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  1. kristieshannon

    Plastic Surgery Countdown is on!

    And vacation dress #2. I REALLY never thought I’d feel comfortable in a strapless dress! This was from another cute little boutique in Portland, also a small which just blows my mind.
  2. kristieshannon

    Plastic Surgery Countdown is on!

    Six weeks post op. I’m heading to Phoenix next month and need some warm weather clothes. Never thought I’d be wearing a sleeveless dress! I found this today in Portland, was stunned that I fit in a size small. I’m feeling so good, and am so very glad I had this surgery!
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    I have trouble getting in my 70-80 grams of protein per day if I don’t start off with a protein heavy breakfast. Cereal won’t do it for me. Most days breakfast for me is a premier protein shake mixed with cold brew coffee. Occasionally I have Greek yogurt or eggs & bacon.
  4. And the funny thing is, my doc is considered really expensive in Miami! I could have had it all done elsewhere there for around $10,000 at a big, high volume clinic. It’s crazy how much prices vary around the country.
  5. Yeah, my full TT scar goes around to the back side of my hips. Benefit of the is a vast improvement in the “saddle bags” on my outer thighs.
  6. Oops, sorry-on my phone, didn’t realize this was in the “guys room” until after posting :)
  7. I had a tummy tuck + muscle repair and lipo to my flanks, breast lift & augmentation, and arm lift last month. I paid a total of $16,100 in Miami. I got quotes for the same at home in Seattle ranging from $30,000-$40,000.
  8. kristieshannon

    Can We Talk About...Birth Control?

    I’ve had a Mirena IUD for over 10 years (on my third one). I LOVE it!! No period, and no problems dropping my weight after surgery. I highly recommend it. I’m near menopause age (51) and having no symptoms. My doc recommends me keeping it in until I’m assumed to be past menopause as she states it will prevent me from having most menopause symptoms. Yay for that!
  9. kristieshannon

    Back issues since losing weight?

    Consider asking for a referral from your PCP to physical therapy. I had back pain to, turns out my gait was all wonky. A couple months of PT had me pain free.
  10. kristieshannon

    R.I.P. Boobs

    I went from 44DDD to now 34DD. Funnily, mine didn’t change size after my lift & augmentation. I told my doc that I wanted the same size, just not empty sacks and he delivered. They are now high & tight and lovely if I don’t say so myself :)
  11. kristieshannon

    Sugar Free/fake sweeteners drinks

    My program recommended against soda. However, I’ve been able to tolerate sips here and there of my husband’s Coke Zero.
  12. kristieshannon

    Sugar Free/fake sweeteners drinks

    Yes! They sell brand name vitamin water in my hospital cafeteria for $2.50/bottle. The Costco brand is .40 per bottle!
  13. kristieshannon


    Looking sharp, I love the hat & shoes!
  14. kristieshannon

    Virtual Consults?

    I had both in person consults locally, and virtual consults with a couple doctors in other states. The one I chose was across the country. I sent a series of photos and had a zoom consult with him, then had a pre op visit in person the day before surgery where all details were finalized. Now that I’m back home I’ve also had a couple virtual post op visits.
  15. kristieshannon

    Tummy Tuck

    I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair at 17 months after my VSG. I hit my weight goal just about a month prior to PS. I also had a breast lift & augmentation and an arm lift. My reward after all the hard work of weight loss!
  16. kristieshannon

    Sugar Free/fake sweeteners drinks

    I love the Costco brand of Vitamin Water (I think theirs is called Vita Rain). Zero sugar, not too sweet. I drink 4 every day at work so gets me at least 80 oz of water.
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    Lol, my husband’s reaction exactly 😈😂
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    No idea when or where I’ll wear this, but it just arrived from Fashion Nova. I’m in love with my new boobs ❤️
  20. kristieshannon

    NSV: Shopping

    You’re even smaller than you thought. I believe a 28 = size 6!
  21. kristieshannon

    4 week creamy blended soups

    If you have a pho restaurant in your area, their broths are usually delicious. Usually comes with noodles and veggies, but several of the pho places near me were happy to just sell me broth.
  22. kristieshannon

    Exercise After Surgery

    I joined 9Round Kickboxing. It’s a great combo workout of cardio and strength training. At 30 minutes it’s really efficient too!
  23. kristieshannon

    Pain After Sleeve?

    I’m a nurse in a suboxone treatment program. For anyone reading this that will be facing the same situation, please have your suboxone provider advocate for you with your surgical team! We do anytime one of our folks is having surgery. We call directly to the surgeon and assist with formulating a post op pain plan. There are meds that can help along with suboxone to manage pain! Great job on both your recovery and your surgery, Joshua. And thank you for sharing, you will save someone the same agony you experienced!
  24. kristieshannon

    Depressed after dr visit

    As a nurse who charts in an electronic medical record, I can tell you that it is common to copy forward previous notes and then just update any changes. It’s very easy to miss updating something! Your provider may just have missed updating the line labeling you as onesies.
  25. kristieshannon

    Plastic Surgery Countdown is on!

    23 days post op today. Just did my first 3.5 mile walk post op and felt great! Also tried on a bikini I bought from Shein that arrived today. The cups are teeny tiny-one errant move and I’d be in a nip slip situation! This’ll be going back, but it’s fun to see my 51 year old boobs looking like 21 year old boobs :)