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Four Week Post RNY

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I've been lurking here and reading for several months. I had RNY 12/14/20. I had saved leave time to cover my recovery so I was able to take a full 4 weeks off. That was a good decision as it allowed me to fully focus on liquids, Protein and recovery. I returned to work this week. It has gone well but does require me to plan what I am going to take to work for food and drink. While I was home, I was able to simply choose from whatever appropriate choice was in the frig. My thoughts and observations so far:

I have not had one single problem. I've had no pain, no nausea and have not needed any of the medication I was provided for those. I have no problem meeting liquid or protein goals. I am going with my program 100%. At this time, I do not feel any hunger (I know that will return). I also don't feel fullness. I realize that is because I am sticking to the suggested amounts. That is a learning experience for me. I was used to eating way beyond full all the time and feeling overstuffed and uncomfortable after a meal.

I don't generally sit and watch extended TV. But being off work and while recovering, we binge-watched a lot of shows. That was another learning experience. My desire was to much on something salty and savory as that has been my past behavior. My husband was very considerate and did not munch. I fully recognized that I wasn't actually hungry but was simply trying to revert to old behaviors. My saving grace was popsicles. They provided crunch and froze my mouth as well. As expected, surgery removed the hunger but not the desire and comfort of previous behaviors.

Returning to work has given me more structure in some areas but also means I have to be more proactive in planning.

I know people are more likely to post when they have problems but I wanted to be the voice of someone who has so far, experienced no problems. Now the hard mental work begins..................

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Congrats on your fantastic success so far! This may be a dumb question, but aren't you RNY'ers supposed to feel full/satiated? That part confuses me a bit?

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Congratulations on your smooth experience and having a supportive spouse! I had a rough 1st month with 2 readmittances to the hospital. I'm fortunate that I also have a very supportive husband & was a fabulous care giver while I needed it. I have found sf popsicle to be a saving grace- for hydration and the crunch!

Wishing you all the best on your continued success! 😊

1 hour ago, OAGBPal said:

aren't you RNY'ers supposed to feel full/satiated?

I don't know if all do.... I did feel full on liquids but could drink about 8 oz of Soup before I felt full so I was concerned it was too much. Now on 'regular' foods- I definitely feel it at about 1/2-3/4 cup depending on the food.

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