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I'm just going to leave this right here.

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Yesterday I posted a "brag list" of misc. things about me and clearly I offended a few people so for that, I would like to apologize. If you actually read the list, you will see that there is very little that is spectacular on there and I am certain that everyone on this forum could come up with something similar if not FAR BETTER than I can.

The point of my list was that I want to be known as far more than a WLS patient or former fatty. It was not at all intended to be an entry into a pissing match. I am quite positive that some of my attributes listed like "drives like a do^che bag", "likes reality TV", and "runs screaming from spiders" won't get me far in life. :D

I was trying to inject a bit of humor, but clearly I missed the mark.

So as not to fan the flames in a thread gone horribly bad, I will post this right here.

My "brag" list. Please keep in mind that I have been blessed to be a work from home mom for 18 years giving me lots of extra time to torture my kids by being HYPER involved in their schools. I am adding notes in red for clarity.

This was a HUGE reason I kept my surgery to myself.

I am a mom to two great teenagers.
I have been happily married for 21 years.
He deserves a medal, don't you think?
I have a fabulous goldendoodle. She sheds horribly, don't believe the people who say they don't.
I am a 2nd degree black belt and a certified martial arts instructor.
I volunteer at a womens' shelter.
A friend needed their services, this is a little pay back.
I play the guitar.
My mom insisted on music lessons and we couldn't afford a piano.
I own a successful business.
I work with autistic children and kids with Down's syndrome.
They will let anyone volunteer.
I love Old School Rap and can perform Rapper's Delight in it's entirety. SOBER.
Sorority trick. And it annoys my kids.
I love talking to strangers.
I am the VP of my HOA.
No one else would do it.
I am PTA president, Choral Booster's VP and head theater mom at my kids' schools.
Helicopter mom.
I love dogs, hate cats, save turtles and run screaming from spiders. I won't flush them either. They might come back up.
I was a beach lifeguard, a sorority girl and an only child. (Explains a lot, huh?)
Poking fun at myself.
I Zumba, deep Water fin and ski double blacks. Deep Water finning is an awesome class. Try it! My aunt lived in Vermont so we all skied free.
I drive like a ****** bag even though my vehicle is a minivan because I am always in a hurry. (At least I own it.)
Poking fun at myself. I'm a horrible driver.
I hold the door for people and I can recite pi to the 56th digit. I had an autistic student who recited pi all day every day. Everyone in my class could do it.
I used to teach emotionally disturbed kids until the parents drove me nuts. And IEPs. They were the worst.
I was a theater major before I was a psychology major, before I got my degree in communications/psychology and my master's in education. Read that indecisive college kid who racked up a LOT of college debt. Still paying those bills.
I am a brown Mexican but don't speak Spanish. Poking fun.
I am a great cook but a horrible baker. Poking fun.
I love to read and I love reality TV.
It's embarrassing to admit the reality TV thing, but I can poke fun at myself...
I drive with the radio off because I enjoy the silence.
I talk too much.
I could go on forever but I am boring myself.
POKING FUN at myself.

I have a lot more interesting things to talk about over WLS. Why on earth would I make that the definition of me? People can't help but ask about it, I have no desire to be the inspiration of that discussion. It was bad enough that people had to "confess" every extra calorie or missed workout to me while I was losing out of a bizarre "guilt".

I'd rather be any of the above over the former fatty/WLS lady.

Again, my above post was not intended to offend or fan any flames. All I can do is humbly apologize and of course, ask YOU to post your BRAG list. I'd love to hear about YOU.

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"The hip hip a hop, a you don't stop the rockin'

To the bang bang boogie
Say up jump the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie the beat"

Powerful list and great sense of humor.

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You had me at, "I hate cats".

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I love the idea of this list - sometimes I feel that I obsess so much about what I eat and my weight that I am letting it define me. Thanks for putting together something that puts things in perspective!

Here's my (very shot) brag list -

I retired at 50 after 28 years of govt service (25 overseas), and went back to work full time two months later because I was bored. I hope to really retire within the next four or five years (my wife smiles and shakes her head when I say this).

I love to fish, especially in mangroves (I am passionate about Snook).

I've got three adult kids and in a two months I graduate to the next great stage in life - being a grandpa!

My wife and I have become internet shopping mavens - amazing the things and great prices you can find if you look for them!

I live by the motto that anything tastes better on a grill!

I have mastered the art of using home exercise equipment for everything but exercise!

I live in a place where driving is a contact sport - and I've become really good at it! The other side of this is that I get scared s***less of getting tickets when I have to drive in civilized places so I drive like a little old lady

I am a binge watching addict

Strolling with my wife is a past time I treasure

I have finally learned to slow down and enjoy life.

We are more than our WLS - it just takes some perspective to realize this!

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Nothing offensive there IMHO. It is nice to read a little about what someone is like.

I use to own a Rosie Legged Tarantula as a pet. He may have taken offense to the "...and run screaming from spiders" part. :)

Edited by 4MRB4PHOTO

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I didn't read the whole comment. It was rather too long for me and I'm a lazy reader. Lol

However, I pretty much got that people are reacting a certain way to your posts. People will always have an opinion and feel the need to express it. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. It's just flawed human nature. Ignore , ignore, ignore, and don't give the negative people so much acknowledgment because then they start to believe that what they have to say matters. Carry on and shine bright!

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I'm actually a pretty dull person, but here goes:

I love animals (yes, even cats) and would hoard them if given the chance. I have 3 Basset Hounds, 2 cats, and 2 grand Corgi's.

I volunteer at a local animal shelter walking dogs and doing adoptions.

I've been married for 27 years but we've been together for almost 30 years. That product of the marriage is 2 great kids who have grown up to be pretty darn decent humans, if I do say so myself.

Although I may seem like a big mouth, I can be quite shy and introverted sometimes.

I love anything to do with true crime and serial killers. Movies, books, TV shows, etc....One of my favorite books is about Ted Bundy. (EDIT: I don't CONDONE serial killers, I just find the concept fascinating)

I helped my parents breed, raise and show Arabian horses in my youth.

I graduated in a class of 16 people in a town of 1100 in Eastern Oregon.

At 45, I decided to change careers and have been fairly successful with it.

I'm honest to a fault sometimes.

I like big butts and I cannot lie. (Okay, just threw that one in there to see if you're paying attention)

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I love this! I think it's really cool and really fun to think of who we are outside of WLS. It's a big part of our lives, but nowhere near all of who we are. Honestly, I think WLS has just helped me uncover more of who I am.

Shortly after I learned to write, I knew I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. I'm thankful I could turn it into a career.

I love my two rescue dogs like no other. I used to foster dogs and my oldest is a "foster fail."

Being in nature has always brought me a sense of peace.

I'm shy at first, but warm up quickly.

I can't remember not knowing how to swim. I love anything involving Water, but not boats. I get seasick easily.

I'm in no rush, but I look forward to having children one day.

My sense of humor is really dark and I like it that way. It helps me deal with some of life's harshest realities.

I'm terrible at keeping in touch with people, but I'm still thinking about them often.

I love to read, but I also probably watch more reality TV than I should.

I'm a decent driver, but I can't parallel park to save my life.

I value science above all else. It's the only way I can truly know anything.

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I think it's a fun thing to do, here is mine:

Married to my high school/college boyfriend for 20 years

I have two kids and my youngest saved our married

I can be very shy until I get to know you

I am extremely loyal, like help you bury the body in your back yard

I watch almost exclusively reality tv, it's a train wreck that I can't stop watching

I love to read but primarily read trashy romance/erotica books

I am a classically trained pianist

My "second job" is marching band as I am "parent A" for my daughters activities

I LOVE sharks and am going shark cage diving with great whites in July. I have seen Jaws probably 200 times

I hate to cook and WLS has reinforced not cooking since my meals consist of Snacks that my family doesn't consider meals

I love to workout, I crave the endorphins that I get from strength training.

I can do a forward bend with my forehead touching my thighs but I couldn't run a mile if you chased me

I have ADHD that I control with exercise and supplements

I have two rescue Chihauhaus; the first one I got as a support/grief dog after my Dad passed away

I have hiked 6 14ers and did those before WLS

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Ok, @@LipstickLady I have to ask....I see that you've had your own business for 18 years....are you with Mary Kay??

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I have considered fostering for the same rescue group we adopted our two dogs from but I am afraid of becoming a dog hoarder

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Oh I love them! Do you have a Basset Hound??

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Lipstick Lady, and the rest of you, I find your posts refreshing, uplifting, and downright hilarious! The reason I still come here and read the posts is because sometimes you just need a good laugh, or sometimes support. Either way, I find both here. Don't ever allow the Debbie Downers to spoil your fun. I'd love to meet you in person. I could sit and talk about nothing with you all day!

Hugs to all of you.

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