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Basics for Gastric Sleeve Surgery Beginners

  1. PRE-Operation Gastric Sleeve Surgery Questions & Answers

    This is the place to talk about your pre-surgery preparation. Discuss choosing a surgeon, pre-op diets and nutrition, medical tests, and other basic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy issues.

  2. POST-Operation Gastric Sleeve Surgery Questions & Answers

    This is the place to talk about post-op questions. Discuss recovery, the post-op Gastric Sleeve diet progression, nutrition, complications, medical tests, and other Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy issues.

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    • SweetSusy  »  DebWP

      How's it going?
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    • kimmy faith

      I have been "big" since i was young and have been bullied for it since middle school , honestly I am  so ready for this life change , and to be able to do things i haven't been able to do in the past. I also have pcos (poly cystic ovarian syndrome)  which causes irregular periods and problems getting pregnant I am very excited to be healthy for my future.
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    • Thejeweledsleeve

      Updates: Sorry I have not posted any updates. 
      3/26 - Surgery went excellent. I was up and down, out of the bed. Enough energy to laugh and smile and walk around. Everything was awesome. I had a better reaction then everyone in my recovery room. I found out the hard way it was because the good ass drugs they were shooting in my IV.
      3/27 - Released from recovery at 7am. I had an excellent recovery. They gave my mom instructions for me and she has been up my ass and around my corner in regards to it. I get released and we go to Home Depot and Target. Her saying is the Surgeon said you have to walk and I am going to make you walk lol. Love you mom. First night home was miserable, could not get comfortable.
      3/28 - Took a chair into my shower and sat under the warm running water. BEST IDEA EVER! I do that 3 times a day. Helps soothe the aching. Had my first dumping. Surgeon prescribed pain kills with a cruncher to be mixed and taken like a shot. I have been sipping slowly throughout the day. I tried to take the shot and immediately got sick and puked. I called and told them what happened.
      I have a breathing test tube thing and a thermometer to check my temperature 4 times a day to ensure I am not getting a fever or infection.
      3/29 - Slept way better and got more comfortable. Will try my protein shakes today. So far I am getting down 5 sips of water every 30 minutes. I have to set reminders because I cannot tell if I am thirsty. When I drink, I get up and walk around after.
      So far, just missing those lovely IV drugs. I was on cloud 92 and I miss that feeling but it could be worst.
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      1. Newme17

        Your mom is awesome. That was good. Lol

        Seems like you'll be out of the woods pretty soon though. Hang in there and welcome to the next chapter of your life. 😊

      2. biginjapan

        Congrats - sounds like you are surely but slowly recovering and on your way to a more improved you!

      3. queendeborahbee

        Great to hear, I'm happy you are doing well.

    • marissahealthiernewme

      I am so excited because I just finished the two test today and now it is going to get process rolling and I am so excited and ready for my new life  healthier lifestyle 
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    • Newme17

      Been doing a lot of reading and scaled back on the number of posts mainly because I've been doing a lot of homework about plant based diets and WLS. I'm am not sold on high protein low carb diets. Never have been and it won't be my lifestyle. With that said, I do believe I need to have a good amount of protein for certain factors in the diet and exercise. I was impressed to find a post from a few years back of a person doing plant based and losing weight just as well as any other. She doesn't have to take all the vitamins because she gets them from food. Her blood work showed it....now, that is inspiring. 
      · 4 replies
      1. biginjapan

        I'm trying to add more plant-based foods into my diet, but it's been hard as I have so focused on getting protein in for the past few weeks. Also, my new belly reacts much more to various fruits and vegetables that I still have to be careful with what, and how much, I eat. The other day I had my first real feeling of fullness/needing to throw up - the amount I ate was normal, but the veggies (spinach) and fruit (a couple of strawberries) were what put me over. Definitely don't want to do (or feel) that again!

        Anyway...if you find good sources on how to this the vegetarian way, I'd be interested in them!

      2. Newme17

        You described what I'm kind of anticipating or worried about, not being able to do most plants until my stomach is ready. I guess I'll be doing it little by little. But I know for sure , when I make my protein shakes early on, I'll be including my green bombs (nutritionist approved) so maybe my stomach will be able to handle it all when I go to solids. Here is a good list of plant sourced protein.


      3. biginjapan

        Thanks - actually, maybe I'm doing better than I think. I've been adding ground flaxseed to protein shakes, also PB2 peanut butter powder, and have started adding beans, so that's good. I also have some recipes using lentils, I just need to start making them!

      4. Newme17

        Sounds like you are. 👍 Lentils are a great way to make a whole lot and freeze small containers of. I need to get the PB2.

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