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2 hours ago, babedoe4 said:

Feb 2008 and still going!!!


sleever here - peeking in, hope that's ok😉

almost 10 years old!!! - proudly show yourself

you look great - keep up your good work- i know you will☺️



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I’m a 2009 bandit but not for much longer. My band is no longer helping, I have regained quite a lot of weight and there is a concern about the probable damage that the band has done so I am revising to an RNY in Jan

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2008 bandsters out there!? Feb 2008 and still going!!!
2007, but I'd like to get it removed. Have gained all weight back and with my stomach virus flu scare and not being able to vomit, I'm terrified of it!

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Glad to see other long term banders here. Many cannot keep their band for all kinds of reasons .
I’m so happy to say I just passed my 12 year mark...🌟🇮🇹
2006 included a life changing procedure lap band placement in Fresno
Yes... a few ups and downs. But still close to my high school weight.
(And please don’t think it has been smooth.. I make many mistakes)

Very THANKFUL🎄🎅🏼🎅🏼

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    • GreenTealael  »  redhead_che

      Happy Belated Surgiversary!!!
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    • Puppycat

      12/12I went against my weekly weigh in and cheated today the scale says I'm 248 😂How? Maybe it's wrong lol I just purchased the scale and it's my first time using it. I'll weigh my daughter to see if it's accurate. I was 255 this time last week well five days ago so I guess it's a real possibility. I'll let you know , I have been very picky about sugars and carbs even though I don't have a huge variety of foods to choose from. I'm super excited and hope everyone is doing great! Got to charge my iPad but I just had to share my happiness 12/15 hmmm I guess this didn't post lol. Well I have more to update when I went to do my weekly weigh in with a scale I know is accurate this Friday I was 244 so even less then my new home scale (which still says 248😹) I am super stoked that all my good choices are paying off. I haven't eaten any bad junk food or high sugar drinks or excess carbs, It's nice to actually see results from a diet huh guys. Unfortunately I put too much mayo in my eggsalad purée and I'm nauseous 🤢But to happy to let it bring me down. Hope everyone is doing good and happy
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    • GreenTealael

      The sad dejected truth that you are not the same size in a plush padded vs. Lacy unlined bra. And should have known it. Sigh.
      · 4 replies
      1. Orchids&Dragons

        Guess the new bra/panty set was a bust?

      2. Myhorseisfattoo

        Guess the new bra/panty set was a bust?

        I see what you did there!

        Also, boobs are dumb. I'm pretty sure I'll be tucking mine iento my socks in a few months!

      3. GreenTealael

        I see what you did lol

        They still kinda work but only by accident 😓, I couldn't find my exact size so I decided to play around with band/cup manipulation. But now I know padded bras may be adding a full cup size I don't own...

      4. Orchids&Dragons

        But now I know padded bras may be adding a full cup size I don't own...

        I've been counting on that for years!

    • Jobber

      I went to my 4th NUT appointment this week and I was absolutely surprised that I had actually lost 9 pounds from my last appointment.  I can get a bit obsessive when it comes to scale use so I've decided to only do pre-op weigh-ins at my monthly appointments.  It saves me a lot of anxiety, I think. 
      I actually was prepared to go to the appointment with excuses on why i gained, so this was a big win.  I didn't actually add much activity to my routine, the only thing I changed was having protein shakes every morning instead of just weekdays.  I really thought my extracuricular snacking activities were going to cause an issue, but I'm not going to let that make feel like it's ok to snack late or keep eating cheese non-stop.   Also probably helps that I had the stomach bug a couple days last week.  I think my organs liquified and came out....yuck...
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    • boringtessa

      Stalls are the WORST.  I know they happen, but I am still disappointed.  I've been the same weight for over 2 weeks.
      · 2 replies
      1. Kimmie K

        Girl, that stall will break. Give your body a minute to realize what's happening and catch up with itself...it'll kick back in gear! 💓

      2. CrankyMagpie

        I bet you're losing inches!

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