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Hey all, I have read posts here before, obtained info, and been grateful for what I've read as I don't really have anyone to talk to about my journey.

Brief history:

lap band surgery mid 2010.

Started at 210

lost A LOT of weight--- lowest weight 130

had a baby girl summer 2015

top preg weight 154.

NOW, have gained some weight, and am now 160

I weigh more than i did when i gave birth

I have a hard time losing weight now

i feel hungry and can eat more

from time to time, i puke bc it just doesn't sit well w me

but for the most part, i can eat

i feel so so so awful bc i feel like I'm going backwards.

saw my surgeon today. he said that i need to go to radiology to see if a fill is a good idea, but i am already filled to a put 8CC in a 10CC band.

I'm thinking dilated esophagus. He said I was a little/slightly when I tried to get a fill back in Oct. of 2017.

i guess we will see in two weeks.

NOW, w Keto and all this stuff going around, I want to know if anyone has fasted for extended periods of time. Like, for 16-18-20 hours at a time. I am DESPERATE. I want to be able to slim my esophagus so I can get a fill. Does fasting or just being on a strict liquid diet help my esophagus become 'normal' again? Does it really help w weight loss?

I feel so discouraged.

I want to look the way I looked at 130 lbs. I felt great, so much confidence, so much drive...

please give me some advice.

i appreciate your time.


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Hey feliz when you say your esophagus is stretched how is that? I had a revision on my lap band two days ago because my stomach and intestine went through the band. I’m a gastric bypass first then I started over 10 years to slowly start putting my weight back on so I looked for a dr. That would put a band over my gastric bypass.

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Honestly? Don't do much right now until you have your test. You want the test to reveal what you've been living with in the past years, not what you have been living with for the last 2 weeks. So maintain what you are doing now. And then see your doc for a game plan. Often we can get ourselves into a mess by muddying the waters. Right?

Sorry you are dealing with regain. But get the test, see the doc, then report back here on what needs to be done. If your esophagus is dilated, then you need to know this and have his professional advice of what to do first so you don't hurt yourself more!

((hugs)) It's only 2 weeks. Maybe spend the next 2 weeks researching eating behaviors and how to change them long term? In case he tells you to restrict your eating quantities to "x" or "y".

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I revised from a Realize Band (June 2009) to a VSG after severe reflux and the discovery of a pretty bad band slip.

As far as IF goes -- with the band, I could not eat very much at 1 sitting if I really ate Protein first --- so, going for 20 hours after only 3 ounces of chicken or beef or fish would make me very hungry -- and cranky and slow my metabolism.

Have you tried really going back to the beginning with your eating -- pea-sized bites, 3 oz of protein with a little veg until satisfied --- 3 times a day (finish eating by 6 pm and fast until 8 am -- get a little IF in there) -- no drinking with meals, etc.? A reset like that might push the scale and keep you satisfied throughout the day.

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