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After visiting my surgeon today for my consultation. He recommended the sleeve for me. Has anyone had the band converted to a sleeve or really know anything about it? Thanks

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The surgeon said that many WLS are beginning to phase the band out due to the addition maintenance and future surgeries required bc it is just plastic and it won't last forever. My insurance will only cover ONE surgery a lifetime so if it failed I'd be screwed...(his words not mine) :)

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Well, he's right on one thing, there is no guarantee that your band will last forever. But, the complication rate is actually much lower than the Sleeve or Bypass. Granted this is just my opinion, but as much I would hate ever losing my band at least having it removed is an option. If you get the Sleeve and something goes wrong you can never get back the huge portion of your stomach they cut out.

I might also point out that many surgeons push the Sleeve or Bypass because they're the money makers. They make far more off them then they do the Lap Band.

The fact is, only approximately 5% of Lap Band patients have serious complications by no fault of their own. That means if you follow the rules and do what you're supposed to, you have a 95% chance of never having complications. Those are darn good odds.

Here's a couple studies that prove it:

Weight Stays Off Long After Lap Band Surgery

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding In 2000

Consecutive Obese Patients: 12-Year Results

Best wishes with whatever you decide!

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The sleeve fails too.. So if that fails your screwed anyway..

But just a little info..

If your band slips, leaks, or erodes.. A majority of insurance companies consider that a medical emergency not an additional surgery.


As u can read on this board, people that were banded years ago, lose the weight, gain it back, then 4-5 years later.. Are starting their journeys over (with the same exact band) just by adjusting their fills and eating a proper band diet.

You can seek a second a opinion sounds like your surgeon prefers sleeve for his own reasons.

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I looked into other options such as the sleeve, but found that is too risky for me. The surgeon I talked said that with the sleeve, your stomach can still stretch back out over time, which requires another surgery to correct. With the band it is meant to stay in forever, but is reversible if needed. There is the possibility of complications with any surgical procedure, but I just fill more comfortable the stats with the Lapband. The sleeve is a newer procedure so there isn't a lot of long term data. It may be good to get a second opinion. I actually talked to three different surgeons before I made a decision.

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      OMG! I dreamt of cake!!
      As of late, my dreams have been food obsessed. Last night I dreamed of gorging on good old American sheet cake with chocolate frosting. There was white frosting as well. Good thing we can't get that in Sweden! I just hope that I haven't become too engrossed in food. BUT they are only dreams after all.
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      3 days post op and I want to go to the movies to see The Lion King... #slowdown
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        I doubt that. :D I'm thinking he likes livin' on Fantasy Island too much. :D

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        That's wonderful! I have trouble sitting still in the movies now. (I even fidgeted through the last John Wick, and it was awesome) I can't imagine sitting still this soon after surgery. More power to ya! Have fun!

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      this one is interesting but a tough slog to get thru
      this review is easier to understand
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        It will be interesting to watch as this theory develops. Thanks for posting!

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      Feel like it's time for a status update, I haven't been on here regularly in a while and I need to keep my mindset focused on my goals.
      I haven't weighed myself in ~ 3 weeks.  I think I'm becoming the opposite of "obsessive" about tracking my progress and it could cause me some issues.  The good thing is that there have still been quite a number of NSV's happening that is telling me that I'm still progressing without knowing what the scale says.
      First one is that a belt I bought about 5 weeks ago because all my other belts were too big is also on the last hole so I'll have to buy yet another belt again.  second, I bought new jeans about a month ago and I have a lot more slack in the waist than I did when I purchased them.  I also boarded a plane and had about 8 inches of slack in the belt.  Finally, I hit my goal last week of being able to ride go-carts with my kids.  The last time I tried about 4 years ago, I had to leave because I couldn't fit in the harness.  This was sweet victory and I showed those two how it was done on the race course!!  😈
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      I just looked through all my old pants after my pre-op pants started getting to big. Keep in mind that I wear men's pants (usually cargos) because I am so tall 5'10"/5'11" ish. I also find that men's baggies tend to fit me better.
      I started out at a 44 in waist pant and quickly found that I was back down to my 42's. So even when thise got to be too big, I had to start pulling old clothes out of storage. After finding my 38's, I thought that these would not yet fit, but when I tried them on, they fit perfectly. I also found some older pants that now fit better than I remembered. What a relief! It's not like I can pop down to the store like I could do in the US and the styles here in Sweden are all skinnt jeans which I cant stand. I also found some 36's, but I'm not mentally ready to try those on yet. The biggest challenge will be buying women's clothing again. 
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