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Hi everyone

hope everyone is doing well as they can in the current pandemic situation. I have been absent for a while, due to personal circumstances, I’m currently facing another difficult situation, and I would really appreciate some advice

I had a sleeve in January 2018, (abroad paid privately so have had no support or any help post surgery on return to the UK) initially I lost about 20 kg slowly over the year (from 95kg to 76kg) my weight loss stopped after the first year or so, however 3 years later im now 83 kg hungry all the time and feeling incredibly stressed and emotional and really worried where this is going, I have spoke to a few surgeons abroad, my options are a gastric bypass but im so worried that is this the right decision for me, my sleeve didn’t get me to my target of 55kg from 95kg, I only lost half and slowly regaining I’d really appreciate some advice /help/ experiences of other members

Thankyou x

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When you say you are hungry all the time, do you mean that you don't have restriction? If you eat a Protein rich like, say, a chicken breast or a small steak - does that still leave you hungry? Or do you mean you feel head hunger all the time?

If you actually feel physically hungry even after eating enough to fill your pouch, then that may be an issue around the restriction. But if it's head hunger, I can certainly relate. The drivers for my eating are rarely actual hunger and often boredom, stress etc. The problem is that this messes up our bodies' ability to recognise the difference between actual hunger and head hunger.

I don't know a huge amount about the bypass surgery or any revision surgery, but I think they're unlikely to address the more fundamental issues you might have with food and how you eat.

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