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  1. Yes! Many have a several month wait list, so start your research now.
  2. I got my plastic surgery 15 months post VSG. I know docs want you to wait one year after you make it to goal weight, mine did not have that requirement.
  3. Here’s an unexpected thing that just dawned on me today while doing laundry. Pre-WLS I would never wear light colored shirts because of the fact that I was forever dropping food on my chest or belly and staining my clothes. Now if I’m clumsy and drop something it hits the napkin in my lap instead, saving my clothing :)
  4. kristieshannon

    Five years 🎉

    Congrats! Great accomplishments :)
  5. kristieshannon

    Detox after gastric bypass

    (Nurse here) If your kidneys and liver have normal function your body does just fine detoxing itself. Fruits & veggies only is likely to cause uncomfortable gas and/or diarrhea. And not have much protein, which our bodies need.
  6. kristieshannon

    Tummy Tuck items needed?

    I bought a wedge pillow set off Amazon. I had a large wedge pillow I used behind my upper body and a smaller wedge to use under my knees. I’ll second the scar tape as well
  7. kristieshannon

    how do you know ....

    Skin doesn’t actually weigh that much. My surgeon did not weigh the skin removed. I had a abdominoplasty, arm lift, and breast lift with implants. You’ll actually probably weigh a bit more in the few days post op due to all the fluid they give you. One week post op I was about 4 lbs below my pre-op weight, but also wasn’t eating much in that post op period.
  8. kristieshannon

    Always feeling cold

    I’m almost 5 years out as well and am still cold all the time. I get teased at work about all the layers I wear. I have a heated throw blanket at home that I use whenever I’m reading or watching TV and have a heated mattress pad on my bed.
  9. kristieshannon

    Hello, any veterens around?

    I’ll be 5 years out in August. Lost 141 lbs, have regained about 10 but feeling pretty ok about, working on dropping 5. Best decision I ever made!
  10. kristieshannon

    50 and over crowd?

    I had my VSG at 49.5, and then plastics just a couple weeks before I turned 51. I don’t feel like my age affected my healing. I took 3 weeks off work after each surgery, but both times felt like I could have gone back after 2. I attribute this to starting to be active as soon as I could after surgery (lightly active, no strenuous exercise). I walked a slow, gentle mile the day after my MMO surgery.
  11. kristieshannon

    I like cottage cheese, why is it so hated ?

    I love it! The one weird long lasting effect I’ve had from COVID is that yogurt tastes metallic to me. Doesn’t matter the brand or flavor, it all tastes weird. I’ve substituted cottage cheese for my former favorite snack. Nearly daily i have a serving of it topped with berries and a few walnuts. Yum!
  12. kristieshannon

    The unspoken rule

    Even worse it was the tile floor of a hotel bathroom 🤮 However, that drink was delicious…made with Hazelnut Vodka. If presented with it I might just try it again 🤣
  13. kristieshannon

    The unspoken rule

    I had my first drink a month or so out post op. During my losing phase it was pretty rare as the calorie content just wasn’t worth it to me. Like ms. sss I had my worst ever dumping during this time off a delightful drink called a Cocoa Puff martini-like laying on the cold tile of a bathroom floor because it was the only place I could get even slightly comfortable hour of misery dumping. Now I’m a semi-regular drinker. A glass of wine about 3 nights a week, a cocktail or two on date nights with my guy. As long as it isn’t derailing you I think it’s fine.
  14. kristieshannon

    Will I ever be able to enjoy Pho again?

    Pho broth saved me in those first few weeks post op! My local place was happy to sell me a container of broth only. It was a nice change from the powdered broths and protein drinks. I’m almost 5 years PO now and have pho from time to time, mostly just the broth, meat, and veggies with a couple bites of noodles at the end of my meal if I still have any room.
  15. kristieshannon

    50 and over crowd?

    I was 49 when I had my VSG, and 50 when I had my follow up plastic surgeries. Success can be had at any age! I’m 54 now and living a happy, healthy life at goal. I hike, swim, kayak, and have recently taken up cycling. Road biking first and have just started mountain biking. Life is good when you have the energy to live it!
  16. kristieshannon

    Doubts about plastic surgery

    As @sillykitty said, PS is just one more motivator to keep on track. I paid way too much, and went through so much with recovery from my plastics to ruin it with gaining. And I truly felt like it was my reward to myself for all the hard work I went through to lose all the weight.
  17. kristieshannon

    Food Before and After Photos

    I’ve been really bad about cooking lately, but I’m just back from vacation and did some meal prep. Baked sweet potato topped with ground Turkey with onion, garlic, Tomato paste, beef broth, peas, carrots, and mushrooms. From the Skinny Taste website.
  18. kristieshannon

    Tummy Tuck in Chicago

    For the abdominal piece you may be able to use sick leave/take FMLA. Diastasis recti repair is considered medical. I was able to take 3 weeks of sick leave for mine.
  19. kristieshannon


    My WLS was 08/2019, my PS was 01/21. I paid $16,000 for all 3 procedures. I flew from Seattle to Miami because the cost was less than half. Prices vary wildly around the country!
  20. If they are injecting Botox externally in your abdomen they are injecting it in to your abdominal muscles. Your GI tract is controlled by smooth muscles in your stomach, intestines, and colon. These are the muscles that aid in digestion-not your abdominal muscles.
  21. kristieshannon


    Zero regrets. My second best medical decision, just behind my VSG. I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair, breast lift and augmentation, and arm lift.
  22. kristieshannon

    Anyone willing...

    My pre and post PS pics. I had my VSG in Aug 2019. Tummy tuck, breast lift & augmentation, and arm lift in Jan 2021 after losing 146 lbs. I’m so glad I did!
  23. kristieshannon

    Body contouring recovery time

    I had my surgery (tummy tuck w/muscle repair, breast lift & augmentation and arm lift) all done in one surgery. I took three weeks off work and I work as a nurse. I still had some minor discomfort when I went back, but nothing that Tylenol didn’t help with. I was on light duty though-no heavy lifting for 6 weeks due to the arm lift.
  24. kristieshannon

    Don't want to lose all my boobs

    I went from a full 44DDD to a very saggy and deflated 34D. I got a lift and augmentation, now 34DDD. They’re fabulous :)
  25. kristieshannon

    Suboxone Use

    I’m a nurse that formerly worked in a suboxone program. We almost never recommended patients go off their suboxone for any surgery. Our addictions team worked closely with the surgeon on a post op pain plan. You’ve encountered some unfortunate unnecessary stigma. Reach out to another program.

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