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Hi Everyone!

I’m having my VSG surgery tomorrow, april 3rd and i plan on documenting my journey here.

I’ve searched and read countless threads to try and anticipate what tomorrow will be like so i thought i’d create this topic to document and be able to look back on how things went.

I’ve been in the pre-op requirement journey since october 2023, my requirements were pretty flexible: 10 days of nutrition, psychological and art therapy as well as physical activity classes in a specialised facility - there were also mandatory support group meetings to attend during the past 7 months.

I also did not have any pre-op diet as my surgeon doesn’t require any weightloss before performing the surgery.

I’m happy with the team i have working with me, and the clinic has a great reputation.

But, obviously nerves have started to kick in and for the first time i’m actually scared. What if something goes wrong during surgery ? I guess these are normal thoughts, just trying to get through the stress and get to the other side of the surgery so i can concentrate on the long road ahead :)

I’ll report to the clinic at 8.30 am tomorrow, and my surgery is scheduled for 10 am. Hoping everything goes well !! Fingers crossed.

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As my surgery date creeps closer I am definitely feeling that anxiety of the surgery itself - I think it is the fear of the unknown and is entirely normal!

One thing my psychologist said to me when I was speaking about these nerves, is that not only is the surgery itself quite safe and routine, but that there is more risk in staying obese and the long-term health implications of that, so I have to kind of self-soothe with this thought every time I feel myself slipping into anxious ways of thinking!

Good luck with your surgery tomorrow, I hope it goes well for you. Looking forward to reading more :)

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Well, i went in on 3rd april, at 8.30am as planned. I was rushed in pretty quickly because the surgeon was done with his earlier procedures and so i didn’t have time to really get to grasp what i was doing - i went from registration to being rushed by the nurses to change and next thing i knew i was being wheeled into the OR.
The operation didn’t go as planned - it was supposed to last 1.5 hours but ended up being 3 hours long because, as my surgeon tells me, my abdominal muscle wall was thicker than expected and he had to pull apart my muscles to access my stomach.
I woke up in so much muscle pain … like having done 1500 crunches or something. I was in and out of sleep for the rest or the afternoon and night.
I was on a morphine drip, and hydration drip but in pretty much the same pain - i had a drain in also that was unplanned and uncomfortable.
The next day i was feeling pretty terrible : pain and nausea really set in. I had horrible acid reflux and having not eaten anything for now 48 hours i was really feeling just down and exhausted.

Today, i hurt way less. I’m off the morphine and hydration drip and drinking by myself. I’ve also had my first non liquid food in the form of yoghurt and apple sauce. I think that’s made me feel so much better.
I still have mild muscle pain but it’ll get better.

I get to go home tomorrow thank god i feel like being home will help soooo much

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Saturday 6th april and i am finally home !! So excited to be in my own bed tonight i could not get comfy in hospital … i barely made it through 1.5 hours without waking up each night.
I can’t wait to finally get some rest.

I picked up all my meds and a nurse will be coming twice daily to change bandages and administer injections but i feel pretty good.

Trying to get into the swing of drinking and eating but it feels like i can’t do both right now. I’ve had 500ml of Water by 3pm but one managed to eat like 70g of food all day.

Hoping it gets easier each day because today got me worried about the lack of calories i’m getting in … going to work on making lower volume higher cal and higher Protein purées so it’s less quantity but better quality food

So glad to be home ! Everything feels so much more manageable being in a comfortable environment 😊

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10 days post op today and i feel sooooo much better. Those first few days were tough !

I was kind of panicking because i wasn’t keeping things down well but the past 3 days have been a breath of fresh air.

I moved to purees, and was able to eat scrambled eggs with a little low fat cream cheese, mashed veggies and white fish puréed together and i have finally found the one Protein Shake that does not make me throw up haha

Every day is getting easier - i think i’ve finally mastered the quantity i can eat after the first 3 days of purees where i systematically threw up after eating too much …

I realised that no matter what my eating plan says i need to adapt size of the meal to what i can actually manage.

I can finally also manage Water comfortably and that is such a relief !!

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Officially 2 weeks post op as of yesterday and i feel like i’m finally in a groove : i can serve food and know if it’s too much. I’ve mastered what my new normal portion is.

I have also managed to make sure my Water intake is ok (not great, around 1.5 litres per day should be a little more).

I feel much better and have even had morning or afternoon Snacks on the go which is great as i feel i’ll be able to manage once i go back to work next week.

I’m not getting enough Protein in daily yet because i can no longer stomach Protein Shakes, they feel heavy on my stomach and have made me throw up the last 2 times i’ve tried them.

I have a couple more brands to try and hopefully one of them works.

I tried protein water but honestly i can’t stomach it either (taste wise) - everything seems so sweet …

I don’t have much room for vegetables and i’m craving some so badly. I’m going to try and incorporate some but i have to prioritise the little protein i’m getting in so it won’t be easy.

One thing i’ve learnt this past week: some days i can eat more than others. It almost scared me one day but the next few days i ate so much less than i realised we just need more sometimes !

Weight wise i’m at 10.9 kgs (24 lbs) down which is great so far :)
I know a stall is near as everyone mentions the 3 weel stall so i’m’trying to be reasonable and weigh in less !

My new goals for the week are to make sure i reincorporate Vitamins and minerals that will help me fight any fatigue next week when i go back to work. And also, to up my protein intake !

Hope everyone is doing well :)

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You might try some plain Protein Powder mixed into Soup. I was very happy with 20g Syntrax Nectar unflavored Protein in Tomato or butternut squash soup as a substitute for Protein Shakes. The only one I can still stand is the orange flavor of Syntrax nectar Naturals, which reminds me of orange juice enough that I'm okay drinking it.

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    • jparadigm

      Happy Wednesday!
      I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far! 
      It's been a bit of a struggle this last week...I'm hungry ALL the time.
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      1. BlondePatriotInCDA

        Have a great Wednesday too! Sorry you're hungry all the time, I'm pretty much the same..and I'm sick of eating the same food all the time.

    • ChunkCat

      Well, tomorrow I go in for an impromptu hiatal hernia repair after ending up in the ER over the weekend because I couldn't get food down and water was moving at a trickle... I've been having these symptoms on and off for a few weeks but Sunday was the worst by far and came with chest pain and trouble breathing. The ER PA thinks it is just esophagitis and that the surgeon and radiologist are wrong. But the bariatric surgeon swears it is a hernia, possibly a sliding one based on my symptoms. So he fit me into his schedule this week to repair it! I hope he's right and this sorts it out. He's going to do a scope afterwards to be sure there is nothing wrong with the esophagus. Here's hoping it all goes well!!
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      1. AmberFL

        omgsh!! Hope all goes well!! Keeping you in my thoughts!

      2. gracesmommy2

        Hope you’re doing well!

      3. NickelChip

        I hope it goes well! Sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery!

    • jparadigm

      Hello lovlies!
      Today is a beautiful day in west Michigan! I hope you all have a beautiful Tuesday and rest of your week!! 🤗
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    • Clueless_girl

      Having gall bladder surgery in a few days and I so hope the recovery is easier than the one from the modified DS! I could use a bit of luck/pep talk for a change. I'm starting to be able to walk around without experiencing dizziness, but it would be great if the random pain in my chest and abdomen would go away!!
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    • Dawn 1974

      4/4/2024 - new patient orientation. Wt 313
      4/5/2024 - got all my lab work done.
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