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    It's been a great year, and I wouldn't trade it for anything! Down a total of 221 pounds!!
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    Matt Z

    It finally happened. Onederland!

    My heaviest weight was 370. In 2010 I had the band installed (such a mistake, waste of time, money and effort IMO) March 10th, 2018 at my Pre-Surgical check in I was 310. March 21st, 2018 at check in for surgery I was 294.4. I had the band removed and revised to the bypass. Today, January 23rd, 2019. 308 days after surgery... I hit a number that I haven't seen in more than 20 years Onederland. I'm down 95 lbs since surgery, 110.6 lbs from pre-surgical. And a staggering 170.6 lbs from my heaviest weight. I need to thank so many people that if I tried, I'd forget someone and then we'd start with the hard feelings. So I'll go with this. Thank you. If you've helped me through this in any way, shape, or form, Thank you.
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    80 lbs gone forever

    Surgery on July 10th, 80 lbs gone forever! Feeling amazing
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    ❤18 mo/1.5 yr Post Op❤

    18 months post VSG ~155 lbs, BMI 27 Reflux (GERD) increased in intensity but I'm working on it. Mystery of dumping continues- c'est la vie... Gave up a few foods for a while to see if it helps both. We'll see. Not many other changes from the prior month. This looks like maintenance for me.
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    My birthday gift to me

    A year ago, I was getting ready for gastric sleeve surgery. I was tired, fat and unhealthy. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was in insulin dependent diabetic. I was on antidepressants. January 9, 2018 was the day my life changed. And now I’m LIVING! i work out 5-6 days per week, I love kickboxing! I’m down nearly 100 lbs and I feel younger than ever. I’m off all medication and according to my lab work, I’m a whole new woman. For those of you who are considered sugery, DO IT! Be ready to change everything about your current life. My biggest obstacle has been my brain. Changing the way I think about life. About food. About who i have in my life. I found my life. My value. Find yours!!
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    I just realized...

    I used to have 2 bellies one at the top and one at the bottom...they have now merged into one LOL. Loving my tool, did I say that before 🤣😎☺️ Have a great day everyone ✌️
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    Demolished wall

    4 months and 1 week post op I can’t believe how good I feel and to think 106lbs lost Here are some pics
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    The Cookie Incident

    I was debating whether or not to post about this, as I haven't seen a lot of screw-ups on these pages, but I've got a doozy. I'm five and a half weeks out. I've been following my (very restrictive) diet to the letter almost all the time. My only deviations were a little Thanksgiving stuffing and some regular cheese at a party, where I'd brought deviled eggs for myself but didn't plan on being there so long and DO YOU KNOW THERE'S A LIMIT TO HOW MANY FREAKING DEVILED EGGS A PERSON CAN EAT IN FIVE HOURS? Lesson learned on that one. Next party I brought something I could live off for a year. Holiday parties everywhere. Anyway, the cookies. So, yesterday was a crap-tastic day. A member of my immediate family is struggling with mental health issues and let's just say everything came to a nice sharp point yesterday morning. I was wound up tight, and it just so happened I had "make cookies" on my calendar for a cookie exchange this weekend. In hindsight this is laughable, but in the moment I truly thought I was being proactive and getting those cookies made a day or two early, and wow, am I rocking this mom thing. Fast forward several hours and I can provide you with the following truths. One, I was making those cookies to eat because I was emotionally devastated. Two, my sleeve can hold far more cookies than I would have thought possible from the meager amounts of chicken that manage to fill me up. Three, there IS such a thing as dumping syndrome for sleevers, and it's a horrible experience. And four, it's amazing how quick your brain can be to jump from "really bad day and a subsequent bad choice" to "I'm a complete failure and I'm never going to be able to do this." So there. Those are the highlights of the cookie incident. I went to bed early, feeling so sick and so darn sorry for myself. What a loser! I almost deleted that sentence. I'm feeling some compassion toward the me of yesterday, and I know I'm not a loser. I know one mistake does not the future make, and I also know there will be others. But man, that was hard. It was hard to live with in the moment, and afterwards. It makes me think twice about even going to the stupid cookie exchange. The situation at home is ongoing and my stress level has been hard to manage. I'll meet the mom for coffee instead, explain I just wasn't able to make that particular holiday party, or just not take any cookies home with me and ignore the whining of my children. Ugh. I hate all of these options. I think to really be successful through this holiday season, I have to control WHAT'S IN MY HOUSE. I can go to a party or a family gathering and eat something that's not "on the list", but I can't bring it home. That's me. That's where I am, and what I have to do. Here's hoping the kids will understand.
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    Just some progress photos

    Bigger ones are me @330lbs the second ones are me somewhere between 219.4-222.4lbs my weight varies quite a bit. I lost about 50lbs by myself while in the rny program and lost about 62-65lbs since surgery.
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    Who the heck is this woman?

    So... A little back information is required for this story. I’m a hairdresser (36 yrs) but first I’m a wife and mom , a great friend and up until just a few months ago a caregiver for my dad (he passed just recently) I have always been a giving person ( total pushover) NEVER put myself first and have had tremendous stress trying to get my child with autism the help he needs .. all this I ATE over, and ate and ate.. it was ma thang. I was always running around taking care of all and losing track of me along the way.. this past February 4th I had gastric by pass and I am changing so much I can’t believe it.. my self esteem is great and I am becoming the woman I have dreamed about becoming for DECADES.. this to the displeasure of a few folks who I have been there for even at the sacrifice of my own health and well being..well, their pushing back, disgruntled and perplexed as to why I will no longer cater to them and I’ve had some heated debates and tears from those who were used to having me at their beck and call.. the amazing thing is I have no guilt in putting myself first but the peanut gallery has a LOT to say about it... just this week I have been asked " Who is this new woman” it will require such changes to these friendships that it might mean walking away and choosing my self for a change.. I’m really excited and I can’t believe the freedom that comes with releasing that guilt that made me be so self destructive.. I’m not the woman I was months ago... and I’m darn glad!!!