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    Espresso w/premier shake Post op

    My daily breakfast is a premier protein shake mixed with a Starbucks nitro cold brew. Yummy! My team is fine with it, as long as I get in my daily amount of non caffeinated fluids. As a plus, the strong coffee every morning helps me avoid the constipation issue many of us have post op :)
  2. kristieshannon

    What did you lose -- than just weight?

    High blood pressure, sleep apnea, and pre-diabetes.
  3. This morning I hit a new all time low BMI for me since I started gaining weight after my kids were born. My BMI is now 29.8 so I’m am now just overweight and no longer obese! I have 13.2 pounds left to get to my original goal, but think I’ll drop a further 5 from there to defend a 5 pound range. I’ve got PS scheduled in January, so right on track to reach my goal in October and then maintain a couple months prior to surgery. Feels soooooo good!!! On another note, the closer I get to goal, the more people notice when I’ve dropped smaller amounts. Early on I’d get a lot of comments every 20 pounds or so. Now it’s about every 5.
  4. kristieshannon

    No longer obese!

    Yes, sizes are noticeable more quickly too! I feel like I just got in to my size 12 jeans and most pairs I have are already saggy in the waist. I’m only going to buy a couple pairs of pants in 10 since who knows where I’ll be after my tummy tuck. I’ve only dreamed of hitting single digits, but it now seems totally doable :)
  5. Adding to the above, I agree 10 minutes is a good start! Sometimes it’s easier to fit in/do 10 minutes several times a day rather than one long walk. Do you think it might work to ask your husband to help you? Instead of focusing discussions on him or “we”, try “Honey I’m really worried and stressed that I’ve been slipping in my plan and have gained a few pounds. Could you help me by keeping x, y, and z out of the house or at least keep it where I can’t see it?” Best of luck to you, I ask agree that seeking out help , asking for support, and working on a plan is an awesome first start.
  6. kristieshannon

    Has anyone one had same issues I have

    Have you tried fluids at different temperatures? Early on I was more successful drinking warm liquids vs cold.
  7. I’m getting a lift + implants in January. I went from a 42DDD to now barely filling a 36D. My implants will be smallish, just enough to fill back out my cups. I want them perky & full :)
  8. Am I the only one who loves purging my closet? I filled 3 large garbage bags today with all my size 14 & 16 pants, all my XL tops and a good portion of my size L tops, several dresses and a bunch of shoes that are now too big. All donated to a women’s shelter. Started a new bag for my 12’s and the rest of my L tops as I move out of those in to 10’s and M’s. Feels so good!
  9. So I’m officially booked for my arm lift, breast lift/augmentation, and extended tummy tuck for January 14. I’m a big planner, so am happy to have a few months to get all my pre-op ducks in a row. Those who have gone down this path before me, what things did you buy (or wish you bought) for your post op period? My surgeon includes a post op bra, faja, and arm compression garment in my package. I assume I’ll want at least one more of each so I can wash one while wearing another. Anything else?
  10. kristieshannon

    Plastic surgery must-haves

    @ms.sss Thanks again! I ordered one of the garments. I’ve been lucky enough with my sleeve that I have no limits to my fluid intake, I get in 100+ ounces every day and will make sure to keep it up through surgery. 13 days???! OMG that sounds miserable! I will definitely bring an Arsenal to prepare for that possibility.
  11. kristieshannon

    Plastic surgery must-haves

    Great ideas! Thank you. Luckily I found an AirBnB that is right around the corner from a drugstore. I’ll buy a shower stool there as well as a toilet riser. I’m sure I can find a cane to borrow! Did you have a favorite arm compression garment?
  12. kristieshannon

    Starting my PS journey-first consults today

    Surgery twins :)
  13. I’m now 18 lbs from goal, which if I continue on my trend I should hit in October. I want a lower body lift, arm lift, and breast lift done. I met with two surgeons today, and have a third consult next week. I was very surprised in the different opinions/approaches of the two doctors today. Both were very nice, personable, and professional and per their photos have good results and good reviews online. Here’s what they had to say: Arm lift: Doc #1 said he could do all three procedures on the same day. He said my arms would have a great outcome, would require a compression garment for 2-4 weeks, each would have a drain in for the first 7 days. Doc #2 does arm lifts as an in office procedure under local anesthesia only! Internal sutures only with minimal steri strips, NO compression garment, said he often has people return to work after just a day or two off! Breast lift: Doc #1 pushed hard for implants, which I don’t want and don’t think I need. I’m a 36DD right now and wouldn’t mind if the tissue removed from the lift dropped me a cup size. He would do the lift/implant same surgery as the other procedures. Doc #2 agreed my breast size is fine, and would look great with just a lift. He would do the lift along with the LBL. Lower body lift: Doc #1 said he’d do a belt lipectomy and would leave in a drain on each side. Doc #2 said I don’t need a belt lipectomy, just a extended hip-to-hip incision. Again, NO drains. He uses a quilted internal stitching technique which he said reduces drainage to nearly none. Doc #2 is who I am leaning towards. He has about 10 years more experience. Sounds like his recoveries are quicker and easier. I’d say their photo results and reviews are on par with each other. The quote for Doc #2 was about $6000 less ($40,000 vs $34,000). Both doctors agreed a December/January planned surgery time frame is reasonable. I’m so excited to be starting down this road! Hopefully after my third consultation on Thursday I come away with a clear preference. I’ll update this thread as I go along. Bat wing photo for reference, I’ve lost about 10 more pounds since this was taken.
  14. kristieshannon

    Starting my PS journey-first consults today

    I’m booked! After what feels like an exhaustive search (I had consults with 4 local doctors here in Seattle and 3 in Florida) I have chosen Dr. Earle in Miami and am booked for an arm lift, breast lift & augmentation and extended tummy tuck on January 14. Now to find a good AirBnB, book my flights, and drop the last 12 pounds to go until goal! I’m so glad that this will my last summer not feeling comfortable in short sleeves :)
  15. kristieshannon

    Night Shift RN Here, Needing Advice Please!

    Hi Jen-I’m a former night shift nurse, now working days M-Th in a clinic, but occasionally pick up a Saturday night shift back in the ED. I plan my intake over 24 hours, from 0001-2359. I pre log in My Fitness Pal what I’m planning to eat for the day and bring all my food to work with me. When I was working nights my 24 hour period looked something like this: 0100 “lunch”, usually a Healthy Choice frozen meal 0509 “breakfast” Ooikos Triple Zero yogurt 1700 “dinner” Some sort of meat & veggie before heading in to work 2100 snack, usually a serving of nuts or pumpkin seeds and a small piece of fruit. I track fluid too, but never had any trouble getting in 100+ ounces/day. I still don’t, I definitely have restriction after my sleeve as far as food goes but no problem drinking all I want and need.
  16. kristieshannon

    Arm Lift Experiences?

    I cannot wait until I get my epic bat wings taken care of. They bother me way more than my saggy belly or boobs. I want these GONE and will be happy to have my scars.
  17. kristieshannon

    My Drip 4 Today

    Gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️
  18. kristieshannon

    Starting my PS journey-first consults today

    Ah, ok. I’ll check that out, see if we have one near me. I actually work for a University Medical Center so May have one available somewhere around work.
  19. kristieshannon

    Starting my PS journey-first consults today

    Sure, Dr. Vinyard in Port St. Lucie.
  20. kristieshannon

    Starting my PS journey-first consults today

    Thank you, that’s a great idea! I’ll see if my PCP or VSG surgeon will order one.
  21. kristieshannon

    Starting my PS journey-first consults today

    Today was what I think will be my last consult. Planning to go with the doc in Port St. Lucie. However, today's visit left me quite emotional. The doctor poked, prodded, pinched (gently!) my abdomen, arms, and thighs. He asked "how much more weight do you think you need to lose?" When I told him my bariatric surgeon and I set a goal weight of 160 he said "nope. No more. You're done. All you have left is loose skin, no fat. You'll lose those last 16 during surgery!" I was stunned! He told me to stop restricting intake as of today, and to try to get my protein up from 70-80g/day to 100g/day in prep for surgery. I burst in to tears and felt so silly! This has been such a long journey for me, and although it was on my radar that I'm getting close it was shocking to hear him call "done". I've got my 1 year follow up with my surgeon next month, will be waiting to consult with her and my nutritionist. I feel like I need some time to process this!
  22. kristieshannon

    Starting my PS journey-first consults today

    Update: I had a virtual consult today with a Dr. in Port St. Lucie, FL. I found him after doing an extensive search of before/after arm photos on Real Self. His results are amazing! He talked me through why, he uses a very specific technique that seems to give really good results. He seems a bit more conservative than Dr. #1 from my first post. He won't do all 3 procedures at once, reason being he seems to spend a good deal more time on each procedure and won't keep his patients under anesthesia for extended periods of time. I have one more local consult tomorrow, and have requested another virtual consult with another team in Fl. At this point I'm leaning strongly towards Dr. #3 in Fl, as he took so much time with me today, was very very thorough with his explanations and had very impressive reviews and photos on Real Self, his website, and has been mentioned several times in FB groups I'm on. I'm still a bit scared of flying soon after surgery, but I also want to go with someone I'm 100% comfortable with. I shooting for a surgery date right after New Years, so want to get this on the books.
  23. kristieshannon

    Dinner date dear

    I went out a few times early on, and soup was my go-to. You can always claim to have had a late lunch :)
  24. kristieshannon


    Wow, you looking amazing!!!
  25. kristieshannon

    Starting my PS journey-first consults today

    Man that pic is painful! I can’t wait to feel confident wearing a tank top, or really even short sleeves. It sucks to feel like I have to wear long sleeves all summer. I found a beautiful dress for my daughter’s wedding in September, but wish I could have gone with something sleeveless as temps will likely be in the 70’s.