ignore list. Life is to short to spend any of it on your aunt or anyone else that can't treat you with, at a minimum, basic courtesy. You are your first priority. Good luck, Tek
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    Surgery this morning UPDATE:

    My bypass + hh repair was early in the morning. Pain level after surgery 0 but NOW 8:39pm I have level pain 6. My Liquid diet start in stage 2. Protein shake, broth, sugar free popsicle, apple juice and water. Probably come home tomorrow. No nausea, no vomit at this moment. But you need walk, walk and walk. OFFICIALLY I’M ON THE OTHER SIDE!!! Yessss!!!!
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    Doubting Whether I Should Proceed

    It's worth keeping in mind that the pre-op diet isn't a sustainable diet - it's a medically approved short term starvation diet designed to shrink the liver for a safer surgery. A lot of nervous folks after losing some decent weight in the pre-op phase then question whether they need the surgery. Do you think you can sustain the lifestyle change without the surgery tool to continue losing? This is something only you can honestly answer. Why is your relative vehemently against it? What are the reasons? I'm yet to hear of a partner or relative with reservations who isn't simply misinformed or flat-out wrong and/or driven by other emotional reasons. The surgery these days is very safe. This isn't to sway you either way, only you can make that call, but have all the facts and honest truths before you before you make the choice.
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    Pre-Op Emotions

    Hey everyone. My surgery is scheduled for June 2, and I’m on Day 11 of my 2-week liver shrink diet. It’s been an enormous challenge, and I did have a slip up yesterday (I ate a breakfast burrito in a moment of weakness), but have otherwise stuck to the diet perfectly. These past 11 days have really put things into perspective, and I can’t help but think about all of the food I’m not going to be able to eat for such a long time. I’ve been having a lot of thoughts like, “Why put yourself through this just to be skinny? You’ll be so unhappy if you can’t eat pizza or tater tots or cinnamon rolls.” I know that I am not going to back out of the surgery, but I hate that I’m feeling this way. I had a little breakdown this morning and cried - I think I was mourning the end of my messed up relationship with food, as strange as that sounds. It was very therapeutic. I’m not sure I ever really understood the depth of my food addiction until now. Is anyone else going through anything similar? Or has anyone else? I would love to know I’m not alone.
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    I'm sad VERY SAD!

    I agree with lizonaplane. If you are early out not only do you have remorse because of the recovery process but your hormones are often going haywire for several months. I was able to eat almost anything by 6 months out and I did on occasion have treats. You will just find that you don’t really have as much desire for the higher calorie foods and when you do eat them you are able to eat a much smaller portion.
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    New clothes 😆 and hopefully my dream trip to see the Northern lights, cause now I can fit into thermals 😁 but that will have to wait till the end of travel restrictions
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    Unsupportive Husband

    This is far from an easy way out. I’ve never worked as hard with a diet as I did after my surgery. I changed what I eat & how I eat & did a lot of mental work to discover why I ate. I also did a lot of research into nutrition & discovered what worked for me & my body. We’ve all dieted & exercised in the past & successfully lost weight & like you we all put it back on too which is why we turned to surgery. We’re ridden that merry go round many times. For every person you find who says I followed this diet & lost weight & maintained you’ll find 1000s who tried it & failed. The diet industry is a multi billion dollar industry for a reason & there’s a reason the number of weight loss surgery procedures is increasing. By the way, exercising only contributes to 10-20% of the weight you have to lose (read somewhere recently that it’s really only 5-10% 🤷🏻‍♀️). We don’t say surgery is a tool for nothing. Just like buying a treadmill or a gym membership (for which you’d be congratulated), if you don’t use the treadmill or go to the gym nothing has changed & you won’t achieve anything. Same with the surgery, if you don’t use it you wont succeed. Many of the surgery benefits don’t last forever (like the lack of hunger, the restriction, etc.) which is why you have to take advantage of the time they do & establish new & better habits. Something we never did with other diets. You are making the decision to have surgery for excellent reasons: your health & your family. And you have years of weight loss/gain experience on which to base your decision. Sadly though, you may never convince your husband. Thinner people will never truely understand the challenges & anguish faced by those with weight issues. At least you’ll find plenty of support here. I wish you all the best. PS - Don’t be surprised if your husband & his family start sharing ‘horror surgery’ stories. It seems to be what happens next in plans to turn you off surgery. When they start with the friend of a friend of a friend, ask to speak to the one who had the surgery (they likely won’t exist or the story has been twisted) or share stories from here.

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