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Hi everyone- I'm new to BariatricPal. I had RNY Gastric Bypass in June 2008. Met goal weight of 118 lbs. by August 2009. Had my son in September 2011 so I gained 30 lbs. which I subsequently lost within 6 months of his birth. I am now approaching my 12 year surgiversary and I have crept up to 180 lbs. I am so mortified and disappointed in myself; and I understand it is also due to the lack of fullness after so long. I am going back to my original surgeon to discuss revision options.

My question is, I have NJ Family Care / Horizon BCBS of NJ and there isn't much online as to whether they typically cover weight loss surgery revisions. I am so nervous because my insurance barely wanted to cover a root canal and this is obviously much more invasive. The other problem I have is chronic pain, as I had back surgery in 2013 following a car accident. The added weight has worsened all of my issues and I am dealing with horrible sciatica with the weight gain. I just wish I felt full.

I do not drink, smoke, or do illicit drugs. I just would like to know if based on my circumstances if I can be approved by Medicaid for the revision.

Thanks for reading and for any advice.

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I am sorry you are having all these difficulties. I would imagine your BMI would be too low for approval but I am not an insurance person or a Dr.

You may not get the fullness you are looking for in a 2nd surgery. If you have not read what is being said you may want to go check out some of the revision threads out there.

Have you tried the 5 day reset ? Its suppose to help shrink your pouch back somewhat and get you back on track like a pre op.

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At 10+ years post op I'm also battling ups and downs. My story is different from yours but the bottom line is getting rid of the excess weight.

Have you considered options besides revision surgery? I'm likely covered for revision despite relatively low regain due to other health issues. You may improve your chances of approval by focusing on co morbidities caused by regain.

A revision would be successful, but until I live differently I may face the same situation in another 10 years. My BEHAVIOR caused my weight gain.

INTERMITTENT FASTING is helping me control this need to be full. I'm training my body and brain to understand that feeling hunger is not the same as starvation. It is helping me to drop the pounds and revise my attitude towards food. Jason Fung (search YouTube and online) and others have been my guides.

My desire to be full is my eating disorder. Fasting helps me to focus on nutrition and understand when I need to eat vs when I want to eat. As an advocate of health at any size, my diet for life keeps me in good health. Periodically I tweak my program because of metabolism issues. When I stay with my program I maintainin. When I slip from my program the need to get full emerges.

Diets to reset my pouch as someone already suggested work well for me. However, eventually I want to feel fullness again and I'm attempting to reset more and more often. This is why I'm working to become content with an empty belly and a well nourished body.

I wish you successful weight loss and good health however you decide to accomplish your goals.

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