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I started the process for VSG last July and have lost only 13 pounds since. The problems I have are too little activity from age (65) age a lot of injuries, plus fibromyalgia and nerve damage. I am 270 right now at 5’4”. It is darn hard to walk very far or increase above 5,000 steps a day, which is around 30 minutes.

My doc requires 60 minutes of exercise a day. Because of the exercise tolerance I have added in very slow yoga. First I just try to lie on the floor which was quite painful at first. But after s week I can do that now with less pain, so I am adding in additional easy poses which I hold longer each time. The yoga has somehow motivated me to eat more fruits and veggies.

I have a lot of trouble sticking to diets. But with early heart failure now (diagnosed August) I feel I MUST have the VSG or I’m not going to live very long. Anyway, I guess I feel depressed and scared that obesity will kill me unless I take this path. I’ve backed out twice before. I must do this!!!

I had a January surg date which was delayed until 3/17.
Hoping St. Patrick’s luck will help me!!!!

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The exercise is to help you keep your muscles. But I'm in a similar situation as yourself. I have two back injuries which limited what I could do for exercise down to just walking. Then, AFTER surgery I developed some other issues that made even walking difficult. I have dizziness and balance issues that my doctor has been trying to figure out for ten months so I try to fit walking in 3-4x a week using something to lean on (usually a shopping cart or walker that I borrowed from a family member that doesn't need it anymore) in at 15-20 minutes those days. That's the most I can do. My doctor said that as long as I'm TRYING then she's fine with it. She worries about me though because I've fallen a lot (even once fell down the stairs in October while holding my 1 year old niece. I shifted myself while I fell though so I took the full fall and she didn't get hurt. I hurt my leg, hip, and foot in the fall though and it took a month to heal, but I'd do it all over again to protect her. I was babysitting my nieces while my sister was in the hospital with her premie son at the time and it shook me up so bad and I was crying on the phone with my sister because I was so scared something like that would happen again and my niece would get hurt. My sister had to calm me down on the phone and told me that I'd protected Madi and she was fine and to just hold onto the bannister and take it slower next time and sit if I got dizzy. It worked and it didn't happen again while I was watching the girls, but it terrified me.). It's hard to get exercise in, but when I'm not walking I do stretches and leg exercises when I'm laying down (it's the only time I'm not dizzy. Doctor thinks I either have a spinal Fluid leak from a lumbar puncture I had done in 2017 when I had meningitus as you can go 10 years without symptoms, or it could be Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome as it's difficult to tell between the two as they tend to have similar symptoms). Anyway, just do the best you can, but don't overwork yourself!

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