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Good news, (and we want to see a pic from the upcoming graduation
next month .)
Thanks for reminding me to be thankful that 95% of my clothes fit 95% the time.
I forget how I used to have such a wide range of sizes because I was such a wide range of body shapes.

Sharpie now has a teenagers flat stomach... wow..happy for you..(a bit on the painful side?)
. life keeps changing
And I hope we keep healing ladies.

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Hi treadmillwalker I also have osteoarthritis in both knees and so far I did one knee replacement, did not went that good still don't have full motion only have 80 but at least the pain is less I gained 30 pounds after the surgery due to lack of exercise, My doctor sent me to a Bariatric Nutricinist hopefully you can find one where you leave they are Bariatric especially in lost weight, I learned that when we don't loose weight is because we are not eating right this is what I am doing 800 calories at day for womans and 1,200 for men she told me 64 onz of Water , my daily meal look like this
breasfast one Premier Protein shake they are great only 1% sugar
snack apple with 1 or 2 spoons of Peanut Butter at 11
lunch around 2 salad with protein( shrimp,tuna,chicken or any other meat)
snack at 4 80 calories greak yougurt
6-630 dinner
fish, salmon, or any Protein with veggies
Don't eat bread no even grains!
I recommend you my fitness pal app to log daily your calories remember 50 to 60. % have to be protein so far I loose 7 pounds since Saturday if you follow this you will see your pounds melt again good luck,
Thank you! I appreciate you sharing your experience with me and also your eating plan. Yes, I think I'm eating too many calories. Best wishes to you with your knees.

Lap-banded and love it!

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On 4/2/2017 at 11:33 PM, Treadmillwalker said:

Hello, to update I went to the Orthopedic surgeon on 3/24 and learned after testing and x-rays that I have severe osteoarthritis in both knees, no cartilage in either and I need double knee replacement. At age 55 and having a current BMI too high for my height (5'3") doctor wants me to lose significant weight and try to get by 10 years.

I started Meloxicam 7.5 mg 2x a day and cortisone shots every 90 days. Dr. also recommends a Mediterranean diet to help cut inflammation. First set of shots and arthritis meds have started to offer some relief this weekend. Grateful as I need to learn how to exercise given no cartilage in knees. Doctor recommends a swimming pool. We live in the country and I work remotely most days. Ordered a DVD to strengthen knees muscles and just starting use exercise bike. Keeping fingers crossed exercise helps with my weight loss.

If you have knee issues or suggestions on diet or exercise, please share. I'm grateful for my lapband, but expect I need exercise to see the scale move and give my knees some relief. Thank you.

Lap-banded and love it!

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On ‎4‎/‎22‎/‎2017 at 9:07 AM, gowalking said:

So we all sound like we've got our challenges...and trying to deal with them as folks who are years out from WLS. It's not a magic bullet for sure and is very much a daily struggle to stay on track.

I am understanding that for me, this surgery feels like a setback which I know is not but I feel like it's my fault and part of the guilt I feel for putting my body through such trauma by carrying so much excess weight. No one thinks I did this to myself but I know that I do. It's why I'm having such difficulty during my recovery. I feel like I deserve these problems because I let myself get so fat. Yes I know this is not reality but my perception. It just shows that I carry stuff in my head and likely always will.

I totally take responsibility for any and all of my health issues caused by being obese My diabetes has been gone for years but before that it was a daily chore to keep it normal. scared the hell out of me , high blood pressure is not joke either, can cause strokes, etc. so much healthier now than I was before band. update on panni surgery, drains are out. still sore, went out last night for a little music and dancing (not too much ) but got tired really quick. We came home early and I haven't been up much today, Bob made me promise I would keep it down today. He really didn't want to go out last night but I had cabin fever.

so, he gave in and took me out .. he has been so good taking care of me. hope everyone is healing well. got no big plans this weekend except try to get back to normal. P.S the surgery was totally worth it.oneweekpostop.thumb.jpeg.7342bb2d893d92336046d5ae7b6a4207.jpeg

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