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Coffee after surgery: days, weeks, months?

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Hello again,

My surgery is 9 days away and amongst other things, I am wondering about drinking coffee or espresso after my surgery. I know it's a diuretic so is bad for staying hydrated especially until I have mastered that.

Knowing this, I currently drink 2 cups of coffee per day plus a quad espresso on average and have for years. What was your experience with drinking coffee and or expresso after your surgery? How long after surgery did you wait for your first caffeine / coffee? How has your coffee intake changed and what is it like now?

Curious minds want to know.


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I had a gastric sleeve and could have Decaf coffee right away. Unfortunately it did not agree with me. I waited 2 more months and tried regular coffee and it still didn't agree with me. I keep trying every few weeks. For now I am drinking tea which is ok but I want my coffee back!


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This is one rule that I did not follow. I drank coffee the first day home from the hospital. 2 days after surgery. My doc allowed Decaf after 2 weeks, but I couldnt wait. It agreed with me fine, but that doesnt mean it will for anyone else. I also had 0 complications and had no problem getting 2 Protein shales down within 2 days after surgery.

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I drink 1/2 cup (measuring cup) with Creamer every morning...keeps me VERY REGULAR.......

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I'm two and a half weeks out...I drink Decaf mostly, but once in a while when I want to get my heart rate up before exercise, i'll do a cup of half regular/half decaf. I put my Premiere Protein Caramel shake in it for creamer and it's really good. My doc is cool with one cup of regular, but wants the rest to be decaf. I've grown really fond of ginger lemon tea, too. Soothing on the new stomach and I really like the taste.

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I'm 3rd day post op.... I had coffee in the hospital with fake sugar..and at home with a touch of half n half..as long as it semi warm, my doc said its fine... Nothing really hot...and it will help with the stomach cramps/spasms....which I get occasionally.... Also a tepid cup of hot tea helps....

Good luck with your surgery...

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I was allowed coffee 2 weeks after surgery. I got an espresso machine and mix it with a splash on sugar free creamer and some almond milk. I’m going to try the plant Protein soy milk next in it. It has 7g per cup or something like that. But I find I never drink the whole thing cause I’m so worried that I’m not drinking enough Water and should drink that instead but I get tired so the coffee is needed. Everyone is different but I’d say go for it. Find a combo that works for you.

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Took me two months after surgery to be able to drink coffee also if you haven’t tryed cold brew coffee it’s amazing. Cold brew coffee isn’t less acidic than hot brewed coffee so not as hard on a weak stomach or as upsetting it helped me plus it’s amazing in the spring and summer months.

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