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  1. kristieshannon

    Struggling with Weight Re-Gain

    Oh man, I feel you. Night shift is so hard to keep on track. I’m a nurse and have worked many an overnight. I do best when I pack everything I’m going to eat at night and track every bite that goes in my mouth. I have even gone so far as to leave my wallet at home so hitting the coffee stand or vending machine isn’t an option. Try your best to keep up with hydration and sleep-I have fierce sweets cravings when I’m low on sleep. Meal prep on days off and pack healthy snacks that are waiting plan. I also walk the halls on breaks to get steps in. Keep up the good work!
  2. kristieshannon

    Plastic surgery

    Yes! Check out the Plastic Surgery forum. Lots of us have had plastic surgery post weight loss surgery. I had a breast lift and augmentation, tummy tuck with muscle repair, and arm lift in January. Here are my before & after pics. Absolutely no regrets. WLS was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I’m loving my PS results too.
  3. kristieshannon

    How many bites to the center of.....

    Meal prep/planning is key for me! I do much better staying on plan if I bring pre-portioned meals and snacks to work with me. At 21 days out I think I could only eat about 1/3 of a cup at any meal.
  4. kristieshannon

    Food Before and After Photos

    Would you mind sharing your quick pickle recipe? I love pickled veggies of all sorts. What are Duxelles? All look delicious, I need to get in gear meal prepping tomorrow for and four night stretch of work.
  5. I didn’t use either card but hi! I’m a fellow Seattleite, had my surgery @ Swedish First Hill.
  6. kristieshannon

    Hungry or full

    Oh, and also-are you getting in plenty of fluids each day? Sometimes people get what feels like a hunger feeling when actually they are thirsty. I’ve found warm beverages can often cut that signal off pretty well. If it’s happening in the evening try camomile tea, it’ll have the added benefit of helping you sleep :)
  7. kristieshannon

    Hungry or full

    Some of us notice signals from our body that we are full-I’ve heard mention of sneezing, a tight feeling across the chest, or what I feel which is hiccups. If you don’t have these signals, something you may consider if you aren’t doing it is strict calorie and macro tracking. That way you will know when you’ve met your body’s needs for the day and can tell yourself you are done for the day. This can also help to make sure you aren’t eating so much that you’re hitting maintenance calories vs weight loss calories.
  8. Also, my office has PAs and ARNPs that do some of the follow up visits. Would that be an option for you?
  9. kristieshannon

    Skin Depression

    I feel for you, was there myself. I had a brachioplasty in January. It is so nice to feel comfortable wearing short sleeves & tank tops! You may want to check in to the cost of PS in other states. I had a tummy tuck, the brachioplasty, and breast lift/augmentation. It would have cost $30,000-$40,000 in my home state of Washington. I had it all done in Miami for $16,100. Just the arm lift would be less. Costs vary wildly across the country! In the meantime, be kind to yourself. You’ve lost 90lbs which is an awesome accomplishment!
  10. kristieshannon

    Is it Worth it?

    Absolutely worth it for me. My only regret (and you’ll hear this here often) is not doing this sooner. My highest known weight was 286. Today I’m 140.2. My life has changed so much for the better. I’m happy, healthy, and fit. Off all meds and my CPAP. I can hike, bike, kayak, dance with no pain. I can go on any ride at an amusement park, fit comfortably in airplane seats, and walk in to any store and buy clothes that fit and are in style. I had very little post op pain, and progressed my diet as expected. I can now eat anything, but in much smaller quantities. I’d say I follow the 80/20 rule, probably more like 90/10 of mostly healthy foods that I love with the occasional treats. Best of luck to you as you make your decision!
  11. Sorry to say, but no skin care product is going to keep you from hanging skin after massive weight loss. Genetics, amount of time spent overweight, and amount of weight to lose are all factors. If you are young, have good skin elasticity, and haven’t been overweight very long you may not need PS. If you’re older, have poor skin elasticity, were significantly overweight, or overweight for many years you will likely have loose skin. I had my sleeve surgery at 49, was overweight for most of my adult life. After losing 140 lbs I had lots of loose skin. I had a tummy tuck, breast lift & augmentation, and arm lift in January. I’m planning on a thigh lift next year. I’m so glad I had these surgeries, but even if I hadn’t would still be glad to have lost all the weight.
  12. kristieshannon


    New dress for a wedding next month. I’m thinking sparkly silver sandals to go with it, and a silver clutch if I can find one.
  13. kristieshannon

    My mommy makeover

    @ChubRub and @Kris77 were awesome support buddies and are now rockin totally hot bods 😍😍 I highly recommend a MMO after WLS!!
  14. kristieshannon

    Dating post WLS and PS

    My husband and I separated a couple months ago and are just waiting on court availability to finalize our divorce. I’ve just started dipping my toe in the dating world. It’s fun on some levels. However, I can’t help but feel a little (probably misplaced) resentment. Suddenly I’m a bit of a hot commodity. While on dating websites before my marriage, when I was 140 lbs heavier, I had few show interest. Now I’m overwhelmed with messages. It kind of messes with my brain to go from someone seen as undesirable to someone desirable. I’m still the same person, just in different packaging I guess. It’s frustrating to realize how much my value as a person was minimized due to my weight 😡
  15. For sure follow your plan provided.by your survival team! To me it sounds like you aren’t getting near enough protein. Can you tolerate protein shakes? Constipation is a common issue for WLS patients. Stool softeners and/or miralax may help, but for any of those meds it’s important to stay well hydrated. How much water are you getting in each day? Walking helps too, as much as you can tolerate at this point.
  16. kristieshannon

    Was this a mistake?

    Head hunger is real! We’ve lived for many years eating beyond our physical needs due to emotional eating, cravings, etc. Therapy to work through these issues is great! Also, no reason to avoid ice cold drinks as long as your stomach tolerates it. My team allowed coffee right away. I mix my morning protein shake with cold brew coffee. It’s delicious!
  17. kristieshannon

    Thigh lift

    I didn’t think I would be heading for another round of PS, but at 6 months post op from my Tummy Tuck, breast lift/augmentation and arm lift I am now planning to get my thighs fixed. I’ll go back to Dr. Earle in Miami for it. He is amazing and I trust him and his team. I’m booked for a thigh lift with him next March. However, I want to get de-bulking Lipo done first after I get back to Seattle after my summer living and working in Boston. Anyone have this done prior to a thigh lift? Anyone here have lipo in Seattle and have someone you can recommend? Thigh pic for reference.
  18. kristieshannon

    My mommy makeover

    Congrats! Happy healing ❤️
  19. kristieshannon

    I Never Give Up

    Ah, I assumed by your name that you are in Seattle. Swedish is a hospital there :)
  20. kristieshannon

    I Never Give Up

    Hi @SeattleLady-I had my surgery done by Dr. Sara Martin del Campo at Swedish. She was really great, I’d recommend her for sure.
  21. kristieshannon

    Food Before and After Photos

    Yum! I love cottage cheese with fruit with a tiny sprinkle of cayenne.
  22. kristieshannon

    Just So Proud

    Congratulations! Such a great feeling, isn’t it?
  23. kristieshannon

    Ibuprofen-A Cautionary Tale

    I chose the sleeve rather than RNY in part so I could continue to use NSAIDS as needed. I take ibuprofen a couple times a month with no issues. I guess it varies from person to person!
  24. kristieshannon


    This. And to those who think otherwise, kindly just move along.

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