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I am 4.5 years post SLEEEVE. I had lost a total of 90# and felt great. Over the past 1.5 years I had gained half of it back. RIght now I would be happy losing 25#. Part of the reason for the regain was that I wasn't getting enough Synthroid (I have no thyroid) and part is medication and part is I have no OFF button. I can do great all day and between 7-10 PM I can't stop, Another problem is that an hour after I eat, I'm hungry. Yes I am getting enough Protein. I'm sick of regain and I'm sick of never feeling satisfied. Has anyone had experience with this and was able to lose?

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I would recommend going back to your post surgical protocol. Hitting your Water, Protein, Vitamins and 10K steps goal. That's what I keep doing, going back to the Stage 3 numbers. I also do a low carb high protein diet and now either do an hour of boot camp a day or get my 10K steps in. 60oz water, 90oz protein, 10K steps, Vitamins. That's what I focus on. I don't' know if this will help but it's the only advise I have.

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!! I know you can do this, with commitment to the protocol you were successful before, you will be successful again!!!!!!!

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Not having enough thyroid will do this. Make sure you get your meds and regular monitoring. Having your thyroid level out of whack will mess with all your hard work, particularly if your thyroid has been removed. Make it a priority. Being low on thyroid will trigger hunger...which is why your off switch is stuck:( Address the thyroid first.

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If you're hungry an hour after you eat...you might be eating too many high glycemic index carbs...like white bread, white rice, refined sugar and flour.

When you eat these delicious little jerks.....they hit your blood stream super fast....and your pancreas compensates by producing a ton of insulin really fast. The insulin balances the sugar and then has some left over...so now your body is going....we have too much insulin...must eat, must find sugar! And you end up hungry again. And around and around you go. It's a very vicious cycle.

Try to watch refined high glycemic carbs to avoid the boomerang hunger:)

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I am 3 years out and have regained most of my weight. I had lost 70# and regained 45#. I am so addicted to sugar and am struggling to get back on track. I’m afraid I have stretched my stomach back out. I feel so discouraged!!

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I'm starting weight watchers and seeing a nutritionist Friday. I love sugar.

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I have regained most of my weight. I also started Weight Watchers. I think a reset of post op routine. food and walking. Watch out for sugar.

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On 12. Januar 2018 at 7:55 PM, emk101009 said:

Another problem is that an hour after I eat, I'm hungry. Yes I am getting enough Protein. I'm sick of regain and I'm sick of never feeling satisfied.

Are you hungry or do you have an appetite?

If you never feel satisfied - do you eat the foods you really want to eat or the foods you feel you should eat?

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We are 2 peas in the same pod hunny[emoji173]️
It’s hard when we regain. And mentally it’s crushing. My hours are 9-1am where I am the most out of control. I work 3-11 and manage to fool my coworkers with my healthier choices. Most of the time I want what I bring, but when I get home my family is all asleep and I’ve got the reigns. Sad actually [emoji24]
I was getting pissed at the “ do the pouch reset”. Really? To me that was a bunch of BS,,we don’t have a pouch. But, I eat way to fast. Nursing and a 1/2 hour break? Ya right lol so I’ve eaten fast for ever. Two young kids? Ya, I eat at the counter lol. But I tried slowing down, it’s actually working. For some reason my excuses out weigh my wants for weighloss. But I said “ I’ll start with a salad a day Jan 1”. It’s been nice, so I’m hoping it will all fall into place. One day at a time. Keep us posted, I’m sure I’ll be back to post[emoji173]️
Best of luck,

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Tfarr, email me please. I want to share something with you. Emk101009@gmail.com.

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    • Newme17

      So, getting finances in order, I managed to sell my 2016 Toyota Avalon. It was a beautiful car, of which surprisingly, I’m doing fine without and I actually don’t miss it; and also of which resulted in having a one-vehicle household, which resulted in me HAVING to walk 2.2 miles everyday 5x a week to get my daughter to school. I’m actually quite glad, I’m feeling better/stronger again, and I dropped almost $20,000 of debt. WIN-WIN! 
      · 3 replies
      1. Sleeve1stFitNext

        Awesome sauce!!!

      2. FluffyChix

        Yay!!! That's incredible on so many levels! Yay you! (You wouldn't have been able to do it if you didn't have the surgery and re-birth!"

        Maybe you should look at practicing your nutrition stuff from home?

      3. Creekimp13

        Car debt is the bane of my existence. Wont do it. And I love Toyota...I drive (and LOVE) my 2015 Camry...so I know how hard that was. Absolutely awesome you're getting the walking in, instead. Love that so much! Also teaches good habits to the kiddo....which is brilliant.

        Speaking of kiddo and cars..I've spent the last three months combing the web for a used car for my daughter. She has a summer job lined up here and needs a car to get to various labs and sample sites....and I won't let her go into more debt. (she has minimal student loans and will graduate next year with her microbiology degree)

        I found her a 2008 Malibu from Tennessee, clean inside and out...with just barely 100K on it...and I'm feeling incredibly accomplished. $3000, we paid cash :) CarFax is clean, mechanic said it was in great shape and she should get a few years out of it yet. Very common car with cheap parts if repairs are needed in the future. Previous owner did a valve job and replaced timing chain, and all maintenance was done at dealership. Brand new tires and brakes.

        It's parked in our driveway as we speak. Runs and sounds like brand new.

        I can't wait to see her face:)

    • allwet

      so a newborn giraffe:  no wonder i am tired today
      Looking forward to complete Oxford English Dictionary
      Dam wish i hadn't missed that Gold brick.  Just my luck
      well got to fed the Giraffe. Catch you all later
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    • istytehcrawk

      Tonight's experiment: wonton wrapper lasagna (made with ground turkey and a Greek yogurt cream cheese/mozzarella/cheddar/spices mix instead of ricotta, which I don't like) and tacos (made with taco meat pilfered from my sister's supper). In the oven now!

      · 6 replies
      1. istytehcrawk

        Haven't tried the taco ones yet, but the lasagna ones are DELICIOUS!

      2. Charity G

        I'll have to try these! What's the carb count like for the wontons? After surgery, what guidelines did your surgeon and/or nutritionist give you regarding calories and carbs?

      3. istytehcrawk

        The wonton wrappers are 31 carbs (1 fiber and 1 sugar) for eight wrappers; each lasagna/taco uses two wrappers. At my one-month follow-up, my surgeon said just to worry about protein/liquids, not the other macros, and she said to work toward 1,000-1,200 calories per day, but that it'd take a while to get there (I'm averaging 500-700 per day currently, with at least 60 carbs).

      4. FluffyChix

        How were they? They look great!

      5. istytehcrawk

        Haven't tried the taco ones yet, but the lasagna ones are AMAZING. Like, as good as or better than regular lasagna.

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    • istytehcrawk

      My jeans were literally starting to fall off me, so I caved today and bought a pair of 26/28s to hold me over until capri weather hits, hopefully in the next few weeks.
      The important part, though, is that I bought them at WALMART! I haven't been able to buy pants there in YEARS because they didn't go to my size. Unfortunately, I still had to pay $17 (so much better than the $60ish at Catherine's though), because the 26s that were on clearance for $9 were still too small to be comfortable. SOON, though!
      · 2 replies
      1. Newme17

        I almost caved today at Walmart for some pants, but I just couldn’t do it. I keep thinking how many times will I actually wear them before I have to go down a size. Technically I could have gotten some for about the last two months, cause I have been staying about the same. But since my workouts were upped again, I figured to just keep my money and wear the leggings (I have been buying these in smaller sizes...they’re cheap at walmart!) I’ve been wearing for the past year! So, good for you! Enjoy your pants and yay...they’re much cheaper atwalmart and yes, they’re just as good too, IMO. 😊

      2. istytehcrawk

        I probably would've held off with buying them, but mine were so baggy they looked awful, and I'm a reporter so I have to look at least semi-presentable and the 28s just didn't fit that bill anymore -- after only about a month!

    • istytehcrawk

      Just made Eggface's mini chocolate protein muffins, minus the chocolate topping. They're pretty tasty, albeit a little bit dry; I think when I reheat them I'll spray them with a tiny bit of butter spray to help with that. Not bad, considering they help satisfy the sweet tooth for roughly 30 calories and 2 grams of protein (my mix made 14 instead of the 12 hers did).
      · 1 reply
      1. Orchids&Dragons

        Thanks for the link! Those look great!

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