Still stalled - and hungry. Where's the magic weight loss i was promised?

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Keep doing what you're supposed to do and things will shake themselves up. I gather from being at BP that stalls, even early in the process, are expected.
Question: Are you serious about having expected "magic" or is that a jest?

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Your body needs time. The weight will come off. This is not an expensive diet; this is a massive physiological change to your digestive system. Your body is going to be different now.

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Update: my 6-week stall eventually ended, as did a recent 3-month stall. The hunger pangs are definitely back to pre-op levels, and my doctor again recommends appetite suppressants (specifically, the legal half of phen-fen). He says almost all sleevers see a return of hunger at 6-9 months, and some (me) sooner. I'm just relying on the restrictive tool of my surgery now.
Thanks, all, for the input!

Hi@seastars. I've been catching up on this thread here of urs from about year ago, as i feel almost every emotion u were conveying here in this thread towards my own slow rate of weight loss now. So I'm dying to know how the past year has gone for you?! I have so many questions:
--Did u hit ur goal yet?! If so, when?
--how much weight have u lost??
--Did ur body ever end up speeding up ur rate of weight loss per week/per month?
--Did u ever find out that "sweet spot" that ur body liked to lose weight on a regular basis, such as X grams Protein, X oz Water, X mins/hours of exercise a week?

Anything else u can share from this journey of slow weight loss would be awesome!

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Hunger. Like, stomach cramping, a little gurgling, sometimes feeling a little light-headed and weak.

I am not a sleeve patient but I know many of them. I am a bypass patient.
I can tell you that this process is absolutely not magic so if you were promised that, yikes. You will have to work hard and it sounds like you are already doing that.
I am a little shocked at how many calories you are eating this early out. As I said, I am a bypass patient and if I eat 1200 to 1300 calories I maintain and do not lose. If I am closer to 1000 calories, I lose consistently.
That being said, you are a lower BMI patient and I would not expect huge drops in weight. You will likely lose much slower than some. That is not a bad thing even though it feels that way. The slower you lose the better you work at building good long term habits.
You did not put on this weight overnight and it will not come off that way either. Also I would just say, this really is not a diet, it is a lifestyle and your body needs time to get used to it.
When is the last time you lost 3lbs per week? That is great progress and you should be very proud of it.
Other than my first 2 months I averaged between 5 and 10lbs per month. It took me 18 months to lose 151lbs and get to goal. The good news is, this is my new life and I have and my body has had time to adjust.
Please be patient and if it makes you crazy put the scale away and stick to your plan. You will get there!
Best of luck to all of you.

You could be dehydrated

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