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    Almost 5 1/2 months out and down 77lbs! The first picture was taken the night before surgery... I'm thankful I have it for comparison. This Surgery has saved my life in so many ways. [emoji3059] Sent from my SM-G981U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    6 Month Follow Up

    Had my 6 month follow up today with the nutritionist, and surgeon (it will be 6 months tomorrow). They were both extremely happy with my success. I was told that I have done exceptionally well thus far, and to keep up the good work. I have lost 76 lbs., and 77% of my body fat!! All my labs came back good, except I am anemic, but have always been. So now I have to take the bariatric vitamins with 45 mg of iron. I was told to do was to add in some exercise, just light stuff with the tension bands. Only 15 minutes, 3 days a week, then slowly work my way up. I have fibro, so I have to be careful or I will be in too much pain to do anything at all. I am so happy! My journey is far from over, but I am well on my way to being a healthy, productive, active person. My only regret, if any, is that I wish I had this done 10 yrs. ago.
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    Is this it?

    Your BMI is 25.5 - why are you scared that "this is it"? You're at a normal weight already.
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    Officially Not Fatty Matty

    I’m not obese!

    So for the first time since probably middle school (30 years ago! (Omg that hurt)) I’m not technically obese per BMI charts! Broke below 240 this morning which puts me at 29. I have a friend who’s a pro body builder and he’s technically obese too without a lick of fat on him so I don’t really give much credit to those charts but I’ll take the little wins wherever I can!
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    2 years today

    I saw my Doctor for my 2 year follow up today, on my actual 2 year anniversary, and it went great. I asked him if I should worry about year three. He smiled and said I don’t worry about you, you get this, and has every confidence that I will stay on track. I think the second year was easier for me than the first year, I feel like I know what I have to do, and what to avoid, to maintain a healthy weight. I lost weight so slowly the first year, I got very frustrated at times but I never lost hope, cheated or gave up. I WANTED And needed this, so quitting was never an option for me. Reading this board then participating A few months later really helped me reach my goals. Im not going to kid myself and assume anything. I have to stay diligent and track what I eat and remain active. There is no magic answer, you have to put in the work and keep doing it. It hasn’t always been easy but it has been so worth it. So far, so good.
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    NSV & first vacation experience

    I am almost 6 months post op and took my first vacation this week (Drove up to Tahoe). I went with some friends who did not know about the surgery but knew I was actively losing weight and trying to eat healthier and it wasn't awkward at all. I didn't snack, but I did eat some meals I shouldn't have. But between watching how much and exercise, I was down just over 2 lbs for the week. In the past, anytime I vacationed I would be up so I'm super excited. I had some great NSVs while I was out. - Hiked almost every day - around 5 miles, intermediate hikes, at elevation. Still hard, but I did it. - Kayaked, and was able to get in and out easily. - They had standard size bath towels in the bathroom, and it wrapped all the way around me without a gap! - It was my birthday and I didn't have any cake, and really didn't miss it. I tried alcohol for the first time since surgery. I had a glass a wine a couple of times and did fine. However, I had about 1/3 of a margarita and felt awful. I don't think I full on dumped, but I think if I had drunk any more I would have. It's the first time I've had any amount of sugar so lesson learned. I'm going back to not drinking for a while (it will continue to be an occasional event going forward).
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    There's not been much good news about this pandemic and having to wear masks all the time. But I finally found one! I've gotten sensitive about my "turkey wattle" but don't want to pay the cost of plastic surgery. But wearing a mask--instant face lift! I look YEARS younger with a mask on!!😁
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    here is to 2021!!! I live in a very small town and I am not much on social media. I have kept my WLS on the down low, not because I am ashamed but because I am not looking for support or BS from anyone. My husband we into town today to the local cafe (gossip central) to pick up eggs that I forgot to get on my regular grocery run and the old gal who runs the place announced to the whole joint, during the morning coffee run, how sorry she was to hear about my illness. My husband said "she is feeling good but I will tell her your thinking of her" she carried on to ask him how many rounds I would need. He replied " I believe this will do it". The word is I am going though chemo, LOL. I am not telling them any different......let them talk. Chemo or weight loss surgery regardless, I am getting thin!!!! LOL
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    I think you need compassion.
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    Whoop! Hope I can keep this pace going. I’m sure it’ll slow, my initial rolling seven day average was around 10-12 for the first couple weeks and it’s been hovering right around 4lbs a week since. Once I got past the low energy stage I feel like hyper-mode has been activated. No food issues. I’m capable of eating anything it seems nothing disagrees with me, just making good choices every day, and the restriction is still very high, an ounce or two depending on what it is. Ate some raw jalapeños even. I haven’t been this light since college (in the 90s). Doesn’t seem possible... wish I did this years ago.