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Derailed because of Covid

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Hey everyone! It's been a crazy year! I was supposed to have surgery in March, however, in February I changed jobs and got different insurance. When this happened, I could no longer have surgery at my chosen surgery clinic (only one my previous insurance covered). Turns out, they lost medicaid/medicare capabilities, and went under shortly after! They're completely closed, which blows me away. Anyway, I have struggled getting my info in front of the bariatric coordinator at the new location. I finally did last week! She had gotten everything from the previous clinic before the closed (thank god!!) so I don't have to go through everything all over again! I did have to get the psych to send my results to her so she could send it to her psych. That finally happened last night. Now, I'm looking at surgery VERY soon... like within a couple weeks. WOW! I'm so afraid to get my hopes up, because this hasn't gone well so far lol

I'm glad it has taken a Detour. I've started back to school, spent an amazing summer with my kids going on vacation. But now I'm ready to get it done. Also, my previous plan was gastric sleeve, but in the additional time, I have chosen gastric bypass. So I guess stay tuned!

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Congratulations! You Will do fine. It definitely is a scary thing when it gets close. I had a sleeve, I just had it done Monday. From start to finish with my insurance it was almost a year process. I was really nervous on surgery day, it was the first operation I have had as an adult. But it went super well, and Im at home trying to figure out how to eat now lol. You will do fine, just keep your eye on the prize!

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