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Daily Food DIary Week 1-3 Post VGS surgery

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Hello all. I thought it would be helpful for us to share food diaries to other members for some possible insights and opportunities to try different approaches.

I am day 2 week 2. Currently having:

Bfast: 100ml lactose free milk, 1/2 banana, 1Tbs high Protein low sugar vanilla yoghurt, blended with crushed ice.

Morning tea: Usually takes all morning for me to drink a 50/50 mix of apple juice and Water, no sugar added.

Lunch: 125ml thinly pureed pumpkin Soup. Soup is home made, simply pumpkin and water, 1/2 tsp chicken stock and some garlic powder. All pureed.

Afternoon tea: sugar free iceblock - lemonade

Dinner: Last night I tried 1/2 cup of pureed chicken thick, stock and zucchini. YUCK! I reverted back to pumpkin soup. Ideas here would be appreciated.

Snacks: coffee with small amount of Zymil (lactose free milk), lots of water, sugar free Powerade, Avalanche sugar free latte, sugar free jelly (jelly for the USA peeps here).

I know I'm not getting my calories in, but right now this fills me up. Any ideas to increase? I have bought milk powder to add a tsp in each Breakfast smoothie, and ordered some tasteless Protein Powder online today as well. Once that comes, I'll easily meet my protein requirements and already meet liquids.

Yes, I know everyone is different, but I'm keen to hear what you all are consuming to give me some inspiration!


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Are you still on liquids or are you allowed to have purees now? Purees give you a lot of options, especially once you get the unflavored Protein Powder. My favorite purees included:

  • Unsweetened applesauce with cinnamon roll Protein powder
  • Triple zero yogurt with chocolate, vanilla, or birthday cake protein powder
  • sugar-free pudding with chocolate protein powder
  • Protein oatmeal with cinnamon roll protein powder
  • pureed refried Beans with unflavored protein powder, topped with enchilada sauce and Laughing Cow cheese
  • Pureed black bean Soup with unflavored protein powder

I also ate a lot of sugar-free popsicles, fudgsicles, and Jello in the liquid and pureed stages.

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Ooooh yum! I wish we had the same options here in Australia, I love the thought of applesauce with cinnamon roll Protein powder!

I am on day 2 of week 2 so a little more than just clear liquid, but a little less than puree. Does that make sense. I am starting to experiment with a little thicker liquids and it's sitting very gently.

I'm going to see if I can go online and get some of the deliciousness you have described. It just creates variety, and I'm trying to up my protein intake too.

I love jelly/jello, though I've never really liked it before.

Thank you for your suggestions, I appreciate it.


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I did 3 oz refried Beans with unflavored Protein Powder, mix it in after heating up the beans. You can also add some cheese to the beans. I used a Tbsp of queso dip for cheesy refried beans.

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Today I'm going to hit my Protein minimum of 60g!!! Finally.... though I am having a tasteless protein supplement in my meals. I've attached a photo of the brand I buy. It honestly has no taste, smell or texture at all, so can be added to absolutely anything. Screenshot_20210114-064256_MyFitnessPal.jpg IMG_0341.jpg

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