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NJ July 2008 Chat

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Hope you don't mind... Thought I'd go ahead and start a July chat. Hope everyone is doing well! :biggrin2:

Didn't write too much to start the July chat--I wasn't sure I was creating the thread correctly. Still a "newbie" here!

Well, its 3 weeks to the day for me since surgery. Hunger has definitely returned. I am staying between 1000-1100 calories a day. It is quite a rigorous routine of keeping track of things etc. I did start using thedailyplate.com to record my caloric and Water intake. If you've never done so, you should check it out. (I was doing it manually in a journal at first, but this is so much easier!) I have lost about 22 pounds so far. Once I started adding more calories, things have slowed a little. But, I met my goal for June and have a challenging goal of 10 lbs per month. I have a lot to lose (about 130 lbs more), so its in the realm of possibilities if I work hard. But, not only keeping track of calories & Water, but its the Calcium, Vitamin, Fiber tabs, prilosec, colace and my thyroid & hbp meds. I feel like a 'ol granny that has to carry all her pills around!!! :lol:

It's been beautiful here in the southern part of the state and I feel guilty for not getting out for a stroll. This is my first full week back to work and I'm dragging a little at night. Can't even convince myself to shuffle on the treadmill for a few minutes. :lol:

Well, I hope everyone is well and enjoying the beginning of July!

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Good job starting the thread Trish. Thank you :lol: I'll put the link to it in our old thread so the others can find us :ohmy:

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Thanks Trish for starting the thread. I guess I would be still posting in June if you hadn't. lol You are doing great! 22 pounds!

I'm still getting ready for the 4th, too much to do and not enough time for all of it. I still have to work tomorrow until 2 but that's better than nothing. I have done most of the shopping so tomorrow I will make up some salads so they will have time to get all mixed together.

Friday I will finish up the house cleaning and then maybe I can rest some.

Pat - I think he should do the implants too since you told him ahead of time exactly what you wanted. I would talk to him again and let him know how you feel.

Well, got to get my supper going, I am really running late this week and eating way to late and I hate going to bed with food sitting on my stomach.

Later friends!

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Good Morning Folks...just quick peek in before my morning commute to work. Wanted to say hello and I hope everyone has a wonderful July 4th weekend :o Hubby and I just celebrated our 3rd anniversary yesterday and it was a wonderful night. (Son stayed at a friends house - great timing *wink*) Anyway...it's a long weekend for most folks and I wasn't sure how many would be in here and I wanted to wish you all a Happy Independence Day. WE are so lucky to live where we do, we really are. Even with these crazy gas prices, I wouldn't change it for the world.

~~~~THANK YOU to all our military past, present and future for keeping us safe and protected. I truly appreciate what you do and have done for us and our country. ~~~~

Love you folks :Banane30:

Edited by SherryW

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Well said Sherry....Ditto!

Trish, thanks for starting the thread, I was still posting in June, LOL.

Betty, tell us what you're fixing. I always neeed ideas. I'm buying frozen shrimp from Sams Club, one of those rib things that gets cut up into steaks a Sams Club, some tater salad and crab dip from Sams Club, some crackers and chips and I'll be all done :o.

Have a safe and happy 4th.

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Happy 4th ladies!!! WOOHOO its thursday but its kind of Friday!! :-)

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...tell us what you're fixing. I always neeed ideas...

Have any of you tried this summer dessert recipe? I make the light version but it can also be done with regular stuff. I had this the other day and it was such a treat. I made it will sf lemon Jello and a mixed berry yogurt smoothie drink.

1 fat-free pre-made graham cracker crust (Keebler or storebrand makes these)

1 sugar-free Jello (any flavor) dissolved in 1/3 cup boiling Water

1 light yogurt cup (any flavor that compliments jello flavor)

1 container of fat-free Whipped Topping (Cool Whip or storebrand)

Mix jello, yogurt and Cool Whip together well. Pour into crust. Chill for a few hours until firm. Yum. :thumbup:

(You can also add in fresh fruit or decorate pie with it).

Happy 4th!

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Yeah, out of work and time to party for the weekend!

They were letting us off work at 2 today so I called to see if they could get me in for a mammogram and they said they would fit me in at 1:15 so I left work at noon and got it all done. It was the first time since I moved to Texas that it didn't hurt. I had a wonderful gal that did it and I was done in no time at all. Now that one is behind me! Usually they tell me on the spot if it was clear but couldn't as the guy was not available to read right then. I said now, if everything just comes back all right I will be happy, and she said I am sure it will. So, I think it must have looked fine. I always get that worried crap in my head and don't relax until I get that letter saying so.

Pat - I am not sure what all is being done as the neighbor said she would bring most of the stuff. I think I am going to put a big pot of cowboy Beans on, and make a broccoli salad, maybe a crab salad, tossing up a pea salad or macaroni salad. I don't have to worry about the meat they said so one less thing. I think I might make a strawberry dessert that has pudding in it. I also might do up these potatoes that I make that everyone likes. I probably won't decide until tomorrow, lol. I was going to come home and get it all done, then decided just to wait until in the morning and it will be fresher.

I think I am going to just jump on a plane and come to your house though, it sounds really good!

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Sherry - I'm with you on all that! Enjoy your holiday too!

Trish - thanks for sharing your recipe, I haven't tried it yet but it does sound good.

What else is everyone fixing? I'll take some new ideas too!

Here is the strawberry one I make:

1 large box of vanilla instant pudding

1 small container of sour cream

3 cups milk

1 angel food cake (I use bought ones)

1 large container of cool whip

fresh strawberries

Take the angle food cake and cut chunks from it and put in bottom of a pan. It won't take the whole cake.

Mix your pudding with 3 cups of milk and beat 2 minutes. Mix in the sour cream and pour over the cake. It will be getting thick at this point.

Cover the pudding mix with the cool whip and slice up the strawberries and put on top.

This is so good and it's not sweeting sick it is really nice, and so easy to make.

I get hungry for it just talking about it. If you can't eat fruit, you can still eat some of the pudding and it's good too. lol

Well, going to get some stuff done before I decide not to do anything at all!

Later gals!

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Happy July 4th Everybody!

Well, not quite yet, lol....tomorrow I should take your advise, Betty, and get some rest, but you know how that goes! It's real good for a few hours, then you start thinking of all the things you could/should be getting done!!!! Unlike some serious illness or recovery, It's hard to baby yourself when you KNOW all you have is a crummy summer cold! (I hate 'em!)

Hey WTG on the WL Trish!!! that's great!!! I'll check out the journaling website you mentioned....but I have to confess, I've never been able to journal what I eat and drink. I did it for one day, right before my meeting with the nutritionist, just to be able to give her and example of my typical intake.

Hey Sherry, ever heard of a Reiki GRAND master? I havn't. Some woman was in our local newspaper, about the business she opened, re: mind/body balance, and it said she was a reiki grand master.

Well Pat, Betty, Sherry, Jessica, Eileen, Mandy, Trish, Donna, Cindy, Dianne, hope ya'll have a great (and safe) holiday weekend!!!!

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I lost my last post... I hate that.. hope it doesn't show up again so that I sound too redundant!

Sherry I really like that triple shot of you. It's like you have the shrinkage factor. :thumbup: How's your reflux? Thanks for mentioning the troups- my nephew is in Baghdad.

Diane - I have two weddings for next year already. My youngest daughter and my stepson. It's going to be an expensive year. Did your son set a date yet?

Pat - my dinner party went okay the other night although I thought the people were a bit a holish. They kept making Yankee references which got on my nerves. It's over. I think we're going to go to the pier in Glouscester tomorrow night after the cookout and fish while watching the fireworks over the York River.

Betty - I made a similar dessert the other night from a Paula Deen recipe. Everyone loved it and it looked more impressive than it was.

Trish - did you continue to lose after going on mushies? How long until you can eat real food. I'm 8 days out and its on my nerves a bit; just the repetitiveness of it all. I'm looking for some variety. I see the dr on Tuesday so I assume he'll put me on mushies then. OH.. where are you in So Jersey?

Well ladies, I hope you all have a wonderful 4th! Take care,


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Hi Chickies, happy belated 4th.

Nothing much to report, sosdd. Its a gloomy foggy day today, so that means the usual cleaning and what ever else comes along LOL.

Shery... did you see my last post with that bed bath & beyond bed pillow for acid reflux? it REALLY helps. You might wanna check it out.

Anyway.... I have to jump in the shower.

Have a great saturday.... lov yah.


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Good morning y'all!

Well, the party was a big success and everyone had a great time. We had tons of food and it was all really good.

This morning we are doing all the cleanup chores. lol

I am going to try not to do too much today, I need to get a little r&r in.

No big plans for the day that I know of, of course dh always waits till the last minute to want to do something.

Catch you all later!

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Hello everyone, just popping in. Had to make an emergency visit to my chiro today......have you ever been in so much pain that you actually have to shut it off? Shut it off so you're not crying the entire day? Well that was me yesterday and this morning. My neck was so thrown off and I'm not sure what set it off. I'm still seeing the chiro for this next injury from the accident but, it's been really good lately after it's adjusted. I don't know what set it off this time other than....well I was up with that stinking reflux again and this time got up to pee and started to cough. Coughed stuff right up at the same time I was sitting ewwwww. Thankfully I have the trashcan. Anyway, I think thats what did it. Plus I had to lay wedged up so it wouldn't come back...which ends up setting off my lower back sometimes UGH.

Eileen - when this reflux first started I wanted to get one of those pillows and couldn't find one. So I used the lazyboy until finally my DH said he'd sleep out there so I could raise the head of our bed. We have one of those dial-a-number beds that has the head and foot adjustments so I raised it. DH has gotten used to sleeping with it raised up now too. However....many a night I find myself with the head of the bed up and then have 3 pillows under me to practically sit me up straight. Lately what I"ve had to do is not eat past a certain hour just so the reflux isn't so bad. Seems the meds my doc gave me work great at first but then it shuts off TOO much acid and I end up regurgitating instead. UGH. So if I eat dinner around 5 and not go to bed until around 11 I do a little better...still reflux but, a tums or two will take care of it, I wedge myself up a bit more and I can get in a few more hours sleep. I'm trying, really trying to not even talk about it anymore because I don't want people thinking.....that's all I talk about. I'm really sorry about that :thumbup: I'll get past it eventually or I'll be back for another unfill and have to survive with just the band being there with no fill. One day at a time and lots of praying lately. Ok Enough of this...don't want to be a downer so not thinking about it helps with that lol

Yesterday we didn't do anything really. Just stayed home...DH and I went for a motorcycle ride...I got on his bike because my neck hurt. I know stupid...really shouldn't have but, needed to get out of the house. Took a ride to a country place for ice cream...Almond Joy yummy....considered that supper for sure. Hmmm might have to do that more often because the reflux wasn't as bad last night lol. Then we just watched a moving WAR..eh it was ok..didn't like the ending on that one.

Today...pretty much the same thing really. Went to the bank, ran to Kohls to get DH some shorts (nice sales)..then finally the chiro was in and rushed me in there. Good thing cause the tears were welling up and I was having a hard time holding them back. DH was worried but, I told him it was just because I was tired of the pain...I'll be fine. DOC cracked my neck a few times and I told him it was still off....laid down and he did it again with a different angle...stood up...DOC it's still off. CRACK!!! Ahhh thats it :frown: So feeling much better, still sore but, relieved. Doc rides bikes with my friend so we know him well. He was getting nervous because I kept saying I needed him to do it more lol. He finally said That's it Sherry...no more it's all muscle. Sooo ice and hot tonight for me. Back home....ran to the grocery store for few things and in for the night. Thought I'd peek in to see how my goils are doing. Hmmm maybe a nice stiff drink would help me relax these muscles huh? hahaha. Too bad wine gives me acid YUCK. Might have to work on a frozen mudslide instead lol.

Oh did I tell ya I tried that Hip Hop AB thing? Geesh I'm so uncoordinated! PLus with a rolly polly belly it's kinda hard to be looking at these chicks with barely any meat on them...you can see their ribs. Oh yea baby...I'm working those abs UGH. So switched to Turbo Jam. Now that was ok...only 20 minutes but, zoiks I almost punched myself in the face a few times hahaha. She was tough...I still have to work on the coordination but, at least I moved. Ya know I can understand now why I liked the Richard Simmons DVDs because hell at least some of those people had meat or lots of meat so I didn't feel like I didn't belong...tape/DVD or not ya know? hahaha

Ok time to ice my neck down....DH has Nascar on so I'll be resting for sure zzzzzzzzzzzzzz lol


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