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Help! 8 months post. All the sudden I'm sick after eating. Anyone else?

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Hi. I'm 7.5 months post Bypass and all the sudden I'm miserable. When I eat my stomach instantly bubbles and eventually my bowel starts cramping and I'm stuck on the toilet. If I'm constipated, I'm there until I'm cleared out and liquid diarrhea happens. If I'm not constipated it's just the liquid diarrhea. The catch is I've changed nothing! I'm eating the same foods I've always eaten since 8 weeks post. Low carb high Protein. But this happens regardless of intake. It doesn't sound like the symptoms of developing an ulcer which I know can happen around this time. At first I thought maybe I just had a bug. But I'm moving onto the 2nd week of it and have no other symptoms. I eat. My bowels go into hyper drive and I after excruciating cramps I have liquid diarrhea. No new foods. Just new symptoms at almost 8 months post op. Anyone have any ideas what might be going on? I'm at the point now I can't leave the house confidently and I don't want to eat.

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How long has it been happening? Could it be just a stomach bug you picked up? I've had it happened where I picked up a stomach bug and the issue lasted for just over a week. Still, call your surgeons office and get their input and if they don't know then try scheduling an appointment with you PCP. Hope it clears up because that's bound to be miserable...

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