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Today is week 5... Some days I feel the restrictions while eating and other times I don't feel anything, but I stop at my portion size. Is that normal? It makes me wonder if something is wrong. Also. I haven't had any trouble eating soft veggies and such. I am getting liquids in quickly, but not too fast without trouble. What I am getting to is this... I seem to be doing ok, but is something wrong for me to be doing good and for tolerating things that others might not? TIA

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Everyone is different, and what you can tolerate others may not and vice versa.

Some foods are more easily consumed and do not cause us to feel restriction, these are your typical liquids, pureed, soft or slider foods. Other foods cause us to feel full or restriction very quickly, these are your typical solid foods as well as dry foods.

Stick to the volumes specified in your post op guidelines, eat slowly and chew a lot before swallowing, give your stomach time to recognise it is satisfied before your feel full or feel the restriction. Follow instructions for drinking fluids before, during and after meals.

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