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Hi, I am new to this site and am not much for posting on any sites or media so please bear with me. I am a African American woman in my early 30’s having RNY in early April. I live in the NW in WA. I am extremely bottom heavy with most of my weight in my thighs and butt. I have read that African Americans lose less weight over all then other races getting WLS. My concern is not being able to lose much weight in my hips, butt and thighs because these body parts are alot firmer than any other fat on my body.

I am asking for people to share there experiences with this issue and please if you have pics to share them as well, pre or post op. I would love to hear tips, exercises, ways to tone etc... Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Actually I was told the opposite by my surgeon you tend to lose more weight and your skin bounces back better too

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I miss Sir Mix-a-lot, he appreciated chunky tushie. I used to figure I could always get a job as ballast on a Lake Erie steamer. One of my lesser goals on life? To lose enough weight I'm not always the rear seat in a canoe. Why? Because that's where the heaviest person has to sit. I. could get an Native American name like "Pretty Fawn" instead of "2 Rocks in Rump" or a legit N..A. Name -"Tay Bodal" it's Kiowa Indian from Oklahoma. Any Kiowa out there? Goody, I'm safe, it translates as meat Bearing Area of Animal, literal translation Buffalo ****, sadly appropriate isn't it for someone of my pulcritude? Oh I plan to dimish in size and grow in self confidence. And shine, I'll shine brighter than the Aurora Borealis, just watch and see!

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I am a white gal from New Zealand who has tended to accumulate my survivalist “famine stores” on my bum and thighs.

Good news - the ‘shelf’ that formed when I tensed my bum is gone gone gone. My thighs are shrinking and it is obvious.

Now my calves? Well maybe but even if I got down to 50lbs I reckon 25 of it would be cankle!!

So yep, you can move that posterior!

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I have the pear shape, the thunder thighs, the booty. I’ve lost 50 lbs but the thighs are still pretty big. I’ve taken all my measurements and I’ve lost a lot more innthe face and boob and stomach than the butt and thighs. My arms have lost more percentage wise than the thighs. I feel like to have perfectly proportioned thighs to body, my body would be too small on top or my face would look like a thin needle.

i have lost inches on the thighs, but it is definitely less that other body parts. Maybe when I am at goal weight and holding well, I can have a thigh lift with a bit of Lipo to even out and finally look in proportion?

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I am bottom heavy as well. The last place I gained weight was my stomach. When I started losing I expected to lost it from my stomach first. Nope, most of my weight has come from my thighs! The worst thing is, it's looking like I'm going to need a thigh lift of some kind, ugh!

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I'm envious of anyone that retains booty after surgery. :363_peach:

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    • AshAsh1

      In my area, Goodwill has all women's clothing $1.50 today. Perfect timing for winter work wardrobe! Wish me luck
      Plus some cheap shopping therapy could do wonders!
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    • Zipps

      im newwwwwww!  , getting really excited for the coming surgery and this long journey. 
      · 3 replies
      1. Orchids&Dragons

        Welcome! This is a very friendly and supportive site.

        FYI, status updates get a lot fewer responses than threads. So don't feel shunned if you don't get many responses here.

        I live in Kennedale. Where are you having your surgery and which doctor? I'm being unbearably nosy here :P

        I had mine at USMD, Dr. Dyslin.

      2. Zipps

        Haha, you are fine. Thank you for the welcome! I am having my surgery with Dr Matin at Baylor Grapevine. Day is approaching fast, little nervous of course but can't wait.

      3. Orchids&Dragons

        You're not going to believe the difference. It's just so amazing to not be hungry all freakin' day long!

        Best of luck!

    • thatch

      200 lbs. this morning! Woot! Next stop, Onederland!
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      1. MargoCL

        Congratulations! That's great!

        I'm fighting the last 6lbs to get there... I'm down two, up 1, down 1 up 2... roller coaster it is... LOL

      2. GreenTealael


    • AshAsh1

      So I'm having a really really really crappy day. Crappy month really.  My husbands been off work for 2 months with an injury and I've been picking up all the slack with everything. And while, I'm happy to step up to the plate and do these things, I'm getting worn out, physically and mentally. And we went to the doctor today that just pushed his recovery time out for another 2 months.
      The reason I tell you all this......
      I bought twizzlers from the vending machine... and I've been nibbling on them.....
      So much for a lifestyle change *cry face*
      Its crazy because I haven't thought about food as comfort in a very long time. But today, I broke.
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      1. AshAsh1

        Thank you ladies! I appreciate you taking the time to respond in such a thoughtful way. I appreciate you guys more than you know!

      2. Matt Z

        Sigh.... :888_mens::889_womens:

      3. AshAsh1

        I always appreciate your perspective. it's an added bonus you are a man, a great advice giver, a great friend.....and a bariatric master....:452_medal:

      4. AshAsh1


        There are still 2 Twizzlers left sitting in the wrapper... they aren't gone yet. But today the cleaning people come at work, so they will be soon! I think I'll get some satisfaction to have something left to throw away.

      5. Matt Z

        I was just messing around. I don't mind being "one of the girls" LOL

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    • Little Kansas Kitty

      I moved from "obese" and made it to the "overweight" category on the BMI chart today!  Yippee!  Check out my latest 13 week Post-Op update on YouTube:  
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