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My favorite new thing...shrimp cutlet patty!

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If you like shrimp....even a little....you need to try this, cause these are SO FREAKING GOOD!

You get some raw shrimp, clean it, just the meat. BLOT IT WELL....squeeze, even, to REMOVE MOISTURE.

Half of it, you cut up into chunks.

Half of it, you either mince with a knife or put through a food processor.

You mix both halves together with an egg white and a little corn starch.

Refrigerate for a half an hour, and then form the mixture into patties on waxed paper.

Then, you have two options...

You can either bread it with eggwash and panko, or you can leave it plain. Or, you can split the difference and just sprinkle a little panko on it and not fully bread it.

Season it well....I love Old Bay for this.

Then you fry it. A couple of minutes on each side. You can air fry it, too! Spritz with oil and off you go.

You eat this thing with some lettuce, wassabi, and some tartar sauce.

You can put it in a wrap, or a whole grain bun, or just plain....but make sure you have lettuce, wassabi and tartar sauce.

TONS of protien, low calories, and incredibly tasty.

My husband...who isn't a huge shrimp fan...will eat these like hamburgers and loves them.

Also, you can put the raw patties in the freezer and get them out as needed:)

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Sounds yum!

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