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Taking Meds

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I have been having difficulty swallowing pills. My reflux made my esophagus sensitive and once they hit my stomach, they made me nauseous and I felt like I had swallowed a rock. My nurse practitioner prescribed Sucralfate to coat my healing organs but insurance won't pay for liquid and they are horse pills. I started crushing them and tried putting them in a liquid but I had to keep swallowing because they kept coming back up. My husband is a pharmacist so he suggested putting the crushed pills in sugar free pudding. It works like a charm because I can swallow the pudding without chewing. So I am now taking my anti-depressant and blood pressure meds the same way. Just can't crush time release blood pressure meds because it affects the way they work so my GP switched me back to a non-time release so I can crush them.

I wasn't taking my meds properly or taking Vitamin supplements at all. I was even having a hard time with the melting Vitamins because of the taste. I discovered vitamin patches that I purchased on Amazon. You just apply one and leave it on for 24 hours then skip a day and apply the next. I am also taking self administered B12 shots once a month.

Whew! I am so glad to solve these med problems because I was getting fatigued, my blood pressure was up and I was down.

All is well.

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You are actually a fine example of how to make things work. You had issues that it took several tries to come up with a working solution. You kept trying rather than just complaining about them.

More issues will present and you will work through them just as you did your meds.

Again, great job.


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I had to grind all my pills for the first three months. I take so many of them it was a real drag. I'm glad that is over!

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