Do You Spring Clean?

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Spring cleaning is no joke. Many of us desperately need to take the time and make the effort to clean the windows, dust the mantle, and reorganize closets after a long winter in which everything seems to be more difficult, and the home gets a little less tidy.

There is something about the milder weather that makes it easier to be productive and energetic, and makes it less easy to be complacent about a mess. For many of us, the spring makes it easier to clean up our diets if they have slipped during winter.

Do you do a thorough spring cleaning of your home? Does it inspire you to clean up your diet, too? What else changes with the changing of the season?

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I do spring clean the house and garage thoroughly each year, note down any jobs that need to be done for when spring/summer is here. I go through all the books I have read the past year (I am an avid reader) and take them to the charity shop (Two boxes this year). I do the same with clothes/shoes I don't think I will wear the next winter.

Last week I went through all my photographs (yup I'm old enough to have had to have photos developed and not just put on a computer) and have sorted out some albums for my adult children. They will get them with their Xmas presents this year. They don't know about it and I think it will be a nice surprise.

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