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Surgery did not go well [emoji22]

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Hi there. Surgery did not go well. Surgeon found large mass in my bowel area and could not finish the surgery so he stitched me back up and said to come back after I heal from this in 4-6 weeks. Pathology on the mass just reads as fatty tissue. Guess that’s my silver lining. This has been the worst experience. Not my first surgery so I pretty much know how care and hospitals work and this hospital not so good. So my plan is to move forward from this and try to stay positive. I still feel the surgery is a good route for me. However I have so many commitments ahead of me for the summer that the timing won’t work and now I’ll have to wait until the fall. Very disheartening to say the least.

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I’m so sorry to hear this.

What is the plan from here though? Are they going to remove the mass and do an open bypass? Did they even say?

Sending you healing vibes.

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One of the gentlemen in our bariatric surgery support group was scheduled for gastric bypass in 2 days time. The results from his pre-op testing came in and they called him and requested that he come to the hospital immediately. Basically he was about to have a heart attack. So he had open heart surgery instead. Then after his body recovered a few months later, he went in for bypass surgery.

I can understand that is was disheartening, but in his case the doctor made the right call.

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Oh shoot! ((hugs)) So sorry to hear this. I am glad they took out the mass though and that it's B9. Our damn bodies...

It's a disappointment for sure. Be sure to take time to grieve, but also look hopefully to the future to your next surgery. Oh and ask your doc if he ops in another hospital. Mine works in a few.

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Gosh I'm sorry @tuckersmom. You heal,up a little and then go back to finish what you started. At least he said,he planned to finish your surgery. it is no fun to be state of. limbo. I can follow other stories , and hope somday my own date Will come😛

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Ugh that stinks . Sorry. But great that they were able to remove it and everything is ok! Meh you can do another 5 months, hang in there!

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ugh hon im so sorry i hope you're able to heal up well and able to get surgery in the future. prayers for healing

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