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Any Pescatarians?

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I haven’t had red meat or poultry in 28 years, but I do eat some fish (pescatarian).
I am having gastric bypass surgery on April 11th. I was hoping to see if there are any other pescatarians who have advice for me. I’m trying to plan what I will be drinking in the liquid phase of my recovery. I’m also thinking ahead to ways to increase Protein later.
I would appreciate any advice.
Thank you!

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Not a pescaterian, but I don't see it being an issue for the most part. Fortunately for you fish and shellfish are for the most part very lean and Protein dense.

The area it might be challenging is when you are dining out or on the road. At a restaurant you will have significantly fewer choices, and potentially even fewer "good" choices. And at fast food or convenience stores, you will be even more limited.

If you eat cheese and eggs, that will help broaden your options. But no matter what you may just need to be more proactive than most, and pack Protein Bars, nuts, salmon Jerky, canned tuna salad etc., in case you get stuck and are hungry.

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I'm a pescatarian. Not a problem at all. Liquid phase I did Protein Drinks, milk (fairlife has more protein), and yogurt (watered down).

For the pureed food stages, I did pureed black Beans (reheated with a bit of cheese on top), pureed egg salad (2 hard boiled eggs and either avocado or 1 TBL may and 1 TBL yogurt), and eggface's ricotta bake.

For the beginning of soft food, I found Tilapia worked really well. And eggs (although note that a lot of folks don't tolerate eggs well)

For regular foods, shrimp works really well because it can easily be made into small portions. I also sometimes do a tuna casserole that is basically a can of tuna and some homemade cheddar cheese sauce. It lasts me at least 3 meals. More now, but that's because I haven't been feeling well.

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