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Changing Insurance Before Surgery

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I'm expecting my vsg surgery to be performed within the next 6 weeks. At the same time I'm considering changing jobs, which means I would lose my current insurance and replace it with a new one. The job change would probably happen within the next few weeks. Assuming the new plan covers the surgery, does anyone know if I would have to start completely from scratch? I've been chasing this for almost a year now and would be devastated to have to start all over again, but at the same time this job opportunity would be tremendous for my career.

Anyone have experience with this?

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A few things to consider that may help you come up with a plan:

1. Will your new insurance policy begin at your start date or 30/60/90 days after beginning employment?

2. Will this new plan even cover the surgery, which type, does your surgeon accepts it, what are your out of pocket expenses, etc. ?

3. Will you be able to take numerous days off to complete preop requirements/surgical recovery so soon after starting a new job?

4. Will you lose your spot on the surgery list because of the changes?

5. Could wait you start the new job a few weeks after surgery with your old job?

6. Could you wait 3/6/12 months to have surgery?

7. How much do you want :

a. The WLS?

b. The new job?

Good Luck❤

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